Brit-Am Now no. 1293
January 29 2009, 4 Shevet 5769
1. Yair Davidiy's US Tour Called Off
2. Mrs Pirjo Kakko:  Finnish-Hebrew Linguistics Parallels
3. Effects of Brit-Am Talks and Upcoming Interview on Replacement Theology
(a) Question on New BAMBI
(b) Letter re Upcoming Interview on Replacement Theology
4. Michelle Bowie: Prayer is Effective Against Anti-Semitism
5. Oren Davies (brother of
Yair Davidiy) Publishes Book on Boys Names
6. Other Family Members who Wrote Books
7. Parshat
HaShavua New BAMBI Broadcast


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1. Yair Davidiy's US Tour Called Off
The proposed trip by Yair Davidiy to the USA has been cancelled.
We owe an agency of the Israeli Government some funds so the Border Police Authority has us on a black list of people forbidden to leave the country.
There is nothing new about this but we had assumed the restriction would no longer be in force.
Some people cannot get in.
Others are unable to leave.
Anyway there is no place like home.
Maybe the country really needs us?
It is nice to feel wanted.
I could think of worse fates.
Israel is a fun place to be in.

2. Mrs Pirjo Kakko:  Finnish-Hebrew Linguistics Parallels
From: xy xy <>
Subject: about finnish hebrew language equalities...

Shalom from Finland Yair Davidy...
During this autumn I have been comparing finnish and hebrew words and collected them to my homepage, so if You are interested in having a glimpe on them, please wellcome, the address is:
...anyways, language-equalities or not, we are many Finns here today, that have been bearing an "inner knowledge", some for long time, that we are Efraimites.  And during the last years this subject has become also more public.
Best regards,
Mrs Pirjo Kakko

3. Effects of Brit-Am Talks and Upcoming Interview on Replacement Theology
(a) Question on New BAMBI Broaodcasts:
Are the talks you send out together with the Psalms Commentary having any Effect?
What about the other talks?
Brit-Am Reply:
First of all I find that by talking through the explanations and commentary important points come more into focus, insights are received, and difficulties resolved.
It has other benefits and so is worthwhile from this point alone even before we take into account who listens to them -and they are listened to.
We believe that they are of benefit to others.
Some of the talks we put out are well received and others less so.
Our broadcasts are often heard over Kosher 101.9 Radio Around the World.
We are also interviewed twice a week on Kosher 101.9 Radio by Ray Macabee.
On the whole these interviews go over well and there are those who listen to them regularly.
They are also recorded, the Podcasts placed on Kosher Radio 101.9, and in some cases downloaded by hundreds of listeners.
(b) Letter re Upcoming Interview on Replacement Theology
From: "Kosher 101.9 Maccabee"
Shalom Yair:
There has been a letter posted to the Newspaper of Carlsbad on citizen column.
This man has written before against Israel and the Jewish people, He HATES US....
Remember that we have 165 churches in this town and they can all listen to KMLS FM 101.9.
Any how,  he quoted Jeremiah 31:31-34,  Josh 23:14-15 to prove that G-D has thrown out the Jews with a New Covenant.
He also quoted NT scriptures that his understanding is Anti-semitic.
Let's talk about this on Monday, HaShem willing... People think that The [Chrisitian Messiah] has replaced and given Christians the place of the chosen people and that Jews are DOOMED....
This radio fights against replacement Theology and Anti-semitism toward our people.
What do you say, let's talk about this on a show.
KMLS FM 101.9

Radio Interview
Monday 2nd February 2009
1130 New Mexico (MST) US Time
For the time equivalent in your Time Zone see:
Brit-Am Now no. 1272
#3. Brit-Am Interview Times according to different Time Zones

4. Michelle Bowie: Prayer is Effective Against Anti-Semitism
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1292
#5. Cam Rea: 
Anti-Semitic Attacks Directed Also Against My Own Researches!

Shalom Yair,
On a somewhat regular basis, it seems the ugly head of anti-Semitism rears it's head.
I have come to the conclusion that those who are not serious students of scripture along with always praying for discernment of the Word, are the ones who have delusions of a racist aspect.
In their ignorance of [The ALMIGHTY] 's purpose in choosing a select people, they have put a wicked spin on the MESSAGE and have deceived the masses.
Those of us who know better, need to PRAY and find a way to reach those who still are subject to the veil that blinds their hearts and eyes.
Love, patience and grace to those who are ignorant of [The ALMIGHTY]'s purpose and plan for mankind.
HE wishes to save as many souls as possible, even those in darkness.
We cannot and must not show arrogance of what we know as it will be next to impossible to reach anyone with that mentality.
The sad part is that those who ascribe to the white supremacy theory are either of the darkness themselves or -again- under the veil of ignorance in truly understanding the MESSAGE.
PRAYER is the only way. We may not win all the souls, but with [The ALMIGHTY] , all things are possible.
Love to all, michelle b.

5. Oren Davies (brother of Yair Davidiy) Publishes Book on Boys Names
What's In a Name? Local Author Reveals the Answer in Unique Name Book
Superb Book of Boys Names, by author Oren Davies reveals an eclectic list of distinctive names that include: famous writers, explorers, sportsmen, artists, actors, scientists and inventors.

PRLog (Press Release)  Nov 10, 2008.  A comprehensive collection of appealing names for boys and an essential reference guide for parents and those wanting to find unique names drawn from different cultures and languages of the world. The origins and meanings of popular, well known, lesser used, uncommon and rare male names are all fully explained.

Special sections include information on Irish, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian personal names. Popular as well as unfashionable, underused and names with different qualities and characteristics are given unique attention. Allied to this, is information on diminutive and altered forms of favored and less known names including classical and biblical ones. This is an excellent resource for those seeking names with meaning and history. 

Publisher's website:

About the Author:                                                                                   
Oren Davies has been writing for over ten years, his long-time interest in the meaning of names motivated him to write this in-depth book. He believes that each name has a unique source and meaning and that many personal names are tied to the past and linked with ancient peoples and beliefs. His research delved into volumes on history, mythology, legends, religious concepts, languages and the names found in each culture. He is currently writing a book on Surnames of the British Isles. He grew up in Australia and now lives in Melbourne.

6. Other Family Members who Wrote Books
The father of Yair Davidiy, William Hugh Russell Davis,
published "Indian Interlude" by Hugh Davis in 1998.
This describes the experiences of the author in India and Burma in WW2.

The aunty (sister of his mother) of Yair published
"Abimbolu" by Jean Jacoby (1955,1994). This is an adventure story set in Nigeria
and based on close acquaintanceship with the people of Nigeria.
I read this work as a youth and remember that it was quite good.
It has apparently been republished several times and was also used in Nigerian schools
as reading material.
Description / Synopsis
There is great excitement in Ofe village near Abeokuta when news arrives that Moses Abimbolu Odutola has won a scholarship for St. Martin's Grammar School at Yaba. At last the great day comes and Abimbolu leaves his village to set off on the journey to Lagos. It is a journey that rurns out to be one filled with danger, thrills and excitement, and when Abimbolu finally arrives at his new school, he is welcomed as a young hero who has helped to bring a gang of dangerous criminals to justice.

7. Parshat HaShavua New BAMBI Broadcast
Parshat HaShavua (Weekly Torah Portion) "Bo"
Exodus 10:1 to 13:16


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