Brit-Am Now no. 1306
February 23 2009, 29 Shevet 5769
1. Interested in "The Tribes"
2. Appreciation of Brit-Am
3. Jonathan
Some Thoughts on the Nature of the Messianic Age
4. Owen Murphy: Anecdotes and a Question
Nickie: Is Not Knowledge of God Intuitive?
6. Brit-Am Appeal
7. Agrees with Brit-Am
8.Jonathan Tillotson: The Election of Israel
9. "The Khazars. Tribe 13".  Book and Broadcast


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1. Interested in "The Tribes"
"I have been deeply interested in the subject of the lost ten tribes of Israel for a many years and look forward to reading your book. Thank you very much in advance."

2. Appreciation of Brit-Am
May G-d bless you for the work you do. Even though your efforts go mostly unnoticed by the world,
our Father sees them and will reward you according.

3. Jonathan Tillotson:
Some Thoughts on the Nature of the Messianic Age

From: Jonathan Tillotson <>
Words and their Meanings
re Brit-Am Reply to:
Brit-Am Now no. 1304
#1. Why does the Almighty need a Chosen People?
'God wanted to chose for HIMSELF a people to serve HIM
and to carry his message.'
Yes, this is how I see it. The second part is particularly interesting, to carry his message. This implies, to me, that although all the Earth is God's, he is out of communication and relationship, for whatever reason, with the gentile nations of the Earth. And that they need God's light, even if they don't know or accept this. The question remains though: Why did not God also reveal himself to them, or rather, why would God only want just one nation to be his servant and to receive his message, why not all of them? Im sure this is a question many new to thinking about Israel and the Almighty might ask. Perhaps the answer is that God IS revealing himself to all nations, but that he is doing this through Israel (perhaps in order to avoid confusion, wrought otherwise by multiple messengers?) and that these things take longer than might be supposed, particularly in the light of the stubbornness of human sin, etc.
A Jewish friend of mine told me of a story told somewhere by a Rabbi about how all the nations of the earth, or many anyway, rejected God's offer of a covenant, which had been made to them first, and that it was only Israel who accepted it. But I dont know about the truth of that, or if you've heard about it.

As for the first part, that God wants a nation to serve might then be thought: why does he want this, or need this? Then, two depictions of service might arise in the mind. Firstly, that God wants a servant because he is someone rather resembling a Mediaeval Feudal Lord, someone rather proud then, if not narcissistic, who wants to keep people in obsequious subjection to him (presumably because in reality, insecurely, he actually fears for his own position and power); or Secondly, that God, on the contrary, is not such a caricature and contingent ruler, but rather an eternal and infinite, albeit gracious and magnanimous, creator (and besides that not even human at all!) who wants to be served in the sense that he wants helpers, to assist him in his own project, in this case to bring knowledge of his light to the ends of the Earth because of his love and compassion for his creation. It is the second sense in which I understand God. And I think, crucially, that the first depiction of both power and service describes rather accurately the lesser powers and rulers of this corrupt world, the oriental despots and tyrants, the Pharoahs and Caesars and Kings of Babylon, etc of Biblical times, and of more recent history besides..with whom, I might suggest, God can often be confused and who themselves often aspire to take God's place (from Nimrod onwards).
Re the notion that Israel will rule the world in the future. I think that is the kind of statement that might make many people think you are speaking in rather Imperialistic and oppressive, world-conquering, if not even tyrannical tones, if you see what I mean. And perhaps that misrepresentation, which I am presuming that it is (?), is because of this same conceptual ambiguity that can exist within words, words like service, and in this case 'rule'. As I see it, 12 tribed Israel in many ways already does centrally shape the course of the world's development, so Israel's position of influence is not just a matter for the future but also the past. As for the real future and the Messianic Age itself, it is perhaps hard to conceptualise what life will be like and how the rulership will be carried out. Perhaps a lot will depend on the character of the hearts and souls of the people alive on the planet at that time. After all, when people are receptive and open hearted, where is the need for toughness in leadership? I am reminded of the beautiful prophecy in Jeremiah (i forget where) where he says that in the future the Law will be written on their hearts and that no man will need to say to the other 'Know the Lord', because they will all know him in their hearts. Presumably here Jeremiah speaks about Israelites, but maybe the meaning could also be extended to all people. In such a world, wherein there is harmony, it would not necessarily be the case that you'd end up with 'anarchy', or no Government; on the contrary you could have an important place for leadership and guidance, as the leader or, indeed, 'ruler' helps direct people in the right way, ever more towards the light. To me, this is closer to what I understand as the rulership of God through his servant people Israel. Very different then, from the oppressive, power displayed by contingent and flawed human beings such as a Caesar, a Medieval absolute monarch, a Stalin or a Hitler.
As I see it, it is as well to clarify the meanings of words, as more often than one might think, they can exercise a wide range of differing associations in peoples minds.
Best wishes

4. Owen Murphy: Anecdotes and a Question
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1303
#1. Jonathan Tillotson Gives Reasons for Reticence in Accepting the Brit-Am Message followed by Brit-Am Commentary

Hello Yair;
  Jonathan Tillotsons post is really interesting in many ways.
  His "Englishmans" perspective is one that makes the English such a likable people to my mind.
  The concept of Two Brothers being part of One Chosen or collectively 13 Brothers as part of One Chosen is a template for further accomadation of each others "differences" tribally.
  My own experience of this in the WWCG of Herbert W. Armstrong was revealing and to some extent entertaining.
  With the knowledge or some would say unconfirmed suspicion that Britain was Ephraim and Manasseh American along with the establishment of three campuses in "Israelite " land; Pasadena Calif., Big Sandy Texas, and Bricket Wood England and it becoming readily apparent that the "British" campus was the "apple" of Herbert W. Armstrongs eye , there was a discernable division more so in the ministry of the WWCG than in the membership. When I say division I mean an unstated "feeling" of specialness in Ephraim that that Manassites saw as eccentric or odd but what else to expect of the English ?   Why do I bring this up ? Well it is interesting that the force for reconciliation twixt WWCG s Ephraims and Mannassehs was none other but a Jew who through the power of rhetoric and persuasion made the two function as one.
  For those who question my sanity as well as loyalty to the Law /Torah, the Torah was the uniting glue that made the relationship function not the man or the nationality.
  The question I raise is ; does there have to be a powerful personality in the Ephraimite group if not the specific tribe who is recognized by all as one to be heard?
  Could this be a "Joshua" who is not nor presentable nor respected by G-d nor man but chosen for this, Zecharia 3: 1-10 Thus fulfilling the Messiah Ben Joseph aspect of Israels redemption.
  Cheers Owen

5. Nickie: Is Not Knowledge of God Intuitive?
re Brit-Am Now no. 1304
#2. Dave Browning:
Proposed Program to Spead Brit-Am Message and the Need for Knowledge

In reply to Davey's statement that ...
"Instinct is a foreign thing to the human. ... Humans have no such code printed in their soul.
All they know, they learn. Knowledge of the Almighty is not instinct, it is an acquired understanding. We do not know inherently, nor are we born with the code to love Him, written in our genes, we have to learn this, and this requires passion/emotion and effort, which are not established pathways like instinct is."
Not to reject Davey's thoughts completely, but perhaps to clarify them or to present another viewpoint.  It is my humble opinion that each of us are BORN with a void and a knowing that can only be filled by our Heavenly Father, that He gives us the "choice" to follow or not follow Him ... all of Deuteronomy and many other scriptures give us this choice. 

Deu 30:11-14
11 For this commandment which I command thee this day, it is not hidden from thee, neither is it far off.
12 It is not in heaven, that thou shouldest say, Who shall go up for us to heaven, and bring it unto us, that we may hear it, and do it?
13 Neither is it beyond the sea, that thou shouldest say, Who shall go over the sea for us, and bring it unto us, that we may hear it, and do it?

And yes, I do agree that OBEDIENCE is of utmost importance; and that being part of His Chosen Kingdom, when our heart is circumcised, it is our responsibility to acquire knowledge above that of which we are born so we can operate at an optimum in the Kingdom.  As Hosea said:

Hos 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: BECAUSE THOU HAST REJECTED KNOWLEDGE, I WILL ALSO REJECT THEE, that thou shalt be no priest to me: SEEING THOU HAST FORGOTTEN THE LAW OF THY GOD, I will also forget thy children. 

Just a thought ...  HOW can one FORGET that which one has not known already, though the very knowledge of it be inside and is rejected by choice whereby we choose to follow the tradition of the elders rather than that which is made plain to us by [the ALMIGHTY] God ?

Wouldn't [the ALMIGHTY]  God be an unjust judge were He to require something of us of which He had not made aware and plain to us, possibly called "instinct" or "intuition" or "the heart" as mentioned in the scripture above ... ? 

Sincerely ... Nickie

6. Brit-Am Appeal
Brit-Am is now making yet another appeal.
We do not see anything wrong with this since we need the money to function.
We understand that others benefit from our project but that is not the only reason we are appealing for funds.
The fact is for many of you it is us who have to prove ourselves.
There are many web sites and innumerable e-mail discussion groups all of them competing for your attention.
It may be that, from your point of view, you are doing us a favor by even subscribing to us!
[I myself sometimes take a similar attitude towards other lists I have joined so if that is your attitude towards us don't feel bad about it!]
It does not matter.
This is the way Divine Providence has decided it should be.
It is the will of the Almighty that this message be spread as we are spreading it.
At least that is our understanding.
We also believe that whosoever will help us will be helped from ABOVE.
Test it for yourselves.
There are those who take offence at such statements by us and consider them arrogant or pretentious.
Be that as it may,  we have our own understanding. We are not claiming to be anything other than what we are.
We have merited to give something to the overall belief and grounds for belief about the Lost Ten Tribes being in Western Nations.
We believe that we can still give much more.
That is what we mainly do though in the process we are invigorating Bible Belief, Biblical Comprehension, and the effective rapport between Joseph (the Ten Tribes) and Judah meaning the present-day Jews.
 At present the effectiveness of this message will remain dependent on three factors:
1. The Veracity and Scope of our studies in Scripture and Secular Studies.
2. The number of people who receive the message.
3. The acceptability of our findings to Judah, to the intellectual world, and to thinking people in general.
Brit-Am does what it can and it can do a lot.
We need your support.
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God bless all of you
Yair Davidiy
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7. Agrees with Brit-Am
Re: Psalm 126

You are exactly on track and doing the right thing by waking up and arousing the House of Israel. Keep up the inspirational message!

8. Jonathan Tillotson: The Election of Israel
From: Jonathan Tillotson <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1305
#1. Tess: "Being chosen is both a blessing and a burden"

Regarding Tess' comment
"Israel's function is to be the light of the Almighty to all other nations that they might perceive Him through Israel. Therefore if the nations cannot comprehend God it is partly because all Israel has failed to shine His light."
I totally agree with the above line.It communicates both the purpose of electing Israel and why that purpose does not always function as it should. While it is indeed reasonable to blame gentiles for sometimes hating Israel regardless of how accurate Israel's manifestation of the divine light is, there is little actually to be gained from our doing so. More constructive, while avoiding masochistic self-humiliation, is to presume that usually it is our fault and that we are the sinners. This way something positive can actually be done about the situation, namely we can stop sinning (falling short of the glory of god). If we blame others for not recognising the importance of Israel we are giving them too much power over the situation; we may ultimately also forget that with divine protection it is our job to illuminate and help the nations, not just to expect them to be impressed with whatever we do.
Yes, God does not need a chosen people. In the same way God does not even need human beings or Planet Earth for that matter. He exists in his own right and is all-sufficient. But yes he desires peaceful communion with human beings, because he is love. So perhaps then you could say that in order to fulfill his desire, he needs a chosen people as a way to achieve his desire. So its a question of semantics and the context of language, perhaps.


9. "The Khazars. Tribe 13".  Book and Broadcast
Buy this book.
It is worth it.
Read our articles on the Khazars. They are interesting.
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