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Date: 22 Tebet 5768, 31 December 2007, Contents:
1. Brit-Am Commentary to the Book of Hosea
2. Biblical and Other criticisms of Brit-Am
3. Franz Kobler Continued: Bensalem [New Britain] and the Elizabethan Era


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1. Brit-Am Commentary to the Book of Hosea
Upgraded chapter by chapter:
Chapter One
This commentary is worth reading.It is very important.
We wrote it for you and we endeavored to make it as pertinent to you
and as interesting to read as we could.
The Commentary contains both a Summary (shown below)
and a verse by pertinent-verse explanation.
We read the Scripture through many times over the years but each time we did so
in order to explain it we came across new, important, and surprising insights.
We expect you will do so as well.

Summary of Chapter 1:
Hosea is told to take a loose woman named Gomer and to have children from her. Three children are born. They represent three sections of the Northern Ten Tribes of Israel who were about to go into Exile and become the Lost Ten Tribes. Judah is expressly excluded. The name "Gomer" signifies an association of the exiled Israelites with nations descended from the three sons of Gomer son of Japhet. The Sons of Gomer gave rise to entities that are today mainly found in Central and Western Europe. The Children of Gomer and Hosea were Jezreel ["He who God Shall Scatter"], Lo-Ruhama ["She-who-has-not-been-shown-mercy"], and "Lo-Ami" ["Not My people"]. Two aspects of the Blessings: a. Those (such as dwelling in the Land of Israel) that were conditional on behavior; (b) Those there were unconditional that included becoming a multitudinous and powerful nation. Those blessings that were to be unconditionally fulfilled were to enable the Lost Ten Tribes to fulfill their task of civilizing and elevating humanity. Judah will be saved through miracles and not by force of arms. It is prophesied that there will come a time when Lo-Ami will be called "Sons of the Living God" or "Angli". They will be extremely numerous. They will unite with Judah and return together. Jezreel will exhibit the alternative explanation of his name which can connote ingathering.

2. Biblical and Other criticisms of Brit-Am
As far as we know we have satisfactorily answered all claims from the Bible against
Brit-Am beliefs.
See the articles on our web-site, especially:
Biblical Proofs

The Completeness of the Exile
  Answers to Deniers of 
  Brit-Am Biblical Truth

"Answer to an Anti-Identity Polemic"

We are prepared to continue to prove our point and answer all  additional claims in the future.
If there is anything we cannot answer we will admit it.
This does not mean we will admit to being wrong but we will admit to being unable (at least temporarily)
to answer any specific argument if such argument ever is presented.
Conventional explanations of DNA for example, did appear scientifically feasible to some degree.
In that case we did admit that we could not entirely correspond our beliefs with the Racial Family Tree
that seemed to be proposed by DNA. At the time we admitted it was a problem and said so publicly even though nobody
was really asking us and nobody else seemed to even realize it!
We have since resolved that problem. Now the ball is in the court of the experts.
"YDNA Reversed"
Now it is the  turn of the "experts" to deal with it. So far they are not doing so but have ignored it.

At all events Brit-Am is prepared to answer all subjects connected with our subject
or to admit we have no answer if that should ever happen.

We do however request that in future all questions be addressed to us.
Questions should be formulated (or re-formulated) in a way that it is clear that Brit-Am is the one being addressed.
Please do not send us questions or counter-claims that are directed to other groups even though the other groups
hold the same or similar beliefs as ourselves.
If you think the question is important and should be answered simply ask us about it directly
and not by way of forwarding material directed to others.

3.Franz Kobler Continued: Bensalem [New Britain] and the Elizabethan Era
Franz Kobler
"The Vision Was There.
A History of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine"
<<A striking trace of the ideas developed by Finch may also be found in Francis Bacon's Nova Atlantis (English version 1629). Bacon, perhaps in token of sympathy with his esteemed former collaborator, even alluded to Finch's vision in his story of the Jews living in Bensalem, told by a Jew named Joabin, a merchant of Bensalem: "And for the country of Bensalem this man would make no end of commending it, being desirous by tradition among the Jews there to have it believed that the people thereof were of the generation of Abraham by another son, whom they call Nachoran; ...and that when the Messiah should come, and sit on his throne at Jerusalem, the King of Bensalem should sit at his feet, whereas other Kings should keep a great distance".
        <<This reflection of the Restoration idea in one of the greatest literary documents of the epoch is an indication that it had taken root in the spiritual life of England. The work of the first English advocates of the Restoration doctrine was completed. It was done by men who had been born in the Elizabethan era. Although the greater part of the pertinent literary documents appeared during the reign of James I, the Golden Age of England was really the cradle of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine.

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