Brit-Am Now no. 1304
February 20 2009, 26 Shevet 5769
1. Why does the Almighty need a Chosen People?
2. Dave Browning:
Proposed Program to
Spead Brit-Am Message and the Need for Knowledge
Parshat HaShavua (Torah Portion): Mishpatim
4. Charlotte Mecklenburg: "we can leave it up to him"
5. Orders for "The Khazars" and other Brit-Am works.


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1. Why does the Almighty need a Chosen People?
From: Jonathan Tillotson <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1303
#1. Jonathan Tillotson Gives Reasons for Reticence in Accepting the Brit-Am Message followed by Brit-Am Commentary
Thanks for your thorough reply, Yair.
I suppose another issue that will come up is an issue that must already come up anyway with regard to Israel in the context of Judaism, even when Israel is only understood as the Jews. It is an objection I am sometimes faced with when I talk about the significance of Israel. It is namely: "Why should God have needed to have a chosen nation in the first place? If he is omnipotent and the creator of all peoples, why would he be favourable to some nation over others? Put bluntly, why have a chosen nation at all? Why not instead reveal himself to and work through everyone? Isnt it a racist God being depicted?"
I have my own thoughts in answer to this but wonder what you might say. I think it is a very important issue. I think it is one reason why many are attracted to the alleged 'universality' of Christianity (even though I say that as a Christian - of a kind) and the other ahistorical faiths of the orient. While it may be all well and good to say only that this is what scripture says and that God can do what he wants, and that it is impious to ask why, why, why, this hardly leads us nearer to understanding. And without understanding how can matters be explained?

Brit-Am Reply:
God wanted to chose for HIMSELF a people to serve HIM
and to carry his message.
Each half of the Israelite Nations (represented by "Judah" and "Joseph") has been chosen for their own task.
Ultimately they will unite and the role of both will be combined.
My understanding is that in the End Times the Israelite Nations will rule over the World.
The Messiah, descended from David, will rule over them and they shall direct other nations to go in the right path.
The fact is that a good portion of the nations of the earth in some way or other have been ruled over by nationalities whom we trace to Israel.
We had the British Empire, the Dutch Empire (Indonesia, etc), the French Empire (Indo-China, West Africa, etc), Belgium (the Congo), and the American Empire (Philipines and indirectly a good portion of the world at some stage or other) as well as ruling elites such as the Vikings and Normans who ruled over other peoples.
This rulership was not always an undisputed success but on the whole it was probably better than the alternatives at the time in question.

The fact is that only people who believe in the Bible really believe in the Almighty, even now.

2. Dave Browning:
Proposed Program to
Spead Brit-Am Message and the Need for Knowledge
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1301
#7. 15 issues of Brit-Am Magazines now Available

Dear Yair; et al,

LOL, I was reading through post 1301 and thinking "Brit-Am"; hmmmmmmm; "this is not really an accurate, or in more determined words "honest" appraisal of the group's origins, nor hope."

"True the Brits and Americans play a major role in this glorious, Almighty plan being performed, with no doubt in the soul; yet certainly the human mind creates it's own doubts, simply for recreation, if no emergency is a`foot; but they are an ineffective part, without all israEl arrayed together, on this earth."

I was thinking this, and in my mind I thought; "Tribal Truths", would be the truest name. LOL, then I come to the part where you mention the Magazine; "The Tribesman". Which of course is an even more perfect documentation of my thoughts.

What if you could get ten folks, who would purchase the "pdf" each month and allow them to print it out an distribute it free, much like the Word itself is? Of course there would be links (contact information) in the printed form, what ever that shape is (flyer, leaflet, booklet, paper...). If only one of a hundred editions sprouted and grew in one person's heart, and they came an helped support "Brit-Am", they would be helping us all, and in that sense a lessening of our mutual burden would be enjoyed.

Shux, I could probably print and distribute a hundred a month. In addition to the 10 bucks which is your share, it would cost me probably 30-50 bucks worth of ink and a few more bucks for the paper, maybe a lil change for the staples or paperclips. Might even spring for coffee if the person at the dinner wanted to talk about it. We could jus leave em anywhere; in laundromats, office lobbies or waiting areas, the buss stop or airport, at the market. Those who wanted to be very public about the material could, and distribute the editions with extroverted charm, those who did not, could get a lot of copies out anyway. Nobody has to hide, shux, nobody can "You will know them by their Deeds". However; even the more covert can be fruitful. This is the way I became aware of this ever so audacious truth, we hope to bring the world to. It was just a little booklet at a Laundromat in the deep, dark backwoods of West Virginia that opened my eyes, all those fleeting decades ago.

If you only had ten folks doing this; commit to buying one copy each month from you, and taking the cost and effort, and time to print and distribute at no charge to the recipient; that would be a thousand copies of the Message, and one out of a hundred would be 10 new souls a month to our fold, and ten new supporters of your work, and our mutual cause.

I wont go into the logarithms of hope here, jus ask if; "this would be a fruitful way to promote and nurture our objective... the unification of humanity to appreciate the glory of the Word, spoken by Hashem?"

I thank you joyfully for your book, "the Khazars - Tribe 13"; I am reading it. I notice... you tend to defend the Jewish perspective, or, Your perspective, at least in the first parts I've read. I understand why, and do appreciate its (your perspective's) validity; yet also understand and appreciate I was ignorant of Brit-Am's mission at first, and it was not "perspective" that convinced me; 'Twas the Word of the Eternal Almighty, recorded in Scripture, and in history. Salt on wounds... is it good? Perhaps, but it sure does sting, maybe as in all things, moderation is the best medicine? In all our doings in this work, we should be doing our best to reveal and observe the Almighty's perspective, and deny our own; for it is true Hashem is no respecter of persons, nor their perspectives.

We are talking about a Spiritual manifestation of flesh here. The Jews are a fleshy manifestation of the same Spirit who is manifest in all the other tribes, not only israEl's, just as is Joseph (a carnal/fleshy manifestation), even though the Eternal has set us apart, and placed a greater burden on the Jews (the Scepter), does not mean we aren't brothers. What I'm saying is, I accept my humility; indeed find great joy in it... perhaps the key to your success is found in that same humility? It's not a debt, its a strategy. To plant a seed is not the goal, to reap the fruit is. I adamantly do not condemn your perspective, I embrace it... yet know, for the ignorant, its not perspective, its jus the facts that turn them. I'm jus trying to turn the herd to our Eternal; Almighty; Father. Its the best for them/me...and you.

Instinct is a foreign thing to the human. The human has no such thing. All the human has is the passion to learn. Passion is not an instinct, all Hashem's creatures have passion, but that wont guide them, it just makes them wiggle. Instinct is an embedded set of instructions, that accomplish a very specific task; such as building a nest, or following a very specific migration course, the creature of instinct has no doubts when performing these tasks, they are written in its very soul, they do not know why they do this, they don't question it, rationalize it; they jus do it. Humans have no such code printed in their soul. All they know, they learn. Knowledge of the Almighty is not instinct, it is an acquired understanding. We do not know inherently, nor are we born with the code to love Him, written in our genes, we have to learn this, and this requires passion/emotion and effort, which are not established pathways like instinct is. It is a trial and tribulation process, the Almighty draws us to Him, but we have to walk the walk, He wont do it for us, neither are we born knowing how. His gift to us is his Word, and our great, practically infinite (Gen 11:6) ability to learn, nothing more - nothing less.

"There are two things I have learned in life; there is a God, and I'm not

3. Parshat HaShavua (Torah Portion)
Exodus 21:1-24:18
Details of the Laws and Promises of National Inheritance
New BAMBI Broadcast
(40 minutes)

4. Charlotte Mecklenburg: "we can leave it up to him"
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1303
#5. Mark Robinson: The Prophesied Times of Return, 210?

Britam subscribers,
I thought Robinson's calculations were very interesting. Hosea also states that in three days he would restore them.  We are getting towards the end of the third day of God's time. He will find a way to do it because the desire of his people is there to do what he wants. I am happy we can leave it up to him.
Charlotte Mecklenburg

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