Brit-Am Now no. 1334: The Lost Tribes of Israel
April 29 2009, 5 Iyar 5769
1. Ray Maccabee Interviews Yair about the Tribe of Issachar
2. Rob Moore: Phoenicians, the Ruins of Zimbabwe, Gold Deposits
3. Timothy F Murray: Homosexuality forbidden "the simple truth of Scripture"


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1. Ray Maccabee Interviews Yair about the Tribe of Issachar
From: "Kosher 101.9 Maccabee" <>
Shalom Yair: Here is the podcast
ca. 17 minutes

KMLS FM 101.9

2. Rob Moore: Phoenicians, the Ruins of Zimbabwe, Gold Deposits
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1332: The Lost Tribes of Israel

Shalom Yair:

Your item : Where was Ophir?

I was born in Africa, of English heritage and lived in Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe - until 19890. The great Zimbabwe ruins are an extraordinary monument to the presence of the travels of the ancient Phoenicians.

The largest citadel of this kind of architecture is the great Zimbabwe ruins, and there are a number of smaller fortresses made of the same stone architecture design stretching from the Great Zimbabwe citadel intermittently sited back through to Mozambique and the Beira costal area, indicating a very ancient commerce route. The architecture is not of Arabic origin, although I understand that many centuries later Arabs came that way as slave traders. 

Interestingly while searching for a picture of the Zimbabwe ruins I cam across this testimony (which I enclose below) from a local Zimbabwean man posted this year - who has a significant historical testimony about the ancient history of the Zimbabwe ruins, and this Zimbabwean man is telling an oral tradition truth from his ancient tribal heritage, parts of which I can confirm as I became familiar with this explanation from other indigenous people when I was living in Rhodesia, and this information seems to correspond with some of the hypotheses you have written on your website - that ancient Ophir may well have been a nation of the Queen of Sheba in the Zimbabwe / Mozambique Zambesi River Valley, with the gold mines of Solomon being in the heart of Zimbabwe going South towards South Africa, evidenced by the position of the great Zimbabwe citadel.

Later, I also was employed in the South Africa gold mining industry at one stage and I know from geologists that the gold deposits in South Africa/Zimbabwe are understood to be seams of layered deposits that cover what is a large lake/ocean floor with the northern sides surfacing in Zimbabwe and the southern sides surfacing in middle South africa ? and along the shore lines of this great lake/ocean are where all the gold mines are dotted, mining the gold reefs which are layered one above the other (some 7 reef layers of gold deposits in places). A geologist engineer informed me that they thought if they could ever physically mine to the great depths of the bottom of the great ancient lake/ocean, the seams of gold ore to be found down there would be large and pure with low granite deposits, due to erosion effect and gold being washed down to the bottom.

The testimony from the local Zimbabwean man, which you will find intriguing, can be found at and reads as follows:


Jacob Hungwe (Zimbabwe):

I am a descendant of the royal house of Great Zimbabwe. The
Hungwe Dynasty. The ruler was a Great Woman Queen, and her known name is "Queen Of Sheba".The Great Zimbabwe was a trading post, and the ruler queen,was a great traveller,as she had Gold to back her travels,which became known as "King Solomon's Mines". This can be proved by the fact that the surrounding area all the way to Johannesburg South Africa is still Rich and has an abundant supply of Gold, not to mention diamonds. The Great Zimbabwean ruins according to biblical scriptures and prophecy are to be there until the Messiah... comes back to reign in the millenium (1000 years) golden age, as it says that Kingdoms will come to give tribute to the lion of Judah in Jerusalem, inclusive of Queen of Sheba kingdom. There are also some detailed secret things l am aware of but am not supposed to reveal for cultural reasons and the traditional law.

Date posted: January 2009
Rob Moore
New Zealand

3. Timothy F Murray: Homosexuality forbidden "the simple truth of Scripture"
Re: Weekly Portion: Forbidden Sex and the rest
Yair, Shalom--

Thank you for just saying the truth: homosexuality is a grievous sin and
is totally forbidden by God.
That's the simple truth of Scripture, and I just thank you for stating
it, no matter what the current age is saying.

God's blessings be on you for this, as for all your other works,
Tim Murray


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