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Brit-Am Now no. 1184
Date 12 Tammuz 5768 15 July 2008
1. Tribal Identifications that are
2. Brian
Patmore: Hungarians, Huns, and Sumerians
3. In Praise of Judah



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1. Tribal Identifications that are
re Brit-Am Now no. 1183
#3. Didrik Saemundsson:
Disappointed with Brit-Am reaction and checks steadfastness of identification of Benjamin
Brit-Am said:

Of the identifications we make in The Tribes they all tie together and interlock with each other and new evidence keeps confirming the identifications we made.
Nevertheless the identifications may be divided into

(1) those we are quite certain of and
(2) those we would be more open to consider other identifications for if the alternatives could be substantiated.
The Identifications Brit-Am made in "The Tribes" were:
Ephraim Britain & Co
Manasseh  USA
Reuben France
Simeon Celts & Jews
Levi with the Jews
Yehudah Jutes and Jews
Issachar Swiss & Finns
Zebulon Netherlands
Gad  Goths & Sweden
Asher Scotts
Benjamin Belgae & Normans
Dan Danes & Celts
Naphtali Norwegians

Those we are Most certain of are:
Ephraim Britain & Co
Manasseh  USA
Reuben France
Simeon Celts & Jews
Levi with the Jews
Yehudah Jutes and Jews
Zebulon Netherlands
Gad  Goths & Sweden
Dan Danes & Celts

2. Brian Patmore: Hungarians, Huns, and Sumerians
From: Brian Patmore <manco_yupanqui@bigpond.com>
re BAMAD-34
#3. Macedonian Huns in Pakistan?

Shalom Yair,

Of interest for you regarding the Huns, my son in law is Hungarian and a knight of the realm, as was his father etc.
His father is involved, with a group from around the world, deciphering the language of the Sumerians and indeed are themselves interested in the twelve tribes etc.
They do understand the Sumerian language and can speak it a bit at this stage.
They have, in Hungarian, many childrens nursery rhymes that do not have any meaning in Hungarian but do have perfect meaning in Sumerian.
The fact that you mention the Huns below raised an interesting point regarding the Huns in Pakistan, some time ago.
The information related to the Hunzas in the north of that country in that firstly the place names are all old Hun words from centuries ago.
After the death of Attila, the major group of Huns, under the command of Attila's son Chuba (his mother was daughter of the Greek King of the time) set off to the area of what we would call Pakistan now days and promised to return in 120 years later.
They apparently did keep their word and returned to the present day Hungary/Rumanian etc general areas.
The group knows that some Huns did stay behind in the Pakistan area and believe, as you have stated, regarding the Macedonian Huns plus the Hunzas.
All the best and keep up the work of the Mighty One of Israel.


3. In Praise of Judah
From: Matthew & Sharon Sedeen <cat.tv@cfaith.com>
 'I will bless them that bless thee'
by Hal Lindsay

    There is a legendary story concerning an agitated Frederick the Great who, in frustration, demanded from his cabinet that somebody provide him with proof of the existence of God. There was a momentary silence before one of his counselors spoke up: "Have you considered the Jew, your Majesty?" he asked.

    The continuing existence of the Jew is proof positive of God's existence, just as the existence of a Jewish state is proof positive that we are living in the last days of human government as foretold by the Bible prophets of antiquity.

    There are three distinct statements made within the Divine promise of blessing given to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    The first is that God will bless those who bless the Jews.

    When the United States wrested its seat at the council of nations from England, it became the first nation on earth to grant full citizenship to Jews.

    It was the first nation to allow the Jews an unrestricted vote. It was the first nation to recognize the incomparable blessing the Jewish people have been to humanity.

    America's second president, John Adams, said, "The Jews have done more to civilize men than any other Nation. They are the most glorious Nation that ever inhabited the earth. The Romans and their Empire were but a bauble in comparison to the Jews. They have given religion to three-quarters of the globe and have influenced the affairs of Mankind more, and more happily than any other Nation, ancient or modern."

    And no nation on the face of the planet today, or at any time in recorded history, has been more greatly blessed than the United States of America.

    The second is that God promised that in the Jews "shall all families of the earth be blessed."

    Without the Jews, there would be no Bible...there would be no Christianity.

    Apart from the theological argument, a quick look at the last hundred years or so proves the promise isn't confined to religious blessings alone.

    From 1901 to 2001, the world's 6 billion people competed for the scarce 844 Nobel Prizes that have been awarded. Among those 6 billion people are nearly 2 billion Muslims -roughly 20 percent of the global population.
    Of those 2 billion Muslims, eight have been singled out to receive the Nobel Prize ? (seven if you consider that one of them was a politically motivated award mistakenly given unrepentant terrorist Yasser Arafat).
    In any case, Muslims account for less than 1 percent of the total Nobel Prizes awarded in the last hundred years.

    In the middle of the 20th century, the Nazis exterminated some 6 million Jews, more than half the world's Jewish population. There are today about 14 million Jews left.

    Even with half their number exterminated at the century's midpoint, 159 of the remaining 836 Nobel Prizes were awarded to Jews, or roughly 18.8 percent of all the Nobel Prizes awarded in Nobel's history.

    (If you're keeping track, that is about 20 times as many prizes divided among 14 million Jews than were shared by the 2 billion Muslims worldwide)

    In America, the influence of American Jews is hugely disproportionate to their numbers. Conspiracists point darkly to the "Jewish influence" in education, banking, law, medicine, government, media and entertainment as evidence of a Jewish conspiracy to control the world.

    They accurately point out that American Jewry accounts for less than 2 percent of America's general population, but then draw their conclusions without the benefit of Scriptural discernment.

    The "Jewish influence" in American life is part of God's blessing on America ? the "Jewish conspiracy" canard given them in reward is part of God's curse on Israel.
    "Then will I pluck them up by the roots out of My land which I have given them; and this house, which I have sanctified for My Name, will I cast out of my sight, and will make it to be a proverb and a byword among all nations" (2 Chronicles 7:20).

    The curse was partially lifted, beginning in 1948, but will not be entirely lifted until the close of the Tribulation Period.

    "And it shall come to pass, that as ye were a curse among the heathen, O house of Judah, and house of Israel; so will I save you, and ye shall be a blessing: fear not, but let your hands be strong" (Zechariah 8:13).

    The Jews have returned to the Land, but they remain a "proverb and a byword among all nations" to this day.

    Finally, God promised that He would "curse them that curse you." The precision with which God kept this promise is nothing less than astonishing.

    During the Crusades from 1095 to 1270, Jews in Southern Europe fled to Spain, England, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe as the result of severe persecution and wholesale massacres of the Jews.

    England turned out to be the wrong place to go, because in 1290 King Edward I expelled the Jews. King Charles II did the same thing in 1394 by forcing all Jews from France. Interestingly, Spanish Jews found peace and security in Spain and Portugal while those countries were under Muslim rule.

    At that point in history, Europe was fractured, ignorant and in constant turmoil, while that same period of time is known to history as the Golden Age of Islam.

    The Moors were world-renowned for their knowledge of astronomy, medicine and science, and the Islamic world boasted the most extensive libraries that had ever existed to that time.

    In the 1400s, the Moors were kicked out of Spain by the Papal forces of Europe. In 1492, on the same day Columbus set sail for the New World, Spain expelled any unconverted Jews who had survived the Spanish Inquisition. This time they fled back to England where the Protestant reformation now welcomed them.

    Spain's global empire lasted less than a century after it expelled its Jews, to be replaced by the Jew-friendly British Empire whose reach extended to every corner of the globe. In 1917, the British captured Palestine from the Muslims. The British Crown offered the Jews a homeland via the Balfour Declaration, and a year later, England won the First World War.

    After the war, the British broke most of their promises to the Jews, restricted Jewish immigration to the Holy Land, and in the years since have increasingly turned their backs on the Jews that brought them such great blessings for more than 300 years.

    The British Empire upon which "the sun never set" in 1900, had, by 1948, lost its last colony when Burma declared independence, and the British Empire was no more.

    In 1933, Germany was among the most cultured and sophisticated nations in Europe. Old Berlin was Europe's Crown Jewel. The Nazis turned on the Jews, together with most of Eastern Europe, and 12 years later, Europe's Crown Jewel was a pile of burning rubble.

    The Arab world, which had been so blessed during its Golden Age, collapsed into its present state of affairs, with most of it still operating as if electricity had never been harnessed.

    The Arab Muslims supported Hitler, opposed Jewish immigration, waged repeated wars against Israel, deny Israel its rightful territory, and now mount a global jihad to finish Hitler's goal of total extermination. The backward nature of modern Islamic culture and society are the fruits of those efforts.

    Historically, wherever the Jews were welcomed, that nation flourished and prospered. Where the Jews were persecuted, those nations floundered.

    It is more than just coincidence; it is an identifiable historical pattern that has continued, without deviation, since the days of the Babylonian captivity.

    Babylon prospered when its Jews prospered, it fell to Persia when Neboplasser turned against them. Persia prospered until it turned on the Jews, whereupon it fell to Alexander's Greece. And so on, throughout history, up to and including the impending collapse of the rabidly anti-Semitic United Nations.

    God's Word is true, and Bible prophecy is always 100 percent accurate. Jesus said that before He returned, ALL Bible prophecy would be fulfilled ? to the tiniest "jot and tittle" ? (the two most insignificant characters in the Hebrew alphabet).
    In tracing Israel's history from Babylon to the present, we see the incredible detail with which God keeps His Word. Although America continues to be Israel's principle protector, and continues to enjoy the concomitant blessings that come with it, America's good fortunes began to wane about the same time the White House forced Israel into the Oslo Agreement.

    The "land for peace" formula called for Israel to give up some of the land of Promise in exchange for peace. In other words, it was a form of blackmail whose terms were drawn up in Washington and forced upon Israel for the express purpose of undoing what God had already done, including dividing Jerusalem and taking part of it from the Jews.

    "And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it" (Zechariah 12:3).

    People can certainly deny any biblical connection, but the hard reality marches on with the growing shadow now falling across global society. Now it is America's turn to discover just how serious God was about the whole "blessing and cursing" thing.

    And by the time circumstances force America to recognize the danger it faces, it will be too late to do anything to affect the outcome.

    "So shall My Word be that goeth forth out of My Mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it " (Isaiah 55:11).

Note to All: this was written by Hal Lindsay, part American Indian, who has a pretty good grip on the facts here.


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