Brit-Am Now no. 1229
19 September, 19 Elul 5768
1. Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell: Issachar
2. Henry Rhea: Why Hurricanes are Named
3. The
Ansa Ruling House of the Parthians, Goths, and Khazars
4. Ephraim is Reflective of Joseph, Manasseh closer to Jacob.
5. Correction: Alfred Nobel Probably was not Jewish!


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1. Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell: Issachar

Also see:
Dan: Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell
We have changed the stone of Dan (and may change it yet again later) and added a few points.

The point of this series is to present an outline and make tentative suggestions. It is of its nature quite fluid and subject to change.

2. Henry Rhea: Why Hurricanes are Named
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1227

#3. Ike is the nickname for Eisenhower

Re Hurricane Ike named after Isaac, Ike, whomever:

Hurricanes are not named after anybody.  They are named according to a prescribed list of names beginning each season with the letter A and moving through the alphabet.  I believe some people would assign the barking of a dog in the night to their notions of biblical truth, and try their hardest to get others to believe it.

Henry Rhea

Brit-Am Comment:

It is true that one must be careful not to exaggerate and not to read significance into names etc where none exists. On the other hand names do have meaning as indicated several times in the Bible. The meaning and present-import of a term does not necessarily have to be confined to the intention of whoever gave the name.

3. The Ansa Ruling House of the Parthians, Goths, and Khazars
The Ruling House of Khazaria (Hud al-Alam, 982 CE) was known as "The Sons of Ansa". Modern scholars have tried to explain the term "Ansa" as a mispronunciation of Asina the ruling clan of early leading Turkic groups who may indeed have been connected with the Khazars. This does not however explain the name "Ansa".  The Khazars were linked with the region of Choresmia (northeast of the caspian Sea) whence had emerged the Parthians whose land in Chinese records is referred to as "Ansi". The Parthians were a people of Sarmatian culture. The Sarmatians had bordered the Royal Scythians from the east. Some of the Scythians moved to the north and westwards while others became part of the Gothic Kingdom north of the Black Sea. The rulers of the Goths were known as Ansis (Jordanes). The Goths were conquered by the Huns and peoples formerly ruled by Goths either fled or became part of the Hun forces. The Khazars in effect emerged or re-emerged from out of the Huns and groups identified as Huns were later considered part of the Khazar peoples. The names "Ansi" (Parthians),  "Ansis"(Goths), and "Ansa" (Khazars) are probably all forms of the same term. There is also an overlap in the territory and in the peoples using these terms. The Arsacid ruling Dynasty of the Parthians came from Chorasmia and were Scythian. They were related to the rulers of the Naphtalites and Massagetae both of whom were linked to the Goths. The Khazars emerged from the region the Goths had ruled over. Jacob Grimm equated the Ansis (of the Goths) with the Aesir who from the Don River and Caucasus region moved to Scandinavia.

"Ansa" (as demonstrated by Abraham Poliak, "Chazaria", [Hebrew] 1949) is the equivalent of the Hebrew "Jesse".
The dynasty of David was referred to as "House of Jesse". Jesse was the father of David.
That the Ruling House of the Khazars intermarried with one of the Jewish families in the Middle East that were related to King David (as Poilak suggested) is a possibility.  It may however just as well be the case that from the beginning they were directly descended from the House of Jesse. We have seen that similar terms "Ansi" and "Ansis" were applied to the Arsacid rulers of Parthia and to the Goths.

This information is unique to Brit-Am. As far as we know we are the first to point out that Ansa, Ansi, and Ansis are in effect the same word even though these words in isolation must have been discussed on numerous occasions.
It is surprising and even a little hard to believe that nobody else has pointed out the similarity of these names even though all kinds of other associations to them have been considered.

"KHAZARS. Israelite Tribes in Exile"

4. Ephraim is Reflective of  Joseph, Manasseh closer to Jacob.
"Role to Rule. The Task of Joseph"

5. Correction: Alfred Nobel Probably was not Jewish!
From: Orjan Svensson <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1228
3. Jewish Nobel Prize Winners.
> From: Steven
Shamrak <>
> > (
> Alfred Nobel (1833 - 1896) ? Jewish Chemist,
> Inventor and Engineer. Alfred Nobel was born in
> Stockholm in 1833.


I have never heard before that Alfred Nobel was Jewish. This is probably not correct.
According to the info I have Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm 21 oktober 1833 and died in San Remo 10 december 1896.
The family Nobel, originally Nobelius, comes from the small village Ostra Nobbel ov Kristianstad county in Scania in south Sweden, and the family is known since the 17th century.
Jews were forbidden to settle in Sweden until the late 18th century.


Tribal Characteristics
in a Nutshell
The Tribe of Issachar


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