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1. Copies of Ephraim Now Available in the USA!
2. Magog in Afghanistan?
3. Abortion is Forbidden
(a) Steven Collins: Evidence from Jeremiah 1:5
(b) Rick Jurkovic: "life is in the blood"
(c) David Jackson: The Bible refers to Specific Incident of an Accidental Nature
4. Are Christians Edomites?
Avraham ben Gad: More on Gog and Magog


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1. Copies of Ephraim Available in the USA!
The book, "Ephraim. The Gentile Children of Israel"
has been out of print for some time.
We now have 30 copies of Ephraim in stock that remained with a distributor.
The books are in the USA.
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2. Magog in Afghanistan?
From: c hayman <>
 Gog and Magog: Locating Magog

Claims Magog is an area where Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan merge.
Uses Rabbinical Sources.
We have referred to this source before.
Brit-Am disagrees with the conclusions but some may well find the article
of interest.
The Maps are worth looking at. Very Nice.

3. Abortion is Forbidden

(a) Steven Collins: Evidence from Jeremiah 1:5
From: Steve Collins <>
 Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1208
Shalom Yair,
I will add a brief comment to those who have written on the subject of whether a fetus is a child or living individual. I agree strongly with those who answer that question in the affirmative. In addition to the scriptures cited already by others, we can add Jeremiah 1:5, in which God recognized Jeremiah as a unique person not only while he was in the womb, but before he was even conceived!
Steve Collins

(b) Rick Jurkovic: "life is in the blood"
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1207
Dear Yair,
   Referring to the idea that Torah doesn?t have a position on abortion.  What I found in Torah is that "life is in the blood".  I believe the fetus has a heartbeat at 4 weeks, therefore removing something that has a heartbeat to me is removing something that has blood and is eliminating life because the beating heart is pumping blood which is life. 
Rick Menasseh Jurkovic

(c) David Jackson: 
The Bible refers to Specific Incident of an Accidental Nature
Hi Yair,
The verse from Exodus cited seems to refer to an accidental killing of a baby in the womb.  Two men are said to be striving, and through the recklessness of one or both of them, the unborn child is killed.  This seems different from intentionally killing a baby as happens in abortion.  I think a more relevant analogy might be ancient peoples, such as the Canaanites and Carthaginians who sacrificed their children by rolling them into burning cauldrons dedicated to their god Moloch.  (Chemical abortions are possibly similar in their effect.)  The Bible speaks unequivocally against this practice.
Dave Jackson
Keller, TX

4. Are Christians Edomites?
Chris wrote:

Dear, Britam
Hello shalom , my name is Chris..., and I am a Christian Yes I know what your thinking oh no.
But anyway I was wondering if you have heard which im sure you have that in jewish writtings christians are referred to as Edomites Edom and well what happens to my wife and three kids and myself if the messiah comes and its not his second time here... and my family and I were wrong and its not the antichrist fake, so now what messiah comes down, or rises up , and destroys ishmael (islam)and edom (christianity)? what about all the other faiths hinduism ,buddism , ect will he destroy them to?...
give it to me straight .. .
Please respond to this as it is important if I am Edom I need to know I sure dont feel like an edomite what does this all mean ?

Brit-Am Reply:

To tell the truth, Chris, when I get letters like yours I am never sure that some "Identity" supporter is not trying to provoke us.
It could be coincidence but a certain similarity between your letter and others we have received makes us think twice.
At all events, Here is an answer:
Christianity is referred to as Edom in some writings because Ancient Rome was founded partly by descendants of Esau even though most Romans were of some other stock.
After that Rome accepted Christianity and began to spread the new faith often persecuting Jews in the process.
"Edom" became a kind of code name for Christian Civilization.
We have mentioned this several times in articles on our site.
See also:
Applying the name "Edom" to Roman Christianity referred more to spiritual aspects than those of ancestry.
A good portion of the inhabitants of the USA as well as very many in Europe especially Western Europe are descended from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.
That is what we teach.
Even if someone is not so descended but attaches themself to an Israelite Identity then according to our understanding they will be considered as Israel.
If you live in the USA, do good by the Community, love God and do the best you can you and your family should never have anything to worry about.
Even if someone is a physical descendant of Esau (Edom) and not from Israel they should be OK if they do as well as they can and accept the Almighty.
This is our belief. It is what we teach. It is what Scripture says.
Scripture also says that after three generations Edomites who come unto you and identify with you were to be considered as Israelites without any distinction (Deuteronomy 23).
Beyond that every person has to find their own way.
See also our article:
Ephraimite Criteria
 How Do You Know You Descend from Israel?
Read both sections (1) and (2).
It is not a long article and has some good points.

5. Avraham ben Gad: More on Gog and Magog:
There is good reason to believe, rather than a "Soviet" coalition, the countries and peoples identified by their historic names likely represent a coalition of Middle Eastern countries led by a man referred to as "Gog of Magog", the "Rosh" (Hebrew for prince) of Meshech and Tubal.   The ancient regions of Meshech and Tubal spoken of here are readily identifiable by anyone with internet access and the inclination to research the topic.
These geographic regions correspond roughly to the area just south of and along the Caucasus Mountains between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.  The area of Magog includes Mechech and Tubal.  This region is present day Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan which are just to the north of and border Iran. Older Biblical geographic maps have this area actually extending to the south into northern Syria, northern Iran and northern Iraq.

The narrative of Ezekiel 38-39 tells us this coalition will include Libya (thought to include that part of Northern Africa which is mostly Arabic), Togarmah and Gomer (Turkey), Persia (Iran), and Ethiopia (this may include Moslem Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia).  Led by the "Prince of Magog," the entire coalition will invade the "unwalled villages" in the mountains of Israel.  Interestingly, the area prophesied to be invaded is presently where the poorly defended Jewish Settlements are located.  This whole scenario does not seem all that far-fetched given the current political situation in the Middle East.

From The Watchman's Cry by Frank Morgan, p265-266

Brit-Am Comment:
The word translated as Ethiopia in Hebrew is "Cush" which also is the name of India.
India in Classical Literature included present-day Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of Central Asia as well as India of today.
Placing "India" in this sense in the above equation could be closer to what is liable to happen.


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