Brit-Am Now no. 1310
March 4 2009, 8 Adar 5769
Preliminary Remark by Yair
1. JG. Messervy-Norman: The Way of Return is through Torah-Law!
2. Kylie
Niebling: Praying for Reunification
3. Kerry Bulls: Need for Divine Guidance
Sha'ul Benya'akov:  Just Get Up and Go!
Yair Davidiy:  Working Towards a Brit-Am Program?
Yair Davidiy:  Recent Meeting with Ephraim Acitivist
7. R: "no easy way out"
8. David
Tempelhoff: Appreciates Brit-Am Efforts
9. Robert: Reasons for the Exile and the Concept of Joseph
10. The Divine Purpose for the Exile
and Division of the Tribes
11. David Jackson:
"The Jewish state does not owe citizenship to any outsiders!"
12. Brian
Patmore: When will we ever learn?
13. Charles
Kerem: Ephriamites proving they are Ephraimites


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Preliminary Remark by Yair
This present issue contains postings discussing the future return and re-unification of Joseph with Judah. Many from Joseph wishing the return could begin to take place already?
All of the posts are interesting and there are quite a few of them.
This is a moderated list but we have allowed a few opinions that normally we would not have.

1. JG. Messervy-Norman: The Way of Return is through Torah-Law!
From: Pulidog <>
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1309

Dear BritAm,

Having read many of the posted questions and or opinions ( some not so bright) about one's Israelite origins, the reconciliation and reunification between the House of Judah and the House of Israel (10-Israel) and the regathering and the return Home of Lost Israel to The Land,  may I suggest that BritAm's Ephraimite readers should perhaps take a page from the story of the "Prodigal Son" - wherein one has to first get up and step out of the theological "Pig-Pen" in which they have wallowed for centuries, before heading out on the pathway back to the Father's House - The Land.  Because, The Torah, under Rabbinical authority, whether one's little church group or great denomination likes it or not, ("Judah is My Law-giver sayeth The LORD"), is both the narrow pathway of return and the Home destination in itself.  Returning to the Land, returning to the Father's House may only be fulfilled by way of The Torah path.  Like Abraham, one has to really love G-D and His Ways in order to be able to depart from out of Babylon - to love G-D is to honour His Commandments; not those of your own institutionalized or personal traditions, no matter how long one has been wallowing in them, because these are traditions that the founding Israelite fathers knew not!  The only way in which to identify and or assure oneself of possessing any measure of Israelite descent, is through one's own personal and loving desire to return home to the Father's House and live under the authority of the Torah - if not, then perhaps one should consider the possibility of having an Edomite ancestry rather than one of an Israelite.   For surely, when having courageously broken with tradition and taken to the narrow path of The Torah,  towards Home, then perhaps and only then, may one expect Judah to pause and look up from his work in the field and ask "what is that joy I hear in my Father's House?"  in the mean time, G-D will take care of gathering those who love His Torah back to His Land, and be assured that He will get very angry when some jerk politician thinks he or she can trade it off for peace!  The call of return to the lost sheep of the House of Israel will come (as is currently beginning to happen) from out of Zion (Jerusalem) -  So first things first: Remembering that Judah is the guardian "Law Giver" and teaching authority of The Law, step out of the "pig-pen",  grab the fringe of the nearest Rabbi in your local community and say: "Let us go up to the Mountain of The LORD" - Re: Isaiah 2:3 And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the Mountain of the LORD, to the House of the God of Jacob; and He will teach us of His Ways, and we will walk in His paths: for out of Zion shall go forth The Law, and The Word of the LORD from Jerusalem. 
Jeremiah 9:19 For a voice of wailing is heard out of Zion, How are we spoiled! we are greatly confounded, because we have forsaken the land, because our dwellings have cast us out. (G-D does not like anybodies' road-map-idea of giving up His Land for someone's else's idea of peace)
A difficult path?  Yes.  If is were otherwise, then everyone would clog it up!
JG. Messervy-Norman

2. Kylie Niebling:  Praying for Reunification
Hello Yair & friends,
I would just like to say thank you for your very informative website.  I discovered it when I began researching my family history.  I have a keen interest in your articles on the British Isles and Israel as I am descended from Scottish immigrants who came to Australia in the 1860?s.  (My grandmother?s father, I have since discovered was the descendant of Scottish nobility ? thus discovering from your website that I have a lineage back to Israel).  When my family immigrated to Australia, a lot of family history was forgotten (and not spoken about) over time and I have begun the task of trying to find out more about us and where we came from.  May our Heavenly Father bless you all in your work, and I pray that your objectives about reuniting the family of Joseph with Judah are successful and that this happens soon.

Kylie Niebling.

3. Kerry Bulls: Need for Divine Guidance
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1309
Dear Yair,
I have written to you a couple of times recently about different things.  I want you to know that I "hear you" in regards to the predominant message of Brit-Am and believe it.  However, as a far-flung descendant of Ephraim who is the child of Irish parents (my Mother an Irish Protestant originally from Scotland; my Father an Irish Catholic from Southern Ireland) I would not know how to go about authenticating my relationship to Israel.  I have to believe that G-d Almighty, El Elyon, the Most High God, which is what Abraham called Him, is the only one who could establish me and my family in Israel.  I have always wanted to visit and have always cheered the IDF on as it battled terrorism within the borders of Israel and from without, especially during the repelling of rocket attacks from Hamas and all that mess they had to straighten out in Gaza.  But I have never considered one day living in Israel. It would have to be a supernatural thing that G-d did because He wanted to.  I would honestly be at a loss to prove any claim to Israel.  I can obviously trace my lineage generally from the Table of Nations, but that is about as far as I get.  If you know how I could proceed please let me know.  Otherwise, I am clueless.
Chaplain Kerry Bulls

Brit-Am Reply:
Unless exceptional circumstances exist, Stay where you are, amongst your own people, and work for the good of your own people from a Brit-Am perspective.

4. Sha'ul Benya'akov:  Just Get Up and Go!
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1309

Dear Yair, and fellow Israelites,
So Nu ?
Whats stopping anybody from living in Israel ?
Anybody can emigrate to Israel, you wont have "Jewish" papers, but there are many non Jews who live in Israel.
Go, put your belief into practise, you dont need a green ligt from HaShem, BaruchHu.
Stop all the talk, and do something about it, Lech lecha [Hebrew: "Get thee out! - The commandment to Abraham, Genesis 12:1] !
Get a job, and buy a house, live the dream that is Israel!
Its a great place !
My Family and I will make aliyah when the time is right, but even if I was not a Jew, as I am, I wouldnt be asking anybodies permission, or waiting for a sign, I'd just go.
But thats me.

Brit-Am Comment:
The advice of  Sha'ul Benya'akov may have something in it for certain people in specific situations.
On the whole however we would not encourage it.
If you really want something you can probably get it legally and legitimately.
If you cannot,- perhaps you will be better off without it?
Israeli can be a tough place to get along in sometimes.
It is always better to be on the right side of the authorities.
Israel is full of bureaucracy and bureaucrats but on  the whole they are well-meaning and they can help. That is what they are paid for.

5. Yair Davidiy:  Working Towards a Brit-Am Program?
We should endeavor towards:
a. Increasing awareness of Israelite Ancestry amongst Joseph.
b. Impressing upon Judah that the Lost Ten Tribes are in the west.
c. Requesting Judah to allow the presence of contingents from Joseph under special "guest" status
until the question of definite identification may be resolved. This will require "Ephraim" being aware that until their identification is more definitive a "guest" status may be the best that is feasible.

Brit-Am sees these steps as requiring an aggressive and renewed vigorous research and publicity campaign.
We need even more information.
We need many many more to know about the information that we have. 

The Bible Indicates that Judah will Prepare the Way for the Rest of Israel (Hosea 6:11)
When the Tribes return each Tribe will dwell in their own territory (Ezekiel 47).
At present very few know which tribe they belong to.
An initial stage of the return will involve the  physical presence of Joseph in Iraq, Syria, Jordan and other regions on the periphery of the Greater  Land of Israel (Micah 7:12-14 Zechariah 10:10).
"The Return of Ephraim"
Judah needs the Ten Tribes to complete its own redemption and regathering!
The Prophet Ezekiel says that Judah has an obligation to help the Lost Ten Tribes return.
The complete return of Judah is dependent upon the return of "Samaria" (Ezekiel 16:53, 55, 61) meaning the Ten Tribes especially Manasseh. Manasseh today is mainly the USA. God will renew His covenant with Judah and with Israel (Ezekiel 16:62).
The work of Brit-Am is definitely and expressly ALSO for the good of Judah.

Concerning pilot projects etc for the future resettlement of Joseph.
These are all positive.
The Bible deals with this matter in its own way.
The Arabs may not be as advanced as some Western Peoples but they build reasonably well.
They have some nice houses, cities and farms. Their infrastructure is not perfect but it exists and could easily be improved upon.
The Land of  Greater Israel is not a complete wilderness.
When the Arabs of Gaza, Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, etc, leave somebody will have to look after the place.


The main obstacle to the return at present of individual Ephraimites remains the problem of religious differences.
This is even more a problem for Ephraim than it is for Judah.
We have had Brit-Am meetings and encounters with Ephraimite activists who when it got down to the "nitty-gritty" seemed more interested in spreading their beliefs than in furthering the cause of the Lost Ten Tribes.  Jewish sympathizers of Brit-Am have remarked on this phenomenon as well.

Nevertheless we should go ahead spreading the Three Brit-Am Rs (Research, Recognition, Reconciliation).
To come to Israel at present means one comes as a guest of Judah or as a Jew.
These are the two options that are open.
If you wish to come as a guest (if you cannot come as a Jew) but believe you have Israelite ancestry in accordance with Brit-Am beliefs it could well help to have these beliefs shared by others in both Joseph and Judah.
In other words Brit-Am is your ally and the ally of those like you.
We are not against you. Yair personally has a naturally reserved conservative nature and recommends a realistic appraisal of every situation.
On the other hand it must be admitted that if one is too realistic there is a danger of not doing anything.

6. Yair Davidiy:  Recent Meeting with Ephraim Acitivist
I recently met with "D", an Ephraimite activist. She was telling me how the present economic situation etc was affecting people in the USA. "D" said that numerous Ephraimites wanted to come to Israel and needed to do so and that the situation is urgent, etc. This person is a very very pro-Jewish pro-Israel person. Nevertheless she spoke for a minute as if she felt that Judah was denying "Ephraim" their birthright.
We pointed out that the identity of "Ephraim" is only known to very few.
We also said that the first steps in our mind (as we have said often on the Brit-Am forum) should be to spread knowledge of Ephraimite identity.
Brit-Am does receive support from Ephraimites, Jews, and others. This enables us to get by and function.
It is not however overwhelming.
We asked, If  it is true that there are so many Ephraimites around wanting to further their cause why they are not doing more to help Brit-Am.
She answered that there exist hundreds of Ephraimite groups all of them needing support and most Ephraimites have other priorities.
We asked what these other groups are doing to further knowledge and awareness of the identity of Ephraim.
We then changed the subject.
Concerning other "Ephraimite" groups, we realize that many Ephraimites come to believe in their Israelite origins due to religious or emotional experiences that these other groups help trigger off or intensify.
This is however is not the same nor as efficacious as the Brit-Am approach.
Biblical and secular proofs that can be communicated at a rational level are also required.
[Chris Josephson once pointed out to me that because she is Christian she believes in the Bible and is interested in the Ten Tribes. If she was not a Christian she would not necessarily be so open to the idea.
This is true. Even those amongst us who are not Christians should realize that Christianity is a tool of Divine Providence to help bring the Ten Tribes back. See our book, "Ephraim, the Gentile Children of Israel".]

"D", the Ephraimite activist, did point out that there are numerous Christians both in the State of Israel and overseas who help Israel and the Jewish People greatly. Many (probably most) of these, she said, do not know that they are Ephraimites. They do what they do out of love of the Jews and Israel and because they feel that this is what God wants them to do.
We understood from "D" that these volunteers of kindness are not always appreciated by Judah and those in Israel have difficulty with their visas etc in staying here. It was implied that the difficulty is caused partly because that (together with their good deeds) they also sometimes try and spread appreciation for their religious beliefs.

In our opinion if these Ephraimite volunteers were to be made aware of Brit-Am teachings and were to refer to these as a motivational factor then it could be better for everybody.
Experience shows that at a subconscious level some kind of "Brit-Am type" instinctual identification does often exist and this in fact is what is motivating them.

7. R: "no easy way out"
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1309
#1. Charles:  Thoughts on Return to and Division of the Land

In regards to Charles. Why do I want to leave the land the Almighty gave me.This is my land, we fought for it, we died for it. It may be some day that I would live in some area of greater Israel, but I see no easy way out. Although I have seriously repented for my idolatry, I will still suffer along with those who yet continue to worship a pagan god. Esav is going to dominate me regardless of my self perceived piety. He will dominate me because my people sit around waiting for a messiah to rescue them.

8. David Tempelhoff: Appreciates Brit-Am Efforts
Hi Yair,
just want to say thank you for your faithfulness and diligence. i am amazed at how much work you put out on a daily basis. You basically write a mini newspaper everyday.
I pray you labors will be blessed materially and spiritually.
When I heard the Isreali Government would not let you leave to go to Flordia my first impression was that you are way to valuable and asset to leave Jerusalem.
I want to thank you for freeing me from becoming embroiled in conspiracy theories. Your reasoning is sound and you are a good shepherd to some of us lost souls.

Brit-Am Comment:
The Israeli Government helped me and helped my family at a time when we needed it.
I doubt that elsewhere such assistance would have been available.
Now they want their money, without interest, back and they are justified in doing so.
If, God willing, the situation ever enables it we may well return their funds.
I mention this because recently someone evinced sympathy with my plight and began commiseration by unnecessarily criticizing the Israeli authorities.

9. Robert: Reasons for the Exile and the Concept of Joseph
 Dear Yair
I have read the purpose of the exile. According to Rabbi Kook, the rebels who rebelled against Rome made  mistakes, therefore contributing to the exile of Judah. I understand some of the reasons, but not all. The Rabbi also appears to clearly support the concept of Joseph as an entity all his own throughout history, perhaps without realizing? very interesting. Robert

10. The Divine Purpose for the Exile
and Division of the Tribes
We know that descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are now to be found amongst Western Peoples. We also know that originally they had been part of the Kingdom of Israel that broke away from Judah, were exiled, and lost consciousness of their national ancestry.
Why however were they exiled in the first place?
We are asking, Not How?
but rather Why?
Was there a Divine Purpose behind this?
What cause was served by them forgetting who they were and where they had come from?
Analyzing Biblical Texts and an article by Rabbi Abraham Kook we attempt to clarify some of the issues raised by these questions.
New BAMBI Broadcast
(ca. 1 hour 2 minutes)

11. David Jackson:
"The Jewish state does not owe citizenship to any outsiders!"

RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1309
#2. Edward Anderson:  Preparations should be made for return of the Ten Tribes!

On the item about preparing to returning to Israel by E.A, first, the land of Israel is solely Jewish property.  To enquote "Jewish struggle" as though it were really something other than exactly that is arrogant.  It was a Jewish struggle.       

I'm sure individuals from other nations helped Israel attain statehood, but no doubt the great majority of those individuals were Jewish.  The nations themselves, after voting to establish a Jewish homeland in order to have a place to deport them to, did next to nothing to assist the country in its founding.  They soon regretted even their vote and began openly siding with Israel's enemies.     

The Jewish state does not owe citizenship to any outsiders.  Imagine how a US citizen would feel if someone from France came here saying our forefathers helped you against the British in the Revolutionary War, therefore divide your land with us.  How long would the line be for people willing to cede their own personal property?

If there is land to be claimed by the exiled tribes, why not start with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia instead of asking Judah for what they obtained by their own valor, and God's grace?

David Jackson
Keller, TX

12. Brian Patmore: When will we ever learn?
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1309

Shalom Yair,
I have read in this newsletter and the previous regarding the return of the House of Israel and House of Judah.
Ideas such as the preparation of services, infrastructure for the return are logical and well intentioned. I agree wholly with the idea.
However, [The ALMIGHTY] has his own agenda and timing of things. He and He alone knows what is best.
I agree with the statement made below in that the economic crisis could trigger some kind of return.
However again, I do believe that just like Judah, Efraim will be put through the crucible so to speak and "refined" by fire as per scripture.
The remainder from that process will come back and I believe that maybe there will be no other place for them to go.
The enemy will not be just at the doors, so to speak, but actually inside the kitchen and bedrooms after the children of Jacob.
Remember that it is stated in scripture to the effect of "Who would have believed that a Nation could be born in a day ?"
We can argue about the ifs and buts untill the cows come home, but it is by the will of The GOD of Yisrael not by any of us, no matter how we fancy things.
Yudah and Efraim have been at each other for centuries since the diaspora, which is really crazy as no family in Judah or Efraim is untouched by the blood of the other!!
People in both houses have to just get over the supposed culture shock or whatever, accept the GOD of Yisrael of their father Jacob !!

Why on Earth should we cause our father Jacob to hold his head down, we should give him reason to hold his head up and how we will wish that we had not had to go through the times of "The Troubles of Jacob" in a few years time !!
We are being just as still necked as our fathers were back in the time of Moshe, when he was up on Mt Sinai in Arabia.
When will we ever learn?
Until we all learn to put aside our conceptions of things and take on the will of [The ALMIGHTY]  we will never get on with the job, re-unite, obey [The ALMIGHTY]  and under his instruction take HIS TRUTH to all the nations.

May that day come thundering !!
Yours in [The ALMIGHTY] !!

13. Charles Kerem: Ephriamites proving they are Ephraimites
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1309
#1. Charles:  Thoughts on Return to and Division of the Land

Thanks for your response, Yair.

In response to my note you wrote, "Despite your apologetic tone there still is felt in your letter some kind of claim against Judah? As if  all the Jews need now is for the Gentiles to come up with yet another excuse to resent them? This brings us back to a theme we have been repeating lately but no-one seems to be paying attention to. Before being able to return to the land and/or making any claim to it you have to show that you belong to Israel. Even if you cannot prove it absolutely you should be able to make a case with some degree of reasonable probability acceptable by others...."

Understandably and sometimes correctly, we occasionally read our personal views or feelings into what someone else writes.  There should be no offense in doing so.  In the present case, however, I've not thought about my note to you as being either apologetic in tone, or as some effort aimed towards instigating some kind of claim against Judah.  Nor do I see any value in giving gentiles "another" excuse to resent them (Jews).  You'll have to forgive my inability to understand how my comments or questions would provide "Gentiles" with yet another "excuse to resent" Jews. Why resent Jews?  I don't.

Yes, of course, it's logical, as you say; anyone wishing to "migrate" to the "land of Israel" under say the pretext of being an Israelite would assuredly be confronted by the burden of having to prove they are indeed a genuine Israelite. That should be the case. Interestingly, your work and years of research go a long way towards laying the foundation upon which such "proof" will likely have to be structured. I suspect, though, anyone claiming to be an Israelite based upon your note-worthy findings, no matter how solid the historic evidence is or how well it is presented, will nonetheless not be accepted by most of Israel's Jewish citizenry.  I could be wrong. I do not know how many Jews today are agreeing with the conclusions of your research. However, these issues aside, my questions seek to reach beyond that of Jews proving they are Jews, Ephriamites proving they are Ephraimites, beyond issues of gentile resentment against Jews, or anyone else.  Instead, as I thought was stated plainly, my interest is in knowing if you felt there could in our time be a "beginning migration" of sorts of "true" (non-Jewish) Israelites to Israel. And, going beyond the aforementioned thought, I was also interested in knowing your view regarding whether or not the fact that each of the tribes of Israel were given a perpetual inheritance in the land has any validity, and whether or not the jubilee law brings anything to the table?  I certainly didn't mean for my use of the word "division" to be received as confrontational.  I personally am not interested in the so-called two state solution, that is Jews and Arabs both laying claim to the land of Israel.  Rather, I am interested in knowing if you foresee any situation in today's world in which Jews and their brother Israelites, or let's say Judah and Israel, might again be together, living in peace as "one" people on the land?  Apart from the fact that Jews rightfully took the land (of Israel) by military dominance, there is yet another overriding claim giving Jews their lawful right to the land, a claim no earthly government can rescind, which is that God gave the land to the Jews. To this, it can be added that God also gave the land to the brothers of Judah in equal measure. As we know, both Israel and Judah were removed from the land and sent into exile because of disobedience. The Jews, however, in accordance it seems with God's prophetic will, have returned, and are yet returning (aliya).  Hence, the thrust of my questions; can (or should) the Jews be likened to an advance guard so to speak, pioneers if you like, preparing the way for an eventual re-gathering in some form?  If so, it could be that your research and years of toil to spread the world about Israel's identity might ultimately play an important role in whatever is to unfold within the near-future. Yes?

Charles Kerem


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