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10 December 2008, 14 Kislev 5769
1. Cecilia: "No. Not Judaic (Jewish). Israelite!"
Khazar Book: Change of Title, now "Tribe 13. Khazars"
3. Manasseh was to become great AFTER Ephraim!


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1. Cecilia: "No. Not Judaic(Jewish). Israelite!"

Dear Yair Davidiy:
 As a self-proclaimed Ephraimite I feel compelled to answer your call as requested in BritAm #1265.
 For a while, after discovering that members of my family had, in the past been Judaic, I grappled with the many thoughts and ideas surrounding becoming Judaic in order to return to my roots. 
However, it was a voice that occurred to me one evening that told me "No. Not Judaic(Jewish). Israelite!"  Simple as that.  The two though inextricably bound together in a Godly plan, are even so, basically different. 
We must wait until the time is right and the ALMIGHTY will tell us what is the right thing to do or be.  Patience is a good thing to cultivate and reflects values God would like us to exhibit, I believe. So I am waiting, and feeling no compulsion whatsoever to convert to Judaism.
Brit-Am Reply:
You may have misunderstood what we were saying.
We were referring to those Ephraimites who have ALREADY converted if (as the article
we were replying to claimed) such a large number of them are really out there.
We emphasized (or intended to emphasize) that we are not recommending that Ephraimites convert.
Maybe it was not such a good idea.
Much better perhaps to let what we suggested occur spontaneously or not at all.
Experience has taught us that FOR THE PRESENT we should be prepared and eager to speak
before Judah whenever invited to do so but perhaps at this stage not initiate the outreach to Judah.

We should reach out actively to Joseph and the rest of Israel.
We are doing this as far as we are able but lack of funds is limiting our scope and possibility of action.

The whole thing about getting converts to act on behalf of Brit-Am was an idea and no more than that.
In the present circumstances it may not be advisable and we are probably not qualified  to direct such activity
(if it would be offered) anyway.

2. Khazar Book: Change of Title
Title: "Tribe 13"
sub-title: "Khazars"

Tribe 13

Previously advertised title:
"Khazars. Israelite Tribes in Exile".
present price $30
Book on its way to the Printer

3. Manasseh was to become great AFTER Ephraim!
Manasseh was to become great AFTER Ephraim!
Britain is Ephraim and has the characteristics of Ephraim. Manasseh was to become great AFTER Ephraim.
The USA is Manasseh. The USA became great AFTER Britain.

The Bible (Genesis 48:8-17) tells us that Joseph brought his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh to receive a blessing from Jacob.
Manasseh was the older and Joseph placed him to his left facing the right-hand side of Jacob.
Ephraim was the younger so Joseph placed him to his right facing the left-hand side of Jacob.
Jacob however crossed his hands over. He placed his righthand on the head of Ephraim and his left on the hand of Manasseh. He placed Ephraim before Manasseh. He did not however change the position of the boys.
Manasseh remained on his right and Ephraim on his left. There are Rabbinical explanations that say the crossing over of the hands did not change the relative importance of the two but it did change the time schedule. From now on Ephraim was to receive his blessing BEFORE Manasseh.

Britain is Ephraim and has the characteristics of Ephraim. Manasseh was to become great AFTER Ephraim.
The USA is Manasseh and time-wise it did become great after Britain had enjoyed its power peak for quite some time.

In the blessing of Jacob to the boys:
Ephraim was to the right of Joseph facing the left side of Jacob.
Manasseh was to the left of Joseph facing the right side of Jacob.
The "Bnei Yissachar"(Tzvi Elimelech Shapira of Dinov (1784-1840) writes:
##Why did Jacob not command that Manasseh be placed on his left side and Ephraim on his right?
Why did Jacob have to cross his hands over?
 The truth is that Manasseh is the firstborn!
This is why it says "GUIDING HIS HAND WITTINGLY" (Genesis 48:14). He did not change Manasseh over to the left side) for in truth Manasseh is the firstborn and the most important but he put Ephraim before Manasseh concerning the chronological precedence##.

This Sage is saying that:  Manasseh remained on the right hand side of Jacob. He fulfilled the destiny of Jacob and expressed more the inner being of Jacob. The left hand of Jacob was on the head of Manasseh. The left hand is the weaker hand and the slower one. It indicated that Manasseh would be slower to reach fruition.
Fishel Mael ("Hashevetim" p.490) based on the above and other sources comments:
##The order of placing of the sons was important both in regards to their positioning concerning Joseph and in that concerning Jacob. Concerning Joseph....Ephraim is the one who fulfills his place and most continues his path...Therefore Joseph set Ephraim on his right-hand side to show that Ephraim is the main principle of his might and the continuer of his path...However concerning Jacob it is just the opposite. Manasseh is closer the path of Jacob...Jacob however guided his hands wittingly to indicate that the greatness of Manasseh would not be revealed so soon...Jacob agreed only that Manasseh remain at his right-hand side for he is destined to complete the quality ...of Jacob himself in the building of the Third Temple##.
The USA is Manasseh. Britain is Ephraim. The USA became great AFTER Britain.
This was what the blessing and the change of hands entailed.


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