Brit-Am Now no. 1219
3 September, 3 Elul 5768
1. Max Rambow: Clarification
2. Steven Collins on the Tamar
Yonah Show
3. Jon
Tillotson: Why Were Israel and Judah Exiled in the First Place?
4. Jon
Tillotson: Reply to Reply and Question Why?
Why Was Judah Exiled in 2nd Temple Times?
5. Cam Rea:
Need for
Yair Davidiy and Steven Collins to be heard More often and to be heard Together!
6. USA Borders Parallel Those of Greater Israel!
7. Brit-Am Trip to USA: Question


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1. Max Rambow: Clarification
From: Max Rambow <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1217
#1. Could Quoting the Bible be counter-productive?
Thankyou Yair
It's amazing to me how we are divided in the English speaking world by a common language. When I said the "Bible seems" I wasn't implying it's open to question. I would perhaps say that to one of those people who argue against to try to get them to think, that you were talking about and I guess trying to win over the ignorant is a worthy endeavor. I'm just glad you are the one doing it and not me. I'm more in favor of cleaning house so to speak and I think that in the end that is what we will be forced to do, in self defense of course and with God's help.
Sincerely Max

2. Steven Collins on the Tamar Yonah Show

Where Are the Lost Ten Tribes?
by IsraelNN Staff
( Historians and Biblical scholars say that King Solomon had a sophisticated navy which voyaged the world in exploration, looking for iron, gold and other materials to build the Holy Temple.
Many shipping ports, settlements and colonies were established in places all over the Mediteranian and North African region, as well as Europe and the Americas. Did some of the 10 tribes of the Northern Kingdom escape on ships to distant lands to escape the Assyrian onslaught and subsequent exile?
In an interview with Israel National Radio's Tamar Yonah, Historian Steve Collins talks about where some of these tribes may have migrated to, including the New World, long before Columbus discovered America.
Well worth listening to.
Steven Collins talks well and has an interesting approach, very calm, polite, yet definitive, and conversational (I could learn from him) and full of information- history, Bible, actuality.
Tamar also put in a plug for the Brit-Am website which is much appreciated.
The people at Arutz-7 also gave the interview a comparatively good coverage advertising it prominently.
A very special 2-hour show.

To download or hear the interview go to:

Partial Evaluation:
Steven Collins is big on the Israelite presence in North America before Colombus something we do not relate to.
Steven Collins also agrees with Brit-Am that the Lost Tribes were to be found in Western Europe. The interview at the beginning seemed to skirt around the Israelite origins of "Ephraimites" something that Brit-Am emphasizes and thinks should be stressed.
In the 2nd hour of the interview Tamar gave Brit-Am another plug and then DID bring the interview back to consideration of which Western Peoples have significant numbers of Israelites amongst them and their Tribal identifications.
Steven Collins also spoke of Gog and Magog and the End Times with the present drawing together of Ephraim and Judah.
Very thorough and valuable interview.
Live issues and fast flowing.

3. Jon Tillotson: Why Were Israel and Judah Exiled in the First Place?
Jon Tillotson wrote:
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1217
#1. Could Quoting the Bible be counter-productive?

Dear Yair,

I hope you are well

Concerning your response to item number 1, with respect, what of the idea that Israel was driven out of the land in the 8th and 6th centuries BC because of its failure to adhere to the covenant? Doesn't this imply that Israel's right to live on the land (as opposed to be in exile from it, while it still ultimately being theirs)  is contingent on certain conditions? While I do not deny that the land was given to Israel, it was also given, was it not, with the attachment of certain responsibilities. How is this consideration to be associated with the current 20th/21st century situation, if at all, in your opinion? I write what I write because of the, to me, apparently simplistic sense in which you say that the land was given to Israel. Forgive me if in this I misinterpret you and if you conceal a deeper complexity. I suspect you do. But if it had been given to Israel in such a simplistic sense, then why was Israel even driven into exile?

God bless


Brit-Am Reply:
The Northern Israelites were exiled in the 700s and Judah in the 500s BCE.
Judah returned. The rest of Israel did not.
The Bible says that the Ten Tribes were exiled for worshipping idols and adopting pagan customs of the peoples around them (2-Kings chs. 17 & 18).
Judah was exiled for similar reasons but returned under Ezra.
Somehow or other Judah was "cured" of its own idolatrous complexes.
Jewish traditions actually says that the Jews transgressed by NOT ALL OF RETURNING when they could under the Persians.
Later Judah was exiled again under the Romans.
At this stage a portion of Judah did worship idols but most probably did not.
They were exiled for other reasons.
They have an OBLIGATION to live in the Land if they can and not to allow foreigners to rule over them if they can prevent it.
This is Judaism.
God exiled Judah for HIS own reasons and now HE is bringing them back but wants the Jews and all those who are aware of their Hebrew origins to do what they can to speed the process along.

4. Jon Tillotson: Reply to Reply and Question Why?
Why Was Judah Exiled in 2nd Temple Times?
Jon Tillotson wrote:
Thanks for that. I wasnt aware of that perspectives re Jews transgressing because not enough Jews returned after Cyrus' decree. Very interesting.

If you have time to elaborate further on what the reasons were for the 1 century AD exiling of Judah, according to rabbinic traditions, I would find that interesting. As I recall from my studies all of the various groups, Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes and Zealots were trying with great devotion to do what was best and to interpret their divine duty as they saw it to be. But clearly, on account of these very factions, perhaps the very disunity was part of the problem..? I wonder what the other reasons were.supposition. They say the Jews were exiled because of internal dissension

Certainly one can sympathise with Jews' desires not to be ruled over.  I feel it also benefits the rest of the world, too, if Jews can self-sovereignty. It is just unfortunate that for now some others on this planet, for whatever reason, do not feel the same way.

Im enjoying the nutshell accounts, thanks


Brit-Am Reply:
Maimonides says they lost independence to the Romans in the first place by lack of faith, not preparing themselves militarily, and relying on astrology.
The Sages confirm your supposition and says that the Exile was caused due to inner dissension and senseless hatred of each other.
Other reasons are also given.
One of the reasons say the Sages was in order to gather in "gerim" i.e. converts in the places they would be exiled to.
Mystics explain "gerim" i.e. converts to mean not only actual people but also "sparks of holiness" needing to be redeemed. This means certain influences had to be absorbed from other peoples in order to perfect the people.

5. Cam Rea:
Need for
Yair Davidiy and Steven Collins to be heard More often and to be heard Together!
From: Cam Rea <>
re Steven M. Collins Radio Interview

I would like to say Steven did a great job on Tamar Yonah's radio show. There was a few things I did not agree with, but over all I wish Mr. Collins could be on the radio more often. I still look forward to hearing you (Mr. Davidiy) and Steven M. Collins together one day on the radio show if not in Florida. A weekly broadcast would be terrific if possible.

Cam Rea

6. USA Borders Parallel Those of Greater Israel!

Brit-Am Now no. 1218
#2. Dean Smallwood:
Future Borders of Israel Compared to those of the USA

-----couldn't open this....tried 2 times.....would love to see it.....
could you re-send to all???? 
Many thanks..........Hughes - Palm Harbor, Florida  USA

Brit-Am Reply:
There was a mistake on our part.
To say the maps see below or go to:

For at least the time being the maps may also be seen on our main page:
Go to
Go to the right hand side and scroll down

From Dean Smallwood:
Future Borders of Israel Compared to those of the USA

Shalom from Dean Smallwood,
While reading from your web site I notice something with regard to your Map of Yisra'el. I also read your teaching where you make mention of Manasseh being the United States of America. Perhaps what I have discovered below supports what you have been teaching or it means absolutely nothing? I just thought it was worth mentioning.
"True Borders of Yisra'el" from your web site is shown below. You also teach that Manasseh = "Responsible Representation". When rotating this map 180 degrees there is a sticking resemblance to the borders of the United States of America.

7. Brit-Am Trip to USA: Question
About your trip to the United States, have you decided the number of seminars that you will be holding and where they will be?
Are you willing to travel to specific locations?  If so will you be charging a fee for speaking?  How many people would be the minimum attendance required? 
Thank you, L.

Brit-Am Reply:
The Trip itself will be in about two to three months which is quite some time away so there is plenty of time to make arrangements.
I will be going to New York and Florida and probably Texas. In principle once in the USA I hope to stay for up to a month and will be a free agent open to go anywhere.
We do not charge set fees or require any set quorum of minimum of attendees.
We play it by ear according to the circumstances and our own possibilities at the time.
In principle if we are in the region and have the time we will meet with anyone who is interested.
If we have to make a special trip etc then we will work out the details with whoever is making the request.
Brit-Am exists to spread the Brit-Am message and to continue to do so so these are the considerations that should guide us.
Research (proving where the Ten Tribes are today).
Revelation i.e. Recognition -making Research results known and bringing them to the attention of the peoples in question.
Reconciliation.  Preparing the way for Judah and Joseph to accept each other for who they are.

Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell: Judah


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