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1. Gavin Finley with Yair Davidiy: Online Brit-Am Videos
2. Kobler Continued
3. Question on "Friends" Sometimes Becoming A Mixed Blessing
4. Letter From Gavin Finley Producer of the Video Clips
5. Yair Davidiy on the Video Clips


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1. Gavin Finley with Yair Davidiy: Online Brit-Am Videos

See Gavin Finley and Yair Davidiy discussing Brit-Am Topics

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Yair Davidiy #2 The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel went west
Yair Davidiy, Jewish scholar and author and an authority on the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel describes the westward migration of the House of Israel after the As-syrian captivity 2700 years ago. The weight of evidence is conclusive and can be seen at They underwent turbulent histories and migrations generally towards the west. In the western European regions they regathered in their tribal companies.

Yair Davidiy #2 - The Lost Tribes of Israel
Yair Davidiy #2 - Yair Davidiy, Jewish scholar and author of 'The Tribes' of is interviewed by Gavin Finley MD. He recounts how he became interested in the subject of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.

Yair Davidiy #3 - A meeting with Evangelical Zionists
Yair Davidiy, Jewish scholar and author of 'The Tribes' met with some evangelical/Biblical Zionists in Jerusalem during Succot of 2007 and graciously consented to an interview. His sholarship and Biblical insights were much appreciated and he was warmly received.

Yair Davidiy #4 The two sticks of Ezekiel 37
Yair Davidiy #4 Yair Davidiy, Jewish scholar and researcher on the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel demonstrates the prophecy of the two sticks of Ezekiel 37. The rejoining of Judah with Joseph (the Lost Ten Tribes) is a key to our understanding of the full restoration of Israel. This will be seen under Messiah as holy history enters the climax of this age in the End Times.

Yair Davidiy #5 - The Migrations of the Lost Ten Tribes
Yair Davidiy #5 Yair Davidiy, Jewish scholar and author of the book, 'The Tribes' discusses the migrations of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel after the Assyrian captivity. He outlines their histories and migrations through the centuries and their geographical clusterings in the nations of the west.

Yair Davidiy #6 The Dutch nation and the lost Tribe of Zebulun
Yair Davidiy, Orthodox Jewish scholar, researcher and author of the book "The Tribes" is a foremost scholar on the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. In this video he describes the westward migrations of the tribes. He goes on to trace the tribe of Zebulun and identifies them in the modern era as the Dutch nation and people. Holland was the superpower in the west during the 1600's. The people of the Netherlands have been a seafarers and merchants. They were famous as a people promoting peaceful trade across the seas. We see this same spirit and character and a desire to build a haven of rest in Zebulun. It is clearly outlined in Holy Scripture. We see it in the blessing Jacob gave to Zebulun in Genesis 49:13 and in Moses charge in Deuteronomy 33:18. In this video Yair Davidiy presents some additional compelling evidence connecting the Dutch nation and people to the lost Israelite tribe of Zebulun.

Yair #7, Reuben and the nation of France.
Yair Davidiy is a Jewish researcher on the subject of the lost ten tribes of Israel. He wrote the book "The Tribes" among others which trace the westward migrations of the lost ten tribes of Israel. The captivity under the As syrians and the subsequent scatterings of the ten tribes began in 722 B.C. In this video Yair Davidiy describes the evidence connecting the Tribe of Reuben with the Franks and the modern nation of France.

2.Kobler Continued
Franz Kobler
"The Vision Was There.
A History of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine"
William Whiston (1667-1752)... was another prominent spokesman of the Movement. It was characteristic of this religious revivalist and translator of Josephus that he felt personally concerned in the resurrection of the Jewish Nation. In his Memoirs (1753), the coming Millennium and Restoration of the Jews were recurrent themes. A memorable entry -of Whitsunday, June 7, 1747- records that on that day he "called to mind a very remarkable prophecy of Isaiah's concerning the restoration of the Jews (Ix 9-10) 'Surely the isles wait for Me, and the ships of Tarshish (the Mediterranean sea, Jonah i, 3) first to bring thy sons from far'," and concluded from it "that the first return of the Jews shall be by ships, passing along the Mediterranean, from remote islands: which agrees to no nation so expressly, as to the British nation..." With this association between the Restoration of the Jews and England's foreign policy, a new element, destined to have a lasting effect upon its subsequent development, had been added to the Restoration Doctrine.

 <<Foremost among the pioneers of this new realistic theory was Henry Kett, who in his three-volume History, the Interpreter of Prophecy (1799) drew a clear distinction between the physical return of the Jews and the religious implications of this event. "Is it an improbable conjecture" he asked, "...that this maritime commercial, Protestant kingdom England should take the lead in executing the Divine will on such an occasion?"

<<Thomas Corbet, one of the United Irishmen, and a friend of revolutionary France, undertook the bold attempt to promote the Restoration through a direct approach to the French Government. Cheered by the glorious progress of, Bonaparte's expedition, he expressed the opinion that there was only one prospective ally in sight, one whose "interests and desires were in accordance" with those of the French and Irish:  the dispersed people of the Jews. Writing from Lorient on February 17, 1799, he submitted to Paul Barras, the powerful member of the Directory, a project that "France may grant to the Jewish people a territory on which, to lay the foundation of their restored republic". In an elaborate memorandum, Corbet suggested negotiations with Jewish representatives about the purchase of that portion of Egypt which adjoins the Isthmus and the Red Sea.

3. Question on "Friends" Sometimes Becoming A Mixed Blessing

I have read quite a bit of the content on Brit Am site, I really appreciate this site and have decided to support you in this effort as I now feel strongly obligated to do so, and also feel the lessons in history received demand this from me.
I have a question that I am not sure is appropriate,or that you are able to give answer to, or perhaps you have already dealt with the issue in commentary and I missed it.
Omit it is painful to see the events unfolding concerning Israel, and the manner in which the current and past administrations have dealt rather cruelly with Her ,e.g.. Oslo, road map etc.
We as nations, Britain, US, have seemed to cause much suffering at times, as well as been a great help to the Jewish state. We also seem to have problems that parallel many of the issues in Israel, Does Brit Am concur with this conclusion ?
Thank you very much for your hard work, and God Bless, Bob

Brit-Am Reply:

Yes. We agree that the State of Israel has similar problems to those of the West.
We also agree that some of the problems of the State of Israel have been exacerbated
due tot he interference of "Lost Israelite" nations.
This interference in some cases may have been well-intentioned but it has been mistaken whenever
it has supported solutions that are to the detriment of the Jewish population.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

4. Letter From Gavin Finley Producer of the Video Clips
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1049  Online Video Clips

Dear Yair,

Wonderful to hear from you! And I count it a privilege to support your ministry which lifts up the everlasting Word of Hashem. He will never forget His covenant people, although we have all too often forgotten Him. I consider the information you are bringing out of the fog to be very important. This information on the lost ten tribes of Israel will be an enormous help in promoting understanding between the two estranged houses of Israel. It is also fostering a new sense of responsibility before the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

It has been a steep learning curve on the video, Yair. But I am starting to get somewhere finally. I have had some computer issues and some trouble with the Microsoft Vista operating system running my video programs. But all this is getting ironed out finally. I am also doing better work with the video nowadays, which is good. Anyway, I have started to put up some videos of our Hyatt meeting we had in October. They are going up on and

Just put in "Yair Davidiy" into the search box for each site.
You will see what I have managed to put up so far. ch_videos&x=9&y=3

I consider that night we met to be one of the highlights of my life. It seemed that Hashem put it all together. I told you at the time I felt like we were operating in the Aussie spirit of "the Man from Snowy River". Both of us are bound and determined to bring the wanderers home. This is the spirit of the Shepherd of Israel. Let us pray that the information we bring forth will be used to bring the wanderers to a realization of their true roots in Israel and a renewed sense of responsibility to the God of Israel. I have divided up the interview into its subjects and general headings. This will bring the Google searchers in on these particular themes with their key words and key phrases.

I fully believe this faithful work you have done is redemptive and will catch on. It is just a matter of time. This is very new information to most. But it is also a Word of Hashem that uplifts His righteousness and His faithfulness to the promises he gave us in the Tenakh. Because Hashem will surely bring His true and genuine shalom right home into the hearts and the homes of His covenant people.

I suspect that once you see the power of video for teaching you will be just as enthused as I am. I have been writing articles on my website for seven years now. But things are changing. So many people have broadband nowadays. We can link the video presentations of a certain subject from the web page we have previously written on that subject. This then gives two targets for the Google searchers and the search engine spiders. This then raises our ranking on the Google list for that key phrase or subject or theme and puts our web pages and videos up to the top of the list.

So video is the up and coming medium nowadays it seems. We can now have pictures, maps, scriptures and PowerPoint all presented with audio. And the power of the spoken word is greater than the reading of text.

I trust that this will be just the beginning of the videos for britam. You might like to do some yourself, perhaps in a more controlled setting. Although I must say, the spontaneity of our Hyatt meeting is there for all to see! Even the arrival of Jackie Pilcher to say a special hello to you stamps the video as real and genuine material. There is nothing phony about those videos. And we were certainly not plastic people, talking heads reading from a tele-prompter in a studio. So I think these videos will have "genuine" stamped on them and be greatly used.

Can we do better next time? I am an amateur videographer just starting out so I am sure I can do better. I now have two excellent UHF wireless microphone systems. And I know how to use the camera better, (I think). Next time we will have a cameraman too.

If I get the privilege to return to Jerusalem I would love to meet with you again for another session. Perhaps we could bring out some geographical maps on an easel and really do a good job of explaining the westward migrations of the tribes in the various eras. Maps of the Scythians and Cimmerians. Maps of the Greek and Roman Empires, the pathways of the tribes westwards etc. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And yet we are still just seeing talking heads trying to use just words to get their message across. Teachers should do better than that. Even if it is just a blackboard!

I do thank you so much for coming to meet us at the Hyatt. I consider it a the privilege to help you bring your work the recognition it deserves. Please feel free to email me your commentaries and corrections on the videos. I will continue to work on them and get them up online.

Grace and shalom to you,
 and all who work with you,

I am your servant in Hashem,
Gavin Finley

5. Yair Davidiy on the Video Clips
When Gavin Finley was in Jerusalem he invited me over to the Hyat Hotel where he was staying.
He then video-taped a two-hour series of conversations we held on Brit-Am matters.
After many hours and a lot of effort by Gavin the first fruits of the video-taped conversations may now be seen.
As Gavin says  it was also a learning experience for him.
These clips are not bad. Each one takes only about 5 minutes or so to view.
They are worthwhile and they indicate the potential that may exist.
We think you will enjoy viewing them and we would like to hear your reactions.
Please gives us your feed back including criticisms that may enable us to improve next time.

If you think these clips are worthwhile tell your family and friends about them.
A few important points are put across in a few minutes of viewing.


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