Brit-Am Now no. 1282
January 5 2009, 9 Tevet 5769
1. Dave Browning: Good Wishes and Reflections on the Reunion
2. Questions on
Hammurabi and Others Sons of Joseph
3. Donald Steckey:
Suggestions Concerning the Other Sons of Joseph
4. The Present Gaza War Situation in a Nutshell
5. "The
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1. Dave Browning: Good Wishes and Reflections on the Reunion
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1276

Dear Yair, et al,

My dear Brother, I hope you and yours are doing well in this terrible fighting going on in Israel now. I hope and pray our father looks after every Israeli soldier, indeed every Israeli who fights for truth and justice in this evil world. I have been lax in helping but will send you some money today and only hope that someday it will be much more. By the love of our Father may Israel achieve victory in its struggle to be free. May one of you set a thousand of your (our) enemies to flight, and may they receive in their own persons, that which they do to Israel.

concerning: post 1276; 1. Joseph and Judah: What Can We Already Agree On?
you say:
Yair said:

>>>Recently we had a meeting with an Ephraimite leader.
He said that
Ephraimites have already heard from Yair Davidiy and
Steven Collins about their ancestry.
They have read the books. Now they want more.
They do not wish just to keep hearing lectures.
They favor an emotional approach.<<<

my impulse, both emotional and intellectual is; "there is no Ephriamite
leader who can speak for me in such terms", ever one chooses to look at it.

That's perhaps the hardest, and only thing left. While we are brothers, we have religious differences, and it is those differences that ultimately separate us. we need some way to reconcile this, and i know its not gona be easy considering the bloody, stupid, evil record of the christians in history. My, indeed any of yours, only consolation is the Word of our Almighty Father, who has in no uncertain terms condemned and judged the both of us, both houses, Judah, and Joseph. It is worth mentioning here He has also saved us both and its time, in spite of all the human blindness's to see, it is the same Almighty who tends both flocks. Who else but the Almighty could work such a miracle in the midst of such a blood thirsty, ruthless, ignorant world? Could there have been an America or Great Briton who rose to such heights out of the bloody, muddy mire of Europe after that old beast Rome fell? What was the key to their success? Surely it was the words of the Torah, and the prophets of ancient Israel as faithfully, and miraculously preserved for all these generations. Who gave Judah the strength, and perseverance to hold out in the insanity of this world, until they could be taken back home? Our Almighty Father is working a great miracle here before our eyes, and who is it who isn't satisfied? Who is it... which Ephraimite demands more? Certainly it isn't I.

Despite the fact the christians have misapplied, misunderstood, and all to often perverted the Scriptures to their own ends, who among us (either house) is not guilty of the same? Who can speak with the Almighty's authority, who can save us, who can heal us, who can bring us back to the destiny He has in store for us?

Isa 11:13 Then the jealousy of Ephraim will depart, And those who harass Judah will be cut off; Ephraim will not be jealous of Judah, And Judah will not harass Ephraim.

As far as the evidence of our, us barbarians, true place on this earth as sons of Israel there is no more convincing evidence than this.


Brit-Am Reply:
"Ephraim" in our opinion must re-assert their identity.
That is the main point at present.
Proofs, Publications, and Articles of Brit-Am do that.
Everything else in our opinion for the moment should be subsidiary.
Nevertheless other activists in this field have different approaches and are also contributing.
In their own way they are successful, perhaps more successful than us.
There is plenty of room and not enough making use of it.
To each his own.

2. Questions on Hammurabi and Others Sons of Joseph
David Bell  wrote:
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1280
#2. Answer to Claims Concerning the laws of Hammurabai and Firstborn Rights

Yair, I have done extensive web searches using Webcrawler. Without exception, all references to Hammurabi, INCLUDING The Jewish Encyclopedia, put Hammurabi and the Code of Hammurabi at the same date, around or just after 1800BC. I have been totally unable to find a single reference giving any other date. At the moment I cannot open either The Soncino Talmud,or Encyclopedia Judaica to check for exclusively Jewish references.

Peronally, I put no credence on them influencing the laws of Moses, because Moses is the basis of a covenant, not a code. In fact, Deuteronomy 4:5-9 puts this law above all other laws for both justice and wisdom. In so doing, it recognises that there were other codes, but they are, by these words, dismissed as both inferior and unjust, and not wise.

Regarding the children of Joseph, I would make the following points.
First, Ephraim and Manasseh became full tribes. Each received a portion of the land.
Second, there never was a tribe of Joseph, which is a fair indication that Joseph had no further sons. Since they were about 20 years of age at the time of Jacob's blessing, it would appear logical that he already had all his sons by that time. You do mention that a scribe SPECULATES that Joseph had other sons, but there is no evidence for this.

I note that you refer to discrepancies in the genealogies between Chronicles, and the other historical books. Chronicles was written after the return from Babylon, and specifically states, "The records are ancient."




Brit-Am Replies:

(1. Hammurabi

I am pressured for time at the moment and it is years since I did research on the subject.
Nevertheless by going through  Askold I. IVANTCHIK, "Les Cimmeriens au Proche-Orient", Switzerland, 1993
one will find evidence along with examples of the Assyrians describing contemporary events in terms of ancient happenings.
This towards the end appears to have become part of their religion.
It was something they did all the time.
It means that the whole of Assyrian history and that of other Mesopotamian polities (based on inscriptions from Assyrian libraries etc) should be re-written.

The following excerpts show that what knowledge we have of the Code of Hammurrabi is based on copies.


A fairly complete copy of the Code of Hammurabi, carved on a black stone, was found in 1901 at Susa, in what is now Iran. There are many similarities between this code and the later Mosaic Law. The 285 laws of Hammurabi were arranged under the headings of personal property, real estate, trade and business, family, injuries, and labor. The code protected the weak and had many enlightened laws, but it also provided for retaliation and for barbarous punishments. The following is probably the best-known law:

If a freeman destroys the eye of another freeman, his eye shall be destroyed. If anyone breaks a freeman's bone his bone shall be broken. If a freeman knocks out the tooth of a freeman of his own rank, his own tooth shall be knocked out.
Note the phrase,
##A fairly complete copy of the Code of Hammurabi, carved on a black stone, was found in 1901 at Susa##

The Jewish Encyclopedia admits that we rely on copies but would lead us to belief that what was found at Susa was an original whereas it too was a copy.

Hammurabi's Code.
The most important of all the Hammurabi inscriptions is without doubt that found at Susa, containing his code of laws. This inscription was brought to light on the acropolis of Susa by J. de Morgan, at the head of a French archeological expedition, as a result of excavations carried on in December and January, 1901-02. The laws are inscribed in forty-four lines on a block of black diorite 2.25 meters in height, and constitute the most valuable known monument of Babylonian culture, the oldest document of the kind in the history of human progress.... This monument stood originally in the sun-temple of Ebabarra at Sippar. Thence it was carried to Susaby the Elamite conqueror Shutruk-Na unte in 1100 B.C. From a statement in the inscription it appears that a duplicate of the stone codex was erected in the temple of E-sagila at Babylon. Fragments of a second copy have been found in Susa itself. Four fragments of a copy in clay made for Assurbanipal's library are preserved in the British Museum. The code is a collection of decrees, which, however, do not constitute a legal system as generally understood. Private and criminal law are not separated. The transitions are arbitrary and lack any logical principle of succession. Paragraphs 128-194 are especially noticeable, containing regulations concerning marriage, family possessions, inheritance, and adopted children.
What we therefore have is a copy of an inscription alleged to have been written before 1100 BCE (but maybe not) and a few other copies that were made centuries later.
(2.  Other Sons of Joseph
Joseph had other sons apart from Ephraim and Manasseh according to Onkelos, Iben Ezra, Radak (Kimchi), Nachmanides, Natziv, and others.
In fact the simple meaning of the passage implies it.
If it was not for the fact that Rashi thinks otherwise we would say that it was the accepted opinion.

For more details see the Brit-Am Commentary to Genesis 48:6 where we quote Nachmanides:
(3. The Book of Chronicles
The Book of Chronicles is part of the Bible and inspired.
Discrepancies between this work and other parts of the Bible are there for a reason, in order that we may learn from them.

3. Donald Steckey:
Suggestions Concerning the Other Sons of Joseph

Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1280
#2. Answer to Claims Concerning the laws of Hammurabai and Firstborn Rights

Dear Yair.
I am responding to the thread below. I would like to make a comment and ask a question as well regarding the descendents of Joseph.
As we were reading the Torah portion I flipped through the pages of Bereshit and I noticed some enigmatic reference to Joseph's sons. Here are the scriptural references:
Genesis 46:27 - And the sons of Joseph, which were born him in Egypt, were two souls: all the souls of the house of Jacob, which came into Egypt, were threescore and ten.
Genesis 48:6  - And thy issue, which thou begettest after them, shall be thine, and shall be called after the name of their brethren in their inheritance.
In the Gen 48 version, there seems to be an inference by Jacob that there would be more sons born to Joseph. Now Jacob was able to bless all his sons accurately, so it stands to reason that his remarks are not to be taken lightly.
So, IF Jacob meant that there would in fact be more sons born to Joseph, then our whole view of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa has to be reevaluated. This is really exciting because it sheds more light on the subject. Since US/UK are Ephraim/Manasseh, the two sons of Joseph, then Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa may be the "other sons" of Joseph and thereby associated with US/UK in a unique way, explaining the closeness of United States with Canada and conversely the closeness of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with Great Britain. The tight relations between these two groups being somewhat similar, yet distinct from each other seems to fit prefectly.
Well, this is just an opinion and I'm hoping it may generate some further discussions.
Blessings to you, Yair
Donald Steckey
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

4. The Present Gaza War Situation in a Nutshell
Shalom Yair,
After sending out the invitation for solidarity with Israel Sunday to my Xian friends, I got these questions from a very intelligent lady...Could you please help me out if you have time???

Here are her questions:

Can you put in a nutshell what the issue with the Israeli strikes is? I know they've been tolerating terrorist attacks as long as I've lived. We have, too, and we're allowed to strike back in a decisive way, maybe because of our distance and alliances, but Israel "isn't". Do you know why this is? Is there any question "who started it?" Does it all go back to the original question of homeland and conflict between sectarian political boundaries and spiritual boundary claims, or are the two really one at the point? I've always been confused, and have never been asked to commit, although I swing toward Israel, because that is tradition, and the Holocaust wins them sympathy.

Great to be in touch again,

Brit-Am Reply:
The Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People who have remained identifiable as the Children of Israel. It does not belong to the Arabs.
There are only 5 million Jews in the Land of Israel and hundreds of millions of Gentiles round about and all over the world all thirsty for Jewish blood. The only friend Israel has is the USA and even this friendship is qualified and subject to all kinds of conditions.
Israel cannot act alone or whenever it wishes to do so and/or whenever it should do so. The State of Israel is fighting a war of survival with one hand tied behind its back. This is the reality.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

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