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1. Fundamentalists In Favor of the Temple
2. Michael Johnson: Descendants of David and
3. Question on Mohammed and Kedar

4. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Why we need a Temple
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1. Fundamentalists In Favor of the Temple
From: dsjacobs
re "Brit-Am Now"-1067
#3. Tessa: Rebuilding the Temple

I do not know what you consider "mainstream Christianity", however I do know that most if not all Fundamental Independent Baptist are wholly in favor of seeing the Temple rebuilt.
We are very familiar with the prophecies.


2. Michael Johnson: Descendants of David and Zadok

I am providing a follow up on a movement to regenerate the House of David. Evidently not only is there a group but a research process to study possible descendence from King David. is dedicated to uniting the families descending from David patrilineally. is dedicated to proving David's literal, legitimate y-DNAdescendants.
My clan, the Johnstons whose founder married the heir of the Garioch (Garrick) clan, claims descent through David. We became one of many Johnson clans when a Johnston moved to America and changed his name. I am sure you're aware of Tamar Tephi, daughter of King Zedekiah whose sons were slain. According to Irish annals, she fled from Jerusalem to Ireland and married King Eremon. Since my descent is not fully patrilineal, I do not consider myself part of the Davidic Dynasty. Nonetheless, virtually everyone of British or Irish ancestry is likely to connect to Tamar Tephi on some line.
Perhaps even the Davidy family descends from David. Currently, there is no organization seeking to re-gather the descendants of Zadok. I know the English Shaddox clan claims descent from Zadok, but with no substantive y-DNA evidence. However, the Zadokite families among the Samaritans do match the y-DNA associated with the House of Aaron. I suspect the Katz clan (Kohen Tsadik/Tsadoq) is also descended from Zadok (Tsadoq). There has been research on y-chromosomal Levites and Aaronites, but virtually no attention to Zadokites, which according to Ezekiel is the only Aaronite clan which can re-establish the Temple.
I hope this is useful and am enjoying your e-mails more than ever. It looks like there is a new book to get!
Michael Johnson

Brit-Am Reply: You asked, "Perhaps even the Davidy family descends from David".
One never knows. Our name "Davidiy" however we received due to a combination of circumstances. It was originally Davis and that too apparently was not paternally derived.
Even so, Davidiy is a good name and we are pleased with it.

3. Question on Mohammed and Kedar

1. Hosea ch.9 Upgraded and New Article
on Mohammed in the Bible
Dear Yair:

This statement from the above does not make sense to me. Can you clarify?

[Maimonides associates the Koresh Tribe of Maimonides with Kedar].
Many thanks,
C. Lane Kelly

It was badly worded. Sorry.
We have changed the sentence.
It now reads:
<<Maimonides is referring to the fact that Mohammed was from the Koresh clan of Arabs and they claimed descent from Kedar son of Ishmael
(Genesis 25:13).

4. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Why we need a Temple
Re: "Brit-Am Now"-1067
#3. Tessa: Rebuilding the Temple

To those who are discussing the need for a physical Temple in Israel:

In the past I have been approached many times about this subject. After prayer and study I have come to some conclusions on the matter that I find satisfactory for me. First of all based on the fact that all of the physical creation is a picture of an unseen creation or realm that exists in God who is unseen it gives the physical realm a very important place in His thoughts. That is why He said what He made was good, it was very good.

When He instructed a tabernacle to be made He said when they had done everything exactly as He had instructed that He would dwell among his people and He would be their God.  We know that God cannot reside in houses made by man but His request for a tabernacle was for the purpose of His people as well as the rest of the world to know that God was in unity of purpose and was also dwelling with His People.  Ezekiel 37 at the end of the chapter says the same thing.

Now those Christians who say to me, there must be a temple made so it can be destroyed before the Messiah comes; in view of what the scriptures say about God and his temple I have a hard time believing such a thing should or will happen.  It says to me that the Jews would build a temple in the land and people would be cleansed and God would come and dwell with them, then they would go away from Him sinning again and God would allow the Temple to be desecrated before the Messiah comes. I don't see any reference to this in the Tanach.  When the Lord says through Zechariah in chapter 4 that this mountain must be made level, it seems to me He is talking about cleansing the temple area of foreign religious powers in order for a temple to be built.  Since they were already building the second temple when the book was first started, I believe he is speaking about a future cleansing for a new Temple.  What these Christians are expecting has already happen with the destruction of the second Temple and now a cleansing of the area needs to occur before the third Temple will be build.  If the Temple area needs cleansing this also means the people need cleansing and Ezekiel says it will be done when the whole house of Israel is gathered.

However, why would we need a Temple?  Because it indicates God is with his people. Also the service in the Temple represents our devotion and interaction with the God we love. He shows His acceptance of us through the physical picture and we show our love for Him through the physical picture.  This will probably last until the last person on earth has grown mature enough spiritually that they do not need illustrations anymore.  Who knows when that will be? Joseph needs Judah, the Levites and Cohanim and all involved in temple service to the people because we should desire God's purposes fulfilled of which the main one is as a witness to the world. For replacement theology people, I do not think they have thought through the conclusions of their beliefs.

Charlotte Mecklenburg

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