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Brit-Am Now no. 1164
Date 5 Sivan 5768 8 June 2008
1. Brit-Am Premium: New  Site Under Construction
Brit-Am Replies to Identity Conspiracy Monger
3.Michelle Bowie: Father is watching
4. Brit-Am Refutes its Critics. Updated
5. New Article Expanded:
The Lost Ten Tribes in Australia:
Phoenicians in New Guinea!


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Biblical Truth.
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
according to the Book of Genesis

Biblical Prophecy Predicted that the Lost Tribes of Israel would be found amongst Western Nations.
Biblical Verses analysed in the light of the Hebrew language, Rabbinical Commentary, and Historical Reality.
A valuable educational, inspirational, and enjoyable work

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1. Brit-Am Premium: New  Site Under Construction
The Brit-Am Premium Site will work alongside our present site
and offer additional features including a Chat Box.

2. Brit-Am Replies to Identity Conspiracy Monger
From: J (owner of a web site that promotes Classical "British Israel"
doctrines alongside Conspiracy nonsense with strong anti-Semitic overtones.
J said:
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1162
#2. Conspiracy Quacks and Holocaust Denial

Such name calling only diminishes your integrity.

At 03:04 AM 6/4/2008, you wrote:

arch-criminal Antelman


 Conspiracy Quacks in general


another nut case who

Brit-Am Reply: We stand by what we said. A search on the internet will
justify the appellations we employed.
You have included what we said about someone whose ideas your web site promotes, i.e.

"David Icke is another nut case who spreads anti-semitic doctrines all over the web.
His ideas may be summed up as those of a New Age Nazi.
Icke quotes BC as an authority."

The historical Nazis also spoke about ethics and decency.

The terms we employed where if anything too mild and forgiving.
If one calls someone who is basically evil a "nut case" it is as if one is exonerating them
and attributing their aberrations to some kind of disturbance they may not be entirely responsible for.
You yourself are a case in question.
The last time we replied to you critically you thanked us for the publicity so here comes some more of it.
You claim the Japanese are from the Ten Tribes.
Brit-Am proves they are not.

You have Jew-hating articles on your site and give favorable publicity to Jew-haters,
all of whom, like yourself, tell lies.
Because of anti-Semitic "Identity" misrepresentations normal decent upright Jews and Christians do not want to hear
about "British-Israel"  (with which, rightly or wrongly, they also associate Brit-Am) type beliefs.
They give us all a bad name.
You prove the case.

On your site you besmirch Jews, the Founding Fathers of the USA, the ancient Kings of Judah and Israel,
as well as others such as  Masons and Roman Catholics and Mormons all of whom (for all we know)
may (or may not) well deserve some criticism but not for the reasons you give.
You yourself are an agent of what you claim to "expose".

These are all vain imaginations on your part and misleading. These are not just "opinions".
They are offensive.
Since when has telling lies about people (as you do) been ethical and exposing the tellers of lies not?

3. Michelle Bowie: Father is watching
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1163

Shalom Yair,
This is for Paul Bailey. I don't think anyone was bashing him persay. I think those of us who responded strongly were just voicing our disdane for those who have published the rubbish about the holocaust not happening. I think it just struck a nerve and was not meant to infer that Mr. Bailey was in any way agreeing with what he read. I think those of us who have searching hearts read alot of things that are both true and false in order to understand what is truth and what is not. A good lot of discernment can come from reading a wide spectrum of literature and it allows one to gain the proper perspective. I hope Mr. Bailey would agree that those who are good, will see the truth or feel it when they read of the attempts of evil to dismiss the very events they are responsible for. In the end, Father is watching and recording all we do, no matter who is fooliing who. It will all come out in the wash as they say!
Blessings, michelle b.

4. Brit-Am Refutes its Critics. Updated
A. Answers to Criticisms Specifically Directed Against Brit-Am
The Completeness of the Exile. Answers to Deniers of Brit-Am Biblical Truth
The Lost Ten Tribes in Australia: Reply to Criticism
Criticisms against Brit-Am
Dell Griffin Refuted and Dell Griffin Refuted Again!

B. Answers to Criticisms Directed Against "Brit-Am" Type Beliefs in General
Nachmanides: Israel in Exile, Ten Tribes Lost But will Return
Answer to an Anti-Identity Polemic
Brit-Am and Judah: Answers to Criticism Against Ephraimites

5. New Article Expanded:
The Lost Ten Tribes in Australia: Reply to Criticism
Phoenicians in New Guinea!
This discussion of Bochart has led us to remember a
very important point
that we had previously put aside and forgotten about!
Bochart published his work in ca. 1681. This was before the voyage of Captain James Cook in 1770 after which the existence of Australia became widely known in the West.
New Guinea however had already been mapped by the Portuguese in ca. 1600. There are pygmies in New Guinea as well as in Africa.
Bochart claimed that an ancient reference to Pygmies attributed to a Phoenician source referred to those of New Guinea showing that the Phoenicians had already navigated that area!
New Guinea is just to the north of Australia.
Bochart is correct than the probability that the Phoenicians (and therefore also the Ancient Hebrews) had some knowledge of Australia is greatly increased.

All of our research identifies certain Western peoples as the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.
What applies to these peoples also applies to much of the Australian Population since they are descended from those peoples. In addition, it would seem from a reading of Scripture at the simple, literal level that the Book of Isaiah (49:12) in referring to a portion of the Lost Ten Tribes returning from the Land of
Sinim does indeed mean that they will return from Australia.
What applies to the Australians is also pertinent to peoples they are related to in Western Europe and North America.

Australia, and New Zealand to the South and East of the Land of Israel.
Note the positions of Indonesia and New Guinea to their north
The Land of Sinim
Land of Sinim

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.


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