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Brit-Am Now no. 1134
Date 18th April 2008, 13 Nissan 5768
1. "Ephraimites" not Serious
2. Why Write about the Khazars?
3. The Feudalizing Agenda of  Racialist Anti-Semites


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1. "Ephraimites" not Serious
"Ephraimites" are Gentiles who consider themselves of Israelite descent and in the opinion of Brit-Am probably are.
Quite a few "Ephraimites" come to the Brit-Am forum having received a "revelation" of their ancestry elsewhere. Brit-Am provides some confirmation in the form of Biblical, Rabbinical, and Historical evidence. Some of them appreciate quite reasonably while others do not.
Some "Ephraimites" have reacted with much emphasis and passion to the ideas that now may not be the time for them to come to Israel or that they are not obligated by the Law at present in the sense that the Jews are. The reality is that if they were to be allowed to come to Israel now very few of them would since.  No-one can blame them for this and indeed all such movements should perhaps be part of some organized group process. Similarly none of them really want to keep the Law in the way the Jews do but rather they strive to do their own thing as they think it should be done picking and choosing what laws to keep and what not to. Likewise, no-one can blame them for this and no more than that AT PRESENT should necessarily be expected of them.
Even so, the passion they expend in expressing their opinions on these issues appears to be somewhat contradictory to what needs to be done.
If they were serious and really wanted these things or at least really want them to become a possibility in the future then the first step would be that their "Ephraimite" ancestral identity by recognized, and accepted, and more firmly defensible from every point of view than it is at present.
In other words they would want to strengthen Brit-Am and do whatever they can to help Brit-Am function and progress.
This is what they are not doing.
Be different, help Brit-Am as much as you can for the sake of everybody.


2. Why Write about the Khazars?
Yair, there are numerous topics connected with Brit-Am themes you could write a book about and that you have indicated you have more information about. Why out of all the possible topics you could chose have you chosen to write a book about the Khazars? Eddie.

Brit-Am Reply:
You are correct concerning the number of possible topics and indeed we have several works in various
stages of progression so that the possibility of two works being ready at one and the same time exists.
Nevertheless, we are writing about the Khazars because:
The subject matter is important and interesting in its own right.
We have relatively unknown, somewhat new, and important information about them.
The Khazars information that we have provides confirmatory evidence concerning the Israelite ancestry of several peoples in the West including those of Scandinavia and Britain.
The Khazar  information confirms their Israelite origin and helps counter anti-Semitic propaganda.
The few articles Brit-Am has on its web site are amongst those most visited.
The subject is popular and may enable Brit-Am to reach out to additional circles we have not yet reached.


3. The Feudalizing Agenda of  Racialist Anti-Semites
This may sound fantastic but written evidence shows that many of the most rabid "right-wing" Jew-haters are motivated by an agenda of their own.
They sometimes do not care about the Jews one way or the other but use Jew-hatred to forward their own ends.
Their aims are in effect what they claim the Jews want.
The anti-Semites wish to return to the Feudal world which they paint in idealistic terms.
They want rulership by an aristocracy who will serve over 'serfs" who in effect will be like slaves but glad of it.
This is what the Third Reich of Hitler begin to build and what the anti-Semites still strive to achieve.
There is no place in this world for the USA or for Israel.
It is a world of Edomite-Cananite dogs held on leashes and happy to lick the boots of their "superman" masters.
Be not deceived by these people and their lies.
Turn to the Bible for the Truth for beyond that there is none other.

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.


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