Brit-Am Now no. 1301
February 13 2009, 19 Shevet 5769
1. Eric Schendel: Another Possible Reunification Scenario
2. Robert: Practicality of Living with Judah?
3. Ron Fraser: Appreciates Brit-Am Efforts
4. Tessa: "Not Yet! Seems  to be the Answer"
5. The Five Basic Instincts of Human Beings
6. Robert Jones:
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1. Eric Schendel: Another Possible Reunification Scenario
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1300
#2. Suggestion that
Ephraimites Accept a "Sojourner" status and Brit-Am Reply

Hi Yair,

Here is another possible reunification scenario.  As the end times approach and the world situation continues to deteriorate, with major European countries becoming increasingly Islamized, there may be nobody willing to help defend Israel other than the USA.  In that case, if war were imminent, as an indication of its unflinching support for Israel, the USA might offer it statehood.  If the situation were dire enough, Israel  might accept.

The offer might also be made to Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Or it might be in form of a tight new military alliance, a re-vamped NATO consisting of English-speaking countries with Israel replacing continental Europe.


2. Robert: Practicality of Living with Judah?
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1300
#2. Suggestion that
Ephraimites Accept a "Sojourner" status and Brit-Am Reply
Regarding Brit Am Reply. I do not believe it is practical or advisable for "Ephraimite" to live in the land with Judah. It seems many evangelical Christians are looking for an easy way out of this thing. I do not believe there is going to be one.
I have no idea for a solution to the problems with South Africa, but I do know it is important that we do everything we can do to strengthen the nations the Almighty gave to us. This is politically incorrect, but true none the less. R

3. Ron Fraser: Appreciates Brit-Am Efforts
Shalom Yair!
This Ephraimite appreciates your efforts and prays for the day of full
reconciliation of the tribes to be sped forward.

Warm regards,

Ron Fraser

4. Tessa: "Not Yet! Seems  to be the Answer"
re Brit-Am Now no. 1299
#2. Sha'ul Benya'akov:
Maybe "its time to go home, to Israel"?'ul

Shalom Yair
With regard to Sha'ul Benya'akov's query whether it is 'time to go home to Israel', not yet seems to be the answer. Israeli law prevents it and it is not appropriate to attempt to override that. But mainly, the reunification of the tribes and their restoration to the land is a messianic task which we should wait for and not pre-empt. The patterns of reunification and restoration to the land is in the events through Joseph and Moses.
Blessings - Tessa

5. The Five Basic Instincts of Human Beings
1. Acknowledgement  of  a Divine Authority
2. Survival
3. Procreation
4. Self-Expression
5. Group Cohesion (family, tribe, nation, etc)
The five instincts are listed in their order of importance. The closer one instinct is to the other
the more liable it is to switch with it, e.g. Survival usually comes before Procreation
but in some cases Procreation may be preferred.
Belief in a Divine Authority comes before Survival only as preferred preference. In practice a good proportion
in extreme circumstances might place Survival first though they would never be easy with their choice.
A normal person will usually attempt to adhere to a lifestyle that assimilates all five of the above instincts
and pre-empts conflict between them.

6. Robert Jones: Khazars
Dear Yair,
re "The Khazars. Tribe 13"
I'm almost through with your book and I must say it quite frankly is your best.  Very detailed, and it really puts to bed any arguement that the Khazars were a Turkic/Gomer people.  What I find so interesting is how the book of Hosea really described the confusion between the 10 Tribes and the sons of Gomer.  The fact that the Turkic people took as a badge of honor the title of 10 Tribes or 10 arrows shows how they exacerbated the confusion between the two entities. 
One question I had, which you did clarify was with Naphtali.  From previous books I didn't see the migration of Naphtali out of the Caspian Sea area, but this book really breaks it down for me.  The other question I had since it seems the Hephtalites who settled in Northern India were predominately not of Israelite heritage, and only took on there name; how much if any of Naphtali actually remained among the Hephtalites?  A few months ago you put in one of your emails a genetic study that showed a close genetic tie between Norwegians and Northern Indians and Southern Afghans.  Is it possible there was a much larger concentration of Naphtalites among these "Hephtalites" than previously thought. 
Its not hard to see how the ruling class of India and the business class has come from the North over the last couple hundred years.  Just some thoughts..
Rob Jones

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