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Brit-Am Now no. 1189
Date 19 Tammuz 5768 22 July 2008
1. Dave Browning: Britain and the Land of Canaan
2. n
lorenz: The Messiah comes from Ephraim-Shiloh?
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1. Dave Browning: Britain and the Land of Canaan
From: "dave-browning@suddenlink.net"
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1185
#3. Are Some Israelites More "Chosen" than others?

Dear Yair, et al,

please allow me to briefly recount the British government's role in the re-birth of IsraEl.

Before the end of WW1 Israel was a property of the Ottoman empire, and had been, what; four hundred years? Under the Ottomans there had been several large influxes of Jews back to the land at least as early as the 1700s, and as a rule this was with the consent of the Ottoman government. One of the primary, indeed the principle reason they allowed Jews in, was to stimulate the area's economy, and to try to get it to produce revenues. As it was under Bedouin occupation, it was a drain, not a profit to the Ottomans.

During these times, Israel was basically as it was in Biblical times as far as technology is concerned; and it was a very difficult proposition to simply survive there. Another prob with the area was, besides a few walled cities (such as Jerusalem), civilization had long since disappeared. What was there were many armed gangs of thieves, and murderers, and they roamed freely, preying on caravans, each other and pilgrims trying to get to the Holy sites.

I'm working from memory, but one of the last censuses conducted by the Ottomans, in the mid 1800s calculated more Jews in Jerusalem than any other group. But for survival motives, for the most part, they had to stay close to the city walls or be robbed, murdered, or both. I mention this because as recently as the 1800s we have Jews in Jerusalem who are the senior, and more numerous group there. Who's homeland would that make it in 1850?

There are many eye witness accounts agreeing with the above appraisal. Some notable, such as Mark Twain, but they were all rather disappointed with their visit, and they all noted, how sterile, and Godless it seemed in the hinterlands.

In the mid 1800s, also, the pograms of Russia inspired a Rothschild to finance a mass exodus out of Russia, of Jews, to Israel, and again, this was with the consent of the Ottomans. Rothschild spent a lotta money improving the infrastructure, and quality of life in Israel. As these projects (agricultural, hospitals, schools, roads, communities) required a lotta man power (it was all done with man, not machine power then), migrant Arab workers from Syria and Jordan mainly, but other middle eastern nations (Egypt, Turkey etc etc) jumped at the chance to improve their very poor, miserable lives under Islamic rule. Gladly leaving the poverty and desperation in their own primitive countries, for the promise of work, from the Jews. They came by the thousands, and have been coming ever since. Before Jewish migrations and investment though, none of them would have ever dreamed of going there, because under Muslim rule, Israel was a place to die at the hands of Vicious Bedouins, not live simply for the Joy of living, as the Jews are want to do.

The problem for Britian was both Strategic, and economic (as if the two were seperable). Around WW1, while still a considerable empire, with perhaps the largest navy in the world; they were shifting from coal to oil as a fuel for that navy. Also, the only land route from Europe to India (a British possession at the time), went through the middle east, specifically Iraq (also a British possession post WW1). Not only that, British oil reserves and facilities were in Burma, not Iraq (access to the Persian Gulf), the Arab oil had not yet been developed. So that land route becomes ever more critical, unless they wanted to ship their oil and goods from India all the way around the world, or Africa. They had to hold what they had in the Middle east. This is one of the reasons they built the Suez canal.

The writing was on the wall by this time, keeping the Arabs, and other Muslims happy was essential to the British empire, and all its strategic plans. The situation in Israel was not strategic, nor economically important to Briton, but pressure from their Arab/Muslim allies was. In response, Briton stopped Jewish migration, and turned a blind eye to the indigent Muslim, illegal border crossings into Israel. This appeased the new Arab governments, new in the sense that until this time, there had never been an independent, autonomous Arab nation. No Arab nation existed at anytime before WW1. Not only this, the Arab leaders established (by Briton) were happy to be rid the people that were leaving their rule in droves, they were the very low classes of the Arab caste system, they were not wanted by Arab leaders, and indeed were a burden to their efforts in ruling, as a great king desires.

This is evident in the fact, that when armed conflict arose twixt Israel and the 5 Arab nations that attacked her in defiance of the United Nations after 1948; most of the Muslims in Israel tried desperately to get back to their native lands (Jordan, Syria, Egypt etc etc) but were blocked by the Arab rulers of these nations themselves. It is not Israel who has refused the "palestinian (the word is a lie, and always has been)" their homeland, it was the Arab nations.

For those in power, in Briton then, principle was not the guiding light, 'twas simply an effort, to maintain the status quo. This it seems, is their sin... turning their backs on the innocent, and helping the guilty, turning their back on friends, to embrace strangers.

but, bro, thas the way it goes.

I hope i got it right, i know i got it close, but I have neither a horse shoe, nor hand grenade to judge with *smile*. I will say this and close:

As to the idea of an independent, autonomous Arab, and specifically "palestinian" state, the only time "palestine" in all of history was an independent, autonomous state, it was a Jewish one, and always had been. The only time Israel was a "homeland" it was an Israeli one. All the rest were just passing through.

There never was a "palestine" the very word is a poor Roman contortion of "philistia" and the Philistines were never Arab.
There is no "palestine" now, there is only Iranian and Syrian paramilitary groups, with a choke hold on the culture of an entire race, their own.
Finally, there never will be a palestine, the earth will not bear it.


2. n lorenz: The Messiah comes from Ephraim-Shiloh?
From: nlorenz@unr.nevada.edu
Shiloh is from Ephraim

Why are so many people misinformed about the coming "Shiloh" messiah?

Wikipedia states: "While some Christian interpreters believe Gen. 49:10 to be a prophecy of Jesus, some Muslims interpret it as a prophecy of Muhammad, and likewise, some Rastafarians have associated the name with the return of Haile Selassie I."

Shiloh is a town in the territory of Ephraim and Shiloh the messiah comes from the same heritage.

Brit-Am Comment:
See the Brit-Am Article about the Two Messiahs

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