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1. New ArticleWorth Reading
2. Brit-Am Answers to Criticisms Only Under Certain Conditions
a. Most Criticisms Already Answered
b. Articles, etc Need URLs
c. A Minimum Degree of Courtesy is Required.
d. Brit-Am is not to be Associated with Bad People
e. Brit-Am Will Not Relate to Queries Not Directly Addressed to us!
f. Brit-Am Welcomes Questions and Debate
3. Is Ephraim Speaking to the Wall? Brit-Am replies.
4. Carol: Nothing Outside the Bible is Acceptable
5. Brit-Am, Oral Law, and an Intermediate Conclusion.


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1. New Article Worth Reading
Joseph in the Eyes of the "Rebbe"
Characteristics of the Tribes According to Rabbinical Sources.

Joseph the Inner Essence
Joseph the Nazirite
Joseph and Redemption
Joseph and Matters of this World.
Joseph, the Covenant, and Shabbat
Joseph and Being a Hebrew
Joseph and the Need for Truth
"Joseph" means "Increase"
Joseph and Hiding Ones Self
Judah and Joseph: Truth and Faith
Joseph the Leader despite the Others!
All Israel must Partake of the Qualities of Joseph
Joseph helps all Israel become Israelite!
Joseph Set the Precedent!
Acknowledgement of the Truth
Joseph, Shabat, and Judah
Joseph, the Written Torah, and the Oral Law
Joseph and the Patriarchs
Joseph Needs Judah!
Joseph Connects the Written Torah to the Oral Torah
Joseph Compared to Benjamin

2. Brit-Am Answers to Criticisms Only Under Certain Conditions We received a series of postings from F.L.STATON>
The postings contained chapters from the book, "The History of the Ten Lost Tribes: Anglo-Israelism Examined by DAVID BARON.
F.L.STATON sent us six postings.
Only one of them had the URL for the booklet and at first we missed it.
At all events, A search engine inquiry showed us that the booklet is available for perusal at:
We will look it over.
"F.L.STATON" <> in his posting to us had the headings:
From: "F.L.STATON" <>
Subject: Re: so there !!
Subject: white israelism is a lie and in the cc: listings were a few notorious so-called "Christian Identity" reprobates.
At all events this posting brings up the need to clarify a few issues:

a. Most Criticisms Already Answered
Most, if not all, claims that may be made against Brit-Am especially from a Biblical perspective have been answered by us on the Brit-Am website.
In this context it is worth noting especially the articles:
" The Completeness of the Exile
Answers to Deniers of Brit-Am Biblical Truth"
and "Answer to an Anti-Identity Polemic"

b. Articles, etc Need URLs
Anything taken from the web or from any publication that may require our attention should include the source with it, i.e. in this case the URL should have been given on every posting.

c. A Minimum Degree of Courtesy is Required.
This is elementary.

d. Brit-Am is not to be Associated with Bad People
We should not have been included in a listing with the CI criminal element.
Our name should not even be recalled in the same breath as them.

e. Brit-Am Will Not Relate to Queries Not Directly Addressed to us!
Anyone with a specific query relating to Brit-Am studies should address it to Brit-Am.
If one comes across criticism levelled against some other entity but which may involve the Brit-Am domain then the Brit-Am attitude to the matter may be enquired of.
We will not however from now on deal with articles, pamphlets, etc directed against others even if the "others" on some points held or hold similar ideas to our own in certain areas.

f. Brit-Am Welcomes Questions and Debate
Despite all the above Brit-Am is pleased to answer questions (when and if we know the answers) connected with Brit-Am beliefs. We are also open to debate issues that concern us.
Some of our greatest research breakthroughs and conceptual insights have been occasioned through debates we held with others.

3. Is Ephraim Speaking to the Wall? Brit-Am replies.
Bob wrote:

Yair, Shalom

Our understanding of Prophecy (Isaiah and Hosea) is that Judah will be a forerunner and will prepare the way for the other tribes. What Is Judah doing to prepare the way? How many times can you tell a wall my name is Ephraim. How much proof do you need before that it is enough proof?

You asked:
(a) What Is Judah doing to prepare the way?
(b) How much proof do you need?

(a) What Is Judah doing to prepare the way?
Consciously Judah is not necessarily doing anything but otherwise it is doing very much.
Judah on the whole does not who Ephraim is.
Judah will probably not know for awhile unless Brit-Am receives somewhat more support than it has done heretofore.
Brit-Am in the past received a little help from Judah that enabled us to do the preliminary research and get started.
In order to continue we are now mainly in need of Ephraim. This appears to be how Divine Providence wants it.
Judah is preparing the way by bringing in Jews to the Land of Israel and arousing the Hebrew instincts amongst
Ephraim and Joseph. The present arousal concerning Hebrew Origins amongst Ephraimites and Christians in general
is in large part occasioned by the existence of the State of Israel .
The State of Israel is being helped by Joseph which in some degrees reflects an unconscious arousal on the part of
Nevertheless it is the State of Israel which is "leading the show" at present and going ahead sometimes with the help of,
and at other times in spite of, Joseph.
In other words Judah is doing more than any other party at present.
They who wish that Judah do more can make a contribution by supporting Brit-Am.

(b) You asked,

How many times can you tell a wall my name is Ephraim. How much proof do you need before that it is enough proof?

Brit-Am replies:
What Proof?
Brit-Am has proof. So do some other groups.
But how well-known is it?
How accepted and acceptable is it?
Do you even relate to it?
If you do, do other Ephraimites?
There are some Ephraimities who treat our proofs almost with contempt and say that it should be enough
with what they know to be true in their hearts.
This attitude might be sufficient for those who are convinced and their friends but for most people it is not enough.
In our opinion, the proofs must be known.
There must be a widespread knowledge of them.
The Biblical and Rabbinical evidence is very important and knowledge of it should be widely spread.
This should be supplemented with secular evidence.
The outside world and conventional academic community will probably always treat us with a certain degree of disdain.
Nevertheless, by making our findings known widely and by refining them through more and more research
and propagation of our findings an effect can be made.
This should be the first step.
It has hardly started so far.
You asked,
"How many times can you tell a wall my name is Ephraim?"
That about describes it. That about says what most Ephraimites are doing.
They (apart from a special few) are not helping Brit-Am either because they cannot afford to or because Brit-Am is not in line
with their theological views. And they are not doing much else either except maybe speaking to the wall and complaining.

4. Carol: Nothing Outside the Bible is Acceptable
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-1041
#4. Charlotte Mecklenburg: "we would all belong to Judah's stick"

I totally agree with Charlotte Mecklenburg's comments on believing anything outside the bible itself. I failed to mention this in my other e-mails as I never thought it was important. I keep telling you there are many, many of Joseph's stick who have come out of "religion" and churches and follow only the bible. It is a freedom I could not describe. I believe the people I have just mentioned (and in the past) are ready for The Most High to do the joining Himself.

Carol Harwell Senna

5. Brit-Am, Oral Law, and an Intermediate Conclusion.
re "Brit-Am Now"-1038
#1. Joseph and the Law: A Challenge to Ephraimites Brit-Am said:
<<We recently came across a source (in the Rabbinical Commentary "Sefat Emet")
saying that Joseph represents the understanding of the Oral Law as emerging from the Written Law and the connection between the two..

<<We would like to throw out a conceptual challenge to all Ephraimites:
If it could be proven to your satisfaction that the Oral Law emanates from the Written Law would you keep it??

<<If not, why not??

In a sense the question was somewhat not rational and maybe not fair.
We ourselves usually refuse to answer questions that we consider hypothetical.
One either believes something to be true and then deals with it or one does not believe it and therefore it becomes irrelevant.
At all events the question stirred up much interest and we received many well-thought-out replies of high quality most of which we have not posted.
Very few however actually answered the question.
Some told us why they do not believe in the Oral Law while others explained why (even if true) they could accept the Oral Law.
Many gave answers similar to those of Carol (no.4 above) or of Thomas Grey in the previous posting:

In short they said that, like the Early American revolutionaries who threw off the yoke of the British Monarchy, having come out of servitude to human authority they could never submit themselves again.
Together with this the impression was that if they received a commandment from a Prophet or someone like one they would obey him.
This brings us back to square one and our need for a Future Messiah (Messiah son of Joseph or Messiah son of David) or a precursor of one (in the Spirit of Elijah) to resolve the religious issues and differences between us.
Fair Enough.
At least we have cleaned the air between us a little.

It also lead us to write our article on the "Sefat Emet" and Joseph and this may lead to a whole series of articles on related subjects.

Perhaps the extract below is pertinent to our Intermediate Conclusions?

Joseph the Leader despite the Others!
Year 5635
In Heaven Joseph was chosen but the generality of Israel wanted all of the Tribes. We may assume that it is all true and ultimately the same since by merit of the holiness of Joseph the Righteous the other Tribes each merit coming to their own position.
Brit-Am Commentary: Joseph was chosen by heaven to become the supreme ruler. The other Tribal Ancestors would have preferred an assembly representative of each of them. This was not to be. Nevertheless the bottom line is that in our inner beings we all want what is good for everyone else. Whoever becomes the leader if they do their task properly may well achieve the good of all which is, or should be, the main concern.