Brit-Am Now no. 1212
24 August 2008, 23 Av 5768
1. Should I Support the State of Israel Despite its Faults?
2. Dave Browning: Muslim Impediments to Archaeological Research
3. Joan Griffith:
Velikovsky and the Hycsos


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1. Should I Support the State of Israel Despite its Faults?  

Dear Yair, I would like to ask you about support for the state of Israel. I have supported Israel most of my adult life. I have very close friends there, and have been very supportive of the religious Jewish, both there and here in the states. I am finding it hard to support Israel the current state, because of its policies towards Jews. while I support, and will always support Judah, I am not trying to tie this in with the anti-Israel, pro pa nonsense. I would at all cost defend Israel the state against such attacks, but on the other hand, would stand with the Jews against the state if they so chose to challenge its policies towards them, e.g., settlers/religious. I do not wish to go off the main topic and goals of Brit Am, But think this is important enough an issue to have some Brit Am comment. I have read some of Rabbi Kahane's work, and talked with some of his adherents. I am a bit confused and un-decided in light of the things I have learned and accepted as true from Brit Am. I have very close friends on both sides of this issue, those who have made Aliyah, and believe the state of Israel is absolute holy and  the vehicle through which redemption will come, and those here in the states who see the state of Israel as  repressive to holy religious Jews, and responsible for the perpetuation of terror attacks, etc. by enabling amelek to carry out such attacks, and then the issue of Gaza and Amona. I might have come to a place that I am not supposed to be. I might be way out of line even. If it is possible, I would like some opinion on this matter from a Brit Am perspective. I have been involved in this struggle for the Land of Israel for  the past seven years, should I be involed? Thank you in advance, R

Brit-Am Reply:
We at Brit-Am on a personal basis feel an affinity with the followers of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane.
Some of our Jewish sympathizers may be considered disciples of his.
Nevertheless one should not get carried away.
The State of Israel is a sacred thing and a fulfillment of  Biblical Prophecy.
The officialdom and Government of Israel are on the whole good people but sometimes misguided.
We should support Israel however we can.
As to whether you should be involved in internal Jewish politics I cannot advise you since it depends upon the individual.
Pray to the Almighty and act as you feel HE is leading you.
Debate: Rabbi Meir Kahane Vs. Ehud Olmert (more than 20 years ago!)

2. Dave Browning: Muslim Impediments to Archaeological Research
Dear Yair, et al,
Brit-Am Now no. 1210

#2. Paul D Pruitt: Hyksos of Egypt were Israelites

The show on the history channel is called exodus reveal led if memory serves me well. It's a very good presentation of how the plagues can be explained scientifically. Quiet an eye opener, so to speak.

The problem is, Muslim nations will not allow Christian or Jewish archaeologists to explore areas, such as Avaris. In fact Muslims do all they can to destroy any evidence which does not support the fabricated, and factually deficient history they desire to foster on the world. Their efforts on the Temple mount a prime example.

I for one have no problem being proven wrong, in fact i welcome such proof as such correction only leads to the truth, and regardless of my belief, the truth is the only way ahead. I have no doubts the Almighty is Who He says He is in Scripture, specifically the Torah, I do often doubt what people say He means by it all, including myself.

But I am getting very tired of whitewashing Islam to sever the economic interests of of those who worship mammon. If the Muslims were seeking truth, they would welcome the light of science anywhere in the lands they oppress. But they don't, and aren't. It is as simple as that.


3. Joan Griffith: Velikovsky and the Hycsos
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1210
 G-d did not make the Hebrews to rule over Egypt. Rather, he led the people out of Egypt, which at that point was ruined, crops dead, cattle dead, firstborn dead, etc. So who could the Hyksos be?
On their way, the people of Israel had to struggle with an army moving west, the army of the Amalekites.  Israel managed to win the battle, but the Amalekites simply continued westward and took over a badly damaged and disoriented Egypt. Egypt had no army (all drowned), no prince, no way to protect themselves against an army.
See Immanuel Velikovsky's books, which rely on mythical history and some speculation, yet come up with interesting answers to perennial questions. For example, in Joshua's long day, on the other side of the world is a story about a long night.  Velikovsky's theories about a planet coming near to almost destroy earth may be hard to swallow, but he is important because he opened the door to historians who don't believe in uniformitarianism, the idea that "all things continue as they have from creation." That is, catastrophists, who now are finding all kinds of signs of catastrophes, saying that the Gulf of Mexico was created by a meteor that likely drowned the civilization that built the structures, now underwater, near Cuba. And many other things.    


Brit-Am Comment:
In our article on the Hycsos we refer to the view of Velikovsky on this matter.


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