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1. Michelle Bowie:  "a heart thing first and foremost"
2. Give "Role to Rule" a Chance!
3. Hosea 6 Upgraded


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1. Michelle Bowie:  "a heart thing first and foremost"
re "Brit-Am Now"-1059
#3. Question on African-Hispanic "Identity" groups
Subject: response
In response to Gayle's comments about the lost tribes:
So far, it has been my experience to find those of Israel mixed in with many different races and ethnic backgrounds. No one race can claim this heritage as all races have mixed at some point in time whether early or later in history.
Even in the O.T. there are instances where members of Israel married Canaanites, so it started back then. Since Ephraim has been scattered and has lost their identity, they have mixed races, and with the modern way of thinking about race and equality, no one is thinking about any one race being anything other than what it is and they cross boundaries of religion, race and so on.
As Yair has pointed out, there are certain factors that determine who is an Israelite. Not all will even know they are, not all will be able to easily indentify themselves through their family background. Case in point: Immigrants to the U.S. through Ellis Island. Many names were either changed to simplify or misspelled. Immigrants either didn't care that their name was changed or they may have thought it was the new world's way of saying their name.
Now, having said that, there are those who will find out unequivocally who they are and those that do have a responsibility to bring knowledge to others.  This is the only way the two houses will be restored.
These groups that claim to be so exclusive are dangerous, no matter who they are. People need to understand that there has been too much mixing to make any exclusive claim. The Father was truly looking out for us when He scattered us. We have mixed so well, as to be protected by His divine order.
Being an Israelite becomes a heart thing first and foremost.
Blessings, michelle b.

Brit-Am Reply:
It is not entirely true that, "Being an Israelite becomes a heart thing first and foremost."
What is required according to our understanding is physical descent from Israel or at least the will to identify with Israel or Judah.
This is the Biblical Message. The stranger may also belong but is required to worship the God of Israel.
The stranger may also belong to the People of Israel but must identify with them.
The importance of knowing WHO the People of Israel are remains most important.
This may not seem fair but this is the way the Bible says it is.
In our age most of us cannot be sure and this is where the
Ephraimite Criteria apply along with the will of the heart to know as well as possible.
The apparent conflict between acknowledging that physical descent is the main point and being aware that we "probably are but cannot be 100% certain" should instill within us a combination of humility
along with a drive to know more.

2. Give "Role to Rule" a Chance!
Our latest work "Role to Rule. The Task of Joseph"
should be selling better than it is.
The book is well written, free flowing,  with a special reader-friendly format.
Everyone who has read the work and commented on it has said something positive.
No negative criticism has (at least so far) been heard.
This work is worth reading and deserves to be read.
For a review of the work go to:

"Role to Rule. The Task of Joseph"
Introduction to "Role to Rule.
"The Tasks of Joseph and Judah in the Present Age"
Section One:
The Exile and the Prophesied Return
Chapter One: The Completeness of the Exile
Were ALL the Ten Tribes Exiled?
The Pathways of Exile
Section Two: The Goal
Chapter Two: Inheritance of the Blessings
Chapter Three: The Role of Joseph
The Task and Destiny of Joseph as Distinct from Judah
Chapter Four: Patriarchal Names
The Name 'Hebrew'
The Names of Isaac, Jacob, and Israel in Western Traditions
The Name ISAAC
The Name JACOB
Tribal and Clan Names
 The Tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh
Chapter Five: A Blessing to Others
A Servant People
The British Empire
Chapter Six: Ephraim and Manasseh
The National Applications
The Messiah Son of Joseph and Manasseh
Will the Messiah Son of Joseph be descended from Ephraim or from Manasseh?
Manasseh and the Messiah Son of Joseph
Presidents and Not Kings
(1) Presidential Leadership
(2) Enormous Numbers
Menasseh, Ephraim, and the Heritage of Scotland
Chapter Seven: Gates of Your Enemies
The Gathering of Information
The Use of Strategic "Gates" as an Established Ongoing Policy
At Least Seven Hundred Foreign Bases
US Gates in Space
Officials outline importance of space systems
Chapter Eight: Cush and the Rest
Egypt, Africa, and India
The God of Israel is called a "God who Hides Himsef"
Messiah son of Joseph

Chapter Nine: The Land of Sinim
Australia and New Zealand
The Australian Aborigines
The Development of Australia
Australian Desert Reversible?
New Zealand
NZ Soldier Flew First Jewish Flag in Jerusalem
"Down Under"
Australia and the State of Israel
The Nations and the State of Israel
The Point of this Study
Chapter Ten: Joseph Defeats Esau
Chapter Eleven: RULERSHIP
Be the Dominant World Power
How Many Horns Did the Unicorn Have?
Did the Unicorn Exist?
Military Might
Military Prowess is an Israelite Trait
Empire: An Obligation of Joseph
Chapter Twelve: JUDAH
The Different Hebrew Tasks

Appendix 1: Nachmanides
The Ten Tribes were Exiled and will Return!
"Safer HaGeulah" (The Book of Redemption)
 Appendix 2: The Prophesied Return to Egypt in Ships as Slaves Fulfilled in Judah
Appendix 3: Judah and Joseph Need Each Other: A Message from Rabbi Kook
Appendix 4: The Maharal of Prague and the Lost Ten Tribes

3. Hosea 6 Upgraded
Includes observations of Israel Feld quoted from our work, "Ephraim".
The Third Redemtion with the building of the Third Temple will be final and there will be no more exiles after that. Religious leaders must acknowledge the truth and be respected. The People of Gilead and Manasseh had a propensity to violence which is still apparent today. A portion of Judah will prepare the way in the Land of Israel for the rest of Judah and for all the Ten Tribes. The USA and other Israelite Nations should support the State of Israel and encourage the settlements instead of doing the opposite as they have been.

Brit-Am Conclusion to Hosea 6:
The whole of the above chapter in the light of Brit-Am studies may in fact reflect upon the present situation. The USA is Manasseh which included a portion to the east (Gilead) and to the west (Schechem) of the Jordan River. The inhabitants of both regions had a predisposition to violence. Their leaders (referred to as "priests") will be the cause of bloodshed and immorality. They will also have a tendency to speak against Judah and to undermine the Security of Judah by their statements and pressures on Judah to go soft on the Palestinian murderers who only want to kill Judah. Jews have been killed because of this. The corruption of Ephraim will have a polluting influence on all of the Israelite nations. A portion of Judah will have returned and be preparing the Land of Israel for the rest of Judah and for the Ten Tribes.

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