Brit-Am Now no. 1338: The Lost Tribes of Israel
May 8 2009, 14 Iyar 5769
1. Brit-Am Interviews about the Tribes
(a) The Tribe of Levi
(b) The Tribe of
Naphtali: Norway and the Oslo Accords Betrayal of Israel
2. Brit-Am and
3. Change of Brit-Am Title


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1. Brit-Am Interviews about the Tribes
From: "Kosher 101.9 Maccabee" <>
(a) The Tribe of Levi (ca. 18 minutes)

(b) The Tribe of Naphtali: Norway and the Oslo Accords Betrayal of Israel
(ca. 18 minutes)

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2. Brit-Am and Wikipedia
Re Wikipedia
Wikipedia is a fabulous innovation.
The articles are often of good quality. The whole concept of an on-line reference work written by volunteers and updated by whoever has relevant information is not only revolutionary but has been surprisingly successful.
I myself like Wikipedia and use it often.
This gets us back to our last posting:
Brit-Am Now no. 1337
#5. Brit-Am Not Suitable for Wikipedia? Can You Help?

We said:
##If any of you have the ability, time, energy, and will to try and rectify the matter then write something to Wikipedia. It might help us.
Having an article about Brit-Am on
Wikipedia could be useful in spreading the Brit-Am message.
If you think Brit-Am is worthy of recognition go to
and tell them.
If you have anything to say about Brit-Am say it to them.
Even criticisms etc in this case may actually be helpful.##
This request was a mistake (one of those that even we do occasionally make) or at least it was mistakenly formulated.

People asked me what they should write about Brit-Am.

Wikipedia wants (if anything) something by a third party that is objective or even critical.
They also have all kinds of rules and guidelines that take some learning.
Anyone can write what they like on Wikipedia but they have guiding lines, complex rules, and volunteer monitors.
The monitors sometimes appear to apply the guidelines quite arbitrarily and even unjustly. They also seem to lack imagination and initiative.
I posted (on other entries) valuable information (about the Sambation etc) that was deleted. In one cases the deletion was allegedly effected because I had (alongside Ptolemy  and academically-accepted sources) posted a reference to our work "Ephraim".
This (within less than an hour of it being posted) was all deleted because it was considered self-promotion.
I personally do not see why they did not simply delete the reference to "Ephraim" (if they thought it inappropriate) and leave the rest there.

As for  Brit-Am and its readership:
We should not perhaps have made a general request.
Wikipedia is guided by a complicated set of rulings expressed in what is not necessarily the clearest of terms.
These may be learned (or at least referred to) and utilized.
This however is only worthwhile if one wants to be a regular contributor to Wikipedia or has something really important to record.

Brit-Am does not expect anyone to make such an effort solely for itself since it is superfluous. If one does want to do something for Brit-Am there are probably other fields where the return on energy etc expended would be much greater.

An article dedicated to Brit-Am Ten Tribes of Israel would be nice and possibly helpful for search engine purposes etc but we can live without it.

We would prefer that the article be changed to reach Wikipedia acceptability but if they do delete it that is also OK.

Our appeal for assistance should have been directed specifically to anybody who has already some experience with Wikipedia and could write something appropriate.

Anyway here are extracts from what the Wikipedia article says:
[Yair Davidiy wrote most of it but someone else added a few points]:

Wikipedia: Brit-Am

"Brit-Am. Ten Tribes of Israel", is a Jerusalem-based organization founded in 1993 which proposes a pro-Jewish pro-Zionist version of British
Israelism. The group asserts that the biblical phrase "Brit-Am" means "Confederation of People(s)", implying Israel, and is close to both "Britain" and a contraction of "Britain-America".[1] Membership comprises Jews and non-Jews. Brit-Am produces elaborate arguments concerning the fate of the lost tribes of Israel, arguing that they entered Western Europe. It has a website, publishes books and magazines and has been a feature on radio programs.

Brit-Am describes its aims as follows:
Brit-Am traces the Lost Ten Tribes to Western Nations. The evidence that Brit-Am relies upon is :Biblical in the light of Rabbinical Commentaries supplemented by secular studies.
Brit-Am avoids the discussion of religious differences between Judah (the present-day Jews) and the Lost Ten Tribes represented by "Joseph".
Brit-Am has three main aims:
Research -finding where the Lost Ten Tribes went to.
Recognition -Bringing the Results of our Research to Public Attention.
Reconciliation - Working towards the eventual re-unification of Joseph and Judah.
Brit-Am is occupied with studying the Ten Lost Tribes and everything about them.
Sources for Brit-Am Findings include:
Bible Commentaries:
Nachmanides and Rashi on the Ten Tribes being in the west; The Five Books of Moses and Promised Blessings; Brit-Am Commentaries on the Prophets, Psalms, and other Biblical Books; Bible Codes confirm Israelite Tribal identity; Biblical History and Archaeology.
Biblical Physical Anthropology, Ancient Hebrew Racial Types, Egyptian, Phoenician, and Israelite illustration of Ancient Israelites and Neighboring Peoples.
Khazars: The Israelite Ancestry and Western Relationships of the Khazars.[2]

Books that Brit-Am has published and that give more information concerning the aims and purposes of the organization include: "The Tribes" [3](1993) [4] This work identified specific ethnic entities and peoples with Israelite Tribes and Tribal clans. Proofs adduced in "The Tribes" consisted of hard evidence combined with an analysis of name similarities. National peculiarities were compared with recorded Israelite Tribal characteristics. The principle of statistical probability was employed relying on the fact that a very great number of direct correspondences cannot be all due to mere chance.

See also:
Discussions as to why the article should be deleted:
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Brit-Am

Yair says a few things in defense of Brit-Am while six or seven "monitors" and surfers who are adept with Wikipedia terminology are all negative.

3. Change of Brit-Am Ten Tribes Title
Until now Brit-Am was known mostly as simply "Brit-Am".
Some times we used the expression "Brit-Am Israel".
"Brit-Am" will continue to be our name but we find it preferable where possible that from now on
we should be referred to as
"Brit-Am Ten Tribes"
"Brit-Am Lost Ten Tribes"


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