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Brit-Am Now no. 1173
Date 16 Sivan 5768 19 June 2008
1. How Others See US
2. Appreciation of Brit-Am, Different Religious Views, and Recognition of Divine Help
3. Gina Payne: The
Noahide Movement and Brit-Am Beliefs
4. Jodie: Biblical Place Names in the USA
5. Why Brit-Am Needs and Deserves Your Support


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Biblical Truth.
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
according to the Book of Genesis

Biblical Prophecy Predicted that the Lost Tribes of Israel would be found amongst Western Nations.
Biblical Verses analysed in the light of the Hebrew language, Rabbinical Commentary, and Historical Reality.
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1. How Others See US
Recently I was debating with some people in Ireland.
These are Irish intellectuals who are against Zionism and the State of Israel.
They do not consider themselves against the Jews.
Maybe they are not. They seem to be sensitive and intelligent but also captives of a Third World Internationalist Atheistic mentality.
The claims they made were not so interesting but their perspective was.
In their opinion the whole world is [justifiably in their eyes] against Zionism and the State of Israel apart from Britain and the USA.
Britain  from an Israeli perspective does not make the impression of being pro-Israel.
In fact just the opposite. There are many anti-Semitic incidents in Britain itself (admittedly mostly the work of Muslims) and the British position is often intrusively against the Jewish State.
Sometimes British Fairness does prevail.
At the least Britain may on occasion stand up for the right of Israel to receive some semblance of fair treatment.
[The same applies to Australia and Canada but almost nobody else, apart from Micronesia!]
In the eyes of others however Britain seems to comes across as standing at the side of the US and supporting Israel unreservedly!
Not only that but the supposed support of the US and Britain is attributed to religious belief in the Bible and the idea that the Jews are the "Chosen People" of Scripture.
Sometimes it is our enemies who realize the truth before we do.
Maybe in some way the inner soul of Britain and the USA wants to stand with Israel unreservedly and defy the heathen nations of the world!
Maybe somewhere there is an inner striving for this that they themselves are not conscious of but outsiders feel?

2. Appreciation of Brit-Am, Different Religious Views, and Recognition of Divine Help
Brit-Am has been active in the public domain for a decade or more.
Look what we have done.
We have promoted the knowledge of Israelite Ancestry and Biblical Awareness.
We have put out a few ground-breaking studies some of which had widespread participation from our correspondents, e.g. the series on Biblical Place-Names in the USA and their Tribal affiliations.
Biblical Place Names in America
We have provided the equivalent of on-line ongoing Seminars on questions that concerned descendants of Joseph (or "Ephraimites") who often only recently have become aware of their Hebrew antecedents and the questions this arouses.
Tens (maybe even hundreds) of thousands have received the message, some for the first time and others as confirmation of knowledge they already had.
We have put out articles of our own and of others with valuable information and on occasion with original insights in the fields of Biblical Studies, Rabbinical Commentary, Archaeology, Ancient History, and several other fields.
We have also reached out to the Israeli Public (and been reached out to by them) and have had some effect.
Perhaps most importantly of all,
We have dealt with Jews and Christians and people of all persuasions while touching issues that are at the heart of their beliefs.
We have done all of this largely without compromising our own somewhat "extreme" principles, without unduly offending others, and succeeded in avoiding conflict.
This has been no mean achievement.
It was not even exceptionally difficult.
The help of God has been with us in this as well as in other matters
such as our researches and personal issues that we will not elaborate upon at the moment.
The attitude of our supporters and they who correspond with us also helped very much in all this.
They realize what Brit-Am is trying to do and have helped us in it.
There is something good in Brit-Am and we should all appreciate it.

3. Gina Payne: The Noahide Movement and Brit-Am Beliefs
 Respond to Leah -  Britam 1168 -
 I have been a Brit-am supporter for 2-3 years and own the majority of your books.  I first learned of your studies after leaving the traditional church and then spending a couple of years through the Messianic movement.  As I continued my studies, ...I visited Israel and took the Noahide oath while in Jerusalem in front of a Beit Din.  For your readers who are interested,  http://www.noahidenations.com/ is a site that provides a strong connection with Jewish leadership.  There will be several rabbis at the Noahide conference in Florida next week (see website for details). 
I do not know if I am a member of the 10 lost tribes. But, taking the Noahide oath does NOT prevent me from in the future being identified to a tribe nor does it prevent someone who says they are in a covenant with G-d ....from being tribally identified in the future. Being a Noahide DOES NOT deny any covenant G-d made with me.  Actually, the 10 tribes would be expected to live by the Noahide commandments until such time as G-d renews the covenant and the reunification takes place.
Just as a bit of FYI for your readers about Noahides, I participate in Sabbath and the festivals with Halachic guidance.
Thanks for all your efforts,

Brit-Am Comment:
We are posting the above letter for the sake of clarification
and as a balance to previous postings of others that may have given the wrong impression concerning the Noachide Movement.
Nevertheless we hope to close this thread.
This is not because there is anything wrong with it but it could be divisive and is liable to take us too far away from themes we wish to concentrate upon.

4. Jodie:  Biblical Place Names in the USA
Shalome Yair,
I just can't believe how many places in America are named after places in Israel, and around Israel. There is a mountain here in North Carolina named Mizgah forest. A road named Sharon, And MT olive, Also there is a place named Zebulun here. And you know Yair, In that mountain where i got the pictures and found those 2 names, there was another place there named Osirus mountain. And I wandered if maybe they named it that because of something to do with Ancient Egypt? There is also a place in NC named Turkey. And also I was looking for pictures in SC. I get a lot of pictures off the net. But There was this one picture of a water fountain that, [ I read about on the site ] was made by Sherman during the civil war. Sherman named it after a fountain that King David had. But I thought Golly. Even back then my Anscesters had Israel on their minds!
I must go now.
I love you Jews and Israel and of course God.

Brit-Am Comment:
See our series
Biblical Place Names in America
Biblical Names in Each State Noted and Discussed

5. Why Brit-Am Needs and Deserves Your Support
 Brit-Am spreads its message.
Brit-Am helps proves that many people in the west Today are descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.
We do this by promoting and explaining the results of previous Biblical Study and Secular Research by ourselves and others who preceded us and also by continuing such researches and often sharing with others in the on-going process and consequent results.
Brit-Am in its own way does a lot.
See item no.2 above.
 Appreciation of Brit-Am, Different Religious Views, and Recognition of Divine Help

with Brit-Am Functions.
All this and more (as will become apparent, God willing, in the future) is what Brit-Am does.
In addition to what Brit-Am has done and now does, Brit-Am may well expand greatly in the future building on the basis of what has already been established.
These activities cost money the same as would those of any comparable enterprise anywhere.
Brit-Am gets by with the help of offerings and purchase of its Publications.
They who help Brit-Am receive a blessing. 
We need you to help us so that through us you too along with others may be helped.
We ask of you to contribute towards our efforts, to send us offerings, participation funds, and to buy our writings.
We also request they who intend to send help to us to let us know now (if possible) of their intentions.
This is important.
Our request for assistance today is important.
Assist us. Send Brit-Am an offering now if you can.
Buy a book and read it or give it to somebody you feel may be interested.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

'It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God or the Bible.'
  George Washington

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.


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