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16 September, 16 Elul 5768
1. What Brit-Am Can Do For You!
2. Jonathan
Tillotson: Are Ephraimites Confused?
3. Ike is the nickname for Eisenhower


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1. What Brit-Am Can Do For You!
This is an appeal like previous appeals.
In the past we asked for offerings and stated in general terms why the money was needed.
We also mentioned our belief that Divine Providence is in favor of our work and they who help us will receive a blessing. We still believe this. Brit-Am in its own way furthers the work of the Almighty.
No matter what may eventually be the fate of Brit-Am who ever helped us along the road will have done well.
We now need more help.
The last time (not long ago) we made an appeal hardly anyone replied.
This must change. I hope it well.
Brit-Am as well as needing your help can also help you.
Brit-Am proves from the Bible and secular evidence where the Lost Ten Tribes went to and where they may be found today. This does not only involve publishing the evidence but also refining its presentation, answering questions about it, replying to claims countering it, and sometimes coping with what at first can appear to be devasting evidence against it.
Brit-Am does all this and more.
Brit-Am keeps the issue before the public at large. We bring it to the attention of Judah and to the notice of religious, and secular elements in the academic and cultural spheres all over the world.
We confront others with this truth in a postive manner.
We also provide a forum where even if it provides no immediate answers at the least does make it clear what the questions are and who we and those in favor of us are.
We do this all the time in our own way and we make an impression that has had positive results.
In several fields of this important endeavor Brit-Am is the ONLY element actively fighting for these truths.
Brit-Am truths help confirm in the minds of many the truth of the Bible and belief in Divine Providence.
Brit-Am truths can help others stay on a better path.
Brit-Am truths show who the descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are today and where the hope of Joseph and Judah lies.
Brit-Am does all this and more as most of you are well aware.
Even if on certain points you disagree with Brit-Am most of you should agree that Brit-Am is on your side and waging a good fight.
Brit-Am needs your sympathy, involved interest, support, and financial backing.
Please send Brit-Am an offering by check or by PayPal.
Please take a resolution to renew your involvement with us so that we may do the same and let us know of your decision.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy
on behalf of

2. Jonathan Tillotson: Are Ephraimites Confused?
From: Jonathan Tillotson <>
 Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1226
#6. The Lost Tribes of Israel Are Not Jewish!
#7. Judah and the Return of the Lost Ten Tribes

Dear Yair,

In connection to Tamar's comments regarding the Ten tribes not being Jewish, with which I agree:  It's interesting how the question of non-Jewish Israelites's perceptions and evaluations of Judah can be various and even contradictory. For a long time , after all, many of the Christian 'Identity' movements (and no doubt some still today) felt/feel that Jews were not Judah at all, but impostors. On the other hand, even in the 17th century, many English Christians (often called Judaizers), whether they believed in their own Israelite ancestry or not, felt that Christianity should return to its Judaic roots and that Paul's teachings on the displacement of the Law from a central status was invalid, or at least had been misinterpreted; indicating, in any case, a favourable attitude to Judaism and Jews. So a clear ambivalence and uncertainty of opinion regarding Jews is long standing.

As I see it, the phenomenon of Josephite Israelites wanting to become Jews is perhaps related to a confusion associated with the esteem that these Josephite Israelites feel towards Jews. They may admire them and sympathise with them, despite the theological points of contention regarding [matters of faith]. This is natural. But surely one does not need to change ones cultural identity, ones tribe as it were, and disassociate oneself from ones cultural ancestry just out of ones admiration for somebody else's? Can't one just take some lessons and apply aspects of what you admire and relate it to ones own culture, where this is appropriate? Moreover, I would have thought that the overall kinship provided by the umbrella of all 12 tribes is enough to explain Jospeh's admiration and sympathy for Judah; and, moreover that the original pre-Babylonian term 'Israelite' is the name most appropriately used by all the tribes to refer to themselves -except when they want to distinguish themselves from one another.
It is, after all, only late on in the scriptures and after the Kingdoms are divided, I believe, that the word 'Jew' first appears, if I'm not mistaken.
Best Wishes

Brit-Am Reply:
You raised some good points.
Recognition however must be made of those amongst "Joseph" who may belong to Judah or at the least feel a strong pull to Judah.
In some cases this may be merely a reflection of their belief in the Bible and realization of their Israelite origins. In other cases it goes beyond that.
No simple answer can be given, at least not one that is not highly specific.
All we can do is continue along the path we have been going while trying to improve ourselves.
It is not so much a question of "Ephraimites" wanting to belong to Judah but rather of Ephraimites wanting to remain as they are yet feel part of Judah as well.
This too is a sign of the Latter Times and of an instinctual arousal in Joseph preceding the eventual reunion between Joseph and Judah predicted in Ezekiel 37.

3. Ike is the nickname for Eisenhower
re Brit-Am Now no. 1226

#1. Hurricane "Ike" Named After Isaac?

(a) Joan Griffith
Sorry, Ike is probably named for President Dwight David Eisenhower, whose election slogan was "I like Ike." He was the Supreme Commander of the Allied forces during World War II.

(b) Bonnie Berggren
Ike is the nickname for Eisenhower who knew just how to do the Normandy Invasion.  He was helped by the prayers of many people. Ike was a Spiritual president.  Nicknaming a hurricane for Ike maybe was OK because the invasion WAS like a hurricane hitting Hitler. My Uncle died.....That pain is with us to this day.  Now we see another "horn arising" full of lies about global warming, etc.  (after we had the coolest summer in a long time.  )  But the hurricane did send us 4 more inches of rain, wonderful for the crops; I have to can and freeze peaches, and tomatoes and cucumbers are plenteous.  Also canning pears.  Will do more week work this afternoon.  With having to pay so much for gasoline, people do not have added money to give right now.

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