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Brit-Am Now no. 1142
Date 4 May 2008, 29 Nissan 5768
1. Wikipedia Article on British Israelism
and Comparison with Brit-Am
2. Ancestry of US Populations
3. Tom: "the choice to stand with Judah"


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1. Wikipedia Article on British Israelism and Comparison with Brit-Am
Under Legend and folklore it says:
<<The coming of Brutus of Troy (Britis) to Great Britain after the burning of Troy and his genealogy leading to the Israelite tribe of Benjamin.

Does anyone know WHERE we may find details concerning
"his genealogy leading to the Israelite tribe of Benjamin"??

So too, British Israel or some other organization once published a small booklet with yellow covers
containing the FIRST part of the Book of Eri.
Does anyone out there have it?

Other curiosities of interest in the Wikipedia article:

<<The key component of British Israelism is their representation of the migrations of the Lost Tribes of Israel. They often suggest that the Behistun Inscription has provided an invaluable missing link. George Rawlinson, Sir Henry Rawlinson's younger brother, connected the Saka/Gimiri of the Behistun Inscription with deported Israelites:
"We have reasonable grounds for regarding the
Gimirri, or Cimmerians, who first appeared on the confines of Assyria and Media in the seventh century B.C., and the Sacae of the Behistun Rock, nearly two centuries later, as identical with the Beth-Khumree of Samaria, or the Ten Tribes of the House of Israel.[5]
^ George
Rawlinson, note in his translation of History of Herodotus, Book VII, p. 378

Some of these customs, laws and traditions were codified by Alfred the Great in his famous "Dooms" (see Doom Book ), which were a nearly direct quote from Exodus chapters 20 through 23. According to William Blackstone in his famous "Commentaries on the Laws of England", the Dooms and these ancient customs became the cornerstone of British Common Law.[11]

Late nineteenth-century Celtic language scholar John Rhys suggested
" ...the (Celtic)
Kymry were for some time indifferently called Cambria or Cumbria, the Welsh word on which they are based being, as now written, Cymru ... and is there pronounced nearly as an Englishman would treat it if spelled Kumry or KUMRI.'].[12] "

Rhys argued that both Celts and the Scythians came from an area south-east of the Black Sea, and migrated westward to the coast of Europe, comparing the name of the Welsh for themselves, Cymry, with the name of the Cimmerians "Kumri". He suggested the names Iberia for Spain, and Hibernia for Ireland were connected to a variation of "Hebrew" and that this was evidenced in philology. [13]

^ Early Celtic Britain pg 142. by Sir John Rhys
^ Early Celtic Britain pg 150 & 162-3

Modern adherents

The late Professor Roger Rusk (1906 - 1994), brother of former U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk, was a prominent teacher of British Israelism. He spent 13 years as a public school teacher, and 28 years as a professor at the University of Tennessee, where he held the position as Emeritus Professor of Physics. He was also a member of American Physical Society and the Tennessee Academy of Science.

The Brit-Am Contribution Not Noted.
The author of the article appears to be somewhat anti-Semitic though he hides it behind a pseudo-academic "objective" veneer.
He also avoids mentioning Brit-Am though our sources must have been used.
Brit-Am  may be better off not being mentioned
Brit-Am is not mentioned in the article though our site is listed in the sites mentioned at the end of the article.
At the risk of appearing petty it is worth mentioning a possible Brit-Am contribution:
The quotation:
" It should be made clear from the start that the terms 'Cimmerian' and 'Scythian' were interchangeable: in Akkadian the name Iskuzai (Asguzai) occurs only exceptionally. Gimirrai (Gamir) was the normal designation for 'Cimmerians' as well as 'Scythians' in Akkadian.[7] ?
Maurits Nanning Van Loon. "Urartian Art. Its Distinctive Traits in the Light of New Excavations", Istanbul, 1966. p. 16

This quote and others from the same work is to be found in our work, "Lost Israelite Identity".
So too, the author of the article in his DNA references appears to have used sources that we noted previously
but he misquotes them and does not understand the subject matter.
[For that matter, neither do we but we handle it better.]

A Comparison with Brit-Am Suggested.
The article has a list of legends under the heading
 Legend and Folklore:
The story that Joseph of
Arimathea (Jesus' alleged uncle) traveled to Glastonbury sometime after Christ's crucifixion and established an early Christian community,[2]
Suggestions that the Stone of Scone might be Jacob's Pillar or Jacob's Pillow Stone,
Legends that the Israelite prophet Jeremiah may have been the "
Olam Fadlah" of Celtic lore,
The legends of the
Historia Regum Britanniae connecting Britain to the Mediterranian and Middle East and detailing early Welsh/Brythonic genealogies.
The coming of Brutus of Troy (
Britis) to Great Britain after the burning of Troy and his genealogy leading to the Israelite tribe of Benjamin,
The Matter of Britain detailing the Arthurian Legend.
The claims by Henry VIII to be descended from King Arthur,[3] who legend has it was the eighth generation from Joseph of
The claim that Saint Paul visited Britain.

Compare the legends listed above adduced by British-Israel to those quoted by Brit-Am below:
Brit-Am Now no. 1141
#3. List of Brit-Am Secular Proofs
Dan became the Danes of Denmark
Danes from Dan.
Jutes from Judah.
Tribe of Dan (
Tuatha de Dana) went to Ireland via Greece and Scandinavia.
Frisian Legend says in effect that the ancestors of the Frisians, Angles, and Saxons were of Israelite Origin.
Irish Ancestors included Israelites.
Stone of Scone is stone upon which Jacob slept and remained with his descendants.
Declaration of
Arbroath in light of other traditions implies Scottish Came out of Egypt as Israelites.
Welsh came from Syria which was once part of Israel.
Welsh came from Daphne of Ten Tribes association.
Finnish tradition says they are from Ten Tribes.
Swedish records says Hebrews were amongst their ancestors.
Goths (who settled in Sweden) identified with Ten Tribes.
Assyrians settled Jewish (i.e. Israelite) exiles in region of Austria in ca.200 BCE at time when it was a Center for the "Celts" who later moved westward.
Irish Tradition identifies their ancestors with settlers in Spain that archaeology proves were Israelite.
English tradition traces their monarchs to the Kings of Judah implying Israelite origins.

Picts of Scotland identified with Agathyrsi-Khazars who were believed to be from the Ten Tribes.

2. Ancestry of US Populations
This URL is discussed on the genealogy-DNA list
Below are the top 15 with some remarks from the DNA list together with our own in brackets
Top 15.
(1. German 42,841,569 15.2% [would include many Jews, some Poles, Alsatian-French, and Swiss]
(2. Irish 30,524,799 10.8% [would include many Scots-Irish though the Scots-Irish are also listed separately (no.14 below)]
( 3. African American1 24,903,412 8.8% [includes many of White and Amerindian origin]
(4. English 24,509,692 8.7% [would include many Welsh though the Welsh are also listed separately (no.25 1,753,754 0.6%)].
(5. American   20,188,305 7.2 % (includes many Scots-Irish who because they came earlier no longer retained a separate
ethnic consciousness)]
(6. Mexican 18,382,291 6.5% (includes some Whites, Mexican Indians, Spanish, and Converso Jews)]
(7. Italian 15,638,348 5.6%
(8. Polish 8,977,235 3.2% (includes some Jews)]
(9. French 8,309,666 3.0%
(10. American Indian1 7,876,568 2.8% (includes some Whites)]
(11. Scottish 4,890,581 1.7% (may includes some Scots-Irish)]
(12. Dutch 4,541,770 1.6% (may includes some German)]
(13. Norwegian 4,477,725 1.6%
(14. Scotch-Irish 4,319,232 1.5%  [figure seems very low.
Wikipedia under "Scotch-Irish American" says:
5.2 million Americans claimed Scotch-Irish ancestry,
though the actual number is probably higher, as some people who claim "American"
as their ancestry may be of Scots-Irish ancestry.
Brit-Am despite its very limited knowledge of the matter would suggest an even higher figure]
(15. Swedish 3,998,310 1.4%

3. Tom: "the choice to stand with Judah"
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1141
#5. Charlotte Mecklenburg:
"What Still Needs to be Done?" and Brit-Am Reply

Shalom Yair,

Concerning the question raised by Charlotte, and restated by you as when we will reach critical mass, I might somberly add: Often in history it has been a crisis of sorts that acts as the catalyst to propel something forward. It seems apparent that the world is becoming increasingly divided concerning Israel. Perhaps driven by a crisis or an impending crisis, the world may come to demand that everybody choose either with Judah/Israel or against. What better test of one's Joseph-hood than the choice to stand with Judah in the face of a looming second Holocaust? 


Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.


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