Brit-Am Now no. 1286
January 15 2009, 19 Tevet 5769
1. Michelle Bowie: "we are waking up to who we are"
2. Michelle Bowie:
The Book of Jubilees and the Right of Israel to the Land of Canaan
3. Options for Survival: A Solution to the War In Gaza
Article and BAMBI Broadcast
4. Instinctive Awareness: A Shadow of Prophecy?
5. Parshat HaShavua: Weekly Torah Portion


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1. Michelle Bowie: "we are waking up to who we are"
 Re: Brit-Am Now no. 12852.
#Max Rambow:  It's going to take more than books and talks.

Shalom Yair,
In reply to Max Rambow's statement about taking more than books and talks. I can speak from my won experience in this way:
As a result of my own research and studies, I believe that most Christians are indeed children of Israel. But---because they have been brainwashed by mainstream clergy into believing that the tribes are lost and never to be seen again and-- their replacement theology, it will take a miracle from [the Almighty]  to get through to them. I have brought up this argument with a few in the "church" three of them were pastors. They are steadfast in what they have been blindly led to believe. But--- it is in line with scripture in that [the Almighty] has blinded Israel to who they are. The only light in this tunnel is that I truly believe we are waking up to who we are because I also meet others out there who have broken off from the "church" due to frustration and not getting enough spiritual food to feed their hunger for knowledge. They use the internet to find others and what a blessing it is. We should all pray on this matter asking for Father to open the eyes of our brethren.
Blessings, michelle b.

2. Michelle Bowie:
The Book of Jubilees and the Right of Israel to the Land of Canaan

Shalom Yair,
Regarding who the land of Israel belongs to:
There are many ancient books outside of scripture that because they were not included in the Bible are not considered valid sources of truth. Throughout scripture we are told that the land is an inheritance to the children of Israel. As I've studied over the years it always came to me the question: Who gave that inheritance to begin with? Where was it given and when was it given?
One book that answered that question is the Book of Jubilees also supposed to be written by Moses, also titled "Little Genesis". When I read that it answered the question not only very nicely but also shed light on another facet of why there is so much fighting in the land about who it belongs to. According to that book for those who have not read it, it states that the three sons of Noah, were given their allotments. Their inheritnaces and it is very detailed in what lands were to go to whom and the borders thereof. As it turns out, Canaan decided he did not want the land he had been given and so he settled in Shem's inherited portion and would not budge.
If one is to consider Jubilees a valid source of material, then it fits in nicely with everything else we are told in the Tanach about why Israel is supposed to inherit the land, why YHWH wanted the Canaanites destroyed and why there has been so much contention between the two groups and perhaps why there seems to be so much confusion as to who the land belongs to. Seems to me, that if it supports the scriptures then there must be truth within the Book of Jubilees. But I suppose that is for each individual to decide for themselves.
Blessings, michelle b.

3. Options for Survival: A Solution to the War In Gaza
BAMBI Broadcast:
(ca. 30 minutes)
The broadcast includes ad lib observations and insights not in the written text that some of you may find of interest.

Extracts from the text:
Both the PLO and Hamas want the destruction of Israel.
Hamas is more honest about its intentions and Hamas represents what most of the Arabs want.
They want to exterminate the Jews of Israel even if it means that they themselves may suffer greatly in the attempt.

It is in fact a commandment upon the Children of Israel to expel all the heathen nations from the Land of Israel.

4. Instinctive Awareness: A Shadow of Prophecy?
First of all Brit-Am emphasizes "books and talks" including articles and Media activity to the extent of our abilities and the opportunities that are open to us.
That is what we have and that is what can work for outreach to others.
It is true that the ultimate answer will require the message of a Prophet.
The Sages said that the Messiah will  inform each one of us what Tribe they belong to.
This does not necessarily have to be taken literally and could imply activities associated with the Messianic Era.
At present we do not have prophecy.
There does however exist the phenomenon whereby many instinctively feel an inner identification with the Jews or with Israelite Tribes.  There is a definite arousal  in this direction. It affects many.
Also amongst the Jews there exists a certain arousal in this direction.
This could be a kind of fore-shadowing of Prophetic awareness.
It is however not enough on its own.
To an outsider it may seem little different than the belief certain people have that they were once kidnapped by UFOs or other vain imaginings!
We need books and talks and articles,  Biblical Studies, historical and related researches, logical deductions, etc, to confirm and direct the instinctive awareness that may well exist.

Another point is that certain "Ephraimite" groups and individuals in some ways are against "Ephraim"!
They may not be especially interested in seeing the message of Israelite Origin accepted by those outside of their own limited circles or belief-systems. Maybe they do not really want the Brit-Am message to spread?
This to my mind indicates an underlying anti-Jewish and anti-Israelite sentiment they have not been purified from.

Brit-Am is constantly struggling financially to make ends meet.
There are Ephraimites who are prejudiced against us and do not want to help us.
This is their right but it is not consistent with a belief in the Israelite ancestry of Brit-Am nations and it is a denial of responsibility for our fellow Israelites.
We are not speaking about those who are undergoing problems of their own and cannot help anybody beyond their own family members.
We are speaking about those who could help us but deliberately refrain from doing so.
Let us call a spade, a spade. If anyone has anything against us let us know about it.

Brit-Am within its own limitations does spread the message and has proven its ability to do so.
Brit-Am needs to be enabled to function and to spread its message.
Brit-Am has proven its ability to carry on from there.

This may be illustrated by two anecdotes.
(a) A friend of Brit-Am was on a business trip to Europe and agreed to act as our emissary.
He went to visit a Dutch representative of the equivalent of British-Israel in Holland.
The Dutchman asked our friend what use to them could Brit-Am be? What could Brit-Am give them?
Our friend replied that, amongst other things, Brit-Am represented a Jewish answer to the question.
The Dutchman then said that is not worth very much and so our friend departed.
The next day the Dutchman was speaking to a woman about his beliefs concerning Israelite ancestry.
The lady said that coming from him she could not accept it but if a Jew would say the same she might listen.
From that point on the Dutchman became a strong supporter of Brit-Am in the Netherlands and helped us greatly until due to health reasons he faded out of the picture.

(b) Yair Davidiy once visited a Yeshiva for English-speaking students.
The word "Yeshiva" comes from the root "YiSheV" meaning "sitting" or "settle down".
In a Yeshiva Jewish students sit around and learn. They usually learn in a kind of hall.
They learn alone or in pairs where they read the text out to each other, explain its meaning, and discuss it while sometimes vehemently arguing about it. This activity deepens the comprehension and internalization of the texts, heightens spiritual awareness, and sharpens the intellect.
Much of the Jewish achievement in intellectual matters may be attributed directly or indirectly to Yeshiva experience.
The Yeshiva is supervised by a "Ram". A Ram ("Rosh Metivtah" sometimes pronounced "Rosh Mesivtah" meaning "Head of the Yeshiva" in Aramaic) is a Rabbi who learns himself and also teaches, assists, and directs the other students.
One of the sons of Yair Davidiy, Rabbi Yehonatan Davidiy, is a "Ram" in a  Yeshiva and we have an article by him on our web-site.
The Land of Israel
by Yehonatan Davidiy
        Anyway, getting back to our anecdote, I was visiting this Yeshiva with a friend when the "Ram" approached me.
This was shortly after the publication of our work, "Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races"
The "Ram" asked me about Brit-Am etc. One thing led to another and I offered to give him a free copy of "Lost Israelite Identity" on condition that he read at least part of it. He agreed and so I gave him the book. Some time later I met the Rabbi again.
He said he had enjoyed the book, become convinced of it and that it had changed his whole world-outlook.
On the one hand, this is just one person. He is not likely to set up a platform on street corners and announce his new Brit-Am orientated outlook. On the other hand the person in question is special in his own right. Potentially he could yet become very important and one never knows how things will turn out.

This is how the message is spread. Spreading of the message leads to wide-spread intellectual awareness of the subject
beyond those who have actually read the material. It also prepares the way for the needed spiritual and psychological
arousal in the necessary direction.
Whosoever belittles these matters and does not help Brit-Am when they can do so is simply being counter-productive!

5. Parshat HaShavua: Weekly Torah Portion
Exodus ch. 1:1 to 6:1
The Israelites continued on their journey and came to the Mountain of Sinai where G-d appeared to all of them and gave them the Ten Commandments [Exodus 20:1-17]. The Ten Commandments are both specific injunctions as well as general categories that encompass all of the Law. Moses went up alone to Mount Sinai [24:15] and communed with G-d for forty days. The people thought Moses had disappeared in the mountain [32:1]. They created a golden bull calf [32:4] whose initial purpose was to replace Moses and serve as an intermediary for communication with the Almighty. In the eyes of G-d this was idolatry and G-d was angry [32:8-10]. Moses returned to the encampment and destroyed the idol. He led the Tribe of Levi in killing the ringleaders of the idolaters [32:28], and ritually purified the people.

The Tabernacle and Breastplate
The Israelites built a Tabernacle or traveling Sanctuary which became the model for the Temple at a later date. The High Priest served in the Tabernacle and wore special garments that included the breastplate with twelve precious stones embedded in it.

Nachmanides says:
"The Standard of Reuben depicted the form of a man as well as Dudaim (Mandrakes). {Some say that Dudaim were the root of a plant. The root was in the shape of a man. This would allow for both Dudaim and the form of man to be represented}. Ephraim had a bull. Judah had a lion. Dan had an eagle. These four figures (man, bull, lion, eagle) represented the four angelic forms in the Chariot of Ezekiel" (Ezekiel 1;10).

New BAMBI Broadcast on Shemot
(58 minutes)
Broadcast consists mainly of ad lip extemporary commentary not found in the text


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