Brit-Am Now no. 1289
January 21 2009, 25 Tevet 5769
1. Dave Browning:
Musings on Judah and the Arabs,
Ephraimites and the Return
2. Belgian [Former] Subscriber Not Impressed by Brit-Am!
3. William Rasmussen:
(a) The Significance of Recent Reports Concerning Rachel our Mother
(b) Picture of Rachel Received


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1. Dave Browning:
Musings on Judah and the Arabs,
Ephraimites and the Return
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1287
#8. Cam Rea: "hard to believe how many are against Israel"

Dear Yair, et al,


I would like to shed some light on Cam Rea's question.

The main reason, I think, is because; due to the practices of some Christians; many have rejected the Bible whole cloth. The cliche is, "they throw the baby out with the bath water". They reject the false practices as well as the Book the false practitioners blame for their deeds.

What does this accomplish? It provides them with no history as well as no faith in the Almighty. They adopt a very sterile world view and make decisions from that perspective. they do not see what we do nor understand the continuity of world events from Adam to now, as clearly revealed through Scripture.

They believe the lie of "humanism" and because of that they become less human. this is why they accept the less human rhetoric coming out of the displaced Arabs in Israel. Yair's suggestion we find a "place" for these displaced Arabs is a good one. His suggested possible "places" is (imho) wrong though. They have a place to go, and it is Arabia. Why can't they go to Jordan or Syria, Egypt or Saudi Arabia?

Once I read some census data on Israel from the 1800s, 1850 or so if I remember correctly, as well as many eye witness accounts on the state of the area during that time. besides a few guarded cities, like Jerusalem, it was a destitute, lawless wasteland. There were more Jews in Jerusalem in the 1850s than any other ethnicity. anyone can find this out by looking it up. check out the census' done by the Ottoman Empire, who claimed the area at that time.

But the reason people don't support the Jews in Israel is simply because they do not accept the Almighty, or His word, nor anybody who does. BUT the way to deal with this is not by fighting, or arguing with them. At least not totally, we need to mix a lil love into the fray too. it's hard, I have difficulties myself. I have received negative mails from individuals who evidently read Brit Am postings. It is a situation where an old prejudice is the underlying motive, not any honest appraisal of history or the simple facts, which is why I hesitate to respond. It's like holding your hand in the fire... why? I will respond, but hopefully in a more effective forum.

A relation to the question of "why doesn't Ephraim unite and go to Israel" exists in this same phenomena. I have a question; "Why doesn't Ephraim tend to His own house?" We have plenty of problems here in America, or any of the Lost Tribe areas of today. We should first take control of our own affairs and stop trying to solve the Jew's. All they need is help, and unfortunately, what we give them has more gall than wine in it.

p.s. i'm thankfull the Arabs have stoped sending rockets into Israel's neighborhoods, i hope and pray this continues. i will say what i say... "All we need for peace between the Arabs and Israel is for the Arabs to stop fighting. When they do, the fighting will stop."

2. Belgian [Former] Subscriber Not Impressed by Brit-Am!
Would you stop to send me e-mails from now on.
You seem too much interested by donations and I think that bible's prophecies merit better than that.
Thank you.
Ph. L

Brit-Am Replies:
(a) Brit-Am Needs.
We do not in our opinion over duly stress fund-raising. Without funds we cannot function.
We have no large-scale individual backers or organizations behind us. We rely on the participation with us of numerous "little people" (in the financial sense) who give what they can when they can and often need to be reminded to keep us in mind.
Experience shows that most of our subscribers appreciate this aspect of our existence. Those who do not are usually they who never give anyway. They are the ones who sometimes act as if we "owed" them something on the basis that we made general appeals that happened to (with no other option open) be addressed also to them.
Those who cannot or will not give to Brit-Am are not expected to do so.

(b) Brit-Am and Bible Prophecy
Brit-Am is not a religious organization in the denominational and restricted sense. From the beginning Brit-Am in addition to Bible Prophecy has stressed that we are also occupied with other fields of endeavor pertinent to our subject.
Other fields that concern us include: Archeology, DNA, Anthropology, History, Linguistics, Mythology, Contemporary Affairs, Sociology, Judaism, etc.
Nevertheless, the time may have come for us to emphasize more, or to re-emphasize, the Bible and Bible Study from the perspective of Brit-Am interests.

3. William Rasmussen:
(a) The Significance of Recent Reports Concerning Rachel our Mother

From: William Rasmussen <>

Shalom Yair, long time no see.  I wanted to share an article I found from the website, "Yid with a lid"
In this blog, there are some incredible tales of soldiers being protected by Mother Rachel praying for her children. Former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu went to Rachel's Tomb a few times during the lead up to the recent Gaza war. He asked Rachel to help the IDF troops. 
What followed is nothing short of a miracle.  Soldiers were warned numerous times by a woman dressed in black, who multiple times warned the soldiers to leave the area because it was very dangerous.  Soldiers were warned in advance of booby-trapped buildings.  When asked what the name of the woman was, she replied, "Rachel". 
A coincidence?  Maybe.  On the other hand, maybe this is a prophetic answer to prayer on behalf of Israel, especially for the 10 northern tribes.  We know that The Tanach teaches us in Jeremiah 31:14-16 that Rachel weeps for her children.  She weeps until HaShem tells her that she will be rewarded for her children will indeed return from the land of the enemy.
We are living in prophetic times.  Are current world events setting the stage for the ultimate return of Ephraim and the Ten Northern Tribes?  Israel stood almost alone in the court of world opinion during the war in Gaza save for a few brave souls.  Time will tell what the new President will do regarding Israel, but truthfully, I only see dark times ahead for the people and land of Israel.  I am uneasy and unsettled by the enemies of Israel lining up against her. 
Through this process, my heartfelt hope is that the people of Israel will begin to cry out to HaShem.  As this cry reaches HaShem, the souls of the 10 Northern Tribes will be stirred.  So too will their brothers in Israel and around the world.  The end result will be the reunification of all 12 tribes and the ushering in of the coming of Moshiach. 
A donation will be forthcoming and I pray that HaShem will use your teachings as a shofar blast to awaken those that need to hear the message. 
Shalom v'b'richot, Bill Rasmussen

(b) Picture of Rachel Received
Shalom again Yair.  As an addendum to the previous e-mail I sent you regarding Rachel praying for her children, I want to share a picture I received at the funeral of my mother of blessed memory.
My mother died in May of 2007.  We buried her according to Jewish law and because of the rush to get her buried, I did the service.  Only my family attended the service.  There was a woman worker for the cemetery who had led us to the place where her casket was.  She remained while I did the service.
After the service, she was moved to tears.  She came over and hugged me and my family.  She then told us that she had just come back from a trip to Israel and that HaShem had told her to buy a gift there without knowing why.  Being an obedient servant to HaShem, she obeyed and bought the gift.
She told me that the service had prompted her to give me the gift she had bought.  We arranged for her to come over to our home.  She came over with a very large, wrapped package.  We unwrapped the package and to my amazement, it was a very expensive oil painting of Rachel's tomb, with tefillin being transformed into candles.  Mother Rachel is praying in the doorway.
The candles continue upward, ascending the clouds to a gate of an heavenly Temple.  I was blown away by her magnanimous gesture, but also taken back by the prophetic significance of the painting.  Here were the prayers of Tzaddikim being transformed into lights, who in turn were ascending a heavenly stairwell to the Temple. 
I have the painting prominently displayed in my living room as a reminder that yes, HaShem will indeed restore his people back to their ancestral home of Eretz Yisrael.  Our united hope is that the Northern Kingdom will awaken to the prompting of HaShem and that they will be reunited with their brethren of Yehudah to once again see the Kingdom of Israel restored to all its glory as was seen with King David. 
Hope you can view the picture and enjoy its prophetic significance.  Shalom, Bill


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