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23 November 2008, 25 Cheshvan 5769
1. Question Regarding Authorship of Articles and Commentary on Brit-Am Site
2. Is Brit-Am Anti-American?
3. Comment on the Appeals for Funds by Brit-Am


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1. Question Regarding Authorship of Articles and Commentary on Brit-Am Site

I am writing a term paper on Isaiah and would like to cite portions of your Isaiah Commentary in my paper.  Does your Isaiah Commentary have an author/authors or editor?
Thank you for your assistance,
Robert Marshall

Brit-Am Reply:
Yair Davidiy is the author.
All articles etc on the Brit-Am web-site are authored by Yair Davidiy UNLESS it is stated otherwise.

2. Is Brit-Am Anti-American?
Question from Henry Rhea

You ask "What anti-America messages have we posted?"

Do you not recall the numerous anti-American posts and comments revolving around such issues as Hurricane Katrina and American efforts at bringing about peace between Palisinians and Israel? There were several emails rushing to judgement of America in both instances, attempts to tie in the numbers of American deaths from Katrina in completely false and spurious attempts to equate the numbers to biblical passages and admonitions regarding Israel, which my response at the time showed to be utterly false and fallacious.
The numbers being cited were completely bogus.  This is one example that immediately springs to mind.  I dare say that a search of your archives would refresh your memory further. 

If America is an Israelite nation (and that is as yet unproven) then any such posts and attitudes would be just as anti-Semitic as any anti-Israel posts that you get regularly, no matter what your attitude as an orthodox Jew may be to the New Testament.  The ten tribes of Israel carried off by the Assyrians being themselves just as Semitic as the Jews of the tribe of Judah and others among them from the other tribes left behind in the then still existent nation of Judah, so too would their descendants today be just as Semitic as the descendants of the population of that ancient kingdom of Judah.

Brit-Am Reply:
Concerning Katrina etc we did not make any comments of our own but posted those sent us by others. Invariably these comments were those of PATRIOTIC US  citizens concerned that the good of the USA may be DEPEDENDENT UPON THE GOOD OF ISRAEL!
Regarding the State of Israel this is more than just a "Jewish" thing. The Jews who settle the Land of Israel and who hold together the State of Israel are fulfilling the will of the Almighty and are emissaries of ALL Israel. Anyone or thing that harms the State of Israel and Jewish settlement in all the area now in Israeli possession is going against the Bible and harming all the Tribes of  Israel.
The State of Israel itself sometimes adopts policies that are anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist.
Is such a case it should be criticized and opposed.
If the USA also supports such policies or even worse is actually responsible for them then the USA is being not only anti-Jewish but also anti-American.
The Ten Tribes are indeed "Semitic" but the case is different.

Concerning Judah and the state of Israel:

"He will avenge the blood of his servants" (Deuteronomy 32;43).
  "He that toucheth you, toucheth the apple of his eye" (Zechariah 2: 8): also understandable as meaning "He that touches you, touches the apple of His [i.e. God's] eye".
  "I am very sore displeased with the heathen...for I was but a little displeased, and they helped forward the affliction"  ([Zechariah 1; 15). 
"The sons also of them that afflicted thee shall come bending unto thee" (Isaiah 60; 14). 

See the Brit-Am Commentary to Zechariah 1:8.

See our article:
Judah  and the Question of the
 Ten Tribes of Israel

3. Comment on the Appeals for Funds by Brit-Am
From: Greg Sparks
Re Needs

Shabbat Shalom Mr. Davidiy and staff,

I encourage many people that I encounter in my travels to check your website in their biblical studies. The comment I find most often in your publications is the need for funds. I think the following information may help you in this regard.

When I was searching for G-d within the many denomination of churches that I attended over twenty years, all I heard was the money message. Money was needed bigger buildings, more programs etc ... yet nothing for the soul or the obedience to the commandments of G-d.  Your writings do much for the soul and are very thought provoking.

Christianity in America today is about cash flow and so many souls are put off by the very utterance of money. I may have overlooked many of your articles in the past that addressed this issue but I think if you mentioned a specific amount per reader, per year and what this would provide for Brit-AM might clarify the issue for many people. I believe in your work and look forward to the day I can meet you and your staff, G-d willing on another trip to Israel or when you are in the States.

Shabbat Shalom,

Avigdor ben Avraham

Brit-Am Reply:
Brit-Am does need funds. At present we get by through offerings and purchase of publications and also
through a small amount that Yair Davidiy received privately outside of the framework of Brit-Am but which is being
used for Brit-Am purposes.
Every now and again we make an appeal for funds. We will shortly possibly be making another one.
We do not make such appeals unless they are necessary and sometimes not even then.
These appeals are legitimate. Apparently they make an impression but on the whole they are really
NOT that frequent though they may seem so.
In addition, we do have another web-site in preparation.
This other web-site will exist alongside the present one and contain features etc only available to paid
subscribers. Putting  this site into the public domain will eventually be effected though we cannot say when.
It could take yet a while before it becomes operational.


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