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Brit-Am Now no. 1169
Date 13 Sivan 5768 15 June 2008
1. Jewish Tartan in Scotland
Alister Lowe: Biblical Codes and New Result for Australia
3. Cecil Davis: Red Hair No Problem
4. Is the Stone of Scone a Duplicate?
5. Joseph F Dumond: As Yair said "make it your strength"!


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1. Jewish Tartan in Scotland
From: Leah Todd <heathandleahtodd@yahoo.com>
Subject: Jewish tartan
 I saw this and thought it might be of interest to you.
Shabbat Shalom,


Religious experts and Tartan Authorities worked meticulously to come up with a design that reflected religious values and Scottish history.

The colours, weave, and number of threads have all been picked for their importance in Judaism.

2. Alister Lowe: Biblical Codes and New Result for Australia
From: Alister Lowe <ajlowe@ajlowe.com>

I have just revisited your Bible Codes article regarding Australia.  I see it has been greatly updated and revised.  Congratulations!  Keep up the excellent work.
I thought you would like to know that I have found Australia [with a samech] at the following ELS's:
         -21658;  42097 and -74073.
My research on this was conducted over several years and on three separate occasions.  They all resulted in the same conclusions.
Wilderness is very pronounced. 
Here is a matrix, strongly showing Joseph intersecting Australia [with the samech]:
The A for Australia commences in Leviticus 15:14 And on the eighth day he shall take to him two turtle-doves, or two young pigeons, and come before the LORD unto the door of the tent of meeting, and give them unto the priest.

Brit-Am Note:
To see the name Australia associated with the Land of Sinim
in Biblical Codes as well as other results concerning Australia and the result obtained by Alister Lowe go to:
Australia and the Land of Sinim
#12. Alister Lowe and Australia intersecting "Joseph" in the Codes

See also:
Australia and the Matrix
Based on the Research of Shmuel Treister

To see Biblical Codes concerning New Zealand:

3. Cecil Davis: Red Hair No Problem
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1168

Interesting stuff on red hair--I appreciate the way you answered the person with red hair problems.
Same as you--I had blond hair with red highlights, also reddish beard even at my age of 84.
This has not bothered me one bit--in fact I like what God has allowed me to have--no complaints.
Your friend,

4. Is the Stone of Scone a Duplicate?
Salmond: 'Stone of Destiny is fake'
Salmond: 'Stone of Destiny is fake'
By Marc Horne


THE First Minister [of Scotland] has made the astonishing claim that the Stone of Destiny is a medieval fake.
Scotland's iconic coronation stone has been seen by tens of thousands of people since it was returned from Westminster Abbey to Edinburgh Castle in 1996.

The SNP leader, a keen historian, is convinced that the stone, which was looted by Edward I in 1296, was a forgery created to dupe the invading English forces. If so, it would mean that the true stone -which, according to legend, originated in the Holy Land and was used by Jacob as a pillow, still remains undiscovered.

"Did the Abbot of Scone meekly surrender Scotland's most famous symbol to Edward in 1296, or did he allow him to ransack a substitute?

"Was it the real Stone of Destiny that turned up on the altar at Arbroath Abbey in 1951 after being repatriated by Ian Hamilton and friends, or was it a replica made by bailie Bertie Gray? On balance, my view is that the Abbot of Scone furnished Edward with a substitute.

"What I believe cannot be in doubt is that the stone currently in Edinburgh Castle is the one that lay in Westminster Abbey for 700 years."

The stone was removed on Christmas Day 1950 by four Scottish students, Ian Hamilton, Gavin Vernon, Kay Matheson and Alan Stuart.

In 1996, the British Government decided that the Stone should be kept in Scotland when not in use at coronations, and crossed the border on that summer.

The Stone of Destiny was returned to Scotland with due ceremony in 1996.

IT IS a mystery that has provoked fascination and wild speculation for more than 700 years.

According to mythology the Stone of Destiny, also known as the Lia Fail, originated in Palestine and was transported through Egypt, Sicily, Spain and Ireland before arriving in Scone in the 9th century where it was used when Scottish monarchs were crowned.

Legend has it that it was used by Jacob as a pillow in biblical times. According to others, it was used as a coronation stone by early Gaels in Ireland, and as a travelling altar by St Columba. It has even been linked to Robert the Bruce and to the Blarney Stone.

The existing documentary evidence describes the stone as round and concave, as would be expected of a seat or throne, while others have suggested the stone was black, shiny and intricately carved. Yet the object at Edinburgh Castle is shaped like a plain grey slab or block.

A spokeswoman for the British Geological Survey (BGS), an independent organisation which specialises in testing and dating stones, said it would be more than willing to take a fresh look at the artefact.

But the BGS said previous research on the Stone indicated that it was "lithologically similar to the Devonian sandstones exposed around Scone Palace".

Mineralogist Dr Neil Fortey said it strongly resembled sandstone from Quarry Mill on the Scone estate.

The First Minister is championing the view that the Stone of Destiny is a fake. Alex Salmond has revealed he believes the iconic artefact is little more than a 13th-century replica.

The late writer and historian Nigel Tranter believed the object Edward took to London was "a lump of Scone sandstone".

5.  Joseph F Dumond: As Yair said "make it your strength"!

From: admin@sightedmoon.com
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1168

Shalom Yair, I would like to address the Red Head MS.
Brit-Am Now no. 1168
>Is there anything you can say to make me feel not so damned?

Maybe you have other problems and being redhaired merely compounds them?
You should make it a source of strength.

King David had red hair (1-Samuel 16:12, 17;42).
So do many Jews, many Irishmen, many Scandinavians, Rumanians, Caucasian Mountain People, etc.
Yair Davidiy as a youth had blond hair but when growing a beard a definite reddish streak becomes apparent.

Dear MS, Yair has given you some good information.

I am a blonde by birth. My Mom is brilliant red head. Or Carrot top. I have traced her genealogy back to the Kings and Queens of England. It is my belief that they are the descendant of Judah who have the Sceptre birth right. When i share this with my family tree enthusiasts they are in awe of the great heritage we have.

There is much to learn from Brit Am and other groups like this. You are persecuted because you are special.

When I grow my beard, It is a dark red with a blonde moustache. Although now it has more white than any thing else. No MS you are a very blessed person and your persecution comes from those who have no clue of just how special you are.

Our heritage is very special. As Yair said make it your strength and do not be ashamed for the color of your hair.
Sincerely Joseph F Dumond

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.


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