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1. Kobler: Complete Book Now Online
Franz Kobler
"The Vision Was There.
A History of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine"
London, 1956

Last Instalment:
With Lloyd George and Arthur James Balfour at the head of the Government, the most auspicious moment in the history of the Restoration Movement was approaching. A grave peril arose, however, when the Zionist proposals met unexpected opposition in 1917. The opposition came from Jews. ..The Cabinet itself, although far from abandoning its restorationist policy, yielded to some extent to the pressure of the Jewish opposition. It modified the Zionist formula and invited representative Jewish leaders, both Zionist and non-Zionist, to present their views in writing. In the revised governmental version, the substitution of the phrase "the establishment in Palestine of a National Home" for "the reconstitution of Palestine as the National Home of the Jewish People" was a setback suffered by the restorationist and Zionist cause. As subsequent events have shown, it had even more serious consequences than was realised by the Zionist leaders who felt that they had to accept it in the then prevailing circumstances. Nevertheless, even with this modification, the basic principle of a Jewish National Home had been adopted by the Government and a victory won in the long struggle of the Restoration Movement and Zionism for its recognition.
       The representatives of the opposition raised objections even against the new formula and tried desperately to eliminate the decisive term "National". In this fateful battle of opinions the Chief Rabbi, the Rev. Dr. J. H. Hertz's inspired and well-considered endorsement of the Zionist-aspirations made the deepest impression and strengthened the Cabinet in its pro-Zionist attitude.
       In the last stage of the campaign, help came again from non-Jewish quarters. Letters of sympathy and support were received from President Wilson of the U.S.A. and from Monsieur J.
Cambon of the French Foreign Office. Indeed, in those days, men in many lands were stirred by the spirit of Cyrus. By a fortunate coincidence, General Allenby had just entered Palestine on his march towards Jerusalem. Thus the hour had struck for a new Decree...Lord Shaftesbury, Mitford, Disraeli and all those who had eagerly awaited a new "Decree of Cyrus" had come amazingly close to the formula of the Declaration. Although no name was worthier to be forever linked with it than that of Lord Balfour, it was not the work of one man, nor even of a group of men. Neither was it merely the outcome of a particular historical situation, nor the bare application of the principle of "self-determination" which had become potent during the war and which certainly had a share in the approval of the Declaration. With the hard struggle which preceded its creation, with its deep roots in Jewish Messianism and English religious tradition, the Balfour Declaration was clearly the common work of many Jewish and British generations which was completed in one of England's "finest hours".

The role England had played in this historic process is beyond the scope of this survey. But it may, in conclusion, be placed on record that with champions like Lord Wedgwood and Norman
Maclean in revolt against Britain's Palestine policy, with Orde Wingate inspiring and organising the fighters for Israel's liberation, with men like Justice Rand, William L. Hull and Lester Pearson, the head of the Canadian Delegation in the United Nations, openly supporting the Zionist aspirations, the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews at the time when the fulfilment of Israel's and England's ageless common dream was at stake stood the hardest test in its history. The British men and women who were engaged in this great spiritual adventure have kept up the belief in the indestructibility of Britain's perennial vision.

2. United Israel World Union
Articles by John Hulley and others.
These people are OK as far as we know but they are not the same as Brit-Am.
The fact that we point to other URLs out of interest from time to time does not mean
that we endorse their message or that we have even necessarily read all of the article in question
right the way through.
It means that as far as we know the article(s) in question contain some points of interest
and may be worth perusal.
In the past UIWU had a positive attitude in so far as it was open to the Lost Ten Tribes being
in the west and a negative aspect since it also considered them to be everywhere else as well. br>

3. Hosea 5 Upgraded
The Ten Tribes will be wicked and sin. Judah will imitate Ephraim and suffer because of it. Ephraim will seek to buy his way into heaven. They will have borne children to foreign women which will prevent their repentance being acceptable. Ephraim will retain a degree of Biblical Awareness. Ephraim will seek the help of Assyria but this will be to no avail. Judah due to oppression will return to its religion and to the Land of Israel at an early stage and prepare the way for the other Tribes.

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