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Brit-Am Now no. 1129
Date 13th April 2008, 8 Nissan 5768
1. Edward Bradbrooke: Canaan, the Bible, and Geography
2. Sharon: Christians Condemnatory of Israel
Jyhshua Somerville: All Israelite nations are Culpable


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1. Edward Bradbrooke: Canaan, the Bible, and Geography
From: Edward Bradbrooke <>
Subject: RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1125

The river of Egypt to the river Euphrates stated in Genesis Chapter 15 does not fully comply with the Geometry described in Numbers Chapter 34, Ezekiel Chapter 47, and Joshua Chapter 15.
Read HaShem Torah and the Tanakh again.
Remember - Geometry means "Earth measurement."
These descriptions of the dimensions, being Geometric, are based upon parallelism. How would the author of these texts describe a land that they had never visited before?
How would they describe the dimensions without the advent of latitude and longitude?
Most assume that the text describes the immediate vicinity of the places mentioned therein instead as seeing them used as reference points.
Once you understand where Moab, Edom, Ammon, the Region of Argob, the kingdom of Heshbon, the kingdom of Bashan are....then, and only then will you truly understand where the Land of Ca'naan is.
The list of the descendants of Ca'naan in Genesis Chapter 10 is great. Now, you need to look as to where they went. The Chinese are among them, that is true.
Who do they look like to you?
Now, examine the Geometry of the descriptions of the layout of the Land in question.
Again, Numbers 34, Ezekiel 47, and Joshua 15 don't comply with Genesis 15. The known places in which were familiar to the author(s) of these ancient texts were the best plausible way to describe a land they did not know very well.
As for responding to Mr. Hendrickson of Redmond, Washington, USA, there are no several lands of Ca'naan. There is ONLY ONE Land of Ca'naan.
Genesis 15 doesn't describe an Eastern Sea or a Great Western Sea. NO, the Mediterranean Sea is not the Great Sea spoken of in the Torah.
Show me the 2 Bays mentioned in Joshua 15 if it describes the area mentioned in Genesis 15.
Oh, by the way, show me the Bay of Joshua 15:5 connecting with the East Sea if it can be shown between the river of Egypt and the river Euphrates. Better yet, show me the first Bay that turns to the Southward direction at Joshua 15:2.
Oh, did you ever read Psalm 48? Did you know that MOUNT ZION is the FAR NORTH? Read  a copy of the JPS TANAKH MASORETIC VERSION.
Gee whiz? Tell me - Is Jerusalem in the FAR NORTH?
No, Jerusalem is called, "THE DAUGHTER OF ZION."
MOUNT ZION AND IT'S DAUGHTER are two different entities. They are not one and the same.
Come on, WAKE UP! No, I am not smarter than you or anyone else. No, I just know how to read...
I know that most people hate being challenged, especially when they need to think for themselves. The traditional teachings concerning the location of the Land of Ca'naan are a huge load of crap.
What I have read thus far from these historical texts don't pair up with what is taught on a very wide and erroneous scale.
The Sea of Chinnereth, in Joshua 13:27, is the East CHINA Sea. Whoever said that it was the Sea of Galillee as per published maps in the modern copies of the Torah and KJV Bibles needs to have their eyes and brain checked.
Ancient Edom is mainly Eastern CHINA.
Seeing how Moav, Edom, and Ammon will escape the son of Perdition and the invasion of the Middle East by the king of the North in Daniel's prophecy at Daniel 11:41....well, this means that Moav, Edom, and Ammon are EAST of the river Tigris....not west of the river Euphrates.
That should keep you chewing on your cud for a while.

2. Sharon: Christians Condemnatory of Israel
Subject: RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1128
"Legitimate criticism is valid but even here should be expressed carefully
due to the EXTRA VULNERABILITY of Judah."

I have seen it to be a most hypocritical routine in Christian circles to
measure Jews for the sake of Christianity--i.e. it is okay if Christians sin
because they get "Jesus's forgiveness", but if Jews sin then therefore it
must be EXTRA SIN and God should annihilate the entire State of Israel for

Ones who are so quick to Judge Israel are ones most found in need of
judgement themselves...


3. Jyhshua Somerville: All Israelite nations are Culpable
 RE: remark on Jerusalem News 756

What I am refering to in short is how we both know that the Law tells us that if an Israelite nation "walks contrary to Him He will walk contrary to them". It should not be looked at as an odd thing that God will send other nations and brethren nations to exact His judgment on those who are sinful. All Israelite nations should be looking forward to divine judgment, regardless of who they are.
Lev 26:27 And if ye will not for all this hearken unto me, but walk contrary unto me; Lev 26:28 Then I will walk contrary unto you also in fury; and I, even I, will chastise you seven times for your sins.

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.


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