Brit-Am Now no. 1307
February 26 2009, 2 Adar 5769
1. Ancient Scandinavia: East Mediterranean Connections
2. Radio Interviews and Interview Time Changes according to Time Zones
3. New BAMBI Broadcast on
Parshat HaShavua (Weekly Torah Portion): "Trumah"
4. Question on Preparations for Rebuilding the Temple and the Temple Location
5. Answer to Claim that
Khazars were Turks


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1. Ancient Scandinavia: East Mediterranean Connections
Nordic Bronze Age
Scandinavian sites present rich and well-preserved objects made of wool, wood and imported Central European bronze and gold. The Scandinavians adopted many important European and Mediterranean symbols while adapting these to create a unique Nordic style. Mycenaean Greece, the Villanovan culture, Phoenicia and Ancient Egypt have all been identified as possible sources of influence for Scandinavian artwork from this period. The foreign influence is believed to have been due to the amber trade. Amber found in Mycenaean graves from this period originates from the Baltic Sea, so it is reasonable to assume that the culture that arose in the Nordic Bronze Age constituted one supply end of the so-called Amber Road. Many petroglyphs depict ships, and the large stone formations known as stone ships suggest that shipping played an important role. Several petroglyphs depict ships that have been identified as plausibly Mediterranean.

2. Radio Interviews and Interview Time Changes according to Time Zones
Podcast on Kosher 101.9

Brit-Am Interview Times on Kosher Radio 101.9  have changed:
from now on the interviews will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays (as previously) at the times:

Monday and Wednesday at 1330 New Mexico (MST) US Time.
The actual interview may begin a LITTLE (ca.5 to 7 minutes) LATER.
The interviews should last  from 15 to 20 minutes but may be a little longer.
The time elsewhere is:
Chicago-Texas 1430
New York-Florida 1530
Britain: 2030
Western Europe 2130
Finland 2230
Israel 2230
South Africa 2230
California 1230
New Zealand 930
Australia (EST) 1030

See Time Zone Map

3. New BAMBI Broadcast on Parshat HaShavua (Weekly Torah Portion):
Subject Matter: The Tabernacle
Exodus 25:1 to 27:19

(33 minutes)

4. Question on Preparations for Rebuilding the Temple and the Temple Location
Kerry Bulls wrote:
RE: 1-Kings 6: The Temple of Solomon with Illustrations

Dear Yair,
I have been told for many years that the nation of Israel has been stockpiling material with which to rebuild the Temple in the near future, whenever that may be.  I would like to know if you know if that is a rumor or is it a reality?  If you don't choose to say that is fine too. Secondly, and lastly, there is a controversy over where the Temple must be rebuilt.  Some say right on the very spot where the Dome of the Rock sits. Others say it can be rebuilt beside that with a few feet to spare.  To which, if either, do you ascribe?  Again, if you do not choose to answer that is fine.
Chaplain Kerry Bulls

Brit-Am Reply:
No stockpiling of materials to rebuild the Temple is taking place.
Different organizations have been preparing the Priestly garments and Temple utensils.
The Temple Institute is probably the best known body dealing with these matters and perhaps also the best funded but other institutions also exist.
A great deal of study has been done concerning the technical details and possibilities that rebuilding the Temple would involve.
Israeli governmental bodies on the whole seem reserved and even critical of such activities.
Some religious Jews are also against being involved in that direction.
Personally I myself am interested and view it with favor though Brit-Am as a body does not take a position on the subject.
The exact site of the Temple is controversial but it could possibly be resolved with the help of  earth-measuring devices used by the IDF or by the release of those measurements already made in the past by IDF engineers under the direction of Rabbi Shlomo Goren.
The general feeling is that the Temple Site is over the Dome of the Rock.
Even if it is not, the mosques and all foreign edifices on the Temple Mount should be removed immediately.

5. Answer to Claim that Khazars were Turks
Re: The Khazars. Tribe 13
we know who the Khazars were, they were Turks who converted to Judaism and, their khans/kings were an offshoot of the Turkish royal house i have the genealogy of the Turkish kings as well as the Khazar-Kings these people were NOT Jewish by race, which academia can prove forget these people, because anti-Semitics say that modern Jews are descended from them and thus have no right to settle in Palestine

Brit-Am Reply:
I do not believe you have a valid genealogy of the Khazar Monarchs.
We have not encountered such information in the sources other than that what the Khazars themselves related  and they no-where ever claimed to be related to the Turks.
Documents stating otherwise are forgeries or contain interpolations as we have proven in our book.
The Khazar Monarchs were described by Arab Chroniclers as belonging to the House of Jesse meaning the House of David.
They were Israelites and of Israelite descent.
Read our work. We have proven the case.
No-one has refuted the proofs we adduce.


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