Brit-Am Now no. 1279
December 30th 2009, 3 Tevet 5768
1. Lilly: South Africa is done, perhaps Israel is next?
2. David Jackson:
"think about what Brit-Am provides"
3. Shaun Hansen: True Prophets?
4. Cecilia:
Ephraimite Activists Wanted
5. Support for Israel from a Gothic-Swedish  Sailor


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1. Lilly: South Africa is done, perhaps Israel is next?
From: Paul & Lilly <>
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1278 South Africa Breyten Breytenbach

Dear Yair, Sir

May the Holy One of Israel be with you all and fight with you in this war. I believe this is not the war of Israel, but of G-d.  I recall King Jehosaphat and what G-d did for them in those days. We are all sinners, we are still alive due to His mercy, and we pray for Israel daily.

Breyten Breytenbach : Yair, I also experience this strange knowing, perhaps a humble suggestion in the form of a question? Do you remember in the times of Noah when the Almighty came down to see, to test man, nature, animals and earth and found them all corrupt except Noah?

Do you know of anyone who suggested what it could have been like whilst this testing was done? Is it not so that man did indeed forget G-d and the water came? What happened inside man, plants, animals, earth then? Can what we see today correlate with that event because when He walks on mountains, ice melts and water flows....  and so much more.........

South Africa? No worldwide, the question still remains.

"Could it be that as in the times of Noah, G-d came down to


South Africa is done, perhaps Israel is next

Be strong, overcome......


2. David Jackson: "think about what Brit-Am

RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1278

I just ordered your new book The Khazars and separately included an additional donation.  Thank you for the work you do.  When I thought about the volume of writings you provide on a regular basis to your subscribers with a well known weekly news magazine that I subscribed to until recently, it occurred to me that I actually get more content that interests me from Brit-Am.  Plus it's unique whereas nearly all the material in the news magazine can be found for free on innumerable websites.

I expect that many Brit-Am subscribers are like me and have to be careful with how they allocate their discretionary spending these days, but as a friendly, positive suggestion, I'd ask them to think about what Brit-Am provides and to consider supporting it just as they would any other publication they receive.

Dave Jackson
Keller, TX

3. Shaun Hansen: True Prophets?
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1278
Response to Celia:

I am not the self-proclaimed Ephraimite leader, but we must remember that G-d has always dealt with Israel and Judah through Prophets- true Prophets- and those who have followed these Prophets have prospered, while those who have not have paid a penalty. 

So, actually, yes, we do believe in having leaders besides G-d, as long as they are true Prophets.

Brit-Am Comment:
We do not intend to get involved with the religious opinions of others.
In general we have a tradition that Prophecy has ceased. It will be renewed perhaps soon but so far as far as we known has not been.
In the meantime we have rules of reasoning combined in some cases with degrees of inspiration that are not infallible.

4. Cecilia: Ephraimite Activists Wanted

Dear Yair,
An activist, as you have named it, is probably a "horse-of-a-different-color" in that I have felt the need for some type of action.  Not necessarily proclaiming myself as such, in that I am not qualified.  But I felt a need developing in myself to contact and have dialogue with others who are cognizant of their Israelite roots.
Yair, that is the reason I created the page at I had hoped that a group might evolve there of its own accord.  However the page suffered from some neglect due to circumstances beyond my control.  Unfortunately, my husband had been very ill for most of 2008 and he passed away, mercifully for him, on December 21, 2008.  I am mourning him but still feel a need to ask others to visit at to write their stories, embrace their Israelite ancestry and join in sharing their thoughts regarding the future G-d has planned for all of us.
Cecilia Vail Hampton

5. Support for Israel from a Gothic-Swedish  Sailor
From: Bo Ronn <>
Subject: Palestinian Conflict
Good Day Yair Davidiy,
Stand Tall Israel.
Many from the ends of the world are
with you.
Bo Ingvar Ronn / Indian Ocean


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