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Brit-Am Now no. 1140
Date 30th April 2008, 25 Nissan 5768
1. Did Brit-Am In the Past Believe in Ephraimite Settlement?
2. List of Brit-Am Secular Proofs
Mythology: Dan became the Danes of Denmark
3. Tessa in New Zealand: Identifying


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1. Did Brit-Am In the Past Believe in Ephraimite Settlement?
Did not Brit-Am In the Past support the establishment of an organization to work for Ephraimite Settlement
in Israel?

Brit-Am Reply:
First of all before considering the settlement of "Ephraim" in the State of Israel it should be clear to more people as to exactly WHO "Ephraim" is.
Should it not? We would have thought that showing where the Lost Ten Tribes went to and where their descendants are today would precede considerations as to how they are to be related to.
We would have thought that showing who they are today should be THE first and most important point of all.
Some people apparently think differently but we fail to see any logic in their position.

Secondly, we are NOT against Ephraimites settling in the land of Israel. We have Ephraimite friends who live here and in some cases we have written letters on their behalf. These letters may or may not have helped but we did put our names and the name of Brit-Am to them.
Each case has to be decided on an individual basis and everyone makes their own personal decisions.

What we are AGAINST is the idea of declaring the right of Ephraimites to settle here NOW
at once and immediately without proving who "Ephraim" is, without any questions being asked etc. 
Such a position is AGAINST our understanding of Scripture. It is also unrealistic and counter-productive.

In the past our position on these matters may not have been as clear to us as it is today.
If  however you check back you will find that from the beginning we did not advocate a return AT PRESENT of Ephraimites to the Land of Israel.
Our emphasis was always on spreading knowledge of Hebrew ancestry  and for Ephraimites to work with Ephraimites in the lands of "Ephraim" i.e. the Lost Ten Tribes in general.
At various times other people claimed they wished to bring Ephraimites to Israel NOW.
At one stage we too may have been mislead for a short time into exploring what possibilities exist
before realizing that for the good of Judah and Ephraim more carefulness is required.
Several declarations by different personalities have been made in the past about their intentions to work
to bring "Ephraimites" here.
In the three most recent cases known to us the results were potentially embarrassing and harmful.

In the long run helping Brit-Am is the BEST that can be done and this option is not to be dismissed.

The State of Israel like every other country has laws and regulations and bureaucratic policies etc.
A lot could be done within the existing framework if more was known to those in charge.
Telling the truth as we understand it and promoting the truth is the best policy.
Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.
At present Judah is preparing the way for the rest of the Israelites (Micah 4:8, Hosea 6:11).
Whoever comes to Israel at present either identifies with Judah or is the guest of Judah.
Joseph will also return and join with Judah and there will be no distinction between the two (Ezekiel 37).
Joseph (the Ten Tribes) will return and settle alongside Judah (Ezekiel 47).
Before then Joseph will establish colonies of his own in Lebanon, Bashan, and Gilead (Jordan and Syria) etc. (Zecharian 10:9-10 Micah 7:14).
Also before then there may come a stage when very many from Ephraim will join Judah and identify with Judah but later re-attach themselves to Joseph when all the Tribes return.
This however is not what Brit-Am is concerned with or qualified to consider.

Brit-Am is concerned ONLY with the  Three Rs of Brit-Am:
Research as to who and where the Lost Ten Tribes are today.
Revelation to both Judah and Joseph of the Research Results.
Reconciliation and Rapprochement between Judah and Joseph.

Because of the beliefs of Brit-Am and its position on these matters some of our previous supporters seem to have ceased supporting. So far, not enough others have stepped into the breach.
Whoever believes along the same lines as Brit-Am and that the issue is important should support Brit-Am.

2. List of Brit-Am Secular Proofs
Mythology: Dan became the Danes of Denmark
Proofs in Simplified Outline
Danes from Dan.
Danes descended from Israelite Tribe of Dan and Jutes (who settled in Southern England) from Judah.

Proofs in Expanded Format
Danes from Dan.
Danes descended from Israelite Tribe of Dan and Jutes (who settled in Southern England) from Judah.
reported by J. Garnier ("The Ten Tribes from the Captivity Until Now", p.60) quoting Sharon Turner "History of the Anglo-Saxons" vo.I., 1799-1805, p.130. Sharon Turner  quotes  the "Vetus Chronicon Holsatiae" p.54:
"the Danes and Jutes are Jews of the tribe of Dan."
"Vetus Chronicon Holsatiae" was written in Latin. Other quotations understand it to say that the Danes came from Dan and the Jutes from Judah and that they were brothers to the Angles.
In Northern dialects the term "Jute" and variations of it were also understood as meaning "Judah". In "The Tribes" were show how the Tribe of Dan even in Biblical Times was accompanied by a contingent from Judah.
Saxo Grammaticus (1150-1220) recorded the Danes as being descended from "Dan the Great" and brothers to the Angles. Their father was called "Humble" which name may be considered synonymous with the Hebrew name "Jacob".

The "Vetus Chronicon Holsatiae" and its attributing the Danes to the Tribe of Dan was first noted in Moidern Times by Sharon Turner. 
SHARON TURNER (1768-1847) was a very important English hiostorian. Probably the first to appreciate the importance of Beouwulf and author of several observations of interest to Brit-Am type "Identity" studies.
Sharon Turner  was educated at a private school kept by Dr Davis in Pentonville (London).
Herodotus reported the Persians called the Scythians "Sakai," and Sharon Turner identified these very people as the ancestors of the Anglo-Saxons. In carefully determining their origins in the Caucusus, Turner wrote: "The migrating Scythians crossed the Araxes, passed out of Asia, and suddenly appeared in Europe in the sixth century B.C. The names Saxon, Scythian and Goth are used interchangeably."

Sharon Turner advised his Jewish friend Isaac D'Israeli to baptize his children (Benjamin included) in order to give them a better chance in life.
Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) eventually became Prime Minister of England. Disraeli was responsible for enlarging the franchise, numerous progressive social measures as well as for obtaining Cyprus and the Suez Canal for Britain and for having proclaimed Queen Victoria officially Empress of India.
He helped make the British people healthier and wealthier and Great Britain even greater.
Disraeli believed in the British Upper and Lower classes working together for the common good.
Due to Disraeli an initial rapprochement between Judah and Joseph gained momentum.
An organization "The Primrose League"  was established by members of the Conservative Party in Britain to put the ideals of Disraeli into action. Its first two leaders were Sir Randolph Churchill (father of Winston Churchill) and Sir Henry Drummond Wolf.

3. Tessa in New Zealand: Identifying Edomites
Shalom Yair
I tend to agree with Brian Patmore that 'Edom is a menace in any guise'. It may be a sidetrack to attempt to physically locate Edom today - rather he is likely to be found within the ranks of those who are anti-Judah, anti-Israel and anti-Torah.

The Word identifies the principal players on the world stage as Israel, Edom and Babylon. We do not need to DNA test people to see which group they fall into.

Edomites are easy to spot as the folk who wish to take the land of Israel away from Judah and exterminate Judah herself.
Babylonians are the ones who wish to supplant the worship of [the Almighty] with anything else, but eventually an eclectic universal inter-faith religion.
Israelites are the people who worship only the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who honour his Torah and who believe that the land of Israel belongs to Israel alone forever.

It does not matter where people live, who their ancestors were or what they look like. What complicates identification is that some people are uncharacteristically located in unexpected groups which is why we must not judge with eyes and ears but with the Torah standard of righteousness.

Blessings - Tessa

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.


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