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Brit-Am Now no. 1170
Date 13 Sivan 5768 16 June 2008
1. Holocaust Denial and RedHead Persecution:
Are We Too Gullible?
2. The Revision of the Chronology of Ancient History and Brit-Am
3. URL about the
Khazars Shows their Israelite Origins According to the Sources.


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Biblical Truth.
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
according to the Book of Genesis

Biblical Prophecy Predicted that the Lost Tribes of Israel would be found amongst Western Nations.
Biblical Verses analysed in the light of the Hebrew language, Rabbinical Commentary, and Historical Reality.
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1. Holocaust Denial and RedHead Persecution:
Are We Too Gullible?
Recently we had a thread in response to a black man from Jamaica asking how to respond to Holocaust Denial. After that we received a letter from a RedHeaded person claiming he was being persecuted by Christian Identity People because they associated him with Esau.
In both cases we assumed the letters were genuine.
They may not have been.
They could just as well have both been the fictitious inventions of someone wishing to amuse themselves or provoke us.  Such things have happened in the past, not so much to us (as far as we know) but to others.
It does not really matter.
In both cases we clarified matters that may well have needed clarifying.

2. The Revision of the Chronology of Ancient History and Brit-Am
A very good overview and summary of all major chronology revisionist theories.
Very thorough. Recommended to the student of Ancient History
and all they who have an interest in it.
Ancient History as taught today is a disaster area. Nothing fits convincingly together. The development of the arts, cultures and technologies from earliest times shows inexplicable incongruities. Art historians and archaeologists are in disarray. Why? Because the chronology of the first and second millennium BC is badly wrong.

When Schliemann excavated the famous Shaft Graves at Mycenae in Greece in the 1870's, he found they contained some scarabs bearing the names of Amenhotep III and his wife Queen Tiy. So, when Petrie later found much similar Mycenaean pottery at Pharaoh Akhenaten's short lived capital city of Amarna, between Memphis and Thebes, such was the confidence in the correctness of Egyptian chronology that it was used to date the entire contents of the graves of the Late Helladic age at Mycenae to not later then about 1300. Egyptian dates were also applied at other sites to artefacts and everything else that was obviously contemporary with them, such as architectural and technological designs and developments. Art historians and other scholars noted their obvious and close affinities with those clearly datable in Greece, Syria and Mesopotamia to a period some 500-700 years later. Because of these similarities, many scholars, including Petrie, at first accepted the early Egyptian dates for the start of the Mycenaean era, but concluded that it must have lasted for some 7-800 years, making it flow continuously into the Greek Archaic period of the 7th century. But by the beginning of the 20th century it became clear, again from archaeology and Egyptian dates, that the Mycenaean era ended no later than around 1200BC. According to Greek tradition the Mycenaeans were believed to have been overrun by the Dorians from Northern Greece, but no evidence could be found in Greece for people, alive or dead, to fill the yawning gap between the 12th and 9th centuries. To fill these empty years, the concept of the Dark Ages of Greece was invented.

No rational explanation has ever been offered to explain why the Greeks disappeared, where they went to, why they returned, and how they managed to resume their artistic and cultural development some half a millennium later with no apparent break in continuity. And worse, no Dark Age was heard of among any of the early classical Greek and Roman writers, who lived some two millennia nearer that time.

The credibility of the Bible in general and of Old Testament history in particular is being undermined quite unfairly. We are very likely being misinformed by a teaching establishment, the leaders of which seem to us to be more concerned with their vested interests in perpetuating the existing dogma than with uncovering new truths.

At Nimrud, that military stronghold of the great Assyrian warrior king Shalmaneser III, three large rooms full of ivories were found. Many of these were clearly made in Egypt in the Amarna era, the time of the famous heretic pharaoh Akhenaten in the 14th century BC. Unfortunately, Shalmaneser III is firmly dated by Assyrian chronology to the 8th century BC.

Prof. Anati and R. Cohen have shown that the archaeological evidence at the end of the EBA can be interpreted to reflect very accurately the activities of Joshua during the Conquest as recorded in detail in the OT. To explain this early date Anati prefers to postulate one or two missing 'Books of the Judges Era' rather than propose a revision of the world's ancient chronology - a choice both prudent and understandable.
-End Extracts-

Implications for Brit-Am Studies:

These are plentiful. One of them is the dating of  "Mycenean" findings etc to ca. 700 BCE instead of 1200 BCE.
Mycenean" findings PROVE  a definite migratory path from the area of Ancient Israel and its surroundings to Western Europe.

What Brit-Am would REALLY like to see is a Revision of the chronology concerning Megalithic Monuments.
Emmet John Sweeney in an article dealing mainly with New Grange in Ireland did deal very well with this issue. His article has since been removed from the Web [Perhaps because he wishes to publish a book about it?].
Sweeney has just published a book,
The Genesis of Israel and Egypt

This does not deal with Megalthic Monuments but with other matters.
Apart however from
E.J. Sweeney there appears to be a dearth of available studies on the subject of Megalthics and Chronology and even Sweeney has had his study withdrawn.

3. URL about the Khazars Shows their Israelite Origins According to the Sources.
KHAZARS are referred to as "JEWS" (without distinguishing them as proselytes) by:
IBN FADLAN (Arab writer, quoting king of Bulgars),
IBN HAWKAL (ca. 977: "they give the Khacanship only to JEWS"),
HASDAI (who wrote the "KHAZAR CORRESPONDENCE") thought the Khazars to be the 10 lost tribes,
ELDAD HA-DANI, Jewish traveller, says Khazaria is 3 of the lost tribes,
the RUSSIAN CHRONICLE refers to Khazaria as "the country of the Jews,"
WESTERN JEWS in the Middle Ages called Khazars "red Jews,"
the Biblically minded SLAVONIC EPICS speak of "Jews" rather than Khazars

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.


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