"Brit-Am Now"-1070
1. Pattie: A Branch of David
2. Constance: "the good boundaries"
Aram Paquin: French-Canadian Quadrilles and Hebrew Dance
4. Dr. Richard Griffith: V is for Victory!
5: Francis Hynds: Ulster, Eire, and Dancing



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1. Pattie: A Branch of David
Re: "Brit-Am Now"-1069
#7. Walt Baucum: Temple not by Human Agency?
Shalom, Yair:  .....since King David was not allowed to build the 2d temple because he was a man of war, why would we even think that a "resurrected David" would now be allowed to do the same.  This is referring to the "Son of David" who will do this in the future.   The ... Moshiach is "The Branch".

2. Constance: "the good boundaries"
RE: "Brit-Am Now"-1069
#9. Yair Davidiy: On Ephraimites Keeping the Law, Personal Observations

Shalom Yair, thank you for all you do for the restoration and eventual reconciliation of Yehudah and Ephrayim.
Regarding this statement:
<<On at least two occasions Ephraimites wished to hug female associates of Brit-Am since this is
apparently accepted in their circles. Religious Jews however prefer that there be as little contact as possible and even handshakes are avoided.  (End quote)
You are absolutely right that we Ephrayimites should not only yield to this regarding our interactions with Yehudah, but we should learn from this.  On one trip to Yisrael and Yerushalayim during Pesach, we met a very friendly Orthodox Jewish man from Australia who was willing to take our picture for us.  I reached out to shake his hand and he very gently explained that he understood that this was accepted practice for us but not for observant Orthodox Jews.  I thanked him for his forthrightness in this and told him we were "learning".  Frankly, HaShem had already been leading us regarding the good boundaries between men and women that He wanted to reinstate for returning Ephrayim.  We had already been instructed by Him and through His word concerning this, so that our new Jewish friend simply reinforced and clarified what HaShem had already been drawing us to.  Such is the work of His Ruach HaKodesh, amein!  He is drawing us, correcting us, and in this case, we "grabbed hold of the hem of a Jew" and he taught us. 
HaShem had already corrected our dress and we were wearing long skirts and were dressed modestly.  As a female returning Ephrayimite, I encourage others to receive this simple instruction respectfully and to consider that our practices in the West have neglected much needed and proper boundaries.  This reinstatement of such, will yield good results, as we obey Him in this.  We have had enough of the blurring such boundaries and finding ourselves in a mess of interaction between men and women that can lead to much worse.
Thank you for including this,

3. Aram Paquin: French-Canadian Quadrilles and Hebrew Dance
Re: "Brit-Am Now"-1069
#2. Questions and Remarks Concerning Stonehenge, National Symbols, Irish and Hebrew mysticism,
and the Hebrew Roots of Irish and Falmenco Dancing

I'd like to add that I concur with the points made by Adam concerning the roots of modern forms of dance.  Being of French Canadian descent, I recognize similarities between traditional Ashkenazic dance as depicted in the film Fiddler On The Roof and the Quadrilles of my not so distant ancestors, stipulating, of course, the difference that women were included in quadrilles.  I would also submit that American clog dancing is so similar to the Irish River Dance form as to be almost indistinguishable except for the more less formal and more relaxed execution by clog dancers.

Aram Paquin

4. Dr. Richard Griffith: V is for Victory!
I picked up a copy of Solomon Steckoll's book "The Alderney Death Camp", a well written account of a death camp constructed by the SS on the British island of Alderney during WWII.
[Alderney is one of the Channel isles between England and France.  During WW2 the Channel Isles were occupied by the Germans.]
On page 138 there is an interesting and stirring vignette about the BBC call sign during the war:
"In a Europe, enslaved by the Nazis, the flame of hope and freedom was kept alive by the rallying call of Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister.  His "V" for victory sign had spread like wildfire throughout the subjugated Continent, giving hope and encouragement that the days of peril and oppression would end.
Secretly the oppressed peoples of Europe tuned in to London, to hear the news on the BBC. Their faith would be restored and spirits lifted by this symbol, the letter "V". As a clarion call it sounded loud and clear. Every BBC newscast would begin with the four opening notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony--the letter "V" in morse. The effectiveness of this was apparent by the recollection of Henshall, the air-conditioning engineer in Hitler's bunker in Berlin. 
Hitler, Eva Braun and the Goebbel's family had committed suicide.  The remaining staff in the bunker had left to try and break through the Russian lines. Only Henshall -- he is still alive -- remained in the bunker.  He tuned his radio to the BBC and recalled that when he heard the boom boom boom BOOM call sign from London, it was like fate knocking at the door.  Henshall at that cataclysmic moment in history said to himself  'Auch Beethoven is Englander geworen' -- Beethoven has also become an Englishman."

Dr. Richard Griffith

5: Francis Hynds: Ulster, Eire, and Dancing
 Re: "Brit-Am Now"-1069:
#2. Questions and Remarks Concerning Stonehenge, National Symbols, Irish and Hebrew mysticism,
and the Hebrew Roots of Irish and Falmenco Dancing

The construction of Stonehenge, its meaning, use and significance is far from settled, common thought is indeed that it was originally made of wood, but some have suggested that it was actually scaffolded by wood for eventual construction of stone.  In fact the ancient capital of Ulster at Navan Fort  which was of similar usage, was also constructed in wood, only to be mysteriously burnt down in ceremonial fashion never to be re-built.  The gross majority of dolmens on the island of Ireland are in Ulster, and there they are as not as suggested - T-shaped, but rather mostly tripod based with an extremely large cap stone, and strangely enough they do "snake" from east to west to the Atlantic coast, as for Eire they are indeed piles of un-cut stones, but in many cases of later origin.   Observations on the island of Ireland in my opinion are extremely useful to observe how mankind arrived, settled and waited for departure at the end of the old world to tackle the Atlantic expanse, plus the deffinate difference in time, culture and tradition between Ulster (Northern Ireland) in the north, and Eire (Republic of Ireland) in the south which suggests that common thoughts should at least be re-examined if not completely re-addressed disregarding political correctness.
In relation the  Ulster flag and the US Bald Eagle symbol there is a connection, the former was a creation of the 1920's, but related as it was seen at the time to Ulster's cultural heritage, the Red Hand going back to ancient times and the Ulster Red Branch Knights of around 100BCE-100CE, this red branch ideology does indeed have biblical significance, as for the Bald Eagle, many of the founding fathers of the US were also Ulstermen and the eagle, although the turkey was considered, is not of Rome, but of Assyria, another biblical significance.  Its like suggesting that the swastika is German, that is those at the time claimed Arian origin and as they believe it knowing or not was part of their culture.   Prophetically or not these are facts that must be re-examined.
Irish dancing as it is called would be more correctly labelled as Roman Catholic dancing, as it was RC priests at the time who permitted dancing between male & female provided they kept their hands to themselves, hence the hands glued to their sides.  It is an invention of around the early 1800's, though nobody can say for sure.  The link between the labelled irish and Spain is obvious, many if not all who call themselves Irish are of Gaelic origin, and the Gaels most likely arrived from Spain hence the connection, furthermore the Romans would not have been talking about the Irish-Gael, simply because at the time they were not there, so who was not dancing even though musical.  The Romans addressed those of Ulster as Scotti, it is believe that these Scotti, later Scots left Ulster giving Scotland their name.  In Ulster tradition Jeremiah, Jacob's pillar stone, Baruch & Princess Zarah travelled with them, regardless of this there has always been a strong connection between Ulster & Scotland right up to the political union of Dal Riada well before any other union within the British Ilses.  The point here is that both countries today are largely Presbyterian, and Presbyterians by tradition don't dance.
Finally a link between Ulster & Hebrew mysticism is still practiced  today by the Royal Black Preceptory who are in continual mourning for Israel.        

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