Brit-Am Now no. 1256
14 November 2008, 17 Cheshvan 5769
1. Answers to Claims Against the Jews
2. More Complaints Against Judah
3. Thomas Gray: Mixed bag blessings
4. Inspired by Brit-Am
5. Reading the Bible Most Every Day


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1. Answers to Claims Against the Jews

The Claims Against Judah:
From: david bell
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1255

Yair, I note that there are many attempts to prove that all those claiming to be Jewish are of Israelite origin.

My problems with this approach are as follows.

Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 talks of "those who say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan."

In the time of the Maccabees, Edom was forcibly converted to Judaism, and produced a line of Judean kings, starting with John Hyrcannus, and then the Herods.

There are those who call themselves Ashkenazi.
Ashkenaz was a grandson of Japheth, so has only the very faintest connection with Jacoh (the common ancestor is Noah).

In New Zealand, there was a prolonged debate in the New Zealand Jewish Chronicle on Jewish identity and the conclusion was that Jewish identity relied on keeping the feasts and ceremonies. Nothing on either race or religion.

There is still the Zionism movement, which allies with the return to the ancestral homeland. My biggest problem in this line is that the Jews want the whole of the land, far beyond the tribal territory of Judah, even if Benjamin is included. As an outside observer, it looks very much like Obadiah coming to fruition. He says this is an EDOMITE ambition, not part of Israel in any form.

Finally, there are those of any race, practicing Judaism, but most certainly NOT descended from Jacob.

God's covenant of the law, first, in Exodus 19-23, and repeated with some limitations in Hebrews 8:8ff, gives ISRAEL  a priesthood. It is easy to find the practice of the priesthood by, primarily Britain and the USA, in the modern world. It is also very easy to show that Jews have NOT fulfilled this call in the modern world.


Brit-Am Reply:
Concerning your quotation from Revelations. I personally am an Orthodox Jew and do not accept the NT and therefore should not discuss it one way or other.
We do however understand the said quotation is not necessarily referring to "Jews" in the Jewish sense.
Even however if it is referring to real Jews that would not really concern us but rather they who believe in the source must learn to cope with it. It is their problem, not ours.
John Hyrcannus was not an Edomite but rather a Cohen (Priest) from the Tribe of Levi..
Herod was an Edomite and some Edomites were indeed absorbed into the Jewish people but others became Christians.
Apart from that the Edomites according to the Bible could be accepted as Israelites after three generations.
Do you perhaps disagree with Scripture on this matter?

Ashkenazi Jews call themselves Ashkenazi because an important element amongst them of historical significance once dwelt in Germany which is identified with Ashkenaz.
In the same way Afrikanners (Dutch South Africans) call themselves Afrikanners because they live in Africa.
That does not make them Negroes.

The New Zealand Jewish Chronicle is undoubtedly a respectable publication and they can say what they like but that does not make them an authority.

Concerning the Zionist Movement. I only wished that what you say should be true.
The problem is that they do no seem to want the whole of Israel and areas of Israel that the Almighty has delivered into their hand they are giving up on. This to my mind is against the Bible and a crime.
The Book of Obadiah does not say that Zionism is an Edomite ambition but what if it did?
The Bible does say that Zionismism is a Biblical Commandment.
God is a Zionist.
The Jews are meant to establish themselves in the Land as well as prepare the way for all the other Tribes.
The more land they manage to retain control of and develop the better for all of us.
The Jews have a right to the Land because they keep the Law and have retained their Israelite identity.
The Jews include the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin, Levi, along with REPRESENTATIVE MINORITIES OF ALL THE OTHER TRIBES.

The Land of Israel stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates.
There are degrees of sanctity to the Land.
a) The Most Sanctified.
West of the Jordan, north of al-Arish and reaching up to the Golan Heights.
Settlement of Israelites here is dependent to some degree on keeping the Law, at least in our time.
This requirement may not hold to such a degree in the 2nd and 3rd Levels.

b) 2nd Level
East of the Jordan, Golan Heights, Sinai.

c) 3rd Level. Periphery: Egyptian Delta area,  part of Saudi Arab and part of Iraq, southeast Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon.

Even within the various levels there exist various gradations of sanctity e.g. Jerusalem is more sacred than the rest of Judah.
People of Non-Israelite descent who practise Judaism and are valid Jews due to conversion or inter-marriage have as much right to be considered Israelites as anyone else. We have discussed this on several occasions.

I do not know what you understand by a priesthood.
The Jews may not have done all that they should have done nor always behaved as they should have but
neither has anybody else.

2. More Complaints Against Judah
From: john e  adam
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1255
#3. Anti-Ephraimite Opinions Refuted

Shalom yair,

I find it disturbing that anyone claiming to be a descendent of Jacob would write such drivel as we see at the "Dreaming of Moshiach" web site. The white people of the USA have never practiced murder to any great extent. The black and hispanic residents of the USA comit murder at a much higher rate than whites. The people of the USA obviously saved the Jews in WWII. Without the USA the British, Russians and the rest would have fallen long before the USA entered the war. The British and French did little to defeat the Germans and Japanese in the battles the ended WWII. The Russian government was obviously not friendly to the Jews. The Bible says that we are known by our FRUIT.

Then comes this fairy tale about who the sons of Noah became. There is nothing in the Torah indicating that the sons of Noah were of different races and the idea that the yellow and black peoples of the world magically came from the descendents of Noah is obviously wrong. Every human regardless of color has a choice to sin or not to sin. Jeremiah does indicate that there were many people in Jerusalem that were not desendents of Jacob in the city when it fell in 586 BC. In Babylon all of these people became Jews. I think that it is obvious that the Jews not related to Jacob had no reason not to make up fairy tales to explain the Torah that was not a part of their culture . The problem with their interpretations is that there is no love your neighbor element in their teachings. ....Remember you are known by your fruit! The message of the Torah is very simple.
Love your neighbor,
John Adam

Brit-Am Reply:
Dear John Adam,
From previous letters of yours we understand that you have been associated with Identity
"Aryan nations" type) cults and absorbed some of their teachings. You have however modified
the virulence of their wicked beliefs through your practice of Christian charity and having love for all.
The expressions found on the "Dreaming of Moshiach" web site against Joseph are no worse than what you
yourself have said in the past against Judah. In fact they are much less harmful than what you have said.
As for WW2 we could argue about who did most etc for some time and not get far.
Concerning the Sons of Noah I agree with you.
The different races of mankind based on color etc do not exactly overlap with the sons
of Noah but only approximately so and no iron-clad rules can be formulated.
I think your understanding of Judaism is prejudiced and your appreciation of what the Bible says in error.
Brit-Am does not advocate that Israelites learn about Judaism though there may not be any harm in doing so.
Brit-Am believes in learning the Bible.

3. Thomas Gray: Mixed bag blessings
From: Thomas Gray <>

These are some more refined thoughts about the blessing and cursing associated with Israel:

During these first years of the 21st century, the U.S. has done two things in opposite directions.  After much hesitation (attacking Iraq was being discussed in the Clinton administration), waiting for the UN inspections and sanctions to stop Sadaam Hussein's designs to annihilate Israel, the U.S. responded to the 2001 attacks by attacking Afghanistan and Iraq.  That took much heat of danger off Israel, and so that part was a blessing.  At the same time, the Bush administration held a policy of supporting a two-state solution. We all know that it gained intensity to the point of expelling Jews from Gaza, and more recently telling Jerusalem residents that they could not expand housing in Jerusalem, but had to leave room for giving part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians.  That part is the curse.  So, does the U.S. get blessed or cursed.  Both, right?  For blessing Israel's security, they receive the blessing of security.  For cursing living space, their living space gets cursed.  Well, the Gaza give-away and the lack of cooperation with Iran also cursed the security, although perhaps not deliberately, and hence the mercy.  At any rate, the results have been predictably correlated, as we have seen many thosands of Americans lose their homes to natural disasters and financial disasters, yet has not suffered another terrorist attack.  Thus, the curse on one hand has been offset by the blessing on the other.

With the principle of Numbers 24:9 firmly in mind, as we see the mad pursuit to give more of Israel to Palestine, the curse can do nothing but continue in that area.  And who is going to bail out the U.S. government when bail outs drive the government to bankruptcy?  However, once the U.S. would pull out of the area of Iraq (the stated goal of President-elect Obama, just as the stated goal of then President elect Bush was the "two-state solution") and not continue to provide some measure of security to Israel, what will we see?  The blessing of security removed.  Have you given credit to superb intelligence for the safety of the U.S. until now?  I give credit to God's blessing.  I think that blessing could very well be removed soon.  Pray now, everyone, especially my fellow Americans.

4. Inspired by Brit-Am
I am very inspired by your presentations and your broadcasts are

5. Reading the Bible Most Every Day
For the first time in life I am reading the bible most every day. I usually visit the Brit Am site for biblical commentaries related to my current bible reading. To me this is pretty awesome, and as a bible dummy, I am thankful for this.
G-d Bless Brit Am, Robert


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