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Brit-Am Now no. 1190
Date 20 Tammuz 5768 23 July 2008
1. Joan Griffith:  The Land of Israel and a Story Written by Isaac Bashevitz Singer
2. Jonathan
Tillotson: Should Britain Stay United? and Other Questions
3. Question on Israel-Palestinian Conflict, Religion, and US Support



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1. Joan Griffith:  The Land of Israel and a Story Written by Isaac Bashevitz Singer
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1189
#1. Dave Browning: Britain and the Land of Canaan
David Browning's discussion of the Jews at Jerusalem under the Ottoman Empire reminds me of a story written by Isaac Bashevitz Singer set in the late 19th or early 20th century. A Christian woman has her entire desire set on visiting the Holy Land, where she will feel closer to G-d. For years, it is all she can talk about, and finally she and her husband go for a visit. In the hotel, they meet and eat with an unidentified beholder of events.
First of all, the hotel is lacking in numerous things the woman took for granted at home. Next, the food, while healthful, somehow is not what she expected (oatmeal and fruit). The worst part, however, is that the region is like a desert, not beautiful and green as described in her Bible. As days pass, the woman becomes more and more depressed, and finally the couple returns home.
It is a great story, and probably some visitors to Israel in this era are affected in the same way by the modernity and crowds of people who are not wearing robes and riding donkeys. (Singer did not write anything about the Jerusalem Syndrome.)

2. Jonathan Tillotson: Should Britain Stay United? and Other Questions
From: Jonathan Tillotson <jon_tillotson@yahoo.co.uk>

Dear Yair,

I was wondering if you, or Brit Am in general, has made any comments or would like to make any comments about what a Jewish BRITAM perspective might be on what course the United Kingdom should take in its constitutional affairs. We face, it seems, two questions, one of which is shared by various other nations in Europe, one of which is ours alone. First, should the United Kingdom remain a composite-nation of four nations or not, and within that context should England develop its own Parliament to counterbalance the devolved centers of national self-Government in Stormont, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Second, should the UK, or the 4 nations of the UK (if the UK were to fragment) withdraw from the EU or not; or if not should they renegotiate their powers viz z viz the EU such as to increase their own sovereignty.

I realize, of course, that that though I understand you are partly Welsh by ancestry, you and other non-British Jews may very well just be thinking: This is none of our business. This is a matter for you. But if the claims made by Brit AM are true, are we sure this is the case? Is not the health of all the nations in which are found the descendants of Israelites not of concern to all the others? While of course British people would, I trust, in no way feel happy about being commanded to do what they did not want to do by any non-British peoples (though, ironically, today it seems ok for us to be told precisely this by Brussels), I was nonetheless wondering what you felt, if anything, on this issue.

My reasons for asking are sheer curiosity, though I think, as I say, the issue to be relevant and important. Britain after all is the root of most, though not all* of the Brit Am peoples around the world lying outside of Europe [some BRITAM peoples outside of Europe will presumably from French, Dutch and Danish peoples (the Afrikaans perhaps, the Quebecans? This in itself is an interesting issue.], and for all its failings - as it needed to juggle its commitment to its other imperial subjects - did facilitate the establishment of the State of Israel. But I in no way represent my country in any formal sense, of course, being as I am merely an obscure English language teacher.

I also wanted to ask you. Does Brit AM have an official position on the claims often made by British Israelites regarding the notion that Elizabeth II is the current occupant of  the Throne of David, as the latest of the many Monarchs who over the past 2,600 years have secured an unbroken line of succession for the Throne of David stretching back to the time of Jeremiah and Zedekiah? Such as to fulfill, in these British Israelite eyes, the prophecies made by God to David about their always being a King to sit on the Throne of David. Alas, I do not have the Biblical reference to hand?

I presume you might be aware of this idea. Does Brit am have a stance towards it, I was wondering?

God bless. I was very sorry to hear about the recent incident with a truck in Jerusalem.


 Brit-Am Reply:
From a purely Brit-Am perspective and without considering all kinds of subsidiary factors we would say:
 (a) The UK should remain as united as possible since unity gives power and a strong UK in most cases is a blessing to the world.
The more sovereignty the UK retains the better.

(b) Does the Queen sit on the Throne of David?
Brit-Am has shown that this is highly likely but we do not incorporate it as an indispensable part of our beliefs.
Sons of David as Rulers

3. Question on Israel-Palestinian Conflict, Religion, and US Support
Re the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
Why must you always try and refer to religion? Because personally
i think it just suits you more to portray it as a religious war because obviously it suits to you to try and portray any Palestinian attacks on Israel being based on religion. Basically it sidetracks from the real issues, this is the reason most people in America would support Israel because they believe that Israel is under attack because of their religion.

For the Brit-Am Answer to this question, go to:


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