Brit-Am Now no. 1281
January 2st 2009, 6 Tevet 5769
1. Good Wishes from Ingo in Germany
2. Answer to Claims Concerning the laws of
Hammurabai and Firstborn Rights
3. Owen Murphy: "If you feel far from G-d, who moved?"
4. The Bible Predicted Moslem Terror Attacks Against the West!
Warning to Ephraim: Please Take Note!
5. Historical Background to the
Khazars on the Steppes


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1. Good Wishes from Ingo in Germany
From: Hingoold J ger <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1280

God save Israel in 2009 !

Best Wishes!

Ingo, Germany

2. Answer to Claims Concerning the laws of Hammurabai and Firstborn Rights
 David Bell <> wrote:

Yair, my understanding of the laws of blessing under Abraham and Isaac are a bit different from what you describe.
Under the laws of Hammurabai, which seem to be the basis of the laws of the day, the birthright could not be moved from the firstborn to any other son, but could go to an outsider.
By blessing the CHILDREN of Joseph, and not Joseph himself, Jacob was completely within the law of the times. Note that Jacob said to Joseph, ďAny OTHER children you may have will be yours. (Gen 48:6) Obviously, that did not happen. Also, in conformity with the existing law, they also became tribes of Israel.

Another point that is relevant is the right of a barren woman to have children by a slave woman. Sara did this with Hagar, and Rachael with Bilhah. Leah actually broke this law by giving Zilpah to Jacob, when she already had sons.



Brit-Am Reply:
The laws of Hammurabi dates from about ca. 620 to 600 BCE.
They belong to the time Neo-Assyrian Era  and the time of Assurbanipal.
It was claimed that they were copies of laws promulgated by an ancient King of Babylon, Hammurabi (ca. 1795 ? 1750 BCE).  There is however no proof that they are that old or even that they existed before the time of Assurbanipal.
Some scholars have accepted the antiquity of these codes and claimed that the Laws of Moses were influenced by them. There is however very little resemblance between the Laws of Moses and those of H and if either of the two were influenced by the other then it was "Good Old H" (i.e. the scribe writing in his name more than that a thousand years after his time) who copied Israel.
It would appear that some American savants have also fallen victims to the Hammurabi hoax as Wikipedias tell us:
##Because of Hammurabi's reputation as a lawgiver, his depiction can be found in several U.S. government buildings. Hammurabi is one of the 23 lawgivers depicted in marble bas-reliefs in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives in the United States Capitol.[23] An image of Hammurabi receiving the Code of Hammurabi from the Babylonian sun god (probably Shamash) is depicted on the frieze on the south wall of the U.S. Supreme Court building.[24]##
The Neo-Assyrians are notorious for using archaic terminology and ascribing events and innovations of their own time to ancient monarchs.
By Neo-Assyians we mean the renewed Assyrian Empire after ca. 740 BCE.
The Neo-Assyrian Era coincided with the time of Exile of the Ten Tribes of Israel and the Neo-Assyrians were influenced by Israelite Exiles.

Whether or not Joseph had other children is disputed. Rashi says he did not.
Nachmanides believes he did. We agree with Nachmanides. Descendants of these other children of Joseph were absorbed into either the Tribe of Ephraim or of Manasseh.
This accounts for certain discrepancies in the genealogical accounts of the descendants of Joseph between the Book of Chronicles and other books of the Bible.
We understand Sarai giving Hagar to Abraham etc as the hope that by virtue of them allowing their husband to be built up from another woman they too would merit to become pregnant themselves.

3. Owen Murphy: "If you feel far from G-d, who moved?"
Re: Psalm 119-19 KOPH

Yair-thanks for your uplifting comments on Psalms 119.
Esp. verse 151---it was said by someone, one time .
   Quote, "If you feel far from G-d, who moved?"
  Cheers Owen

4. The Bible Predicted Moslem Terror A|ttacks Against the West!
Warning to Ephraim: Please Take Note!

The Muslim Madness and Predicted Terror Attacks Against Ephraim

Hosea Predicted Moslem Terror Against Ephraim! (1)
(ca. 50 minutes)
Hosea Predicted Moslem Terror Against Ephraim!(2) (shortened version)
(ca. 10 minutes)

5. Historical Background to the Khazars on the Steppes
Our latest work, "The Khazars. Tribe 13" deals with the Khazars.
The Khazars reached the height of their power in what is now the Steppe region of southern
Russia north of the Black Sea.
For the sake of perspective it is worth listing the different peoples and cultures known to have been in that region.
1) Thrako-Cimmerians from ca.700 BCE. These may have been the people known to us as Cimmerians or the Cimmerians
may have shared their culture.
2) Scythians after ca. 600 BCE. Came from the Middle East according to archaeological findings.
3). Sarmatians and Alans after ca. 250 BCE began pushing the Scythians out who went to the north
including to Scandinavia which according to Pliny was named Scatanavia (Land of the Scyths) and Basilia ("Basil" a name of the Royal Scyths). Some of the Scythians remained in the region of Tanais ("Dan" ) at the Don River mouth. They later became part of the Khazars.
Diodorus Siculus said that the Sarmatians were colonists of the Medes. It is worth remembering that one of the areas to which the Ten Tribes had been exiled was known as "cities of the Medes" (2-Kings ch.17).
The Sacae to the east of the Caspian are considered culturally Sarmatian and often counted with them though in fact they too were Scythians. They gave rise to the Arsacid-Parthians who later conquered Persia and created the Parthian Empire.
Sarmatian troops were used by the Romans in the occupation of Britain.
4). The Goths came from Scandinavia (or rather in part returned from and in part had always remained> in the Steppe region) in ca. 150 CE or later. The Goths took over and further developed the peoples of Orenburg Culture along the Volga River. The Orenburg Culture had Assyrian and Ancient Persian antecedents.
5). The Huns in ca. 370 CE conquered the Goths causing many peoples to flee before them and others to join up
with them in an invasion of Western Europe.
6) Turkish "Tartar" groups succeeded the Huns in ca. 500 CE.
7) Khazars from ca. 600 CE to ca. 950 controlled the area.
8) The Khazars were followed by Russian Slavs, Turkish Tartars, Mongols, and again Russians.

Out of the above groups Israelites were prominent amongst the Scythians, Alans, Goths, and Khazars.


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