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Brit-Am Now no. 1146
Date 11 May 2008, 6 Iyar 5768
1. More From Finland
2. Brit-Am List of Secular Proofs: Linguistics
3. Mythology: Irish Ancestors included Israelites.


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1. More From Finland
Brit-Am Note: The letter below finds the ethnic name "Jaami" "Jam" (pronounceable as 'Yam") in Finland and traces it to the Hebrew "Yam" meaning Sea.
It also identifies the Fins of Finland with Issachar and Issachar with one of the Peoples of the Sea i.e.  with "Yam".
Our impression is that this letter and the previous letter make points worth examining.
In our work "Lost Israelite Identity"
We also identified Issachar with the Sea Peoples and with the Sekelesh..
The Sekelesh were also known as the Sakari which we understood to mean Issachar and found them settled in the territory of Issachar.

Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 12:08:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ope Tuslapsi <>
Subject: FINLAND NEWS - detailed and edited

Hi Yair..
I perhaps did not make me clear as I wanted as in tiding up all information for readers. I am sorry. When you think something inside head, easily gets forgotten something important, usually half of the information.
All these Yam = sea was made to point out the connection of shekelesh and Yams.
Yams turn into Jam. Jam turn into either
Jaama's or Jami's/Jame's. And It is pronounced as a inside word man in U.S.A. So It turns into Jaeaemae, Jaemi's/Jaemes. And Jaeaemit was this population named after sea fighting agains Novgorod. They were ancient Haemes.
Thank you for publishing the text. The missing letter that came out in text in
Maeaettae's is scandinavian a with two dots on top of it and is similar to ae f.e. in Norway or Denmark.
 See how
Issachar is seapeople... This text is from wikipedia.

According to the Torah, the tribe was founded by Issachar, the ninth son of Jacob, and a son of Leah, from whom it took its name; however Biblical scholars view this also as postdiction, an eponymous metaphor providing an aetiology of the connectedness of the tribe to others in the Israelite confederation[1]. According to this biblical passage, the name Issachar refers to Leah hiring Jacob's sexual favours at the cost of some Mandrakes; this suggests the etymology is ish-sachar, literally meaning man of hire, though some Jewish sources take it instead to mean reward or recompense, in reference to Issachar being the result of Jacob being hired.
A number of scholars think that some of the Israelite tribes actually originated as part of the sea peoples[2].
Issachar may be one of these, since in Egyptian accounts there is a tribe of sea peoples named Shekelesh; Shekelesh is here believed to be composed from shekel-ish, meaning men of the shekel, a meaning synonymous with Issachar's man of hire. The biblical passage in which Leah is described as Issachar's matriarch is one which is regarded by textual scholars as having been spliced together from its sources in a manner which has highly corrupted the narrative; Leah as a matriarch is interpreted to suggest that the text's authors believed the tribe to be one of the original Israelite groups, and it is having a handmaiden - Bilhah or Zilpah - as a matriarch that would have indicated a foreign origin[3]. In the ancient Song of Deborah, Issachar is closely associated with Naphtali, which itself does have a handmaiden as matriarch, and at one point the text appears to have been changed by the word Issachar being inserted instead of Naphtali[4]

Maybe you are able to make something out of this, at least I hope so.
This wordlist I used..
This is easy link for me as this transliterates
hebrew words to greek alphafet.
It would be nice to have Hebrew-Finnish dictionary
translitered to see and seek possible common factors.

Yours sincerely,
Arsi Saarijarvi

2. List of Secular Proofs: Linguistics
(Rough Outline, Maybe Added to Later)
Proofs in Simplified Outline.
Old and Modern English along with other Northern Languages show evidence of a Hebrew component.
Gaelic (Irish and Scottish) as well as Welsh has proven Semitic substratum along with other characteristics consistent with the original tongue having been Hebrew.

3. Brit-Am List of Secular Proofs: Mythology
 Irish Ancestors included Israelites.
Proofs in Expanded Format
Celtic (chiefly Irish) Mythological sources said that their ancestors arrived from Spain hailing originally from Syria (William Temple, 1646) which term encompasses Israel; or from Lebanon (part of Israel) or expressly from Israel (Roberts, Galilei, etc.).  
Mythological accounts such as that concerning a marriage to Pharoah's daughter were seen to be understandable when certain Israelite Ethnic namesakes amongst the Western "Celts" were taken into consideration. The existence of these Hebrew Tribal and ancestral appellations is quite plentiful and their various significations are discussed throughout the books,
"The Tribes"
"Lost Israelite Identity".
Several legends (such as that concerning the Stone of Scone) presuppose an ancient belief in Israelite origin.
For a shortened summary of some of the sources see:
"Various Traditions"

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