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1. "How much will it cost the average Ephraimite to live in the land of Israel?"
2. The
Ephraimite Religious Conundrum. Let Joseph acknowledge who he is!
3. Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.


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1. "How much will it cost the average Ephraimite to live in the land of Israel?"
Kathylou Mcauley  wrote:

 You say that we should get our focus off Judah and get it on Ephraim. That we should get the word out to all the tribe of Joseph informing them of their heritage, who they are! O.K. doing that! However, when I read the article Mr. Wootten wrote to the Israeli Government stating Ephraim's Repentence... I was astounded! So let me get this straight! Ephraim is in Diaspora because of his pagan worship of false gods, correct? And what exactly are the false gods? In my understanding, it must be any god other than the G-d of Israel, correct? So is Mr.Wootten repenting for all of us who believe in [the Christian Saviour]? And in fact, aren't the only Ephraimites welcomed in the land of Judah the so called Noahides? (those turning their backs on [the Christian Saviour] as Saviour and attaching themselves to the Jewish beliefs) and one will be hard pressed to find that word (noahide) in the dictionary. So, I guess what I'm asking you is...just exactly how much will it cost the average Ephramite to live in the land of Israel? Just exactly how much will we need to leave behind?


Brit-Am Reply:
How are you getting the word out to Joseph?
Please tell.
You asked,
"Ephraim is in Diaspora because of his pagan worship of false gods, correct?"
This is historically correct BUT Joseph had a primary task to fulfill in Exile and he still has this task.
See all our books especially,
"Joseph. The Israelite Destiny of America"
"Role to Rule. The Task of Joseph"
Joseph and the rest of the Lost Israelites now have countries and secondary identities of their own.
Eventually they will return (or at least a representative portion will return) and receive an additional Tribal Inheritance in the Land of Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates and possibly after an ecological "healing" of the Land has been put into effect or he will have to effect it.
You asked what Mr. Wootten is repenting about?
Perhaps you should ask Mr. Wootten?
Noahides do not receive any favoritism in the State of  Israel and have no better status in effect than anyone else.
To say otherwise is to spread an Urban Myth.
Some people think this should be changed but we are not involved in such matters.
People who become full-fledged converts to Judaism are (or should be) accepted as being the same as any other Jew.
You are addressing your questions to us as if we decide these things.
We do not.
You are coming back at us with an attempt to put the focus back on Judah all over again.
And what will you say to Judah?
Please tell me on what basis will you come to Judah and say you wish to be accepted by Judah?
Accepted as what?
As an Israelite Ephraimite?
And what proof do you have apart from Brit-Am evidence or something similar?
Or your own inner "revelation"?
As a non-American citizen could I get a Green Card with such an approach?
You asked,
"Just exactly how much will we need to leave behind?"
In other words you want to get into Judah at half-price and may be prepared (as some Ephraimites say they are) to accept half-status in return.
The attitude of  Judah however is all or nothing.  This is as it should be.
When Joseph and Judah re-unite it will be as equals.
Do not misunderstand us. If more of Joseph accepted Brit-Am principles and if the US Government was more open to Brit-Am beliefs more possibilities might well open up.
This however would entail a greater outreach to Joseph by people such as yourself and this you are evidently not interested in.
We repeat,
The answer to your conundrum could well lie with Joseph so why is this being avoided or admitted only to be summarily dismissed straight afterwards?
Why do Ephraimites appear to be doing so little?
Why do so few really support Brit-Am?
It sometimes seems as if the "Ephraimites" are not really interested in convincing the rest of Joseph and Lost Israel. They seem to rather prefer to lay back and blame the "Jew Boys" in the State of Israel for all their real and imaginary problems!

2. The Ephraimite Religious Conundrum. Let Joseph acknowledge who he is!
The Christian religion is interpreted by some to say that by being Christian one becomes a New Israel instead of the Jews. This is called Replacement Theology.
Nowadays some  would like to modify this and say that they become New Israel alongside the Jews.

On the other hand,
Various groups, including Brit-Am, say that many people of Western descent (as well as others) are physical descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes. Brit-Am however bases this belief primarily on Biblical and secular studies.
Some Ephraimites combine the two elements and consider themselves Israelites both due to their belief as well as their possible physical ancestry.
The question is where does one place the emphasis?
Brit-Am says that the UK and USA represent Joseph.
They should act like Joseph.
They should be made aware that they are Joseph.
Being Joseph means acting like Joseph and having the rest of Joseph accept the fact.
Before expecting Judah to recognize Joseph let Joseph acknowledge who he is!

3. Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.
Brit-Am stresses Biblical and Secular evidence that ultimately is to be combined with an inner conviction.
This inner conviction may be achieved through study and prayer and strives not to encompass contradiction between fact and wishful thinking.
Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.


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