Brit-Am Now no. 1336: The Lost Tribes of Israel
May 3 2009, 10 Iyar 5769
1. The Uniqueness of Brit-Am
2. More information on Ancient Israelites north of Syria
3. Question on Sukkoth and the name "Scot"
4. Question on Red Hair and Genetic Changes.
Amnon Goldberg: The Coming of a Great Plague?
6. Question about future Re-Union Between Judah and Joseph
7. Questions from Nickie on Israelite Descent and the Promised Blessings.
Canaanites in North America
(a) Israelite Descent, the Promises, and Conversion
(b) Canaanites and Israelites Before Columbus?


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1.  The Uniqueness of Brit-Am
Brit-Am is the ONLY organization in Israel amenable to Jews and non-Jews that locates the Lost Ten Tribes overwhelmingly amongst Western Nations and emphasizes the Joseph-dominant role of those nations.
Brit-Am is the ONLY organization that uses Biblical, Rabbinical, Historical, and Secular sources as one holistic entity of evidence.
Brit-Am uses its own sources and these sources are possibly the best available.
Brit-Am is true to the Bible as far as we know.
If further study or new evidence should ever indicate that we may be mistaken on any point we will acknowledge it.
Brit-Am is compatible with Jewish Orthodoxy.
Brit-Am has the wherewithal to establish in they eyes of both Orthodoxy and academia at the least a prima face case for consideration.
Brit-Am may well be the ONLY organization of which this can be said.
Brit-Am can and does reach out to non-Jews and involve them.
Brit-Am is active on behalf of the State of Israel.
Brit-Am does not compromise yet remains open to many otherwise divergent elements.
Brit-Am has unifying qualities.

2. More information on Ancient Israelites north of Syria
The First Book of Kings
Chapter Ten
For additional information concerning Israelites in the Kue area north of Syria see our article: Dan and the Serpent Way.
Dan in Northern Israel, Greece, and Elsewhere

3. Question on Sukkoth and the name "Scot"
Smitty wrote:

I don't know if I read this somewhere or if I just "made it up." But is there possibly a link between "Scot" and "Sukkot"? Thus making "Scotland" sort of a contraction for "Sukkot Land?" Perhaps the name "Scot" lost it's original meaning through time?

Brit-Am Reply:
This idea is mentioned in British Israel literature.
It is based on the similarity between Sukkoth and Skyth and the claimed origin of the term "Scot" from Scyth (Skyth).
The term Scot has been attributed several origins including "Scyth" (i.e. Scythian from Scythia), Hidden (concealed), and Wanderer.

4. Question on Red Hair and Genetic Changes.
Ryan wrote:

Hi, I was just curious on how the recessive gene MCR-1 made its way to ancient Israel, back to King David's time.  I know that its a recessive gene that anybody can get from their parents if it is matched right, I thought it was supposed to be a mutation that started with the Celts in western Europe in the past.  I have true ruby red hair and green eyes and was curious about this phenomena that happen in the past.   

peace, Ryan.

Brit-Am Reply:

I would like to have learned more in the fields of science in general and genetic biology in particular than I have done.
I cannot argue from a theoretical point of view BUT I can refer to statistics and put the ball back in the other court.
We do not agree with the concept of UEP (Unique Event Polymorphisms) meaning the idea that numerous genetic changes originally sprang from one ancestor, e.g. all blue eyes, red hair, etc each having originated in one person and from there spread outwards.
In our DNA studies and quotations we bring much evidence against this being the case.
For example it has been shown that mice on certain lakeshores will all be of one color even though they belong to several different breeds while mice from the same breeds on another lakeshore will all be of a different color.
It is obvious that the mice could not have interbred with each other so the genetical change that determined their coloration must have occurred at about the same time in different parent specimens.
100s, if not thousands, of such examples can be found in the literature.
They all point in the same direction.
Large numbers of a certain group when affected at the same time by the same circumstances can be influenced genetically in the same direction. The changes once having taken effect are inherited.

Apart from that we believe that many of the Ancient "Celts" were actually of Hebrew origin descended from Israelite Tribes that had migrated en masse to the west.

Note: For more on these matters see:
Brit-Am Notes on DNA

5. Amnon Goldberg: The Coming of a Great Plague?
Keep us safe from swine flu
"Why did Hashem promise that He would never bring another flood upon the Earth ever again? It doesn't mean that Hashem will not bring localized disasters upon the world. He will bring napalm. He will being poison gas. He will bring viruses. People today are certainly more wicked than they were before the Mabul" (R. Avigdor Miller ztz"l ,"The Path of Life" 2002, p.14).
We do not yet know the source or extent of the Swine Flu. But it is sufficiently serious to bring back memories of the last great pandemic: the 120 day Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918 that sickened 20% of the world's population and killed 50 million. It ranked with the Plague of Justinian and the Black Death as one of the most destructive outbreaks of disease that the human race has known.

Viruses easily acquire resistance, are extremely versatile, mutate and adapt with remarkable facility. The thought of them being weaponized by terrorist gene splicers in the laboratory eg combining smallpox and monkeypox with measles and mumps, doesn't even bear thinking about.

The Midrash Shir Hashirim Rabbah 2:13 states: "Shortly before the days of the Moshiach, a great epidemic will come upon the world and the wicked will vanish". "Behold, the L-rd makes the Earth empty, and makes it waste, and turns it upside down, and scatters abroad its inhabitants. And it shall be, as with the people, so with the priest; as with the servant, so with his master; as with the maid, so with her mistress; as with the buyer, so with the seller; as with the lender, so with the borrower; as with the creditor, so with the debtor. The land shall be utterly emptied and utterly spoiled: for the L-rd has spoken this word" (Yeshaya 24).

Above all, there is one supreme lesson that must not go lost. The human body is compared to an olam koton [world in miniature]. Its defenders are the armies of the fantastic Auto-Immune system, the white blood cells: macrophages, phagocytes, "killer" B and T lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils, eosinophils etc. If we could witness these tireless protectors of our health in their ceaseless, frightening battles to the death with hordes of invading bacteria, toxins, viruses, protozoa and other lethal antigens (which some maintain are "the myriads of mazikin   [agents of destruction] that surround a man, and which would cause him to expire if he could see them" " Brochos 6), then we would never desist from relating the awesome chasdei Hashem [Kindness of the Almighty]: mibsori echezeh Elokah, -"From my flesh I can perceive G-d!" (lyov 19).

May Hashem keep our immune systems patent!

Amnon Goldberg


6. Question about future Re-Union Between Judah and Joseph
Omar Verduzco wrote:

Please forgive me for asking a question that most likely has been asked before. I understand that a persons Jewish identity is confirmed through their Jewish mother, so how will Judah accept those of us that have Jewish or Israeli paternal ancestors. From your articles I read that Messiah Ben Joseph will gather The Lost Ten Tribes but I still don't understand how Judah would accept us being that the Tanach tells us otherwise.
Thank you Sir, be well.

Brit-Am Reply:
The re-union will occur in the Messianic Era or close to it.
The Bible (e.g. Ezekiel 37) explicitly mentions the future re-unification of Joseph and Judah so it definitely will take place. The Abarbanel says whoever does not believe in this denies the Prophets and transgresses an article of faith.
According to tradition the gift of prophecy does not now exist but will return in the future.
Israel will have prophets and believe in them and they will guide us. We have not yet reached that stage.
The re-unification is a future event. Exactly how it will take place and the technicalities involved are not clear to us. Neither do they have to be.

7. Questions from Nickie on Israelite Descent and the Promised Blessings. Canaanites in North America
(a) Israelite Descent, the Promises, and Conversion
Brit-Am  said:

 the Khazars were of Israelite descent. 
They had lost contact with their ancestry and forgotten whatever religion they once had.
THEN They converted to Judaism. 
So does that mean, and it seems to mean, that to inherit the promises and the covenants and the land, that a person must be of the seed of Abraham?  Or can anyone of any race who converts to Judaism inherit what a blood born Israelite inherits?

Brit-Am Reply:
We cannot answer for the Almighty.
The impression is that the stranger [foreigners] who attaches themselves to Israel
were to have the same obligations, privileges, and inheritance as native-born Israeltes.

(b) Canaanites and Israelites Before Colombus?
Did Canaanites come to America 1000s of years ago?  I have read about a certain group of what we call Indians that are actually Canaanites, and another group that are supposedly of the Ten Lost Tribes.  Then just yesterday, I read in Biblical Archaeology that all of that was "proven" false.  What is the truth?
Brit-Am Reply:
Your question concerns the arrival in North America of Israelites and others from the Middle East before Columbus.
We believe that such was the case but it has not been our field of study.
Other people have written much on this. Even if only part of the claims are correct there is something there.
Steven Collins has written on this.
So has Walt Baucum at some length.
Bronze Age Atlantis by Walt Baucum


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