Brit-Am Now no. 1277
December 28th 2009, I Tevet 5768
1. Bill Dunaway: Biblical Proof
2. Daniel
Duffield: I can only share my own personal journey
3. Shaun Hansen: "Sincere and earnest prayer, coupled with humility"
Rebeccca's Query Concerning Finding Her Jewish and/or Israelite Identity and Brit-Am Reply
5. Indentured Servitude: Were Some of Our Ancestors Virtually Slaves?
6. Further Reflections on the Role of Brit-Am
7. The Only Answer is the Bible and Brit-Am Lost Israelite Consciousness


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1. Bill Dunaway: Biblical Proof
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1276
#1. Joseph and Judah: What Can We Already Agree On?

Shalom, Mr Davidiy I Personally like your approach in teaching biblical truths, You leave no stones unturned and I have not read or heard anyone successfully repudiate anything you have said or wrote on biblical subjects May the Almighty protect You and Yours     Bill Dunaway

2. Daniel Duffield: I can only share my own personal journey
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1276
#1. Joseph and Judah: What Can We Already Agree On?
Hi Yair, in regards to "Joseph and Judah: What can we already agree on?", I can only share my own personal journey.  I have always loved Judah and have had many Jewish friends.  I have never tried to convert them to Christianity, but instead have tried to get to know them and understand their view.  In the 1990's my eyes started opening to my Israelite identity and the truth of it was confirmed when I heard you on the Tamar Yonah show and started reading your books as well as Steve Collins books.  At this point I am like the others from the House of Joseph.  I want more.  I want to learn more about my brother Judah and so read the writings of various rabbis (Rabbi Feld, Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, etc.).  Reconciliation will come by the Almighty moving Judah and Joseph to love and accept each other.  So, I intend to do my part and love and understand my brother Judah. 
I also have a great desire to move to the land that the Almighty gave to my fathers and am patiently waiting for the Almighty's direction as to when to be brought home.  I think the 10 tribers need to prepare for that Great Exodus!  We need to study Torah.  We need to learn Hebrew in preparation.  We need to take tours of the Holy Land and start praying about where the Almighty would have us settle.  We need to think about potential employment after we move.  We need to keep abreast of the events in the land of Israel and support Judah where ever and when ever we can.  We need to embrace Judah as our brother and be willing to lay our lives down for our brother Judah.  And above all, we need to repent and turn to the Almighty to assist us in all of these things.  The bottom line is to follow the Almighty and do all that He commands of us.  May He bring the Moshiach and our redemption speedily in our times.
I will look forward to hearing you on the Tamar Yonah show this Sunday!  Keep up your wonderful efforts. 
Daniel J. Duffield

3. Shaun Hansen: "Sincere and earnest prayer, coupled with humility"
From: Shaun Hansen <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1276
#1. Joseph and Judah: What Can We Already Agree On?

From an Israelite who is also a scientist (seeing the blessing and benefit of both science and direct revelation):

Knock and it shall be opened unto you; seek and ye shall find.

Sincere and earnest prayer, coupled with humility, is the route to understanding regarding both Ephraim and Judah's destiny.

Rely not on the arm of flesh or on the mind of man; however, be humble enough to receive the truth of God through His Authorized Servants who you may as yet not fully recognize.

God does nothing save he reveals his secret unto his Servants, the Prophets.

4. Rebeccca's Query Concerning Finding Her Jewish and/or Israelite Identity and Brit-Am Reply
Rebecca wrote:

Hello Mr. Yair Davidiy,
My name is Rebecca and I feel like God has been quickening my spirit that I am one of His Lost Jewish Children...We have been Christian and just in the last month, have left our church and started attending a Church that teaches on our Hebrew Roots...Ie, keeping the Biblical Feast Days and Understanding and keeping Torah..I have had a Great love for the Jews all my life and did not know why...Just since this last Feast of Trumpets, God has opened my eyes...I realize Christmas is Pagan and we have thrown at all Things to do with Christmas and Kept Hanuka as well...I see Easter as Pagan and now I will celebrate Passover and all of God's Appointed Feasts...I am Crying and Crying because I read all the Scriptures about the Lost Tribe of Israel Returning and my Heart is Aching For the Land of Israel and God said he would do this at the end of Days...Return his People...Could I be from one of these Lost Tribes...Maybe from the tribe of Dan?...But reading your articles, we could be Ephraim or Mennasah...My Mothers Maiden name is Shaw and my Dads was O'boyle...My Grandmothers on my mother's side was Zella Johnson...We have a lot of Irish in our Families...My teacher told me once that our name was Welsch...I do remember as a kid, my Dad, took me to some Churches that we practicing the Torah and I was in Love...All my kids and husband are in Love with the Torah and Can not stop Craving the learning of it...I do not even watch TV anymore...Besides Work and a little bit of time with my Family, I will study the Bible, Listen to Torah Teaching and worship in song...What do I do...I need to know...Also, my husband told me that he was French Canadian...His name is [XXXX] but was changed by his Grandfather...Their family name use to be Bull..So his real name is John Bull...I understand that many families of the lost tribes changed their names, so I think both our families have had their names changed from their Jewish Roots...My husband's mother was [xxxxx]....How do we find out if we are indeed Jewish?....Is there a DNA test to take?...I do not think Jewish people will accept us without proof and I do not know how to trace my family tree back that far...Is there any advise you can give us?
Thank you so much.


Brit-Am Reply:
Rebecca Shalom,
There is no DNA or genealogical test you can take that will prove whether or not your are of Jewish or Hebraic origin. Even if there was it would not be recognized by mainstream Jewry or by anyone else.
We in Brit-Am cater to those who believe they have either Jewish or Lost Israelite (from the Lost Ten Tribes) origins but we concentrate on the latter.
We try and prove where the Lost Ten Tribes went to and where their descendants are to be found in recognizable population concentrations.
We cannot tell any individual that they are definitely of Jewish or Israelite descent only that it is highly probable.
We also work to arouse public consciousness in this direction in the belief that this is what is needed at present. There is a reason for everything.
If you are descended from Jews or from Israelites there is a reason why you lost knowledge of your ancestry.
There is a reason as to why you are now feeling an arousal.
There is a reason as to why, at the moment, absolute proof acceptable to others cannot be obtained.
In our opinion you are going in the right direction. You are part of a Divinely inspired phenomenon.
God willing, an answer will come to you and to others like you.

5. Indentured Servitude: Were Some of Our Ancestors Virtually Slaves?
Indentured Servitude. Wikipedia Extracts
In addition to African slaves, Europeans, including Irish,[3] Scottish,[4] English, and Germans, were brought over in substantial numbers as indentured servants,[5] particularly in the British Thirteen Colonies.[6] Over half of all white immigrants to the English colonies of North America during the 17th and 18th centuries may have been indentured servants.[7]

The law provided for punishments for runaway indentured servants. In 1638, for example, several lashes were the punishment for running away. In the following year, the punishment was extended to hanging the runaway. By 1641 the law was changed such that death would be the punishment unless the servant requested that his or her service be extended after the expiration of the contract. The service could be extended up to twice the time absent, not to exceed seven years.[citation needed]

On the journey to America, people aboard the ship sailing were given a portion of food set to last 2 weeks, with no opportunity for more, and no care as to the lives of those who finished their rations early.[citation needed] Many passengers did not survive the trip to the new land. Some died of starvation, disease, or suicide. In Colonial North America, employers usually paid for European workers' passage across the Atlantic Ocean, reimbursing the shipowner who held their papers of indenture. In the process many families were broken apart. During the time living with their masters, their fellow indentured servants took the role of family.

Like slaves, servants could be bought and sold, could not marry without the permission of their owner, were subject to physical punishment, and saw their obligation to labor enforced by the courts. To ensure uninterrupted work by the female servants, the law lengthened the term of their indenture if they became pregnant. But unlike slaves, servants could look forward to a release from bondage. If they survived their period of labor, servants would receive a payment known as "freedom dues" and become free members of society.(cited from Eric Foner, Give me liberty)

Indentured servitude was a common part of the landscape in England and Ireland during the 1600s. During the 1600s, many Irish were also kidnapped and taken to Barbados. Many indentured servants were captured by the English during Cromwell's expeditions to Ireland and Scotland, who were forcibly brought over between 1649 and 1655.

6. Further Reflections on the Role of Brit-Am
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1276
#1. Joseph and Judah: What Can We Already Agree On?
We said:
##It could be that Brit-Am concentrates too much on rationality and directs its attentions to the wrong audiences?

##Perhaps people know in the deeper recesses of their heart that something is true and they only need to see this truth expressed by others to become conscious of it themselves?
We have thought the matter through and also heard discussions of related subjects.
Brit-Am does what it does because that is what it can do and that is what is needed.
Biblical Study and related research is perhaps more important than anything else.
There is a need for Brit-Am to exist and to thrive along the lines it has already been going in.
Experience shows us that other solutions do not last and do not provide a bridge to people of a different persuasion who nevertheless are prepared to converse with us.
There is also something of Divine Inspiration that may be experienced through Brit-Am Bible Studies, and Brit-Am Biblical Proofs, and Brit-Am Secular Researches.
We are not stating that we were inspired to a degree that we have not erred since indeed on several occasions we have been mistaken and have had to admit it.
Nevertheless these studies are a tool that works for enhancing Biblical Consciousness.
It may not be the only "pathway" but we feel that the others in effect consciously or sub-consciously rely on us for their legitimization.
They should be aware of this and show their appreciation of it by enabling us more to function.
We are not competing with anyone since we are the only ones doing what we do.

7. The Only Answer is the Bible and Brit-Am Lost Israelite Consciousness
The Only Answer to the problems of the World and especially those of the "Anglo"-orientated west is increased Bible learning and belief along with a realization of their Lost Hebrew Ten Tribes of Israel origins.
This awareness does not necessarily have to be accepted by everyone but everyone who does accept it helps solve the problem and point the world in the right direction.


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