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7 December 2008, 10 Kislev 5769
1. Where are all the Ephraimite Converts?
2. Appreciates Brit-Am Now Postings.
3. Cam Rea:  "The Assyrian Exile"  in e-book format
Demosthenes was the Culprit
5. Article on
Parthians and Horses
6. Robert: Conditions in Post-Colonial Africa etc
7. Scythian village and cemetery unearthed in Northeast Hungary


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1. Where are all the Ephraimite Converts?
A recent correspondent pointed out an inaccuracy on our part.
This necessitated us making a few minor changes in our article:
"Brit-Am and Judah: Answers to Criticism
Ephraimites and Reflections"
In this article we quote from "Tomar Debora" who claimed:
##I wonder if even you know how very truly you have spoken, as Erev Rav [Mixed Multitude] are to be found also among the goyim where they assimilated alongside the Israelites associated with the ten so-called "lost" tribes. We know that they were never lost to Hashem [the Almighty] and the prophets foretold that they, too, would be regathered at the end of days.##

##There is one estimate that 200,000 former xians passed through the so-called "Messianic" movement and have converted to Judaism. A spiritual 'call' went out into the world in the year 5750 [ca. 1989-1990] and everyone with the spiritual acuity to hear it responded. In addition to the Jewish neshamas [souls] held captive among the nations who heard, so did the Erev Rav [Mixed Multitude] who have always been attached to them.##

In our article,
"Brit-Am and Judah: Answers to Criticism
Ephraimites and Reflections"
we answered the claims of Tomar Deborah and those who are interested may see what we wrote there.
At the moment however we want to relate to the claim that
##200,000 former xians passed through the so-called "Messianic" movement and have converted to Judaism##
By "Judaism" it supposedly includes the Reform and Conservative branches whose conversions are NOT recognized by the Orthodox.
Also 200,000 sounds like a very high figure.
This figure is not impossible but it would have to include all Gentiles from the USA and not only those who ##passed through the so-called "Messianic" movement##.
Even with these allowances the figure still seems high.
If her claim that ca. 200,000 "Ephraimites" passed through the Messianic Movement and converted to Judaism is correct, Where are they all?
Perhaps they do exist and identify as Jews?
And how many became Orthodox Jews?
Even if the real figure is only 20,000 (and it could be), where are they all?
A few hundred Burmese natives did convert (but maybe the number is 1,700
Bnei Menashe ]
These Burmese converts were given much encouragement, very favorable inducements,
and an extra easy curriculum (and shortened course) to facilitate their conversion to Judaism.
##The Burma Blues. 
Who is Israel?  The Burmese or "Danny Boy"?##
This handful of hand-picked Burmese converts received a lot of publicity for the idea that the Lost Ten Tribes are in the east.
This was because a noise was (and still is) made about them
and because they claimed (or claims were made by others in their name) to be from the Tribe of Menasseh.
This idea is FALSE!
[Actually most of these Burmese in their homeland are pagan or "Messianics" and "Messianic" writers from
their own ranks are writing against the Lost Tribes hoax that is being put over in their name.

Taste of Their Own Medicine: Judaism threatens Church in Mizoram, Manipur

If a few hundred people from Burma can turn the world upside down why cannot those Ephraimites
We do not encourage Ephraimites to convert to Judaim. At least not at this stage.
Brit-Am in most cases is against it.
We see the solution being worked out in the Messianic Era by people greater than ourselves.
The task of Brit-Am is limited to Research concerning the Ten tribes,
spreading knowledge as to the identity of the Lost Ten Tribes (i.e. Recognition), and working for their ultimate Reconciliation.
Research, Recognition, Reconciliation: These are the Three Rs of Brit-Am.
Nevertheless if a large number of Ephraimites (as is claimed) have already become Jews
perhaps they should make their voice heard?
We realize this is not so easy.
At the individual level Gentiles who convert do not want it pointed out everywhere that they are converts.
They do not want special treatment or nosey people asking questions or being treated differently
because of their background.
This is natural.
Also a Jew may not be allowed to remind a convert of their background.
We are NOT therefore saying that everyone who has converted should come forward with a sign on their chest
and say I am an Ephraimite who has become Jewish because I believe that as an Israelite I should do so.
This is an individual decision that does not apply to the generality.
Most converts to Judaism believe they have some Jewish ancestry or they descend from the Ten Tribes.
We are suggesting that maybe one or two of the latter should perhaps speak up for the rest?
Or maybe not?

2. Appreciates Brit-Am Now Postings.
Dear Yair, I really appreciate the regular e-mails. I often read them at lunch then come back in the evening, and go to the Brit Am site as well. I am often astounded by the amount of information on the site and links. I know more about history now than I ever thought possible. I also thank you for the positive thanksgiving day message. Robert

3. Cam Rea:  "The Assyrian Exile"  in ebook format
From: Cam Rea <>
Shalom Mr. Davidiy I hope all is well with you and your family.

Is wanting to know in the next Brit-Am news letter if you can mention that my book "The Assyrian Exile" is now in e-book format. It only costs $10 and the reader before buying can read up to 50% of the book before he or she decides to buy it.

The link is

Thank you
Cam Rea

Also, when is your new book coming out? 

4. Demosthenes was the Culprit
Pam Johnson  wrote:
Re: Psalm 119-17 PEH
That was a very interesting comment on people who have speaking difficulty. 
I was trying to remember the orator who put pebbles in his mouth to overcome an impediment. 
Who was that? 

Brit-Am Reply:
It was Demosthenes (Athens, 384?322 BC).

To overcome his stammering utterance he accustomed himself to speak with pebbles in his mouth. His lack of vocal strength he overcame by running with open mouth, thus expanding his lungs. To cure his shortness of breath he practised the uttering of long sentences while walking rapidly up-hill That he might be able to make himself heard above the noise of the assembly, he would stand in stormy weather on the sea-shore at Phalerum
, and declaim against the roar of the waves.

The Alexandrian Canon compiled by Aristophanes of Byzantium and Aristarchus of Samothrace recognized Demosthenes as one of the ten greatest Attic orators and logographers. According to Longinus, Demosthenes "perfected to the utmost the tone of lofty speech, living passions, copiousness, readiness, speed".[1] Cicero acclaimed him as "the perfect orator" who lacked nothing, and Quintilian extolled him as lex orandi ("the standard of oratory") and that inter omnes unus excellat ("he stands alone among all the orators").[2][3]

From: The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition | Date: 2008 | The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition.
Demosthenes , 384?-322 BC, Greek orator, generally considered the greatest of the Greek orators. He was a pupil of
Isaeus, and?although the story of his putting pebbles in his mouth to improve his voice is only a legend?he
seems to have been forced to overcome a weak voice and delivery.

5. Article on Parthians and Horses
##Parthian Horses - Parthian Archers
A Real Short History##
Beverley Burris-Davis
Site map on above URL contains more links to articles on the Parthians.

6. Robert: Conditions in Post-Colonial Africa etc
 I am thinking about the conditions in post colonial Africa. It seems to me it was left without much support from the former 'Israelite nations' that governed, and is now in a basic shambles.
I believe there will be some level of responsibility and accountability by these nations for the present conditions from the Almighty. While Africa dies, Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair blathers about the CFR cracking down on Israel, and the promotion and establishment of a PA state, which would no doubt be a terror state. My only conclusion is that people like Him are idiots.
I read in the bible that the Northern tribes and Judah were at times pretty brutal to each other. It looks like it will take divine intervention to achieve reconciliation. I take comfort in what I am told in Jewish tradition, that in the world to come, important people here and now will be insignificant and lowly in that time.
G-d Bless, Robert

7. Scythian village and cemetery unearthed in Northeast Hungary


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