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Brit-Am Now no. 1161
Date 29 Iyar 5768 3 June 2008
1. Questions on Megaliths and the East and the Seven Laws
Judah May be More Open to Us Than we Realize!
3. Nathan Proud:
Nahum 2:1-2 and the Identity of the Lost Israelites
4. Daniel - Chapter Headings to the Brit-Am Commentary
5. Edward
Bradbrooke: Edom is Eastern China?
6. Swedish Article on the
Khazars translated
7. Reactions to  "Did the Holocaust Really Happen?"
(a) Bob Kennedy:
"insulting and has no bearing on the return of
(b) Constance Fischer:
"siding with the abuser when they question this" 
(c) Tessa:  "I visited Auschwitz"
(d) Michelle Bowie: "there is no doubt"
8. Richard Griffiths: Thanks
9. Projected Trip - A
Potentail Blessing


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1. Questions on Megaliths and the East and the Seven Laws
 Megaliths, 10 Tribes, and 7 Laws
(a) I went back over the book tribes and location of the megaliths. The largest amount is concentrated in the Middle East and Europe. However, I noticed some along the Silk Road, in India, Korea, and West Africa, near places where small pockets of people claim descent from Israel. Is it possible small pockets of the Ten Tribes made it to these other areas where there are megaliths.
(b) What does the Tanakh and Mishnah say that justifies the keeping of the 7 laws but not the 613 laws for people not descending from Judah, Levi, or Benjamin?

Brit-Am Reply:

(a) Megaliths in the east are of a different type and constructed differently from those in the West and in Israel.
A connection between the builders of the two types may still exist
but the case is still not he same as it is for those of the west and Israel having been built by the same peoples.

(b) Bible and Sages distinguish between Israelites and non-Israelites.
Only those classified as "Jews" at present are considered Israelites in the legal sense of being obliged to keep all
the Law in the Light of the Sages. In the future this will change.
For a wider perspective on this issue see
our Biblical Proofs under the heading "Attributes"

2. Judah May be More Open to Us Than we Realize!
Subject: comment concerning brit am now 1160
Dear Mr Davidi, I have been involved in discussion on Jewish forums, and have also talked to many religious Jews about the issue of The ten tribes, as well as Joseph and his involvement with Christianity. I have noticed something I find rather surprising. there seems to be no argument as to the validity of this subject as if they prefer not to address this issue. I personally take this as a positive. I would really appreciate and have great interest in your thoughts on this subject. Thank you, and G-d bless, Bob

3. Nathan Proud:  Nahum 2:1-2 and the Identity of the Lost Israelites
Hi Yair,

I think I may have come across something neat.  I'm at Starbucks doing my Bible highlighting, and I'm in Nahum, a book I've never really paid too close attention to.  Anyway, it appears that the one being talked to changes from the end of chapter one to the beginning of chapter two.  I think God is speaking to Assyria, though I initially thought he was speaking to Judah, basically saying not to worry about Sennacherib coming against Jerusalem.  I read Yair's commentary on Nahum 2, also Matthew Henry's and Wesley's and Jamieson, Fausset, Brown's (latter three on, great site).  In the end, tell me if this makes sense to you:
The "one who scatters" (NASB) is identified in Jamieson, Fausset, Brown as God's "battle-axe," which they contend is Nebuchadnezzar (Jeremiah 50:23), while I think this refers to Israel (Jeremiah 51:20).  This battle-axe, Israel (as Van der Woude identifies them, saying they'd return to the land to accomplish this []) comes against Nineveh (with the Babylonians and Medes), then known as Scythians.  The NASB then translates verse 2 rather consistently with how Yair translates it:
"For the LORD will restore the splendor of Jacob
Like the splendor of Israel,
Even though devastators have devastated them
And destroyed their vine branches."
We, of course, know that God began to restore Israel while in exile, under the names Cimmeria, Scythia, Parthia, etc.
I also think it's significant that the Lord uses the terms Jacob and Israel the way He did: the splendor of Jacob was restored like the splendor of Israel.  Though some commentators (e.g. Henry and Wesley) contend that Jacob refers to Judah and Israel to Israel, it doesn't seem to make much sense if the ten tribes weren't restored in exile: why would Judah want to be like Israel if they were crushed and enslaved??  I think He used the term Jacob because the Israelite exiles were no longer known as Israel: They were Lo-ammi, no longer associated with the name of God, not ruling with God, as the name Israel can imply.  So then, it's the splendor of Jacob restored to what his earlier splendor was while ruling with God and known as Israel.  Scythia, Parthia, Cimmeria, et al were very powerful and became great nations of these last days.

4. Daniel - Chapter Headings to the Brit-Am Commentary

Daniel Chapter One:
Insistence on Eating Garden Greens.

Daniel Chapter Two:
The Great and Awesome Statue and its Prophetic Significance.
"Eurabia" in the Book of Daniel:
How Classical Commentaries Understood that an eventual union between Ishmael (Islam) and Europe would take place.

Daniel Chapter Three:
The Three Companions in the Fiery Furnace
Bag-Pipes in the Bible

Daniel Chapter Four:
Nebuchadnezzar Becomes Like a Wild Beast!

Daniel Chapter Five:
The Writing on the Wall!

Daniel Chapter Six:
Daniel in the Lions Den

Daniel Chapter Seven:
Daniel Dreams of the Ancient of Days and the
Fate of the World.
The Four Beasts in the End Times. A Suggested Solution

Daniel Chapter Eight:
Daniel Foresees Alexander the Great and the Distant Future.
Daniel and the One-Horned Goat
Antiochus and the Revolt of the Maccabees:
Article: The International Factors and Historical Processes
in the Persecution of Jews by Antiochus Epimanes
The Hasmonean/Maccabees :
Article: Historical Background

Daniel Chapter Nine:
Daniel Sets an Undeciphered Time-Table
We Must Study the Prophets

Daniel Chapter Ten:
Michael: Guardian-Angel of Israel
Even Most of the Angels Are Against Us!
Michael: Appendix to Daniel-10
The Angel of Israel and Joseph: Is it MICHAEL?
Did Moses Know?

Daniel Chapter Eleven:
History as Protoypical Prophecy
Will the Maccabees Return?

Daniel Chapter Twelve:
The Acknowedgement of Israel, the Final Redemption, and the Resurrection of the Dead which is both a concrete future event in its own right and also symbolizes the Revival of the Israelite Nation!

5. Edward Bradbrooke: Edom is Eastern China?
From: Edward Bradbrooke <>
RE: Psalms 108
Moab is either India or Pakistan, or those countries.
 Edom, according to Genesis 36, is Eastern China.
 The sons of Seir are the progenitors of Japan. "Hori" is a predominantly Japanese surname.
 Shobal and Onam are Korean.
 Where are you getting your erroneous information from?
 Moab, Edom, and the foremost of Ammon are going to escape the invasion of the king of the North, namely the European union against the king of the South, namely the Arab League. Read the Tanakh at Daniel Chapter 11.

6. Swedish Article on the Khazars translated
by Carl-Johan Bilkenroth
English translation by Conrad Johansson:

At Volga's delta, where the river meets the Caspian Sea, new light is being shed on a little known but important empire, known by historians as the Khazar Empire. Until recently, archaeologists had no idea where the empire's capital had been located. Many believed that it had been flooded and destroyed by the waters of the Caspian Sea.

Now Russian scholars have not only discovered what they consider to be the Khazar capital - known as Itil - but they also believe they have found the palace of its ruler.

At its apex in the 8th and 9th centuries, the Khazar empire comprised c. 1.5 million square kilometres, or three times modern Sweden. For the first time, the excavations give a glimpse of how life looked like in the central parts of the empire. The Khazars were a mainly Turkic people who embraced the Jewish faith. The Khazar Empire initiated its conversion to Judaism in the 8th c. and finalized the process in the mid-9th century. In non-religious matters the Khazar culture appears to have remained traditionally Turkic.

The excavations show that many of the inhabitants lived in round telt-shaped dwellings - like the yurts of later times - a style that was a heritage from their Turkic-nomatic past. These originally nomad families had worked their way up to the elite of the empire - and in the foundations of the dwellings, archaeologists have unearthed fragments of ornaments in amber and copper, beautiful glass bracelets and pearls as well as ceramics in Central Asian style.

The excavation have also given evidence for what they ate: millet, water melons, peaches, plums, beef and fish. The city was also full of artisans, such as potters, smiths and glass blowers. The archaeologists have found both elegant dishware and coarse utensils such as pans, cauldrons and kettles.

The capital was the hub of international trade and the finds include e.g. ceramics glazed with turquoise from Iran, stone cauldrons from Uzbekistan, amber from the Baltic sea, a dragon-ornamented buckle from China and coins from Central Asia in the east, the Muslem world and from the Byzantine empire in the west.

The finds show that the inhabitants were extremely cosmopolitan. Itil appears to have been the prototype for a multicultural capital. The stoneware suggests that Bulgar Turks and Oghuz were two key components in the city. A rare copper crucifix that archaeologists have also found points towards the existence of a Christian group while historic sources suggest a major Muslem group in the city, viz the guard responsible for protecting the Jewish rulers of the empire.

At Itil the initial excavations have succeeded in localizing a large structure that archaeologists suspect to be the palace of the Khazar ruler. The team led by Emma Zilivinskaya from the institute for archaeology at the Russian Academy of science, which is financed by the Russian-Jewish congress, is trying to raise more money for more detailed studies later this year.

More than 430 km inland, at Sarkel, another excavation has revealed an important Khazar fortress that protected the river Don. During the last two years, excavations have discovered the walls and the towers of the complex.

The Khazar age of greatness coincided with the start of the
Scandinavian Viking Age. The Khazar empire is the important political entity from the 8th to the 9th centuries. It rivalled the Caliphate and the Byzantine Empire in power, according to Ingmar Jansson, archaeologist at Stockholm university.

He sees several signs of close connections between the Byzantine Empire, the Khazars and Scandinavia and especially during the 830s. The name Rus for Scandinavians on the eastern route appears for the first time in 839. Then it is described how some Norsemen tried to go home through the Frankish empire. Recently 471 coins were discovered at Sundveda in Sigtuna, and the youngest one appears to have been a Khazar coin. Scandinavia's most prominent expert on Arab coins, Gert Rispling, says that the discovery is a sensation. In 2002, he discovered the first hard evidence for the Khazar conversion to Judaism, in addition to the written chronicles. In the huge Spilling treasure from Gotland, among more than 14 000 coins, he discovered a single coin with the inscription "Moses is the messenger of God" - a parallel to Islam's "Muhammed is the messenger of God". The reverse side of the coin could be clearly tied to the Khazars.
by Carl-Johan Bilkenroth
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Lost Tribes of Israel in the West.
Main Biblical and Historical Points Summarized
A fast-flowing, easy-to-read, well-presented overall view of the Scriptural and Historical evidence concerning the whereabouts of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel in the world today.

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7. Reactions to  "Did the Holocaust Really Happen?"
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1160
#3. Did the Holocaust Really Happen?

(a) Bob Kennedy: "insulting and has no bearing on the return of Ephraimite"
From: Mr & Mrs Kennedy <>
This is insulting and has no bearing on the return of Ephraimite.

Bless Judah and praise their bravely and give thanks to the God of Abraham ,Jacob and Isacc.

Bless you Judah.

(b) Constance Fischer:  "siding with the abuser when they question this" 

Dear Yair,
I am sorry that you ever received such a question.  Your answer was thorough and painful to read.  Why anyone would question this is shocking.  You are patient and kind to answer and even in this, you educated someone? I hope.
For anyone who has ever received blatant abuse and threats at the hand of another (and I have), when a question is raised as to whether it really ever happened, it makes you feel horrible. It is like it happens all over again.  To doubt what the Jewish people suffered in the Holocaust even with all the pictures and even arms that still bear their ?number? is horrible.
There were many an American GI who encountered the camps and here are a few statements including one from General Dwight Eisenhower:

I saw Eisenhower go to the opposite end of the road and vomit. From a distance I saw Patton bend over, holding his head with one hand and his abdomen with the other. And I soon became ill. I suggested to General Eisenhower that cables be sent immediately to President Roosevelt, Churchill, DeGaulle, urging people to come and see for themselves. The general nodded.
--Lewis H. Weinstein, Lieutenant Colonel and chief of the liaison section of General Eisenhower's staff, April 1945

I have never felt able to describe my emotional reaction when I first came face to face with indisputable evidence of Nazi brutality and ruthless disregard of every shred of decency...I visited every nook and cranny of the camp because I felt it my duty to be in a position from then on to testify at first hand about these things in case there ever grew up at home the belief or assumption that the stories of Nazi brutality were just propaganda.
--General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander, Allied Forces, Europe, Letter to Chief of Staff George Marshall, April 12, 1945 (END QUOTE)

No wonder there is a Holocaust Museum in Yisrael and in the U.S.  If people forget, then they begin to question. 
Something about questioning this disturbs me? it is difficult to grasp, but it is a siding with the abuser when they question this somehow.  Like the possibility that the abusing party might be deemed "innocent".  Such a picture of our enemy, "Did God really say?" trying to bring doubt about truth.
He said there would come a time when evil would be called good and good evil.  There is no more poignant example of this than Holocaust perpetrators and deniers.
May we always remember what happened for our own good.  After the one who asked the question reads your response, may they put their hands to their mouth and never have need to ask this again.
You are a blessing and courageous and patient.
Our love to you,

(c) Tessa:  "I visited Auschwitz"
To even ask the question indicates that plausible propaganda deceives the minds of some people. Maybe they even think that Jews will automatically reply as you did from personal knowledge and experience, but for antisemitic reasons not believe them.

I am not Jewish but even my mother, as an allied forces army wife, was forced by our New Zealand army policies to watch the movies made by the American forces as they liberated the death camps in 1944. Back in the 1960s she told me about the horrors done to Jews and others  - long before it was possible to 'doctor' photographs and movies as we can now.

Then in 1977 I visited Auschwitz and saw large rooms full of human hair, spectacles, shoes and boots - all neatly sorted and catalogued! At Dachau a few years later I saw the remains of the concentration camp there and last year I saw the fully rebuilt Dachau complex with the original barracks, torture cells and crematoriums reinstated as a permanant reminder. There were endless photos of obviously Jewish prisoners and meticulous lists of Jewish names. The German government of today gains nothing positive by fabricating such a complex but it is to their credit that they have had the courage to do so. I have met elderly Jews with tatooed numbers on their forearms and I have met Jews who lost whole portions of their families to the Shoah/Holocaust. I also know people who secretly ferried Jews out of Germany so they could escape what was happening. I live in New Zealand, as far as it is possible to get from these places, and with a very small Jewish population but even here it is not difficult to establish the truth of this event.

If it was all a fabrication then it is the most humanly impossible conspiracy in human history because far too many people were involved - the sheer scale and numbers dwarf any possibility of concoction. It happened - period.

Interestingly, I also met a university student in Moscow, 1977, an Intourist guide, who was most amazed that we westerners believed that Stalin was responsible for the deaths of millions of Russians. Not so, he said, Stalin was a very good leader, nobody died and it must be true because this young man's parents had lived through Stalin's time and they asserted that the Stalin era was peaceful and good. More propaganda!

Your answer, Yair, was well put, informative and very restrained.
Blessings - Tessa

(d) Michelle Bowie: "there is no doubt"
From: Michelle Bowie <>
Greetings Yair,
In response to whether the Holocaust happened, of that there is no doubt. ... the horrors and atrocities of what happened cannot be denied or ignored. I find it appalling that anyone, especially the authors of any research that attempt to dismiss it happening, can even live in a real world. They are either fantasizing or are in complete denial that evil doesn't exist.
If one were to even attempt to dispute it, the photographs of proof are not something that could be fabricated. There were so many pictures of people in the camps and their bodies. These pictures were taken in a time that technology did not exist to make it all up. And let's also acknowledge and validate the poor souls who did manage to survive. To state it didn't happen is to call them liars. That in it's own right is despicable and should be condemned by anyone who has a decent bone in their bodies.
I don't think I can say anymore ...blessings, michelle b.

8. Richard Griffiths: Thanks
Thank you for your hard work and service,
Your friend always,

9. Projected Trip - A Potentail Blessing
Blessings on your projected trip to the USA.
I believe you will accomplish a lot.
I hope you will be able to, lecture with Steen Collons.
A joint endeavor with a Jew and a Joe would add so much to the message.
Best Regards, Jill

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