Brit-Am Now no. 1222
5 September, 5 Elul 5768
1. Tzippy: The word Czar from Keser
2. Don
Thumler: The word Czar from Nebuchadne(tzar)
3. Raymond
Fulford Defends Brit-Am Against its Enemies
The Lady Doth Protest Too Much : William Shakespeare
4. "Origin" Now Available in French Translation
5. Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell:


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1. Tzippy: The word Czar from Keser
re Brit-Am Now no. 1221
#4. Steven Collins: Khazars - source of the Russian word "Tzar"
From: tzippy <>
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1221

The Russian word "Czar" comes from the Hebrew word "Keser" (=crown) according to Mozeson.

2. Don Thumler: The word Czar from Nebuchadne(tzar)
re Brit-Am Now no. 1221
#4. Steven Collins: Khazars - source of the Russian word "Tzar"

We use word roots as an adjunct to history and cultural origins.  So what happens when we trace the word Tzar?

Kai(tsar) Wilhelm II was the last German emperor  about the time of the last Romonov emperor, Tzar Nicolas, cousins.

The ancient Babylonians used an intergenerational title of Nebuchadne(tzar) to distinguish their nobility.  We might even mention the Jewish prophet Daniel had the royal suffix "tzar" ascribed to his Chaldaen name. 

My intention is not to oversimplify this issue, but it does employ the KISS method.

your neighbor
Don Thumler

Brit-Am Note:
 "Czar" is usually taken to be a form of "Caesar".
Julius Caesar was the first Roman Emperor.
After Julius all Roman Emperor took the title of Caesar in his honor.
The Roman Empire split into two:
In the east was Byzantium centered on Constantinople.
In the west there was Rome.
When the Slavic-Norse Russ established rulership over Russia they took the title Czar (i.e. "Caesar") in imitation of the practice at Byzantium.
Likewise the Holy Roman Empire in the west succeeded Rome and from it emerged Germany whose Emperor was termed "Kaiser" which is also a form of Caesar.

The question of interest is therefore what did the "Caesar" in Julius Caesar originally mean?

On the other hand,
Le Comte de GOBINEAU, "Histoire Des Perses", Paris 1869,
claims that a root word "Kas" or "kos" in Indo-European languages meant ruler.
He implies that Caesar took his name from this root.

3. Raymond Fulford Defends Brit-Am Against its Enemies
The Lady Doth Protest Too Much : William Shakespeare


To Whomever fabricated the website
"Brit-Am Exposed"
 Re: "The Lost Ten Tribes"
Your brutal, unkind, ignorant and ungodly attack against Brit-Am exposes you and yours for what you are. I have read your dissertation , and your arguments are totally unconvincing. In fact, they are ignorant. If one limits oneself to scripture, one will quickly discover that there is no other group of nations in the entire history of the world that have ever fulfilled the prophecies relating to "The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel" [The peoples of  northwestern Europe and the English-speaking world] . Not only have these nations fulfilled to a tee what was to befall the "Lost Tribes" of Israel, but there is a total absence of any other group that has even come close to fulfilling those prophecies.  Yes, I have read all the spurious nonsense which claims that the "Lost Tribes" are the Afghans, or the mountain tribesmen of Burma, or some obscure tribe in India's Assam Province, or the Falashas, or the Lemba of Southern Africa. You take the cake for absurdity and the quintessence of ignorance and stupidity by claiming that the "Lost Tribes" are the Roma or gypsies. READ Genesis 49 and discover what God's word says the Lost Tribes would be like in "the end of days" . They were to be mighty nations occupying mainly the coastlands of the earth and possessing enormous natural resources. The Gypsies, the Lemba, the Afghans ?  I think not. Study your atlas. I think you are so far out in left field that your dissertation reads more like a comic strip fantasy. Besides, you lie with impunity. Brit-Am is categorically not anti-Jewish. Brit-Am is 100% pro-Jewish. In fact, Brit-Am is VERY pro-Jewish.  Brit-Am claims that the Jews are composed primarily of two tribes ----- Judah and Benjamin ----- plus most of the Tribe of Levi. Slander and calumny is one thing, but straight unadulterated lies is another ! Read what God says about lying in his Holy Book. If small remnants of primitive, backward tribes across the undeveloped world do indeed observe portions of the Torah, they are proselytes of the Tribe of Judah. They are not Jewish, neither are they of the House of Israel.  As Shakespeare opines in his play Hamlet, "The lady doth protest too much" . If there were even a thread of veracity to your claim, you would be able to state your case in a calm, collected manner devoid of the poison and invective you bring to the subject.
Raymond Fulford
British Columbia

4. "Origin" Now Available in French Translation
From: Claude Boisseau <>
 "Origin" has been translated into
French and it is now available from
 "" when you enter the key word
Best Regards,
Claude Boisseau

5. Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell: Naphtali
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Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell: Dan


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