Brit-Am Now no. 1326
April 1 2009, 7 Nisan 5769
1. Southern Confederates were Normans, Northerners "Anglo-Saxons"??
2. Walt
Baucum: Troy in Northwest Turkey!
Kathylou Mcauley: Ten Tribnes were not Lost but rather Hidden!
4. Brian
Patmore: "Danaans" (Danites) in the siege of Troy.
5. Appeal for Brit-Am
6. Bob Briggs: Chapter Breaks in Leviticus and Different Versions
7. Dr. Gavin Finley: "the lost tribes of Israel...are still out there!"


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1. Southern Confederates were Normans, Northerners "Anglo-Saxons"??
There were some southerners in the USA who for ideological reasons saw themselves as descended from the Cavaliers (who had fought on the side of the King in the English Civil War) and the Northerners as Anglo-Saxons descended from the Puritans who had fought against the King.
In our book "Joseph. The Israelite Destiny of America"
we show how the south was dominated by Northern English, Scottish and Scotch-Irish and the north more by Anglo-Saxons.
Actually if one wanted to stretch a point it could be said that the south was Scottish, Scotch-Irish, and Irish with an upper class that may have been part Norman while the north was similar but with an additional preponderance of Anglo-Saxons, Dutch, Germans, Irish, and others.

An interesting thread is now in session on H-ALBION.

Sample of posting from H-ALBION.

From: Andrew Smith
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 18:16:12 -0400
Subject: RE: Norman ancestry of Royalist aristocracy in time of English Civil War

The idea that the Puritans were descended from the Anglo-Saxons and that the Cavaliers were of predominantly Norman extraction was promoted by extreme pro-slavery elements in the southern U.S. in the 1850s.  These southern nationalists maintained the New Englanders were descended from Puritans and that southern colonies had been colonized by Cavaliers. In effect, they presented the ongoing tensions between north and south over as simply an extension of the eight-hundred year struggle between the Anglo-Saxons and the descendents of William the Conquer. This dubious genealogical theory served to underscore the differences between the two sections of the US and to bolster the case for southern independence. The southern nationalists claim that the whites on either side of the Mason-Dixon line were distinct races, as different from each other as, say, Flemings or Walloons or English- and French-speaking Canadians, also served to obscure the real issue, the huge vested interest the slaveholders had in preserving their investment in human property.
James McPherson, The Battle Cry of Freedom: the Civil War Era, (Oxford
University Press, 1988), 197.

Andrew Smith, Laurentian University/ Universit Laurentienne

2. Walt Baucum: Troy in Northwest Turkey!
re Brit-Am Now no. 1325
#3. The Importance of Troy

Yair, Shalom.  Today's Brit-Am was (to me) interesting because of the historical content.  With tidbits like those in this issue, perhaps more interest in history, especially Biblical history, can be stirred up.
Note that the ancient Troy of today's Turkey is in Northwestern Turkey, not Southwestern.  You had it in SW Turkey also in Lost Israelite Identity.  Your quotes from Wikipedia show it also correctly in NW Turkey.  I toured the ruins while in Turkey and couldn't at first believe that such a small place was the site of one of the biggest sieges and wars in ancient history.  But time and erosion take care of most things manmade.  The coastline had filled in so that the ruins of Troy now are quite distant from the sea.  The Turks have built a "Trojan horse" for tourists to climb up into.  Overall, I was not that impressed but still gleaned much from the trip.
Brit-Am Reply:

You got me, Walt! Caught me OUT!
All of us agree as to where Troy is considered to have been.
Wikipedia does describe it as being in NW Turkey.
We did say it was in SW Turkey.
The political State known as the "Republic of Turkey" consists of a European section then, across the Bosporus Stratits, an Asiatic one.
The European section is known as Thrace or Rumelia.
The Asiatic section is known as Asia Minor and also as Anatolia.
Troy is in the Province of Ilium in the Asian section of Turkey to the southwest of Istanbul.
Istanbul was formerly known as Byzantium and as Constantinople.
Troy is on the west coast of Asiatic Turkey where the coast begins to taper off towards the south.
In future we will describe it as in the Northwest or as on the west coast of Turkey.

3. Kathylou Mcauley: Ten Tribes were not Lost but rather Hidden!

I used to think the ten tribes were lost! After reading your research am now convinced, they are not lost, G-d has hiddened them until the time of unveiling.


4. Brian Patmore: "Danaans" (Danites) in the siege of Troy.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1325

Shalom Yair,
Regarding Homer's Illiad, Homer specifically states that the "Danaans" (Danites) took part in the siege of Troy.
He states their identity specifically, so there would be no argument as to whether or not they were there.
It bears looking into on a serious basis.

Brit-Am Reply:
In "Lost Israelite Identity" we show how the "Danaans" of Greek tradition were only named in honor of Dan (by their own admission) and not necessarily from the Tribe of Dan though at some stage elements from Dan had conquered them and/or settled amongst them.

5. Appeal for Brit-Am

Brit-Am has been making frequent appeals because not enough funds have been coming in.
That is because there are not enough of you.
Relatively speaking it could well be that for the number of subscribers we address and the amount that is sent in we may be doing quite well compared to what similar groups receive.
I do not know.
We do know that what there is is not enough.
We should get bigger or get out.
This is what we should have been doing all along anyway but because money was never that plentiful we were always afraid of extra expenditure and allowed ourselves to swelter in what there was.
Now even what there was has diminished apparently due to the present situation.
The present situation needs our message.
People who are perplexed about what is happening need to know of us.
Our message can help.
The truth of Brit-Am is potentially very powerful. It could help others and even save them from adversity.
Despite numerous faults and imperfections we are providing a needed service that in many ways is unique.
At present we need money to meet basic bills, pay rent, etc.
We are too far behind.
We believe that our task is to bring the message of Israelite Ancestry to as many as they that descend from Israel as possible.
We can bring this message.
We have a message.
We have proofs.
We have evidence from Biblical, Rabbinical, Historical, and numerous other fields.
We are able to defend and justify these proofs from the sources.
We also strive to increase Biblical awareness and advocate Bible-based lifestyles.
Our understanding is that they who help us will be rewarded.
We ask you to send us offerings generously. Help us continue to do what we are doing and God willing do it even better than we have been. Let us bring the truth of Brit-Am to even more of those who need it. Most of our peoples do need it.
Please send checks to one or other of the addresses below or make a deposit via PayPal.
If you are sending a check or intend to do so it would be encouraging if we could know about it already.
God bless you all
Yair Davidiy
on behalf of

6. Bob Briggs: Chapter Breaks in Leviticus and Different Versions
 RE: Weekly Portion: Tsav 1/7
Brit-Am Noted:
##This portion is called "Tsav" meaning "Command" after the word "Command" in verse 6:9.
In the Hebrew version this verse is 6:1. The King James Version seems to have inserted verses 6:1-8 having taken them from somewhere else?  Perhaps someone can explain to us why they did that? ##       

Greetings Yair,
In response to your question (I do not have the Hebrew version), but the English versions appear to have the chapter breaks in the wrong place. In Leviticus the "Guilt Offerings" clearly seem to be broken into two parts: unintentional sins against the "holy things," and intentional sins of fraud and/or stealing against one's neighbor.
Lev. 5:14-19 deals with unintentional sin in the event of a violation against any of the temple "holy things." The penalty required restitution by the sinner in the giving of a defect-free ram to the priest, plus a fifth-part in silver equal to the value of the ram. The priest would then sacrifice the ram to make atonement for the guilty one. I assume the fifth-part in silver would cover any "damages" the sinner may have made to the holy things.
Lev. 6:1-7 deals with intentional deception and/or stealing of goods or property from one's neighbor. In this event the goods or property must first be returned to his neighbor, plus an additional fifth-part (20%) based on the value of what was taken, directly or indirectly. (Maybe this is where US law for "pain and suffering" came from.) As in the first case, a ram without defect (but without the additional "fifth-part" added) would be given to the priest as a guilt offering, who would then make atonement for him.
Do I understand these versus correctly?
Bob Briggs
Woodstock, GA (USA)
Brit-Am Reply:

You understand the verses very well.
You have shown us the solution.
The KJ Version we mostly use nowadays has 19 verses in chapter 5.
Then it continues in chapter 6 with 30 verses.

The Hebrew Bible is not divided into chapters but into sections. No-one seems to be sure where the present chapter division came from but most common assumption is that it may be attributed to Christian Printers. Jews adopted the Christian Division for their Printed versions. The present division of the Hebrew Bible in the printed format uses an alternate division from that presently employed in the KJV.  On the whole it is the same but here and there are minor differences.
In the above instance we have for the KJV       ch. 5 19 verses ch. 6 30 verses i.e. 49 Jewish Version ch. 5  26 verses ch. 6 23 verses i.e. 49 In chapter 7 they come together and both have the same verse for 7:1
[In the Koren Hebrew Bible both the traditional Jewish divisions as well as the Chritistian ones are indicated.]

7. Dr. Gavin Finley: "the lost tribes of Israel...are still out there!"
Re: Appeal for Brit-Am

Dear Yair and friends at BritAm,

This is just a short note with our contribution to let you know we are supporting you in your wonderful work of bringing out the truths concerning the lost tribes of Israel. They are still out there and in the heart and sovereign plans of Hashem. 

It is very important for us all to understand that our faith goes beyond just "religion". We serve a real God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He has promised a real and full restoration of the entire nation of Israel. Yes, we are in times of economic hardship. But during such times  [the ALMIGHTY]-God ponders the hearts. He also becomes more real to those He is calling.

We need to know that the God of Israel is alive and well and that He is still doing business with all His covenant people. The prophets of old were unanimous in their message that in the fullness of time all Israel would be restored, both nationally in righteousness and also individually.

Yair, I treasure the short time We had in our visit during Succot of 2007. The YouTube videos we did, rough and ready though they may have been,  still attract quite a few visitors.
I pray that many will continue to go on from there to visit BritAm and be blessed with the wonderful information you present.

Grace and shalom,
Gavin Finley MD


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