Brit-Am Now no. 1290
January 22 2009, 26 Tevet 5769
1. Nathan Proud:  "There is only so much one man can do".
2. Letter From Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Conspiracy Nut Case
3. David
Are Visions of Rachel Our Mother Reminiscent of Mariolatry?
Judeophobia: Eliminating and Atoning for Jew-Hatred.
Article and New BAMBI Recording
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1. Nathan Proud:  "There is only so much one man can do".
Subject: the Belgian
re Brit-Am Now no. 1290
#2. Belgian [Former] Subscriber Not Impressed by Brit-Am!
Dear Yair,
Please don't worry about tools like that Belgian guy. You're absolutely right in making financial appeals since you are an organization and not a religious entity. It seems that the West has gotten so turned off by greedy televangelists who talked of nothing BUT tithes and offerings, that good churches and organizations don't talk about money enough! You are doing good work. ...Brit-Am promotes correct biblical knowledge about the northern tribes and prophecies concerning them, and this is important. Those who are able and who have benefited ought to donate so you can do more. Heck, it would be nice if you had enough money to hire additional researchers! There is only so much one man can do. So while you and I have obvious theological differences, you are doing well in what Brit-Am is about, and it is presenting the teaching on the lost tribes in a respected manner.
People who complain about the look of the website or appeals for donations - or other petty crap - aren't worth your time. Let them go: they won't offer anything helpful, anyway.

Nathan Proud

2. Letter From Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Conspiracy Nut Case
Brit-Am Preliminary Note:
The writer of the letter below is a Ukrainian living in the USA.
This type of anti-Semitic  Jew-hater is capable of chopping off your leg, cooking and eating it before your eyes,
while chatting away in a friendly fashion with you and surprised if one does not reciprocate!
Despite that, the Sentiments expressed are merely a more extreme rendition of what one finds
in most Conspiracy Theories.
It is not our usual practice to post out such missive but in this case we decided to do to remind everybody
as with what we are dealing.
From: Pam Johnson
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1289

I believe that it is unfortunate that you do not work for the greater good of your people and look at the Khazars as they really are.  These people who appear to be Nephilim, or something akin to these beings mentioned in the Old Testament.)  They are demonic, with a history of ritual murder, cannibalism, and phallic worship.  Even the Muslim people have mentioned these people as being so vile and violent that they a barrier was created to contain them, until such time they will break loose and render havoc on the world.  I know your argument about them being descendents of Jews.  Even if you are 100% correct, does that make it right for Ben-Guriun, when asked about what he would do with the people already living there to, he replied "We will drive them out."  Is that what God told these chosen people?  Did he tell you to drive them out of their homes?  Did he tell you to kill the children with "white phosphorus," a chemical producing such a strong burning on the flesh that one could hear the noise of this burning.  Oh, excuse me.  These people are "displaced."  Yes, God said to "displace them" and deprive them of shelter, food, and medical supplies.
I suggest you are seriously underestimating the obsewrvations taking place in the world about these so-called "Zionists."  These Khazars have beenb described as blond with blue eyes.  Less rarely, they have been described as having red hair with green eyes.  Now people are starting to ask why so many people in Israel have blonde hair and blue eyes.  Is this a description one would apply to a Semetic people?  No, clearly, these people who you continue to manufacture false history are demonic in nature.  Benjamin Freedman, a Jewish defector, that the Ashkenazi Jews, descendents of the Khazarshave no history with Israel in any way.  He said that these Pagan Khazars says that it is ridiculous to call them people of the holy land.  He described them as "a warlike tribe, so depraved, that even the Asiatics drove them out of Asia into eastern Europe.   They were "phallic worshipers" who were so disgusting to the Khazar king that he decided to adopt a religious faith.  "So, like spinning a top and calling out "eeny, meeney, miney, moe," he picked Talmudism.  He says there is not one of them who had an ancestor who ever set a toe in the "Holy Land."  Read his article on the internet.  Mr. Freedman was not an anti-semite; he was Jewish. 
Even if you proved your theory, how could you allow such barbaric people to become part of your (I was going to say 'your land'"  I will refrase the question.  Even if it could be proven that the Khazars had Jewish genes and were descendents of Israelites, how could you justify allowing them to go unchecked--supporting the Germans in the Holocaust, allowing them to "drive out" or displace the people who already lived there. 
The world knows.  They know.  There is a Robert Edmondson who said "Jews are afraid of the truth.  They know that a few grains of it will blow the lid off when publicized.  He stated, "I am not against the Jews because of their religion, as a race, a people or as individuals,but because Jewish leadership is attempting to jettison the American political philosophy and take over the Country, and that I would continue to be anti-Jewish until Jewry repudiated such subversion.  He said much, much more.  He was also Jewish.  "My grandparents died partly because of the demented megalomania of the Jewish leadership. 
There is also Henry H. Klein, an "anti-zionist martyr.  Said he:  "Zionism is a political program for the conquest of the world. . . Zionism destroyed Russia by violence as a warning to other countries/  It is destroying the United States through bankruptcy, as Lenin advised.  He "committed suicide" in 1955.  There appear to be many "suicides" among people who speak the Truth.  Mr. Klein was not anti-semetic.  He was a Jew. 
Jewish authors are coming out and speaking of the atrocities.  I am surprised how many of them there are.  Why don't you join them for the sake of the Jewish people who also their victims.  How can you ever feel truly free when you are compelled to write ficticious books justifying these people who are demonic criminals.  I shall pray for you.  I believe you are a good man.  You have taken the time to write me in the past, and I appreciate this.  It is quite possible that someone is holding a threat over your head.  Perhaps you are afraid for your life and don't want a destroyed career.  Which is what could happen if you spoke the truth.  Best Wishes.

3. David Tempelhoff:
Are Visions of Rachel Our Mother Reminiscent of Mariolatry?

From: David Tempelhoff <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1289
#3. William Rasmussen:
(a) The Significance of Recent Reports Concerning Rachel our Mother

There is no doubt that G-D will send Angels to protect certain people at times on the earth.
The Bible is full of stories to prove this. However I am concerned about this latest trend of possible 'Mary Worship' thru the references to 'Racheal' appearing to people in a time of need.
The Bible is clear that when we die, we go back to the dust. We have no immortal soul traveling in space and time. Racheal died a long time ago and she is sleeping.
 G-D is not dead He is alive. He also has millions of heavenly servants who have existed continuously with him since there creation. They do His will on the earth. I believe an angel was sent to protect the IDF soldiers.
 Its a simple explanation.
Pagan religons have worshiped G-D as a women in many cultures. Catholic ( Mary), Islam ( Fatima,Hagar), Egyptian ( Isis),
I dont have time to list them but will if some one needs the info will submit.
  Now I see 'Racheal Worship' in Judasim. This mysterious female figure gets around in many cultures.
 We live in times where the mystical, supernatural and hidden are going to become more mainstream because hard times are coming and there is a battle for souls.
The Torah is clear about who we are to worship and what and who we are to avoid.  
 Exodus 20 vs 2 " You shall have no other gods before Me"
We are not to be deceived.
 The 10 tribes will return and they will keep G-Ds laws and have the faith of Elijah.
 If they return to more Baal worship and idolatry it wont happen in this generation.
 A balance is needed. Truth, commonsense, fearlessness, lack of fanaticism and a whole lot of faith and prayer.
I know Brit am is not a religious site but had to throw these thoughts in mix.

4. Judeophobia: Eliminating and Atoning for Jew-Hatred.
Article and New BAMBI Recording

Contents of Article:
Introduction: Anti-Semitism and "Resistance" to the Brit-Am Message
1. Anti-Semitism and Judeophobia
2. International Heathen Anti-Semitism.
3. Israelite Nations are also Guilty!
4. Jewish anti-Semitism
Prejudice, Misrepresentation, Abortion, Enemy-Loving, Economic Exploitation, Conspiracy Theories
How Should Anti-Semitic Jews be Expected to Atone?
5. Positive Social Policies are Necessary
6. The Jewish Religion and Support from the USA
7. Conclusion

Judeophobia is a Hatred of the Jews. It is the same as anti-Semitism. Nearly every nation on earth today is to some degree or other against the Jews. The Heathen Nations hate the Jews and express their hatred by supporting the Palestinians. "Israelite" countries are also often anti-Jewish. They need to rectify themselves and atone for their sins. They could do this by helping to establish colonies around the periphery of Israel as indicated in Biblical Prophecy (Micah 7:12-14 Zechariah 10:10).
Jews who are anti-Semites can correct their faults by helping other Jews and by becoming more
Jewishly-conscious. We need to learn the Torah and Bible. By learning the Torah we strengthen Biblical consciousness. Biblical consciousness brings us closer to the Almighty who will help us if we turn to HIM.
Biblical consciousness also enhances our spirituals aptitudes, Indirectly it strengthens pro-Bible positive elements amongst "Israelite" nations and helps bring "
judah" and "Joseph" together.
New BAMBI Broadcast
Judeophobia: Eliminating and Atoning for Jew-Hatred.
(ca. 47 minutes)

5. Parshat HaShavua (Weekly Torah Portion):
Exodus 6:2-9:35
(39 minutes)


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