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Editorial p.3

Scriptural Truth   WHY THE JEWS ARE "JUDAH" by Steven M. Collins p.5

FULFILLMENT OF ZEPHANIAH'S PROPHECY; FULFILLMENT OF ZECHARIAH’S PROPHECY; FULFILLMENT OF GENESIS 49'S PROPHECY; Judah will be a Young and Old Lion at One and the Same Time! Judah will be a Fighting Country! Judah will be a SuccesfulFarming Nation! Judah will be Revered! The Kings of Israelite Nations will come from Judah!

Points Made by Stephen Collins and Brit-Am in Summary

Cultural Parallels TORAH IN ENGLISH LAW by Theodor Opatowski p.18

Israelites in Cornwall and Connections to King Alfred; The Hebraic Origins of British Law; Concrete Examples of Hebraic Angloisms; The Necessary Application of the Torah
Lingusitics SIMILARITIES BETWEEN HEBREW & SWEDISH by Örjan Svensson p.22


What is an “Israelite” Nation? Most Livable Countries; LOWEST INFANT MORTALITY RATE; HIGHEST LIFE EXPECTANCY; THE RICHEST AND THE POOREST; Esau was also blessed.
Geneaology  THE DAVIDIC HOUSE OF NATHAN: An Enduring dynasty by Athol Bloomer p.30

Nathan brother of Solomon; Movement to Ireland; The Exilarchs of Judah in Babylon; Mar Joseph and the Early Kings of Britain and Ireland; Simeon Breac and the Stone of Destiny. King David of Wales and King David of Scotland; Messiah ben Ephraim Ruler of the Lost Ten Tribes; Identification of the Tribes;
Biblical Proof  A RULER OF NATIONS, “Let peoples serve you, and nations bow down to you” by STEPHEN J. SPYKERMAN        p.34

The British Empire; Britannia Rules the Waves; Let Nations Bow down to you; Anglo-Saxon Bloodbrothers; Only Trust Your Family; Victorious Brothers in Arms; The World’s Only Superpower; England Never Lost a War; Only One Exception!
Tribal Identity REUBEN: Will The French Invade Israel? by Yair Davidiy p.42


Shalom, We have renamed the magazine yet again. It is now called “BRIT-AM Truth instead of “BRIT-AM Magazine”. The chances are that this time the new name will remain.  The articles in this issue deal with a variety of issue. There is an important article by Stephen M. Collins about Judah and the Jews. In order to understand the Lost Ten Tribes we have to also be aware of those Tribes that were not lost. Remember the quotation at the end of the Recommendation of Rabbi Avraham Feld to the Second Edition of The Tribes?  It said: They [i.e. the Lost Ten Tribes] are those who were exiled beyond the Sambation River. The exiles of Judah and Benyamin [i.e. the present-day “Jews”] are destined to go unto them and bring them back in order to merit with them the Messianic Era and life in the World-To-Come. This is as it says, “In those days the house of Judah shall go unto the house of Israel and they shall come together out of the land of the north unto the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers” (Jeremiah 3;18).
-Yalkut Shimeoni, Song of Solomon 905.
The Lost Ten Tribes will return.  Biblical indications and Jewish tradition indicate that the Jews will be be instrumental in making the Lost Tribes aware of their Israelite Identity.  If this is so – and we believe it will be, then the Jews must firstly know who the Lost Ten Tribes are. This is one of the tasks Brit-Am has taken upon itself.  To instruct both Judah and the Lost Tribes of Israel.  We are preparing a book in Hebrew that may well be published soon. Brit-Am is centered in the Land of the Jews, in the State of Israel, in Jerusalem. The Brit-Am office and place of residence of Yair Davidiy is almost literally just across the road from the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) Building. Since Brit-Am in Israel is mostly Jewish then too in a small way we are beginning to fulfill the task of Judah by going out to the other Tribes as we do.  It also requires that those of Israel from the Ten Tribes should not be misled by Enemies who says false things about Judah. The article by Stephen Collins in this present issue comes to meet that need.

<<And you find that Israel will not be redeemed until they become one unity, as it says,   
Only when they are one unity will they merit receiving the Divine Presence.>>Tanchuma, Nitzavim, 1;18
The quotation from Scripture above says “GO UNTO” instead of “walk with” which is how the King James translates it. Our version which has “go unto” is based on the Hebrew and the understanding of the Tanchuma Midrash we have quoted from.

We have an interesting section of Letters. Many of our subscribers consider the Letters section the most important (and most interesting) feature we have.  Theodor Opatowski gives us examples of how Torah Biblical principles were embodied in the English traditional legal system from the earliest times. This also says much about ancestral identity. Örjan Svensson was responsible for three articles in the present issue: two of his own and one that he translated. Orjan proves that Israelites were present in the formation period of Scandinavian and especially Swedish history. The Anglo-Saxons and most peoples of the north were ethnically linked to groups in Scandinavia so what applies in that region concerning Israeli Identity reflects on other peoples as well. Athol Bloomer provides us with unique geneaological information directly connecting many leading family trees in the British Isles to Israel and Judah and especially to the House of David. STEPHEN J. SPYKERMAN shows how yet another (out of very very many) Biblical Proof concerning the Lost Ten Tribes applies (and can only apply) to North America, Britain , and their kinred nations. Altogether the present issue presents a very respectable collection of articles each one of which is of much importance and geat value.
Brit-Am as an organization is comprised of both Jews and non-Jews. Between us we are working out a system of reaching a consensus and engaging in mutual effort that will accommodates all of us and takes account of the sensibilities of us all.
May the God of Israel bless all of us, Yair Davidiy

Scriptural Truth
Steven M. Collins

Because this report will be read by individuals with different viewpoints, some introductory comments are needed. After writing a book entitled The "Lost" Ten Tribes of Israel...Found! , this author has received many letters, tracts, pamphlets, etc. presenting so many different theories about the identity of the Jews that they are too numerous to mention.
These divergent views on Jewish origins/identity has made it apparent to this author that a report on this subject is needed (in fact, some who have discussed this subject with me have urged the printing of a research report on Jewish origins and their modern identity). This report is being presented not as an exhaustive treatise on the subject, but rather as an effort to introduce essential information into this discussion.
Some readers will look at the title of this report and say: "Why write this material, everyone knows the Jews are Judah." It is equally true that others will have the following reaction: "No, the Jews are not Judah, they are actually Khazar-Edomites." This article is written from the viewpoint that God's Word, the Bible, is the arbiter of truth on all matters, and human opinions and theories must yield to the ultimate truth of the Word of God.
The author believes that modern Jews are the biblical, prophetic "House of Judah." The following material will demonstrate that the opposite view is not so much based on inaccurate, but rather incomplete, information. The pages that follow will present a faithful presentation of the Bible's information and prophecies on this subject. Presented below are several reasons why I believe that modern Jews are, indeed, the biblical and prophetic "house of Judah."








Zephaniah chapter two begins with statements clearly indicating it is a "latter day" prophecy. Verse two sets the time-frame of this chapter as being just "before the day of the Lord's anger," and verse three reiterates that this prophecy applies to the time just prior to "the day of the Lord." Verses 4 - 5 pronounce "woe" upon the cities and inhabitants "of the seacoast," and it clear that the "seacoast" of Palestine is being discussed due to the mention of the cities of Gaza, Ashdod, and Ekron. Verse seven describes the "woe" that will befall these people (also called "Cherethites" and "Philistines" in verse 5) in the following prophecy of God:
This prophecy clearly states that God will give the historic land of the Philistines (Palestine) to "Judah" just prior to the "day of the Lord." It furthermore indicates that God was not going to "turn away [Judah's] captivity" until just prior to the day of the Lord. The phrase "turn away their captivity" is a bit clumsy; it simply means "end their captivity." In 1948, the Jewish nation called Israel was born in the "seacoast" region of old Palestine, fulfilling this prophecy. Indeed, the 1988 Edition of the Encyclopedia Americana    notes this about Israel's population: "About 70% of it is concentrated in the Mediterranean coastal strip..." This is exactly what Zephaniah 2 prophesied would occur to Judah in the latter days.
Because the Jews had been a stateless people scattered among the nations for centuries (even millennia), the prophecy's language that their captivity would be "turned away" (i.e. "ended") is very descriptive of the fate of the Jews, a people who had not had their own nation for a very long time.
Furthermore, we must accept the fact that God, in his perfect knowledge, has always known where "the house of Judah" was! The historic fact is that God chose to use modern Jews to fulfill this prophecy about "the house of Judah." This is powerful evidence that modern Jews are the modern house of Judah. Zephaniah 2:6 also prophesies that agricultural pursuits were to prosper when the "house of Judah" reestablished a nation in Palestine, and much has been written documenting that the Israelis have "made the desert bloom" with their innovative, high-tech agricultural efforts.
A prophecy in Zechariah 14 supports the above analysis of Zephaniah 2. Zechariah 14:1 begins with "Behold the day of the Lord cometh..." This is the same time frame as Zephaniah 2 (just prior to The Day of the Lord). Zechariah 14:2-3 prophesies that "all nations" will be gathered to battle in the region of Jerusalem, and that the Lord will come to fight against the nations attacking Jerusalem when "his feet shall stand on the mount of olives." Verse five adds that the Lord will bring "all the saints" with him (an obvious reference to the resurrection of the dead). The rest of the chapter gives more information about this climactic battle and the establishment of the Lord's rule on earth. Verse 14 states: "Judah also shall fight at Jerusalem." None of the other tribes of Israel is specifically mentioned in this prophecy, but "Judah" is there in sufficiently large numbers to warrant God's mentioning them by name. This is consistent with Zephaniah's prophecy that Judah will build a nation in Palestine in the latter days. Zechariah's prophecy indicates that Judah will be fighting to defend Jerusalem in a great war which climaxes with the return of the Conquering Messiah! What people now live in and have sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem? The Jews! Again, Bible prophecies for the latter days indicate that modern Jews are the house (or tribe) of Judah.
To conclude this point, it is acknowledged that placing the name "Israel" on the modern Jewish nation is a misnomer which causes much confusion to many students of the Bible. The Jewish state was named after the historic land of Israel, even though the people establishing the nation were from the house of Judah, not the house of Israel (the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel). A prophecy in Ezekiel 37:15-28 confirms that "Judah" and "Israel" will remain separate entities on the earth until they are reunited under a resurrected King David.

Zechariah 12 is a prophecy devoted to the reaction of the house of Judah (and Levi, a large percentage of whom remained with Judah) when the Messiah returns and saves them from imminent destruction. Many times the phrase "in that day" is repeated in this chapter, a phrase indicating the general time of the latter days and/or the day of the Lord. Verse two prophesies that God "will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling to all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege against Judah and Jerusalem." This parallels Zechariah 14 which speaks of a time when "all nations are gathered against Jerusalem." Notice that many nations are besieging "Judah and Jerusalem." The Bible presents "Judah and Jerusalem" as so closely linked with each other in the latter days that they are mentioned together. This has happened as the Israelis have made Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish state, and Jerusalem has become a "cup of trembling" (a major flashpoint) in world politics. Verse six prophesies that God will make:
God prophesies that "Judah" would be a militarily victorious nation in the Mideast (the geographic setting of this entire chapter is the region around Jerusalem) during the latter days. This prophecy also indicates that Judah will "devour" the people who border them ("devour" indicates not just conquering people but an absorbing of their territory as well). This has been dramatically fulfilled by the Israelis in the Arab-Israeli wars of 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973; the Israelis conquered ("devoured") territory all around them, taking control of the Egyptian Sinai, Syria's Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip and Jordan's West Bank. Some of this territory has been bartered away as part of the "Mideast Peace Process," but the prophecy was fulfilled nonetheless.
This prophecy also indicates a time will come when God will intervene personally to "save Judah" and "defend Jerusalem" (verses seven and eight). Zechariah 14 prophesies that Judah and Jerusalem will be invaded just prior to the Lord's return, and the phrase "mount of olives" in Zechariah 14:4 confirms the setting is the geographical city of Jerusalem in the modern Jewish nation.
Zechariah 12:9 prophesies the Messiah will "destroy" the nations that come against Jerusalem.

Genesis 49 contains prophecies about the identities and roles of each of the tribes of Israel in the latter days. The prophecies about the tribes of the house of Israel (the northern ten tribes) are extensively discussed in chapter 11 of my book (The "Lost" Ten Tribes of Israel...Found!), but little was said about Judah as "Judah" was not the subject of that book. If this was an oversight, it will now be remedied. Genesis 49:8-12 states (emphasis added throughout):
"Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise: thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies; thy father's children shall bow down before thee.
Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion; and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?
The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be. Binding his foal unto the vine, and his ass's colt unto the choice vine; he washed his garments in wine, and his clothes in the blood of grapes: his eyes shall be red with wine and his teeth white with milk."
Judah will be a Young and Old Lion at One and the Same Time!
This prophecy reveals much information about modern Judah. To begin with, there is a seeming paradox in this prophecy: Judah is referred to as both a "lion's whelp" and "as an old lion." However, this actually fits the modern Jews/Israelis very well. The term "lion's whelp" (a young cub) predicts Judah will be a young (or recently-born) nation in the latter days: a fitting description of the young Israeli nation which was founded in 1948. This prophecy is very consistent with Zephaniah 2, which prophesied Judah would found a nation in Palestine just prior to "the day of the Lord." Yet, the Jews are also a people with a continuous history traceable for over three millennia, and they also had a nation in Palestine in ancient times (i.e. "as an old lion"). The Jews/Israelis fulfill this prophecy as they are a very young nation which was founded by a people with an ancient tradition and heritage.

Judah will be a Fighting Country!
Genesis 49:8-9 states Judah's "hand shall be in the neck of thy enemies," and refers to Judah "as a lion going up from the prey." This prophecy foretells that Judah will be an aggressive nation and victorious in warfare during the latter days, conquering its enemies like a lion brings down its prey. This has been amply fulfilled by Israeli victories in its wars, and this prophecy meshes perfectly with Zechariah 12:6's prophecy which states Judah would "devour" her enemies in the latter days. Not only have the Israelis been successful in warfare, they have leaped out at their enemies even as a lion leaps and stretches out toward its intended prey. The Israelis do not "run and hide" like a prey animal; they attack like a predator. They leaped out to attack their enemies in the 1976 raid on Entebbe, Uganda, and in their destruction of an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 via a bold air strike.

Judah will be a Succesful
Farming Nation!
Surprisingly, after predicting military prowess for Judah, Genesis 49 next prophesies agricultural success for latter-day Judah. Notice the agricultural words printed in bold type in the above prophecy. Verses 11-12 predict Judah's agricultural success in the latter days, and the Israelis have truly "made the desert bloom" by applying advanced Western technology in an inherently dry climate. Confirming this fact, the Encyclopedia Americana [Vol. 15, p. 524] notes that "of the goods exported [by Israel] in the mid-1980's about one-third were agricultural”. Genesis 49:11-12 parallels Zephaniah 2:6's prophecy, further illustrating the consistency of the Bible's prophecies about Judah in the latter days.

Judah will be Revered!
Genesis 49:1 also prophesies: "Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise." This has been fulfilled in the fact that modern Christendom widely regards the Jews as "the chosen people." Ironically, many of the Christians who regard the Jews as "the chosen people" are themselves Israelites (members of the ten tribes of Israel). Indeed, Christians have labelled the Jews as "the chosen people" even though the Jews have clearly inherited none of the birthright blessings promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! It is the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh (the British and Americans) who inherited the birthright promises of population growth, national wealth, empires, and control of strategic geographical "gates." Why have the other tribes acknowledged Judah's Israelite heritage even though they have lost sight of their own? Because the Jews have preserved identifiably Biblical customs such as the Sabbath, the holydays of Leviticus 23, and a diet avoiding "unclean" meats such as pork and shellfish. If the descendants of the ten tribes had also retained these biblical customs throughout history, their Israelite heritage would never have become obscured.

The Kings of Israelite Nations will come from Judah!
It is further prophesied in Genesis 49:8 that: "thy father's children [the other tribes of Israel] shall bow down to thee." This is explained in verse 10, which states:
"The scepter [a symbol of kings] shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come: and unto him shall the gathering [hope, expectation] of the people be."
Beginning with the dynasty founded by Kings David and Solomon, there have always been Israelites of the various tribes ruled by monarchs descended from David and Solomon. The hereditary ruling houses of Europe can be traced to Davidic kings who once ruled over Scythian kingdoms and the widespread Parthian Empire of the ten tribes [in Asia] fulfills the prophecy of Genesis 49:3 and 10. The ancestry of the kings of England can be continuously traced to the ancient kings of Judah via the royal houses of Ireland and Scotland, and the seed of David was spread throughout the royal houses of Europe by frequent intermarriages among Europe's royalty.
Genesis 49:10 also prophesies that Judah will have kings ruling over the other tribes of Israel "until Shiloh come." This is a Messianic prophecy which predicts that David's bloodline will be present in the royal houses of the Israelite nations until the coming of the Messiah. Even though Europe's remaining royalty now have largely ceremonial roles, the prophecy has still been fulfilled. And, finally, it is the coming of the Messiah toward which the "hope" or "expectation" of both Christians and Jews is directed.
We see that the modern Jews and Israelis have fulfilled Genesis 49's prophecy about Judah in the latter days (in fact, no other people on earth do so). All prophecies about Judah in the latter days point to and are fulfilled by modern Jews/Israelis. Secular evidence supporting this identification will be given in another article.

Editor’s Comment: Some people may think it ridiculous that the question as to whether or not the Jews are Judah has to be even considered. Nevertheless the question does come up even from the least expected quarters and it helps to have true and ready answers. These answers are derived from the Bible which is the most important sources we have. Stephen Collins has also written on this issue from a secular aspect and a coming issue of BRIT-AM Truth will feature another article on this subject.  We have also written on this subject elsewhere and some of our points are summarized in the list below.

Points Made by Stepehen Collins and Brit-Am in Summary
Stephen Collins explained:
Zephaniah chapter two predicted the Judah would inherit the coastal regions of “Palestine” including Asdhdod, Ekron, Ashkelon, and all the coastland when they return from their captivity.
Zechariah chapter 14 supplements Zephaniah and explains how the Jews of Judah will dwell in Jerusalem and fight in defence of Jerusalem during this same period. "Judah" would be a militarily victorious nation in the Middle East.
Genesis 49 also predicted that Judah in the Last Days will be like an old lion (an old nation) and a young lion (a reborn entity) fighting nation in the End Times that casts terror on those around her.
 Genesis 49 also shows how the reborn State of Israel set up by Judah will be agriculturally prosperous.
The Jews in the present State of Israel have fulfilled all of the above conditions.
In addition:
Brit-Am has shown how:
5. The Jews were persecuted by the Gentiles as it had been prophesied Judah would be:
Zechariah 1:15, Zechariah 8;13, Isaiah ch.53, Isaiah 42; 10, Psalm 44; 22
6. The Jews kept the Law as it had been prophesied that Judah would: Psalms 60; 9, 108; 90
Genesis 49; 10, Zechariah 8; 23
7. The Jews keep the four fasts of mourning over the Destruction of the Second Temple as prophesied by Zechariah 8:19
THE FAST OF THE FIFTH,  -  9th of Av
AND THE FAST OF THE SEVENTH, - 3rd of Tishrei (Gedaliah)
AND THE FAST OF THE TENTH,  - 10th  Tebeth (Tevet).


 Shalom Yair:  I was reading the Torah portion this week from Parasha Mattot.  In Bamidbar 32:40-41 it speaks of Yair, son of Manasseh.  The Stone Edition Chumash comments on verse 40 and says that Yair was from the tribe of Judah and his grandmother was a daughter of Machir.  Ramban and Ibn Ezra comment and say that Yair was adopted as a member of the Macharite family.  He was able to receive heritage in the territory of Manasseh because only the land of the Canaan was divided into exclusive tribal shares. 
There are Rabbinic teachings that in the Acharit Yamim [the Last Days], those with the same name as their namesake will either fulfill completely the calling on the name, or will provide redemption for that name.  In your case, it is entirely plausible that you may be the specific and exact person that will spiritually fulfill all that is promised and given to Yair Ben Yehudah/Manasseh.  The fact that you are from Yehudah, yet have a strong connection with Manasseh tells me that you have been selected and anointed for such a task.  You have a very special ability to reach out to people, to be diplomatic, and to bring unity between the various tribal groups.
I thank G-d for your life and all the fantastic research and teachings that you are doing to redeem and repatriate the tribes of Israel.  May HaShem lift up his countenance and smile upon you today.  May you prosper with the blessings of Deuteronomy 28.  May the dew of heaven and the oil of the earth always bless you and your dear ones.  Shalom, Bill Rasmussen

Mr. Davidy,    Received Brit-Am in the mail today. Thank you so much. I'm right now working through “The Tribes” and find it completely fascinating. A couple of years ago my wife and I began to keep Shabbat and the Feasts, we also started changing our diet in regards to our Fathers instructions, His Torah. We began to cry out for the Holy One of Israel to teach us His ways so that we may walk in them. While His Torah have become a "strange thing" in the way that we had been brought up, we began to see this as a return to the One we "said" we believed in for so many years and are endeavoring to live Torah out of our love for Him. As these changes began to take place in our lives I began to wonder why. As I looked in the scriptures I saw that this is exactly what is to take place. I began to wonder if this could be an indication of who one really is. Your work has helped us to understand this unexplainable desire to serve the true Creater, the Elohim of Israel. Could it really be that we are descendants of those who were scattered in the nations? That would become in all outward appearances, Gentiles? And would someday be drawn back to the old paths, the ways of our fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? I'm just beginning this incredible journey and look forward to what is yet ahead. JK, USA.

My family name is Winkelmann. My great-great grandfather came to the USA in the middle 1800's from Mecklinberg-Stralitz area of Germany. It was said that at that time the Kaiser required all males to join the military at age 12 and he did not agree with this so he secured passage from a friend who was a ship captain to come to the US. During WW1 to show allegiance to the US they chose to drop the second "n" and is now Winkelman. I spent some time with my 93 yr. old grandfather a month ago. I asked him to share with me what he knew of our family heritage and this is all he said he knew. I asked him what religion they were when they came here, for that could have influenced his beliefs about the army at that time. He gave no information on that subject.
 Do you know anything about this name or the people from that area? I know of a family in another state with the same name and they are Jewish. Could it be that some separated from Judaism to avoid persecution and some didn't? These are just a few of the many questions I have. While I'm sure you cannot look into everyones requests, if you have, or come across any info on this it would be much appreciated. May the Holy One of Israel richly bless you in all that you do! Doug Winkelman, USA.

As you know ALL blessings come from HaShem and many times He blesses through a third party. I believe that HaShem is well pleased with your heart for the reunification and restoration of both houses of Israel totake place and your desire to be obedient to HIM and promote and teach the message.    Gen 12:3 says that we are blessed by HaShem when we are a blessing to Abraham's seed. Since you are of Abraham's seed, I am blessed (ultimately through HaShem) by being used by HaShem to be a blessing to you. I believe that we are ALREADY in the "days of Elijah" because the hearts of the fathers (Judah) is being turned to the children (Ephraim) and the hearts of the children (Ephraim) is being turned to the fathers (Judah) because Ephraim is beginning to develop of heart for TORAH. Because you are seeing so much interest in your ministry (Brit-AM) from NON-JEWS this is evidence that we are in the "days of Elijah" in my humble opinion. The winds that have ALREADY started to blow (in the HEARTS of people) will culminate in the restoration and reunification of both houses of Israel, the coming of King Messiah and the Messianic Era in the fullness of time. Edward L. Chumney.

Yair,    Thank you for your methodical Bible studies. They must consume a lot of your time, and they offer helpful insights. I'm hoping within the next year or so to make my 4th trip to Israel, along with a small tour, and I'd look forward to having the chance to meet you. I find your work fascinating, and entirely (or nearly so) compatible with the teaching I've received on this subject all my life, and which I am passing on in my vocation.    
Let me tell you about myself, too, so as to be fair!  I'm 56 years old, a teacher for 30 years or so in a small Bible School in New Hampshire, USA. I represent a small Christian movement known as The Kingdom Christian Ministries, started in 1893 under another name, which has maintained a spiritual (and sometimes physical) link with Israel since 1898, the date when our founder first visited the Land.    
There has hardly been a period longer than 5 years over the past century when one or more of us hasn't been over there, visiting, exploring, and praying for the fulfillment of prophecy in that place.  My father was born in Jerusalem to Canadian and American parents, who were prayer "watchmen" staffing what's now the Bezalel Art School in Western Jerusalem. They and their companions were the first occupants of that building, which was brand new at the time, and they remained (with a larger staff), raising a small family there, until my father's birth in December 1909, when all returned to USA.    
One project undertaken by others of the staff in that station was the exploration of the scriptural boundaries of restored "Beulah." After careful study of the border passages in Numbers and Ezekiel, two men trekked the Biblical borders, north, east, and south, while the movement's yacht made 3 painstaking traverses of the coast from El Arish to Tripoli and back, putting in at every harbor, and taking small boats up nearly every brook and river as far as they could go. This all occurred between 1905 and the end of 1909. Since then, interest has not died. We (their spiritual descendants) remain strongly pro-Israeli, pro-Jewish (though recognizing the place for the non-Israelite "sojourner" in God's Law), and pro-Bible prophecy. The Land belongs in perpetuity to Isaac's seed, not to Ishmael's —to Jacob's not Esau's; that can never be altered or amended. We continue to pray earnestly and regularly for the return of the lost tribes in what we call the "Second Exodus" of Jeremiah 16:15 and 23:8. We have taken most of our study material for the Lost Ten Tribes thesis from the work of a late 19th, early 20th century scholar, Prof. C.A.L. Totten, of Yale University. He, in turn, refers to ancient historians as well as more recent figures in the 18th and 19th centuries.    I teach a 2-week seminar in all this (far too little time to do it justice!) in the small school I referred to above, called "Fairwood Bible Institute" here in southern New Hampshire. That should help explain my interest. Cordially, Tim Murray, PO Box 445, Dublin, NH 03444, USA.

I do enjoy the mail that is why I have subscribed to the Magazine and ordered your books. Shalom and May the Temple be built soon, David Thomas

There are many of us who live IN the USA who are weeping for Israel and mourning for ZION as we see it crumble and be betrayed.  When the USA helped Israel we CHEERED!! We ache as well, over the fact that we've become the lead character in power who allows and guides Israel into giving up what the God of Israel has given to His people. We recognize that the current degradation of the State of Israel is caused by the sins of those in Israel, and even of others, and that America will be judged harshly for being a huge player in destroying Israel right now. As well as America will be judged for not keeping the law of the God Whose Name we professed since our blessed origination. And so we say "Baruch ha ba, B'shem Adonai" and repent for our sins and even for our anti-Jewish we recognize him as our Brother.  May we return from our wicked ways, and return with our Brother to the Land, embracing Torah in love. Shalom, Fredrick Murphy, USA.

Dear Mr Davidy I have received your e-mails for about 8 months and have enjoyed them a great deal…As a child my dad taught me that we were part of the northern house of Israel.  It is nice to see someone with the same view. Also I would like to know more about the land of Samaria and a group of people known as the Samaritans? Do you have any information on them? Thank you very much for your hard work. Sincerely,  Mrs Mc., Tennessee, USA.

Dear Mr Davidy, For many years there have been some families who believe they are part of the Northern House. We keep the Levitical feast days and try our best to keep the law. We are scattered throughout the U.S.A. We do not claim to be Jews or Christians. We believe Yahshua was a prophet, as to him being the Messiah we must wait and see as he did not fulfill the Messianic requirements as yet. All things must be according to the law and the prophets. We have certain points of doctrine: Circumcision.The Levitical Feast days (including the ordinance of Passover) and law.We believe we shall return to our land in the end. The land between the Nile and Euphrates as promised to our fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Yacob by the creator YHWH.That Yudah and Yoseph will again be one nation. Keep up the good work. Sincerely yours, C., Tennessee, USA.

Shalom Yair, I realise that to follow the Torah she-Bael-Peh [Oral Tradition] is the right way. I accept it's full authority over my life and am already making moves to follow it. I have contemplated approaching my local Beis Din to seek about conversion etc. But, this week I was pulled short after a conversation with someone and a thought or two. I hope you can help. I believe myself to be a part of the House of Israel. Due to that I thought conversion was the natural progression. But I recognised in prophecies in the Tanakh that the House of Israel and the House of Judah remain distinct from each other right up until the time Moshiakh rules over them (Eze 37). In fact, the Tanakh indicates that it is only when Moshiakh comes that they will no longer be TWO distinct kingdoms or nations but ONE under his headship (Eze 37). So, if all the House of Israel convert, then they will be united with Judah as Jews or as Judah as ONE nation (Judah). This doesn't make sense where prophecies are concerned. Yet, contrary to that the Tanakh seems to say that Israel should keep their distinctiveness as Israel. Is it not right that the House of Israel should indeed return to the Torah as is defined by the Torah she-Bael Peh alongside the House of Judah but remain distinct like the Chasidics are from the Lubavitch or Chabad until Moshiakh comes to sort things out? "JF," UK.
Bless you for seeking this information.  I am a heritage mix of Irish and German's from Russia (Volga Mountain north and south out of the Black Sea).  My father has been doing genealogy since I was small and has found a great deal in the Black Sea area. ..I always was bored by my father's endless endeavors of genealogy but as of late I here him talk of his new discoveries and then I have different info like yours crossing my path.  It is beginning to make me wonder why but I want to thank you for doing this info and would encourage you to continue.  I do know that this info is either for me or for me to share with others.  I would like to find out more of what your magazine entails.  May the Lord Bless you! Mrs B, USA

Dear Yair Davidy, I have read several books about the two sticks coming together and have always believed in that part of world history since I was a little girl. Of late everything I read or get my hands on has something to do with Israel and Jewish tribes coming together in the last days again.I look forward to reading your revealing books. May you be blessed in your work and all that you do. I am a senior citizen and at last have found something I have been looking for a long time. Sincerely, Doris J. Knight, Tulsa, OK, USA

Dear Mr DavidyThank you for your hard work and may Hashem bless you and lead you so he can use you for the preparation for Messiah ben David. Shalom, David Thomas, Bryan, Texas.

Shalom, I am interested in joining/learning more.  I am Judisk, my grandfather immigrated to America from Uppsala Sweden around 1890.  The family name was Lennberg. My Grandfather changed the name when he came here (to America) as well as some of his brothers that he worked and paid for to immigrate.  The brothers changed their name back to Lennberg but my Grandfather persisted and kept the name Carlson…  I thank you so much for all your work and dedication.  When I read your Goths-Sweden article I almost fell out of my chair when I read of the connection and Uppsala Sweden where MY family is from.   This was such a blessing and confirmation on what Adoni has had my wife and I working on for the last several years...  Thank you again!        Baruch HaSehm, Eric Carlson (Melech Lennberg) Dixon, USA
I have been interested in this subject for years. Thank you for putting my beliefs into a book. Mrs. Sarah King, New Castle, VA, USA
Yair, I have already received Brit-Am Vol. One no's 1 and 2 - They are absolutely great!  There is more knowledge in one of your issues than any other magazine around.  I pursue genealogy with an obsession - as if driven to do it.  I call the great tree our Israelite ancestors the 'Book of Life'.  I didn't even know my grandmother's maiden name five years ago - and now I have completed lines back to the thrones of Wales, England and Scotland.  Your articles on genealogy have interested me greatly.  Hope peace comes to the land of Israel soon. Betty

Yair Davidy, Thank you for sending me your book, The Tribes, which I find most interesting and enjoyable. Here are some comments, etc. The numbers refer to pages in your book.65-6. The Franks: They first became known as Huga: hence the Frankish name Hughes as in Hughes de Payen, the leader of the group of Frankish nobles who exzcavated the stables under the Temple during the First Crusade ahd who formed the order of the Temple (the Templars). Baldwin the First, crowned King of Jerusalem had the same ancestry and his descent from Reuben seems to give a certain legitimacy to his position.139. Levi: 248-9. God “set Ephraim before Menasseh.” This fits with Ephraim’s position at one corner of the camp in Numbers 2 and the fact that Ephraim held one of the “standards.” I believe that this is a pun, meaning both flag and standard in the sense of datum, base reference.263-4. Island is “ei” [in Hebrew]: hence ‘ey’ in the names of islands round the British Isles (Anglesey, which could be translated as Aegel’s island, or Ephraim’s island), Pevensey, etc.265. Hereditary monarchs: the British monarch is anointed on the central stone of the Cosmati pavement, in Westminster Abbey. This pavement is located at the sacred centre of the Abbey and this porphyry stone, together with other stones set in the pavement, came originally from a quarry by the Red Sea. Stone from these porphyry quarries was used in Egyptian temples, then taken by the Romans and used in temples in Rome and finally at the end of the 11 th century CE, used in these pavements designed by the Cosmati family, one of which is in Wesminster Abbey, the only example north of the Alps. I hope these comments will be helpful to you…I have written a book based on the Hebrew text of the Torah and the Prophets…Marke Pawson, Somerset, UK.

I just got a message from Eddie Chumfrey describing your books The Tribes and Lost Israelite Identity. They sound fascinating. It is particularly fascinating for myself because I have Scottish and Irish ancestors on both sides of my family. Thanks Brian Deeker

Dear Mr. Davidy, Thank you for sharing your lost tribes commentary, received via Eddie Chumney of Hebraic Heritage Ministries.  I am compelled to share with you a bit of my own personal family history, which is mostly painful, but from what I have learned, it coincides so closely with your findings that I thought it would be ofinterest to you. This is what I know to be the truth today: My father, George Albert Martin, was born to George Lewis Martin and Rebecca Draves.  Her parents were Anna Grabousky and Abraham Feinstein. She was born in Letomer (2 Hitomir) Russia in 1895, but my brother says it was a place called "Oktbr" (sp?)  I never identified her with Judah because she didn't look the same as the Jewish people I saw in and around the area of Detroit, Michigan.  I now believe she was of Benjamin.  She was short (only 4'll) and had a large strawberry birthmark on her neck and cheek.  She spoke three languages, but was illiterate, and a mighty fine cook.  I was not my mother's favored daughter, but my little grandma made me feel very special and loved, and she let me stay with her for weeks at a time.  It was her blessed memory that kept me wondering about things Jewish.  According to my mother, Grandpa Martin was a mean old cuss, and was Holland Dutch and French, as his mother's name was LaLonde.  He did not treat my grandma kindly and divorced her. The story goes that he fooled around on her and even brought another woman into her home.  My grandma left and returned to her parents' house (in Ohio) whereupon he divorced her for desertion - he ultimately lost his little mind and came to a bad end.  Apparently he didn't treat my dad any better and was physically and emotionally abusive.  My father was an alcoholic and sometimes abusive also.  He put my father into catholic school, but it didn't take.  My father ultimately deserted us kids (seven of us) and I believe it was the RCC church that divided my parents.  My mother's mother was all German and her father (McCann) was half Scottish and half Irish.  I was born in 1951, and married in 1969 to Alan John F (nearly all Scottish and a wee bit English on his mother's side).  We raised two daughters.  We have one granddaughter, whose father is African American! The marriage didn't last, but this grandma loves her dearly, thinks she is very special, and she stays with us weeks at a time. :-) Shalom Beth

Dear Mr. DavidyYour ministry…is greatly appreciated and the Ten Lost Tribes is one of my chief interests among many others when it comes to the role Israel will play and when and how the two entities (tribes = Judah and Ephraim) will be united once again under the auspices of the direct hand of G-d…It is exciting to know people like you and brother Chumney…hopefully we will be somehow connected not only vie Internet but in person as well in G-d’s opportune time. Be well and Shalom!  Charles H. Sung, D.V.M., OH, USA._______________

Swans From Denmark
 My Mothers family is from Scotland and her maiden name was Swan. Which Swan originally comes from Denmark. Swans invaded Scotland, they were nasty Vikings. My Father and my name is Burningham which is Anglo-Saxon and originate from England. My Grandmother Burningham was Jewish. Her maiden name was Mott. So I already new I was a little bit Jewish. But after reading some of your info which makes a lot of sense I'm probably a lot Jewish. I'am Christian and will always be but I appreciate your message in saying we must all get along. Not only may we all be brothers but we are all humans regardless of religion or blood and we can all do a little to make this world better. Maybe when more people find out how many of us are from the same race we can create a stronger sense of family that will resound through the planet.

Cultural Parallels

by Theodor Opatowski

Torah:  The Mark of the Israelite
The single fact that makes Israelites into Israelites, past present and future, is that their souls witnessed the giving of the Torah at Sinai and that their ancestors lived within the other supernatural phenomena that were an ever present feature of their years in the wilderness.   As it says;-“Neither with you only do I make this covenant and this oath; but with him that standeth here with us this day before the Lord our God, and also with him that is not here with us this day” (Deut. 29:14-15). This is understood to mean that all the future generations, all their souls, including the souls of proselytes who would later come to the Torah, were there at Sinai (Zohar) to be imprinted with an indelible affinity for Torah, its principles, ideas and values. The events at Sinai were such a tremendous, even traumatic, experience that S. Y. Agnon devoted a whole book to trying to give us some feel for what it must have been like. (ref. 1). Not only Jews, i.e. the descendents mainly of the Tribe of Judah who went into exile after the destruction of the first Temple, stood at Sinai but all Israelites including the ‘lost’ ten tribes.  It is that affinity for Torah that marks all Israelites out from amongst the other nations to this day. “Lo, it is a people that shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations.” (Numbers 23:9). That affinity for Torah can be seen even today.   Indeed, it could be said that anyone who shows a deep-seated affinity, a sub-conscious attraction, to Torah is, by definition, an Israelite.  The short articles below were originally emails on the subject of the lost ten tribes and show some instances where there seems to be evidence of the presence of Torah.

Israelites in Cornwall and the Origins of English Law
While researching some family ancestors who hail from the south-west of
Britain I came across some very interesting facts. In his book "The Jews
of South-West England" Rabbi Dr. Susser gives the earliest history of the Jews in Cornwall. He connects them with the voyages of the Phoenicians from Tyre and Sidon in search of the tin and lead that was mined (and is still mined) there. The Phoenicians were, of course, closely connected to the tribe of
Asher whose territory was in the same location as Tyre and Sidon and who
traded and sailed with them, possibly being the motivating partners. One of the obvious places for the Tribe of Asher to escape to with the dispersion of the ten ‘lost’ (misplaced) tribes was therefore to the known harbors of Cornwall. Rabbi Susser quotes numerous Israelite connections to Cornwall including ancient place names and similarity of the local Celtic language. From there they may well have traded into such
places as Ireland, Scotland and Scandinavia in general which became at one
time part of a great maritime trading empire governed by strict laws (see for example Njal’s Saga) which received other contingents of the ten tribes via other routes. They may also have traded to Normandy, which is close to Cornwall in many ways, and which later also added itself to Britain.
The point should be made that it is not so much the people of the ten lost tribes
that have an effect as the Torah that they bring with them and which they
preserve. Following this logic I looked up early English history in
Churchill's "The Island Race" and found a very interesting series of
historical facts relating to King Alfred and the kingdom of Wessex. On
page 20 of the above book there are two maps of England, one being the
position before the Danish invasion and the other being during the Danish
invasion. The map of Wessex before the invasion shows that Cornwall (called
West Wales) was not part of Wessex. The second map shows Cornwall as
having joined Wessex. On his accession to the throne of Wessex King Alfred met defeat after defeat followed by a five year interval of peace bought with a high ransom to the Danes. Nothing much happened in those five years. After a final defeat (when he had no more money to pay) where he was himself a fugitive, his men managed a local victory on Exemoor which is close to Cornwall. Then everything changed. He routed the Danes at a huge battle and they were completely defeated. And suddenly King Alfred turned into a merciful if not magnanimous statesman sending his enemies away from the battlefield
with gifts. He then strengthened his kingdom and particularly the navy and negotiated a political boundary with the Danes. But more importantly he set up a system of law. To quote Churchill; “King Alfred's book of laws, or Dooms, as set out in existing laws of Kent, Wessex and Mercia attempted to blend the Mosaic code with Christian principles and old German [Anglo-Saxon] customs. The laws of Alfred, continually amplified by his successors, grew into that body of customary law administered by the shire
and hundred courts [captains of hundreds?] which, under the name of the laws of St. Edward (the confessor), the Norman Kings undertook to respect and out of which ... the common law was founded.” In other words Mosaic Law, the Torah, is the basis that Alfred put into English law to this day.  British law is very close indeed to the Bible and to the Mishnah (the Oral Law). Where could King Alfred have got the 'Mosaic code' from except from the influence of the tribe of Asher when Cornwall joined Wessex?   And it is this element of Torah that has given success to the English speaking peoples ever since.

The Torah Origins of British Law
The Brit-Am organization uses the following criteria for determining which
nations are descended from the Ancient Israelites:

1. A Relative Lack of Anti-Semitism.
2. The Doing of Justice
3. Possessors of Military Prowess.
4. Intellectual Wisdom.
5. Economic and Physical Blessings.
6. Archaeological and Physical Proofs.
7. Biblical Evidence.

I think the above list should include a detailed comparison between the
country's laws and the laws of the Torah 'bein adam lechavero' [i.e.
between a man and his fellow]. Sometimes it is necessary to go back to
older laws because of the wooly thinking that has crept in recently, as
evidenced by your second criteria, The Doing of Justice Implying Social
Empathy and Responsibility. I am not a lawyer but from my casual knowledge of
English law, having lived there for many years, and my relatively slight
knowledge of Torah law (I am currently studying Nezekim, the Talmudic Laws of
Damages) there are some remarkable identities between them. This follows
on from the fact that Alfred the Great incorporated The Mosaic Code' into
the very beginning of English law. This was followed by intensive study
of the 'Hebrew Scripture' on the part of the English Church who wielded
great power in England until fairly recently and were equally represented
in the legislature. Many of the clergy learnt Hebrew in order to be able
to study the scriptures in the original. The standard translation of the
Mishnah into English, which includes a wealth of explanatory notes, is by
"Herbert Danby, D.D., Resident Canon of St. George's Cathedral, Jerusalem",
(as was presumably).
Some examples of Parallelism between Torah law and English Law that come to mind:-
1) When a contract in England wants to set a nominal rent that is the
lowest possible it prescribes a 'peppercorn' rent. I found that the
smallest legal entity, i.e. having legal significance, in the Torah is a
peppercorn. And they do not grow peppers in England.

2) It used to be that when there was a divorce they first issued a decree
nisi and it only became final after several months. There is a similar
provision in the issue of a 'get' (Hebrew Divorce) where remarriage (and
assumed intercourse) is forbidden for a similar period. The reason that is
given being for the Torah prohibition is the need to know if a possible as yet unborn baby would be a Cohen, Levi or Israel. That hardly applies in England. You also find
similarities in the older abortion laws.

3) In the case of a pending divorce, if the pair were found to have been
together since submitting their case then the divorce was denied. This also
is in Torah law as the husband was then assumed to have withdrawn his wish
to divorce his wife and it is the wish of the man that counted.

4) The case of a husband's rights and responsibilities with respect to his wife's property was also very similar insofar as he had the control of it but could not dispose
of it and (in Torah law) had to account for his stewardship of the assets.

5) The government has the right to appropriate land for the common use.  (ref. 2)

6) In criminal law there is the provision regarding double jeopardy and the
acceptance of witnesses (or evidence) up to the moment of execution.

7) The Talmudic concept 'reshut ha'rabim' may be considered equivalent to
the English 'right-of'-way'. There are very close similarities between
those given in the Talmud (Baba Kama) for 'reshut ha'rabim' and English
laws regarding rights-of-way. English rights-of-way are jealously guarded
and fought over in the courts. One example is the law regarding stop
lights on cars which equate to shouting 'stop' or other warning on a path
or street. If two persons are one behind the other when the front one
stops suddenly and they collide and damage is done, then if there is a
warning (a shout or stop-light) the rear one is at fault and if there is no
warning (stop lights not working) the front one is at fault.   The principle is the same in both cases.

8) In England and in Torah you can only go to court to recover actual
damage. Trespassing, for example (despite the signs) can only be
prosecuted if damage is done and only for that damage, at least that is how
it used to be. All of the Talmudic Laws of Damages (Nezekim) is also
concerned with the restitution of losses that have been caused by
others. It defines what it is reasonable to expect in the way of
foresight and what can be termed (in English law) as "an act of G-d". The
whole idea is inherent in the English law concept of "the reasonable man".

I am sure that there are many more detailed examples.

I have a belief that is closely related to that of Brit-Am.  Briefly it
involves attempting to define the Torah that was handed down at Sinai and
that was taught in the desert and the way of life that that implied in 'Eretz Canaan' [the land of Israel] after the conquest, specifically with respect to the organization of society and civil law. This is the Torah that should appeal to all
Israelites, not just Jews, and we should be looking towards that Torah when
deciding changes in our own civil laws and way of life. Obviously it is a long term project even to restore a knowledge of the Torah that was given
starting from that which we have (the only source available) let alone
thinking of trying to apply the result. But one has to start somewhere and
I believe that if it is the right thing to do it will be helped by the
Almighty. The philosophy, ideas, values and even specific decisions embodied in the Torah of Sinai could be called Torahism - in this age of “-isms”. Aspects of the similarity between Torah law and English law are discussed in the Introduction to the Soncino Talmud, Tractate Nezikin Introduction (ref. 3), and it is concluded that the Torah must have influenced the
legal systems of many nations since it was carried to them by the
dispersion of the Jews. In particular Rabbi Yehudah the Prince (who
compiled the Mishnah) had friendly relations with the Roman emperors and
the Mishnah influenced Roman law. In addition, to quote "and the compilers
of canonical law of the Church must, from its very essence, have fallen
back on the Talmud." In England the Church dominated for many centuries and
for some time was almost the only source of learning. They studied the
Torah intensively and even thought that it belonged to them rather than to
the Jews. Indeed the standard translation of the Mishnah is by a Christian
cleric (ref. 4). Thus there was a considerable element of Torah in both Roman and in
Common English law that followed it. It was this element of true justice
that resulted in the corresponding empires. The Romans were tolerated in
England, even welcomed, because they brought order and justice (at the
time) and the same can be said of English domination of other countries in
its time. When the application of that (Torah) justice decayed (or the law
was changed) so too did the acceptance of the power that imposed it, decay.   It has decayed considerably further in modern society and it must be restored if our civilization is not to descend into chaos.It should be stressed that ‘Torahism’ does not imply any change to the ‘halacha.   There can only be one halacha.  Torahism is an attitude of mind and an understanding of what was the halacha and corresponding way of life at one time in the past.   Circumstances change cases and the knowledge of what was then would have to be reinterpreted to suit present conditions before it could possibly be applied.   But first it must be understood.But that is the Torah for which all Israelites must have an affinity as a result of their souls having seen, heard and felt the direct presence of God and His words at Sinai.

(1)”Present at Sinai” by S. Y. Agnon, translated into English from “Atem Re’item”(2) Soncino Talmud, Tractate Gittin, 36a, page 149. Many of the above
examples can be found in this tractate.

(3) Soncino Talmud, Tractate Nezikin, Introduction page xxxiv.

(4) The Mishnah, translated by Herbert Danby, Resident Canon of St George's
Cathedral, Jerusalem. Oxford U. Press



Similarities between Hebrew and Swedish

by Örjan Svensson

”English, Frisian, Dutch, Flemish, High and Low German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Icelandic, as well as the extinct languages of Gothic, Old Norse, Old Saxon, and others, comprise one of the Indo-European groups of languages commonly called Germanic. On a broader scale, the Germanic branch of languages shares many features in common with the Italic, Greek, Celtic, Slavonic, Indo-Iranian, and other Indo-European language groups. However, linguists have also found linguistic elements in the Germanic languages which are foreign to other Indo-European languages. For instance...approximately one-third of all vocabulary entries in the etymological dictionaries dealing with Germanic languages are of an unknown origin. Likewise, the mystifying phenomena known as the Germanic sound shifts and the incursion of gemination are not to be explained from an Indo-European linguistic perspective.
While the causes of these pecularities remain unexplained within the framework of Indo-European linguistics, the purpose of this study is to point out that similar phenomena are to be found in the Semitic languages, and that these similarities parallel most closely the linguistic properties of Hebrew.”

—Terry Marvin Blodgett in the introduction to “Phonological Similarities in Germanic and Hebrew”, Department of Languages, The University of Utah, December 1981.

Mr. Blodgett in his dissertation points out that similar verb conjugations exist in Hebrew and in Germanic languages. For example he writes: “The Hebrew verb barah 'to flee, bring oneself to' produces the following conjugated forms: barahta, baraht, berahtem, berahten, jivrah. These compare well with Gothic forms of briggan 'to bring': bràhta, bràhts, brahtam, brachten (G), gebracht (G).”

In a subsequent chapter Mr. Blodgett then goes on to show that there exist similarities between the vowel systems of Hebrew and Germanic as well. Concerning Ablaut he writes for example that the “series in Hebrew barech, hivriach, barach, beroach, baruch (pass. pres.) compares with German brechen, bricht, brach, gebrochen, Broch, while, at the same time, the Hebrew forms hivrijach, barech, barachta, jivrach compare with German bringen, (Old Frisian brenga), brachte, gebracht.” Most of these similarities are summarized by Mr. Blodgett in a table that has been reproduced below:

Hebrew (barach)    German (brechen)    German (bringen)       
barach (3rd)    brach (1st and 3rd)           
barachtij (1st)    ...............................    brachte (1st and 3rd)       
baracht (2nd)    brach(s)t (2nd)    brachte(s)t (2nd)       
barachnu (1st pl.)    brechen (1st, 2nd, 3rd pl.)           
berachten (2nd pl.)    ...............................    brachten (1st, 2nd, 3rd pl.)       
beroach (inf.)    gebrochen           
jivrach (imperf.)    ...............................    gebracht       
barech (pi'el, inf.)    brechen (inf.)    bringen (k=g, pi'el=i)       
hivrijach (hif'ijl causitive)    bricht (E=break with diphthong)    bringt    

From this table it can be seen that there are similarities both in vowels and in the inflectional endings. Corresponding similarities, as pointed out by Mr. Blodgett, can be seen in many other verbs as well, and when verbs in other Germanic languages are compared with Hebrew. For example if inflectional endings are studied it can be seen that in older or more solemn Swedish the ending -o often occurs in plural forms, similar to 3rd person plural in Hebrew. Thus for example the sentence “They came.” can be translated to “De kommo.” when translating to Swedish. The Swedish inflectional verb endings -te, -en (used for plural forms in older Swedish, e.g. “I kommen.” means “You come.”) and -na also are similar to Hebrew inflectional endings.

Further, concerning Umlaut (vowel modification) Mr. Blodgett writes that it “is common to both Hebrew and Germanic, but not to Indo-European. Umlaut occurs when the vowel of a final syllable influences the pronunciation of the stem vowel.”

Finally, apart from the above mentioned similarities and various other similarities that Mr. Blodgett discusses, there exist also several lexical similarities between Hebrew and Germanic languages. In the below table are listed examples of Swedish and Hebrew words that are very similar in both form and meaning.

 amma (= "nurse")
אמא (’âmâh) (= "maid-servant", basically same meaning in Biblical and Modern Hebrew.)
barka (= "to run", e.g. in the expression "barka iväg".)
ברח (bârah) (= "to run away" etc., basically same meaning in Biblical and Modern Hebrew.)

 bur (= "son", a dialect word. Burr, i.e. "the son", according to old Scandinavian mythology was father of the Æsir Odin, Vile and Vée. The word "barn" (= "child") is probably related.)
 בר(bar) (= "son", originally an Aramaic word. It is used in the expression äåöî øá (bar mitsvâh).)

bälga (= "to quaff" etc., in the expression "bälga i sig". In Scania they say "bäla".)
 בלע (bâlaô) (= "to swallow", "to devour" etc.)

datte (= "breast", a Scanian dialect word.)
 דד (dad) (= "breast")
denna (= "this")
 דנא (denâ’) (= "this", "these", an Aramaic word.)
fegher (= "destined to die", an Old Swedish word that corresponds to the modern word "feg" (= "cowardly").)
 פגר (peger) (= "dead body", "corpse")

fjuka (= "to whirl round in the air", said about snowflakes, down, sand.)
 פיח (pîyah) (= "a powder" (as easily puffed away), i.e. ashes or dust. In Modern Hebrew the meaning of the word is "soot".)
fätil (= "cord", "strap", an old dialect word, corresponding to the word "fetill" in Icelandic.)
 פתיל (pâtîjl) (= "thread")
gadder (= "grating", "lattice", an Old Swedish word that corresponds to the modern word "galler", most probably the word "jäder" which occurs in Swedish place-names is related.)
 גדר (gâdêr) (= "fence")
gammal (= "old")
 גמל (gâmal) (= "to ripen", "to mature")
göpen (= "handful", an old Swedish dialect word.)
 חופן (hôfen) (= "handful")
halka (= "slipperiness")
 חלק (halaq) (= "slippery" etc.)
heder (= "honour", "glory", "splendour" etc. In modern Swedish the word is mainly used to connote "honour".)
 הדר (hadar), øãä (heder) (= "honour", "glory", "splendour" etc.)
kojsa (= "ewe", a Gotlandic dialect word.)
 כבשה (kibsâh), äùáë (kibsâh) (= "ewe")
kreta (= "to carve")
 חרת (chârat) (= "to engrave")
kåsa (= "goblet", "cup")
 כוס (kôs) (= "cup" etc. In Modern Hebrew the word means mainly "glass".)
käke (= "jaw")
 חיק (hêk) (= "palate", "cavity of the mouth". According to Gesenius the meaning in Biblical Hebrew is "the palate with the corresponding lower part of the mouth, the internal part of the mouth, the jaws".)
lacka (= "go", "walk", e.g. in the expression "Det lackar mot jul.".)
 הלך (hâlak) (= "to walk")
mage (= "belly")
 מעיה (mêôâh) or äòî (mêôeh) (= "belly" etc. in Biblical Hebrew.) [Can sound similar when pronounced correctly]
Mim (a water-spirit in old Scandinavian mythology)
 מים (mieyim) (= "water")
nagga (= "to notch" etc.)
 נגע (nâgaô) (= "to smite" etc.)
nåka (= "to reach after something", a dialect word.)
 נגע (nâgaô) (= "to reach" etc.)
oj (= "alas")
 אוי (’ôwy) (= "alas")
om (= "if", corresponding to the word "em" in Old Norse.)
 אם (’îm) (= "if")
rackla (= "to walk around", an old dialect word.)
 רכל (râkal) (= "to go about" — (1) for purposes of traffic. — (2) for the sake of slandering, whence ìéëø slander.)
ragla (= "to reel")
 רעל (râôal) (= "to reel", "to tremble" etc., in Biblical Hebrew.)
råke (= "spittle", an old dialect word.)
 רוק (rôq) (= "spittle")
räpp (= "quarter of a year", a dialect word.)
 רביע (rebaô) (= "a fourth (part or side)")
se (= "to see". Related are the words sia, sikt and syn.)
 שאוה (šâôâh) (= "to look" etc., in Biblical Hebrew. In Modern Hebrew the word means "to notice", "to pay attention" etc.)
sjuda (= "to seethe")
 זוד (zûwd) (= "to seethe", in Biblical Hebrew.)
skiæl (= "prudence", "insight", "conciousness" etc. in Old Swedish. The corresponding modern word, skäl, mainly means "reason".)
 שכל (sêkel) (= "intelligence", "prudence", "sense", "understanding" etc.)
slån (= "blackthorn")
 סילון (çillôwn) (= "thorn", "brier", in Biblical Hebrew.)
ström (= "stream")
 זרם (zerem) (= "stream" etc.)
svacka (= "depression")
שוחה (šûchâh) (= "ditch", "pit")
säck (= "sack")
 שק(saq) (= "sack")
säte (= "buttock" etc.)
 שתה (šêthâh) (= "seat", "buttock", corresponding to úù (šêth) in Modern Hebrew.)
tjur (= "bull")
שור (šôwr) (= "bull", "cow", "ox")
tom (= "empty")
 תם (tâmam) (= "to come to an end", "to come to the full", "to be all gone", "to be all here", "to be wasted" etc., in Biblical Hebrew.)
tova (ihop sig) (= "to ravel", "to tangle")
 תאיא (tâvâh) (= "to spin")
tunna (= "barrel")
 תנא (tene’) (= "basket")
tur (= "turn" etc.)
 תור (tôwr) (= "turn" etc.)
yssja (= "to shift colours", a dialect word related to the Icelandic word "ysia", which means "fire" and "ash".)
 אש (’êš) (= "fire")
ässja (= "forge" (where the smith's fire is))
 אש (’êš) (= "fire")
ö (= "island", corresponding to the Icelandic word "ey".)
 אי (’ie) (= "island", "coast-land")
øþer (= "property", "wealth", "happiness" in Old Swedish, corresponding to the Icelandic word "auðr".)
 אשר (’ôšer) (= "happiness"),

עשר (ôôšer) (= "wealth", "riches")
över (= "over")
 עבר (ôâbar) (= "to cross over" etc.


The Blessings of Israelite Nations on
a World Scale

What is an “Israelite” Nation? Brit-Am identifies the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel with groups that historically came to dominate the following nations:  Britain, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa (until recently), Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands (Holland), Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland. All together there are 17 nations but five of these (Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) could be considered as one entity whereas Luxembourg and Iceland could be considered too small to count on an international scale and should perhaps be subsumed under neighboring entities. That leaves us with 11 entities and with the State of Israel we therefore have 12 parallel to the 12 tribes of Israel. We do not say that everyone in the said nations is of Israelite descent. We also admit that descendants of Lost Israelites are to be found all over the world especially in Europe, as we explained in “The Tribes” and our other works. We do however say that in the named nations are to be found a substantial percentage of Israelites (possibly a majority in some cases) and also that Israelite characteristics were strongly apparent in the formation of the national character and in the developmental history. These countries may therefore for the puyrposes of comparison be considered as “Israelite”. Part of the identifying characteristics of Israel was that they should be physically and materially blessed. The latest UN statistics shown below demonstrate as to how the blessings have been fulfilled. These statistics do not necessarily take into account factors that may be more important than those that are considered, e.g. an envigorating climate, personal self-respect, stable family life, etc should also be considerations in determing the quality of life. Anyway, for what they are worth here are the statistics:

Most Livable Countries: UN Human Development Index, 2002
The Human Development Index (HDI), published annually by the UN, ranks nations according to their citizens' quality of life rather than strictly by a nation's traditional economic figures. The criteria for calculating rankings include life expectancy, educational attainment, and adjusted real income.
“Most Livable” Countries, 2002    
1.    Norway                        14.    Denmark       
2.    Sweden                       15.    Austria       
3.    Canada                        16.    Luxembourg       
4.    Belgium                       17.    Germany       
5.    Australia                     18.    Ireland       
6.    United States             19.    New Zealand       
7.    Iceland                         20.    Italy       
8.    Netherlands                21.    Spain       
9.    Japan                           22.    Israel       
10.    Finland                       23.    Hong Kong        
11.    Switzerland              24.    Greece       
12.    France                       25.    Singapore       
13.    United Kingdom      
Source: Human Development Report, 2002, United Nations; .
Brit-Am Comment: From the above table we see that concerning the “Most Liveable Countries” the top 8 were Israelite, then came Japan, then five more Israelite countries, then Austria (no.15), followed by Luxembourg  (no.16), Germany (no.17), Ireland (18), New Zealand (19), Italy, Spain, and Israel. South Africa we can disregard for the moment due to the present crisis and domination by non-Israelite elements. The State of Israel is an exception due to the inclusion of Arabs and other factors. Taking the Jewish population of Israel alone then it too would be comparable to the other Israelite nations. On the whole we can say that Israelite Nations top the list and all Israelite nations are in the top 20.

(deaths per 1,000 births)       
(1)    Sweden    3.4       
(2)    Iceland    3.5       
(3)    Singapore    3.6       
(4)    Finland    3.8       
(5)    Japan    3.8       
(6)    Norway    3.9       
(7)    Andorra    4.1       
(8)    Netherlands    4.3       
(9)    Austria    4.4       
(10)    France    4.4       
(11)     Switzerland    4.4    
HIGHEST LIFE EXPECTANCY (in years): 2001       
(1)    Andorra    83.5       
(2)    San Marino    81.3       
(3)    Japan    80.9       
(4)    Singapore    80.3       
(5)    Australia    80.0       
(6)    Switzerland    79.9       
(7)    Sweden    79.8       
(8)    Canada    79.7       
(9)    Iceland    79.7       
(10)    Italy    79.2    

Brit-Am Comment: Israelite Nations had eight places out of the top eleven (I am not sure about Andorra?) regarding the Lowest Infant Mortality Rate. Concerning Life Expectancy Israelite nations held six places in the top ten but Andorra, San Marino, maybe Singapore and Iceland are rather small and exceptional. Also different mortality rates exist for males and females. Israeli males for instant have the second highest (after Japan) life expectancy.  

(Source supplied by Craig White)
Bild Online published on July 10 a list of the richest and the poorest countries, based on the average personal income, life expectancy and education of each country's citizens. The poorest countries are all to befound in Black Africa, Sierra Leone being the poorest of them all. It is interesting that most of the richest countries belong to the lost tribes of the house of Israel. We realize, of course, that this list is somewhat arbitrary, based on the three factors chosen on which the list was based. Strictly focusing on the economy, for example, the list would of course look differently. Still, according to the list, the 20 richest countries are, in this order:

(1) Norway    (4) Australia    (7) USA    (10) Switzerland       
(2) Iceland    (5) Netherlands    (8) Canada    (11) Denmark       
(3) Sweden    (6) Belgium    (9) Japan    (12) Ireland       
(13) Great Britain    (15) Luxembourg    (17) France    (19) Spain       
(14) Finland    (16) Austria    (18) Germany    (20) New Zealand    

Brit-Am Comment:  Esau was also blessed. Evidently also derived from UN figures the Bild List more or less confirms what was said above: Israelite nations took the top eight places then came Japan (9), then 6 more Israelite nations, then Austria (16), then France (17), Germany, Spain, and New Zealand (20). Disregarding South Africa and the State of Israel the remaining 16 Israelite nations were all in the top twenty. Even regarding non-Israelite nations they too may contain Israelite elements and also constituents from Esau (Edom). Esau was also blessed with a promised material prosperity: [Genesis 27:39] AND ISAAC HIS FATHER ANSWERED AND SAID UNTO HIM, BEHOLD, THY DWELLING SHALL BE THE FATNESS OF THE EARTH, AND OF THE DEW OF HEAVEN FROM ABOVE.We may conclude by saying that international statistics confirm Brit-Am beliefs.  


An Enduring dynasty
by Athol Bloomer
This article seeks to demonstrate the role of the Davidic House of Nathan and its role in European and World History. The House of Nathan originated with Prince Nathan the son of King David and Givirah Bathsheba. Nathan was the younger brother of King Solomon. This House of Nathan is mentioned in the Old Testament Book of Zechariah in the 6th century BC. Zerubabel ben Shealtiel was a member of this House and the Leader of Judah’s restoration.
Nathan brother of Solomon: Nathan’s mother Bathsheba was the the Givirah or Queen Mother of Israel. She was enthroned beside her son King Solomon as were all the Davidic Queen Mothers from this time onwards. Bathsheba was the granddaughter of Pharaoh Amenhotep. Her cousin was Princess Maacha of Geshur. They were of the Royal Line of Egyptian Princesses. This female descent entered through them into the Davidic Royal line and was known as the Geveret Line of Princess Royals of the Davidic House. The line of Davidic Geverets (Ladies of the Royal Line) descends from Maacha’s daughter Princess Tamar. Princess Tamar’s granddaughter was the Givirah Maacha who was a wife of Solomon’s son King Rehoboam. Rehoboam and Maacha’s descendant King Amon’s daughter Hepzibah married Elisama of the House of Nathan. Elisama was the son of Prince (Chief) Her of Nathan’s lineage. His grandson Nenuall married Scota the daughter of King Zedekiah of Judah and his Egyptian Royal wife, the daughter of Pharoah Necho.
Nenuall was left behind by his father and entered Egypt as a child with Jeremiah and the King's young daughters and the rest of the Godoli. They dwelt at Tahpanhes were Pharoah gave his granddaughters their own Palace. In Tahpanhes at this time was based Milesian Mercenaries in Pharoah’s service. Nenuall joined these mercenaries and he married his relative Princess Scota. Their son Nathan (Nuada) married the daughter of the Milesian leader who was a descendant of the clan of Zerah of the Tribe of Judah. These Milesian warriors were called the Militia of the Red Branch (or Hand). The Milesians were from Miletus in Asia Minor and were descended from Mered and Heman of the Clan of Zerah who were Viziers of Egypt. Nenuall and Scota’s son Nathan was to become the leader of the Militia of the Red Hand. Nathan’s son Gilead (Alladh/Galahad) succeeded him as Leader (Hemon) and Chief Warrior of this Red Militia. They fought in North Africa and Scythia before migrating to Spain in the 3rd century BC. The group of Jewish refugees in Egypt were known as the Godoli after the murdered leader Godol.
Movement to Ireland: In the 2nd century BC the sons of Galam led the Godoli to Ireland. At this time Ireland was ruled by the clan of Ir of the Tribe of Dan known as the Tuatha de Dannaan. The Godoli were at this time the Leaders of the Milesians who were the ruling Warrior Class who had come to the Celtic Lands of Iberia and Gaul in the 4th century BC to rule over the Tribe of Ephraim. These Celts or Cymri belonged mainly to the clans of Erani and Beredi of the Tribe of Ephraim. Gilead ben Nathan was the grandfather of Brude (called Brutus by Geoffrey of Monmouth), the father of Breoghan or Brigus who succeeded his father as paramount King of the Celts. Breoghan was known as Brennius to the Romans who led a Celtic attack on Rome in 390 BC. Brennius’ son was Bile or Beli who was later worshipped as the Celtic Sun God being confused with the cult of Helios (Helias/Eliyahu/Elijah). Bile’s son Galam was also called Milisius or Milad as Leader of the Red Militia. Galam’s two sons Eremon (Heremon) and Heber Fionn lead the Milesians and the tribes of Ephraim to Ireland. Heber ruled in the south where the Erani clan settled and Heremon of Emania in the North ruled over the Beredi. Eremon’s descendants Gub and Catluan led many of the Beredi into Britian and became known as the Caledoni or Picts. Other groups of the Beredi were the Brigantians and the Catevallauni.

The Exilarchs of Judah in Babylon:
While this branch of the House of Nathan were still mercenaries another branch were in Babylon where their Prince or Chief Ner married Princess Shelomith of the Davidic Royal Family in Babylon descended from King Jeconiah of Judah. She was the daughter of the Exilarch (Rosh Galuta) [Ruler of the Jews in Exile in Babylon] Zerrubabel ben Pediyah and the great granddaughter of Jeconiah. Her grandson was Zerrubbabel ben Shealtiel who returned to Palestine from Babylon and became the ruler of Judea. At that same time Elionai was the Babylonian Exilarch. Exilarch Elionai’s son the Exilarch Akkub was the father-in-law of Yochannan the grandson of Zerrubabbel ben Shealtiel of Palestine. Yochannan’s son Judah succeeded his grandfather Akkub as Exilarch. It is from this time that the Exilarch’s came in the male line from the Davidic House of Nathan and only in the female line from the Davidic House of Solomon. Exilarch Judah was the ancestor of Abiud and Abiud’s brother was the Exilarch Hesli who was the ancestor of Heli. The period of Exilarch Hesli was in the mid 3rd century BC. Exilarch Hesli was the grandfather of Exilarch Amos who married a sister of Judas Maccabee. Exilarch Nathan married Ermentia a granddaughter of Eremon of Emania in Ireland. Exilarch Mar Amos’ grandson Mar Joseph married Janna Hyrcanus, the daughter of John Hyrcanus.

Mar Joseph and the Early Kings of Britain and Ireland; Simeon Breac and the Stone of Destiny. Mar Joseph and his eldest son Nathan the Red were involved in trading and owning Tin mines in Southern Britain in partnership with the Exilarch Solomon II of Babylon. Simeon Breac who went with his cousin Nathan [Red Nathan] to Spain to bring back the Stone of Jacob to the British Isles. In Ireland it was called Lia Fail or the Stone of Destiny. The successors of Red Nathan were called the Great Red Kings or The Red Lords of Heber (the Hebrews). They were the leaders of the Militia of the Red Branch and Guardians of the Sword of David and the red sandstone Stone of Jacob. The Sword of David was also called the Sword of Light and the Sword of Nuada (Nathan). Red Nathan was remembered as a great legislator. His arrival had been prophesied by the prophet and learned King Irial Faidh the son of Eremon. The prophecy of a red head who would rule Ireland called Ruadh [Red Nathan or Nectan Ruadh i.e. Nuada Nect] because of his red hair was passed down the centuries. was seen as a fulfillment of this prophecy in his day. In the 2nd century AD another red haired Nathan would arrive in Ireland from Britain. He was also known as Eoghan Mor and Mogh Nuada. He was the son of Nathan (Nudd/Ludd) and his wife Eurgen of Britain. Nathan (Nudd/Ludd) is the Nosan Ukvon ancestor of the Babylonian Exilarchs. Mogh Nuada battled with the Great Red Lord of Heber known as Conn Chobar or Conn of the Hundred Battles. Conn was also known as Red Abra and Heber Mor. The title Mor had developed from the Hebrew title of Mar for those of the Davidic Family. The name Conn means Lord or King and is the Celtic equivalent to Mar. Its variants are Conan, Cynan, Cun, Cuno, Chunan, and Chuna. Conn in Irish can also mean Dog and could be asociated with the Hebrew “Caleb”. After fighting many battles Conn and Eoghen Mor split Ireland between them and Eoghen Mor married Conn's daughter Bera. The name Eoghen is a variant of Yochanan and Yohanna. Conn was the King of Leinster and Eoghen Mor was king of Munster. This new Nathan established the Order of the Golden Torc (Chain). Conn's son was Art Fiachu is associated with the Fenna Fail. These Irish military orders would be a source for the tales of the knights of the Round Table. There is a great cycle of stories about Conn Chobar and his Knights of the Red Branch. King Art Fiachu was an Irish ancestor of the famous Arthur of Britain. King Art Fiachu married Aioffe the daughter of Yochannan (Jonaans) of Britain and his wife Cesair (Basilda) daughter of King Marcomer IV of Franks and his wife Athildis of Britain (daughter of King Lucius). Art Fiachu and Aioffe were the parents of Sabh (Sabina/Mabh) who married Oillill Olum King of Munster the son of Eoghan Mor and Bera. They were the ancestors of Fergus Mor of Dal Riata on the direct male line.
Queen Aioffe's brother was Nathan of Sefard (Shaphat) who went to Babylon and married Sussannah the daughter of the Exilarch Nahum in the 2nd century. Their son was Mar Chuna I who was also Hunao or Sunno King of Franks and Babylonian Exilarch. He succeeded his uncle king Farabert as King of Franks. Chuna I's daughter Hilderica (Hilda) married Therius (Terah) of Scots. Therius was descended from Fergus Fargi (Phoenisa Farsa/Phares) a son of Red Nathan. Their son Bar Therius became King of Franks after his grandfather Huna (Chuna Mar/ Hunao) and was the ancestor of Faramond and the Carolingian kings. King Farabert of Franks was the father of Frea who married Odin (Woden/Dan) the ancestor of the Danish Kings. Frea was also a granddaughter of King Lucius of Britain. Queen Argotta of Franks was a descendant of Bar Therius who was raped by Dan the Sea King (the Magnificient) of Denmark. Dan the Sea King (the Sea Beast of Poseidan/Neptune) was a descendant of Odin and Frea. Argotta's son by Dan was adopted and bought up by Argotta's husband King Faramond of the Franks. This son was called Clodan (Clodion) and also known as Merovee the Elder. Argotta and Faramond's real son was Clodius and the direct male line ancestor of the Carolingian Kings. The Merovingians descend from this Clodan the Hairy.
The Babylonian Exilarch Chuna I was the forefather of Nathan di Sutra who was known as the Babylonian Exilarch Mar Ukba III. His son Mar Chasdai went to Spain and later his sons went with the Roman army to Britain. His sons were Mar Judah and Mar Gilead. Mar Judah's Roman name was Octavius and Mar Gilead's Gerontius. Mar Judah was known as Eudaf Hen to the Welsh. Mar Chasdai's daughter Cairrion married Eochaidh Mugmedon of Ireland. Eudaf's daughter was Elen who married the Emperor Magnus Maximus. Gerontius' son Cunedda (Chuna the Good) became the Emperor Constantine III. Cunedda married his cousin Gwawl or Elen the daughter of King Coel and his wife Ystradwal (Esther) daughter of Gerontius. Eudaf and Gerontius married into the Royal Family of the Gewisse. The Gewisse were a confederation of Tribes led by the Royal Family of the Silures. Cunedda's son Ceretic was the Judiarch of the Gewisse and his daughter Corun married Nathan the son or grandson of the Babylonian Exilarch Nathan II. Nathan succeeded Ceretic as the Judiarch of the Gewisse. His Roman name was Theodosius. He was the direct male line ancestor of Arthur and also of the Babylonian Exilarch Bustanoi.
King David of Wales and King David of Scotland: This article draws on the Welsh, Irish, Scottish and French traditions, genealogies, legends and Romances. It sets out to explain how the descendant of King David known as Mar Joseph in some traditions was connected with Britain and its Royal History. Most of the ancient genealogies of the Welsh trace their Kings back to the figures of Beli or Heli, Nascien, Bran and Joseph of Arimathea. The traditions proclaim the Davidic descent of the ancient British Kings. The Patron Saint of Wales was St.David who was also of Davidic descent. We also find a Royal St.David who was King of Scotland. In these traditions we also find the name of Nathan and its variants Nascien, Nacien, Nectan, Nectu, Nyssien, Naisi, Nosan, Nuada, Nodens, Nudd and Natan.

This title of Mar (Lord/ Master) is a title associated with the Davidic Exilarchs of Babylon and their families. In the British Isles this Hebrew title became Mawr or Mor and came to mean the Great.
The medieval Romances of Arthur and the Grail came forth firstly in France from the same region as the Romances of Aimeri of Narbonne. These Romances were spread by the Trouvadors of Provence and Aquitaine. The Trouvadors of France seemed to have access to a rich tradition coming from the Royal descendants of Machir Theodoric of Narbonne's family. Until the mid tenth century many of these families such as the Counts of Toulouse and the Dukes of Aquitaine remained openly Jewish. Later generations sought to hide these Jewish origins. These trouvadors had access to information that connected these families to Arthur. From this same source in Southern France came the pre-Lurainic Kabbalah which seems to have much in common with the mysticism of the Holy Grail.
Messiah ben Ephraim Ruler of the Lost Ten Tribes: The Exilarchic Family preserved the tradition of a future Messiah ben Ephraim who would rule over the Lost Ten Tribes of which the Tribe of Ephraim was the leader. A future Messiah figure would come from Joseph's lineage. Arthur was a type of this Messiah and the Great Monarch would be like Arthur returned. He would be the new Galahad (Gilead). Joseph of Arimathea's son known as Josephes was in fact Gilead ben Joseph and Sir Galahad was one of his descendants.

Identification of the Tribes:
 The name of Galahad and Gilead became associated with France. France was settled by the Tribe of Giladi or Galaad.The name of Galaad was applied to three tribes of Israel - Rueben, Gad, and Manesseh. The Galaadi of France were mainly of the tribe of Rueben who had grazed their sheep in Eastern Galaad in Israel. The Franks were mainly of the tribe of Manesseh of the clan of Phares and providing a ruling elite in France and Germany. Later these Manessehites would migrate to America leaving the French mainly of Rueben and the Dutch and Germans of Zebulon. The Britons were mainly of the Ephraimite clan of Beredi and the Irish of the Erani clan of Ephraim. The Angles and Saxons were mainly of the clans of the Tribes of Ephraim and Manesseh. The Normans were also of the tribe of Manesseh and many later migrated to America. Ireland had been settled by the clan of Ir of the Tribe of Dan which later left Ireland and eventually rejoined their fellow Danites in Denmark and Sweden. The Heber clan of Asher also settled for a time in Ireland they also left Ireland for Scandinavia and mainly settled in Norway and Sweden, where they rejoined their fellow Asherites known as the Aesir. The Vanir or Danir were of the Tribe of Dan. The Ancient Greeks were mainly of the Tribes of Dan (Mycenaen Greece), Asher, Ephraim and Manesseh (the Dorians). The Western Gadites (Visigoths) entered Greece via the Mediterrenean and the Eastern Gadites (Ostragoths) via Northern Greece. The ancient Albanians were also like the ancient Macedonians and Thracians of the Tribe of Ephraim which migrated to the British Isles. Ancient Britain was known as Albion and Scotland as Albania or Albany. Many tribes passed through Spain but the Tribe of Simeon was prominent especially in Castille. A large portion of Simeon were found amongst the Jews and most of the Marrano families that stayed in Spain came from Simeon. It was amongst the Spanish Marranoes that the Simeonite Festival of Judith was kept. Those that went to Portugal were of the Tribe of Benjamin. Those who refused to convert or later returned to Judaism were mainly of the Tribe of Judah. Those of Levite origin stayed with their Jewish brothers or fled to the Papal States in Italy. The Lombards of Northern Italy were of the Tribe of Levi. Today the bulk of the 12 tribes are in Europe with Judah centred in Israel but with members sprinkled over the world especially in Russia and America. In Russia and Eastern Germany are clans descended from the Ancient Assyrians.

Biblical Proof
“Let peoples serve you, and nations bow down to you”

“Therefore may God give you of the dew of heaven, of the fatness of the earth, and plenty of grain and wine. Let peoples serve you, and nations bow down to you. Be master over your brethren and let your mother’s sons bow down to you. Cursed be everyone who curses you and blessed be those who bless you!”  (Genesis 27:28-29).
The British Empire
In 1905/6 the British Empire was at its zenith. It ruled over an empire that comprised much of the world, its territory covered 13 million square miles. It ruled over a full one quarter of the human race from an Island no greater than 121 thousand square miles. By way of contrast the Roman Empire at its height ruled over a territory of only 2.5 million square miles, and thus the British Empire was more than five times larger than the empire of ancient Rome. Is this not extraordinary! It also ruled over more than four times the population. It truly was, and still today retains the record of having been, the greatest empire the world has ever seen! The territory she ruled over was nearly 108 times larger than her own country, yet her army was surprisingly small. In the world rankings of the time, based upon the peacetime strength of the regular forces of the major armies of the world of that day, the British army ranked eighth. The Russian, French, German, Turkish and Austrian armies were all considerably larger. All the same, she was able to deal with any emergency in her far-flung empire in the most efficient way, frequently using local indigenous auxiliary forces to support her regular troops. It was not so much the size of the British Army that made the difference, but the quality of her leadership, training, equipment and men. This was demonstrated by the fact that, although the army was only the eighth largest in the world as far as manpower was concerned, Britain ranked third in terms of annual expenditure. For instance she spent considerably more on her armed forces than France, whose army was nearly four times larger.

Britannia Rules the Waves    
Where Britain really scored over the other nations was in her magnificent navy. Britain needed a powerful navy to protect her commercial interests around the world. The British naval planners of the day worked on the axiom of British naval policy that the Royal (British) Navy should at all times be equal in strength to the combined fleets of the next two largest naval powers.
It was truly fair at that time to say: “BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES!” There was no one around then who dared challenge her awesome might.

Let Nations Bow down to you
Part of the ‘Birthright Blessing’ was: “Let peoples serve you, and nations bow down to you” (Genesis 27:29). This has certainly come to pass both in war and in peace. Many nations have bowed down to Great Britain especially in the heyday of her empire. Since that time many nations have had no choice but to bow down to her brother and successor, the United States of America.

One of the most recent examples occurred at a time when the British fleet was much depleted, and had become a mere shadow of its former self, yet even so, she still was able to enforce her will by force of arms. The case in question was Britain’s daring recapture of the Falklands Islands in the 1982 Falklands war, when Britain by force of arms forced the Argentine government to concede defeat. Even more recent still was the Gulf War, where Saddam Hussein and his Iraqi occupying forces ‘were made’ to leave Kuwait. The two sons of Joseph, America and Great Britain led the grand military alliance that comprised Operation “Desert Storm”. Ever since that victory, for the following twelve years, and despite Saddam’s defiance, his air force was forbidden to fly over much of his country, as a result of a ‘No Fly Zone’ order by these same two sons of Joseph. Then in the Second Gulf War, these two sons of Joseph, in the teeth of the most ferocious global opposition, have once again intervened to force their will upon Iraq’s evil regime.
Thus once again the world has witnessed the extraordinary closeness and affinity that exist between Britain and the United States of America. When there is a real crisis in the world these two nations have demonstrated over and over again that they not only have the power, but also the will to act together to decisively overcome the threat.
The terrorist attack of 11 September on the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, and on the Pentagon in Washington, has changed the face of the world forever. The commentators generally are in agreement that this terrorist attack has changed many of the parameters in the way nations will conduct their affairs in the future. One thing, however, that has not changed and is never likely to change, is that in a time of crisis the United States can always count on the unequivocal support of Great Britain. We already know from the account of history that the reverse is also true, as America too has supported Britain in her hour of greatest need, as they rallied to Britain’s aid in both World Wars. On 11 September 2001, in a gross act of outrageous fundamentalist Islamic terrorism, two airliners were flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in Manhattan, and a full 20% of all the office space in New York City was destroyed at a stroke. In this one brief moment in time over 3,000 were killed, and to make matters even worse, this mass murder was committed in front of a worldwide TV audience. Most of the dead were American. The shock to the American psyche was enormous, as for the very first time since the foundation of the Republic; “Fortress America” had been breached.

As the whole of America was traumatised by the immense shock, British Prime Minister Tony Blair declared that Britain stood shoulder to shoulder with the American people. He offered total support including their armed forces in the global fight against terrorism. As President George W Bush rallied his nation, Tony Blair did the same on British shores, and history repeated itself as these two sons of Joseph – America and Great Britain – were once again united in a common purpose. As President Bush gave his benchmark speech to the nation in the specially called joint session of Congress, there sitting in the Congressional Gallery was a solitary head of a foreign government. It was Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, who alone of all the leaders in the West had taken the trouble to be present in solidarity with President Bush and the American people. His presence served as a singular symbol of the unequivocal support of the British people for America in her time of distress. It was almost as if Mr Blair represented ‘family’ on this most traumatic of all occasions for America. As President Bush acknowledged Blair’s presence, referring to Britain as America’s closest friend and ally in the world, the Prime Minister received a spontaneous ovation from the assembled leadership of the American government. The occasion was watched by the whole of the American nation, and excerpts of the speech were beamed all over the world. Other nations, notably France, also offered help and support for America’s war on terrorism, but no other nation has been as supportive as Great Britain. Even the Queen demonstrated her support with a marvellous gesture, when at Buckingham Palace during the changing of the guard ceremony the American National Anthem was played. This too was broadcast and commented upon all over America. With tens of thousands of Americans stranded in London in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, this act of royal support, together with countless other acts of individual and corporate kindness, demonstrated once again that blood is thicker than water and that the English-speaking people instinctively know who their true friends are.

Anglo-Saxon Bloodbrothers
This mutual support between the British and the Americans has, as we have already seen, a fundamental cause which goes much deeper than sharing a common language or heritage. The close affinity between Britain and America is based on the fact that they are truly “brother” nations, who descended from the two sons of Joseph: Ephraim and Manasseh. It is this kinship, more than anything else that explains the “special relationship” that exists between Great Britain and the United States of America. The bond between America and Great Britain is based upon a blood relationship. These two nations received the lion’s share of the Birthright blessing of the Covenant that the Creator God made with their Patriarchal ancestor, Abraham, some four thousand years ago. It is as a result of this divine favour that these nations have become the natural leaders of the whole world, and it is only they, when push comes to shove, who have the moral fibre, the will, as well as the necessary power, to withstand evil in this world. Thus they have seen off the Kaiser of Germany in World War I, utterly defeated Hitler’s Third Reich and the Emperor of Japan in World War II, brought about the implosion of the Communist Soviet Empire in 1989, and they will yet vanquish the global terrorist threat of fundamentalist Islam. It is in a time of extreme danger and crisis that these Anglo-Saxon and Celtic brothers ‘know’ that only ‘family’ will do.
We must not forget that Canada, Australia and New Zealand share the same identity. On that fateful day, 11 September, when all American airports were closed, the Canadians stepped in freely to host countless redirected American, British and other aircraft from all over the world. Then Canada, Australia and New Zealand, like Britain, all promptly offered to send troops, ships and aircraft to Afghanistan to fight Osama Bin Laden and his Taliban protectors. For more than a century these freedom-loving sons of Joseph, the Israelite Anglo-Saxon and Celtic ‘family’ of nations, have always come together to overcome the threat posed by totalitarian regimes bent on world conquest and domination.

Only Trust Your Family
Another telling example of the kinship between America, Great Britain and her Commonwealth partners Canada, Australia and New Zealand, is their joint involvement in “ECHELON,” the global spy satellite system. ‘ECHELON’ is a secret worldwide intelligence-gathering operation, and it is the greatest surveillance network the world has ever seen. The US National Security Agency (NSA), has created a global spy system, codenamed ‘ECHELON,’ which is able to intercept and analyse virtually every phone call, fax, email and telex message sent anywhere in the world. The interesting point is that the USA, in seeking allies for this project, has not sought the assistance of nations such as France, Germany or Japan, but has instead enlisted the aid of Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Thus it seems as if almost by instinct, the modern day descendants of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh, in matters concerning their national security, are only prepared to trust the members of their own family. We must not forget that Canada, Australia and New Zealand share the Ephraim roots of Great Britain, and that they too are the sons of Joseph. ‘ECHELON’ is controlled by the NSA and is operated in conjunction with the UK Government Communications Head Quarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham, England, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) of Canada, the Australian Defence Security Directorate (DSD), and the General Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) of New Zealand. These national security organisations are bound together under a secret agreement they entered into in 1948 in the aftermath of the Second World War. Their signals intelligence has proved invaluable in countering and eventually defeating the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The current focus of the system is the War against Global Terrorism, with the threat coming from fundamentalist Islamic terrorist organisations and countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan and Libya.

It seems that, when it comes to their national security, these modern day descendants of Joseph are prepared to trust only their immediate family.

Victorious Brothers in Arms
To continue the subject of other nations bowing down to the sons of Joseph, we can consider the last century. An especially graphic example is to be found in the Armistice followed by the humiliating Treaty of Versailles at the end of the First World War in 1918. When Germany was forced to bow down to Great Britain and the United States of America, as well as to France.

At the end of World War II, after the hard-won victory of the Allied Forces over Germany and Japan in 1945, the greater part of the world’s population was subject to either the British Empire or the United States of America. During World War II the British Marines wore a badge depicting half the globe, whereas the American Marines wore a similar badge that pictured the other half. Between them these two brother nations-in-arms controlled much of the world either as colonies, protectorates, or occupied territories. Nations such as Germany, Austria, Italy and Japan ‘bowed down to them’. Yet, surprisingly, the allied Anglo-Saxon brothers in arms in their hard won victory demonstrated the most extraordinary mercy towards their conquered and vanquished enemies. Without knowing it, they exhibited one of the key characteristics of their forefather Joseph.
The World’s Only Superpower
At the end of World War II America and Great Britain were in possession of the greatest collection of military hardware and power the world has ever seen in all of its recorded history. In the D-Day invasion of Normandy an awesome armada of over 5,000 warships sailed from British ports to the Normandy beaches. At the close of the war America had no fewer than 122 aircraft carriers with which she was able to project her awesome might. Thus when the power of the British Empire began to wane after the Second World War, a new Anglo-Saxon military superpower arose to take her place. Britain’s brother, Manasseh, the American fellow Israelite people, had already come to her rescue twice in both world wars, and both times her intervention saved the day. With the fearsome explosion of the atom bomb on Hiroshima in 1945, a new, militarily awesomely powerful nation had made its terrifying dèbut on the world stage. Ever since that time the American brothers of ‘good old England’ have militarily dominated our planet. The US Navy, with her giant aircraft carriers like floating cities in the sea, her nuclear submarines, her Tomahawk and Attack cruise missiles and huge fleet of warships, patrols the great oceans and seas of the globe. No army in the world can withstand her invisible Stealth bombers and her precision guided Joint Direct Attack Munitions and bombs, as well as her fearsome fleets of Apache Attack helicopters with their deadly Hellfire missiles. Her technological lead over the other nations in the development of new weapons is constantly increasing by leaps and bounds leaving the rest of the world way behind in her wake. Her highly sophisticated satellites can tap into all the secret plans of her enemies at will. Recently, in the late 1990s Kosovo conflict in the former Yugoslavia, she demonstrated that she could even win a war without suffering any casualties, by utilising her overwhelming air power alone. Today, after the break-up of the former Soviet Union in the early nineties, she is the sole military superpower in the world. Her defence budget is a staggering 70 times larger than that of Russia, and the irony is that she could well afford to spend twice or even three times that amount! Just as it was in the days of his brother Ephraim’s British Empire, when Britannia “ruled the waves”, so now we find that with Manasseh’s United States of America, there is no one around who dare challenge her awesome might. Could all of this just be happenstance? The words of Sir Winston Churchill come to mind:

“He must indeed have a blind soul who cannot see that some great purpose is being worked out here below!”

England Never Lost a War
The prophet Micah made an astonishing prophecy about the remnant of Jacob vis-à-vis her enemies:

“And the remnant of Jacob shall be amongst the Gentiles, in the midst of many peoples, like a lion among the beasts of the forest, who, if he passes through, both treads down and tears in pieces, and none can deliver. Your hand shall be lifted against your adversaries, and all your enemies shall be cut off” (Micah 5:8-9).
This prophecy has come true for the English nation, as the English people have never lost a war of note since the Norman Conquest by William the Conqueror in 1066. We have already established that these Normans were family; they were Israelites of the same stock as the English. Micah’s prophecy forms an intrinsic part of the ‘Birthright’ of the English, and the prophetic promise is that England’s enemies shall be ‘cut off’!  It was in direct fulfilment of this promise that the four invasions planned respectively by Philip II of Spain, Louis the XIV of France, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler ended in their ignominious defeats. As we have already seen, part of the ‘Birthright blessing’ was: “Let peoples serve you, and nations bow down to you”. But the promise contained even stronger words than these, as the further promise given was:
“Cursed be everyone who curses you and blessed be those who bless you” (Genesis 27:28-29).
Thus when England was attacked it would automatically bring a divine curse upon the aggressor. This can be seen in many of England’s most decisive battles, where divine Providence seemed to play a most decisive role, such as in the defeat of the Spanish Armada, the miraculous escape from Dunkirk, the defeat of Rommel at the battle of El Alamein, and the D-Day invasion onto the Normandy beaches in 1944, to name but a few. In all of these battles, together with many others, the advantage was won through the providential assistance of the elements.  Sir Winston Churchill made reference to this very thing in a speech he gave in October 1942, whilst addressing mine owners and workers’ delegates. This is what he said:

“I sometimes have the feeling of interference. I want to stress that. I have the feeling sometimes that some guiding hand has interfered. I have a feeling that we have a GUARDIAN because we have a great Cause, and we shall have that Guardian as long as we serve that Cause faithfully; and what a Cause it is.”

Maybe he was thinking of the ‘Battle of Britain’, or maybe he remembered the miracle of Dunkirk. When studying the wars and battles of England it becomes obvious that the English have a divine Guardian who especially intervenes, often through the blowing of a great wind or at strategic times through the stilling of the wind and bringing a great calm. The latter happened at Dunkirk, when the notoriously rough seas of the English Channel became exceptionally calm for four days and nights, whilst the British expeditionary forces were being rescued out of the jaws of death from Dunkirk’s beaches. At the same time, further inland, the foulest of weather immobilised the German Luftwaffe, effectively preventing them from attacking the continuous flotillas of rescue vessels.

All of this has a most ancient echo of the time when our Israelite ancestors were making their miraculous escape from another oppressor.  We have all heard of the account of ancient Israel’s great exodus from Egypt when nearly three million Israelites were able to escape the murderous Egyptian army by miraculously crossing the Red Sea. The God of Israel used the elements against the Egyptian army. He used a pillar of cloud to shroud them in a dark mist as they approached the helpless Israelites trapped at the edge of the Sea. The cloud produced darkness on the Egyptian side and yet it was light on the Israelite side. Then he dried up the Red Sea with a mighty east wind, so much so that the fleeing Israelites were able to cross the Sea on dry land. Then when the Egyptian army were permitted to pursue their quarry again, as the pillar of cloud had lifted towards early morning, the Lord caused water to gently seep back so that the Egyptian chariot wheels became stuck in the mud. The moment the last Israelite had safely reached the other shore, he caused the waters to return with a great and mighty wind and the entire Egyptian army perished in the depth of the sea. After their miraculous escape from their oppressive slavery in Egypt, Moses led them in a song of victory. As the children of Israel were singing to the Lord with great joy, celebrating the victory he had given them over the awesome armies of Pharaoh, they sang:

The LORD is a MAN OF WAR; the LORD is his name. Pharaoh’s chariots and his army he has cast into the sea. You blew with Your wind, the sea covered them; they sank like lead in the mighty waters” (Exodus 15:3-4&10.

The prophet Isaiah confirms the words of Micah and Moses as he specifically addresses the ‘coastlands’ or the Israel in the ‘isles’, as he writes the following:
“Those who war against you shall be as nothing, as a non-existent thing. For I, the LORD your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you’. . .  Behold, I will make you into a new threshing sledge with sharp teeth; you shall thresh the mountains and beat them small, and make the hills like chaff. You shall winnow them, the wind shall carry them away, and the whirlwind shall scatter them” (Isaiah 41:12-13 & 15-16).

Perhaps this is what impressed itself upon Winston Churchill’s mind when he was obviously speaking from the heart, he said: “I have the feeling we have a ‘Guardian’ ” . According to Isaiah, Churchill was right, as the promise is that the Lord their God would hold ISRAEL’S right hand and he would help them (Isaiah 41:13).

In the ‘Birthright’ blessing spoken by Jacob over the sons of Joseph, the dying Patriarch spoke the following prophetic words:

“The archers have bitterly grieved him, shot at him and hated him. But his bow remained in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the Mighty God of Jacob . . . by the God of your father who will help you, and by the Almighty who will bless you” (Genesis 49:23-25).
England, above all the nations on the face of the earth, has the matchless record of not having lost a war of any note or consequence. In the last 900 years England has never lost a war and she has never been invaded or subjugated by foreign troops. Over the centuries England has had her setbacks on the high seas as well as on land, and she has lost many a battle, but the fact is that she has never lost a war. On occasions she would lose the first, the second and maybe even the third round in a war against her enemies, but she never lost the last round. Sometimes she won the war only to let her gains slip later on. At other times she won the war only to subsequently lose the peace, but even so, she never lost a war.

 Only One Exception!
In nine centuries of sublime victories in war there was just one exception! Britain did decidedly not win the American War of Independence. Remember, Jacob the great Patriarch of Israel passed on the ‘Blessing of the Birthright’ to his grandsons, Ephraim and Manasseh, jointly. The plain fact is the two sons of Joseph were both to inherit the Birthright. They were to remain together for a considerable time and then finally they were to separate, one to become a ‘Company’ or ‘Commonwealth’ of nations and the other a Great nation. Notice how in Genesis 48 Jacob first addressed both of the sons of Joseph together. Then finally he spoke to them separately. Manasseh, the elder son was to become a single GREAT nation, and Ephraim, the younger son a Company, or Commonwealth of nations. When Jacob laid his right hand upon the head of Ephraim, he said his seed would be the greater of the two and become a multitude of nations (Genesis 48:19).  Jacob then went on to say that Manasseh would also be great, but all the same, he set Ephraim, who was the younger son of Joseph, before Manasseh, the elder son. The whole implication of this is that Ephraim would come to greatness first and that Manasseh’s time of greatness would come later on. This is the exact sequence of events that the record of history confirms in every way.

Despite their defeat by the Americans the British then went on to build the greatest empire the world had ever seen. Nevertheless, to only lose one war in nine hundred years is a most extraordinary record for any nation to be able to claim.
Of England, we can fairly say that in over nine centuries she never lost a war apart from the American War of Independence. In this unique record we have yet further proof of God’s divine favour upon Ephraim. We have historical evidence of God’s hand in human affairs fulfilling his prophetic word. We have therefore, further proof of the ‘Birthright’ blessing resting upon the English-speaking descendants of Jacob and Joseph.

Tribal Identity
Will The French Invade Israel?
by Yair Davidiy

We have identified the sons of Reuben as primarily being amongst the French. The reasons for this identification are manifold:
 &The ancient inhabitants of France were known as Galatae or Galaadi implying men from Gilead which was the area Reuben (together with Gad and half-Menasseh) had dwelt in.
&The Ribuari Franks founded the Kingdom of France. The name Ribuari is another form of Reuben.
&The symbols of France were the fleur de lis, the cock, and the rising sun. These are all associable with Reuben who was represented by the rising sun or by mandrakes.
&The names of the sons of Reuben are similar to those of groups that settled in France. Chanoch became the Chauci or  Hugo  which was a name given to the Franks; Palui (Phalui) became Falia (Phalia) in Germany whence the Franks invaded Gaul; Chetsroni became the Chassuari and the  Istaevones (Sicambri) both of whom were branches of the Franks; Carmi  became the Carini who were also a section of the Franks in Gaul.  
&The characteristics implied by these names reflect aspects of French culture. "Hanoch" means "Inauguration", or "Education"; "Phalu" means "Distinction"; "Hetzron" denotes "Dweller-of -the-Courtyard"; and "Carmi" is derivable from "Cerem" meaning "Vineyard".
&Characteristics associated with Reuben in general are those associated with the French: Romantically inclined, passionate, aspiring to leadership, empathy with others, excelling in many areas but seldom achieving predominance, etc.
&The position of France relative to other Israelite groups is similar to that of Reuben in Biblical times in regards to other Israelite Tribes, i.e. to the east of Ephraim and Menasseh, south of Gad, etc.
[Full details and explanation of the above points are found in “The Tribes” by Yair Davidi.]

In "The Tribes" we said:
<<Some points of interest are that: The sons of Reuben were destined (Zohar, VaYechi, 551, Sulam Edition) to wage war in the LAND OF ISRAEL against (or for) Jerusalem. It was the French "Franks" who led the Crusaders of Europe (1069-1270) in their attempts to conquer the Holy Land and Jerusalem. The French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte in 1799 offered to restore Palestine to the Jews. Whether Bonaparte had been genuine in his intention or not, it was the French together with the British who created the political climate which made possible the Balfour Declaration and ultimately the State of Israel. French Gentile volunteers fought on the Jewish side in Israel's War of Independence (1948 -1949). >>

We noted above that, "the sons of Reuben were destined (Zohar, VaYechi, 551, Sulam Edition) to wage war in the LAND OF ISRAEL against (or for) Jerusalem" and we suggested that this was fulfilled by the Crusades. A renewed examination of the passage in the Zohar together with Commentaries indicates that if anything the Crusades were only a prototype of what could take place later. The Zohar indicates that in the Last Days Reuben will fight against Jerusalem in the Land of Israel and Reuben will be punished for this.  This will be associated with a world-wide war immediately preceding the Messianic Era. Today France is one of the leading nations pushing for an increased EU )European Union (presence in the Land of Israel.

Reuben physically was the firstborn son of Jacob:
Reuben was the firstborn. Leah was the mother of Reuben. The sister of Leah was Rachel who also married to Jacob. At that time she was barren but later God cured her and she bare two sons, Joseph and Benjamin. Joseph was to displace Reuben and to receive the right of the firstborn in his place. Nevertheless Reuben seems not to have borne any grudge against Joseph and attempted to save him from his other brothers.
The Bible tells us some facts concerning Reuben:
He was the physical firstborn.
Reuben found mandrake plants in the field and brought them to his mother (Genesis 30;14). This shows respect for one’s mother. As a result of these mandrakes Leah hired the attentions of her husband Jacob and conceived another son Issachar.
According to the simple meaning of Scripture Reuben committed adultery with the concubine of his father.
Commentators point out that immediately after the incidentwith Bilhah  it says that the quorum of tribes remained twelve. This included Reuben. Some say that Reuben really did something else such as moving the bed of his father from one tent to another and this was counted as if he slept with the wife of his father. Whatever the case the literal meaning says that Reuben slept with Bilhah and this is how in some cases the authorities related to the incident in question. When a woman was suspected of committing adultery and was being persuaded to confess then the case of Reuben would be brought up. It would be pointed out that everyone is subject to temptation and even the greatest of men had fallen in this matter. Reuben would be adduced as an example.
4. Jacob favored Joseph the firstborn son of his favorite wife Rachel. Later the brothers became jealous of Joseph partly because Joseph had provoked them with his dreams of grandeur. The brothers seized Joseph and intended to slay him. Reuben prevented them.
Reuben then went away and in the meantime the brothers sold Joseph to a caravan of Ishmaelites going down to Egypt. Reuben returned and discovered that Joseph was not there. He was quite distraught.
It may be that Reuben as the physical firstborn would have been held responsible by his father for the well-being of Joseph. It has been suggested that Reuben as the firstborn should have exercised authority and directly prevented the brothers from laying hands on Joseph. Instead he resorted to subterfuge intending nevertheless to restore Joseph to his father.
Joseph went down to Egypt, was enslaved, then imprisoned, then rose to become the effective ruler of Egypt. A famine visited Egypt and Canaan where Jacob and his sons dwelt. In Egypt Joseph had laid up stores of grain. The brothers went down to Egypt to buy grain. They left their youngest brother Benjamin behind in the Land of Canaan. Benjamin was the son of Jacob and Rachel. Rachel had passed away. She had been the most beloved wife of Jacob. Jacob was deeply attached to Benjamin since he thought only he was left of his children from Rachel. He had been led to believe that Joseph had been slain by a wild beast. The brothers in Egypt were taken before Joseph. Joseph knew them. They did not recognize him. Joseph gave them grain, took one of the brothers (Simeon) hostage, and sent the brothers off. Joseph told them that next time they came they would have to bring Benjamin with them. When the brothers heard this they were upset. They said to themselves that this tribulation had visited them due to their sin against Joseph. Reuben reproved them:
The brothers returned to their father. After a period the grain they had brought with them began to run out. There was a need to return to Egypt to buy more. The brothers understood that only with Benjamin present would Joseph allow them to buy more grain. Jacob did not want Benjamin to go with them. Reuben offered his own two sons as surety to Jacob that nothing would befall Benjamin.
Reuben said to him:
From these words has arisen the Jewish folk expression, “The Foolish Firstborn”. The sons of Reuben were also the sons (i.e. grandsons of Jacob) and what advantage could Jacob gain by killing them? Jacob refused the request of Reuben and so they tried to hold out a little longer. In the end there was no choice and so Judah persuaded Jacob to let Benjamin go with them:
From the above we obtain a composite picture of Reuben: Reuben was emotional, lusty, he had empathy for others, self-sacrifice, and a sense of responsibility. Despite his sin with Bilhah he did show respect for both his father and mother. He was also quick to apportion blame on others, a user of subterfuge, and given to exaggerated bursts of emotion with accompanying far-fetched declarations. He attempted to assert himself but had trouble being taken seriously.                       
When Jacob came to depart from this world he blessed his children including Reuben.
The word translated as “unstable” (Hebrew: “pachaz”) can also mean impetuous.         
The word translated above as “excel” (Hebrew: “totar”) can also mean “remain over”, “continue on”.
The words translated as THY FATHER'S BED can  also be understood as saying “the places of laying down of your father” or “the layings down of your father”. The Zohar has its own explanation concerning the deeper meaning of the above blessing.

The Zohar is a collection of mystical writings. It was revealed in the Middle Ages but purports to be a collection of sayings from the ca100s CE and later.  The Zohar only became publicly known in the 1280s. It does contain ancient material and deep insights into Biblical passages. The Zohar is quite large and extends over several volumes. A lot of it is obscure and very easily misunderstood. In the past it was forbidden for anyone who was unlearned or under forty years of age to learn it. Nowadays times have changed and courses in the Zohar and related literature are open to anyone and quite popular. The Zohar contains predictions and observations that only became clear in the modern era. Even so, great men in the past based on their understanding of the Zohar made mistaken assumptions. We will try to avoid doing the same. We are not predicting anything just analyzing a passage and leaving it open for speculation.

The Zohar comments on the above verses concerning Reuben:
“Reuben was the firstborn son of Jacob. Rabbi Chaya said: Everything should have been his and everything was taken away from him.
The Commentary: “Matok MeDevash” (“Sweeter than Honey” in Hebrew) says that Reuben was conceived from the first seed of Jacob. [In Hebrew THE BEGINNING OF MY STRENGTH is “reashit oni” which can also mean “the first of my sexual might”. According to this, the first ejaculation of Jacob was on his wedding night. Jacob thought he was marrying Rachel but her sister Leah had been put in her place. Only on the morning after the wedding night did Jacob realize he had been tricked. Laban then persuaded Jacob to keep Leah as his wife and to marry Rachel as well. This is described in Genesis 29. At all events Reuben was conceived when Jacob was unified with Lead thinking that Leah was Rachel.
The Commentator  “Matok MeDevash” says: <<Reuben should have been fit to receive everything including the Firstborn Rights, Priesthood, and Royalty. Everything was taken away from him since Jacob had his mind on Rachel when he married>>.
In other words whatever Reuben later did the deeper reason lay in the fact that his father did not psychologically relate directly to him even at the time of his conception. Perhaps his sin with Bilhah reflected an unconscious grudge against his father?
The Zohar continues:
“Royalty was given to Judah, the Firstborn Rights to Joseph, Priesthood to Levi, there was nothing left over for Reuben as it says, UNSTABLE AS WATER, THOU SHALT NOT EXCEL [the word for excel “totar” can also mean left over]”…
The Zohar goes on and explains how Jacob requested that God help Reuben despite everything and that Reuben was accorded some peripheral preeminence in some respects. After that the Zohar continues:
“The descendants of Reuben were destined to wage two wars in the Land of Israel. One [The first War] when they came up out of Egypt, as its says,
THE BEGINNING OF MY STRENGTH, for they went before their brothers into battle. THE EXCELLENCY OF DIGNITY in the Assyrian Exile [of the Lost Ten Tribes] for the Children of Gad and the Children of Reuben were exiled before all their brothers. They suffered from many troubles and until now they have not yet returned from Exile.
[The second War] AND THE EXCELLENCY OF POWER: At the time when the Messianic King shall be aroused in the world, the Reubenites shall go out and wage battles in the world. They shall consider taking over the ROYAL RULERSHIP but they will not remain in control, as it says, UNSTABLE AS WATER, THOU SHALT NOT EXCEL.
The Commentary: “Matok MeDevash” explains: Since Reuben will be victorious over other peoples he will think that it is fit that he rule over all Israel. The Rulership however belongs to Judah therefore Reuben will not continue in it. Since he was overduly impetuous even a small portion of the Royal Rulership will not remain with him.
The Zohar goes on:
“What is the reason that nothing will remain for him? Not even in a small portion of the world? Since THOU WENTEST UP TO THY FATHER'S BED and also considered going up again [i.e. he lusted after Rachel] by which; THEN DEFILEDST THOU IT: HE WENT UP TO MY COUCH.

“Another explanation: UNSTABLE AS WATER, THOU SHALT NOT EXCEL, For the sons of Reuben will wage wars in the world and defeat many peoples. They will not remain in a position of rulership however. Why is this? THOU WENTEST UP TO THY FATHER'S BED: They are destined to wage war in the Holy Land, as it says THOU WENTEST UP TO THY FATHER'S BED This is Jerusalem. THY FATHER'S BED by “FATHER” is meant the Ancient Progenitor of Israel. It says [in Hebrew] “the places of laying down of your father.” Why does it not say, [in the singular] “the place of laying down of your father?” This is because Jerusalem was rebuilt twice. The third time will be in the time of the Messiah. This is why it says “places of laying down” in the plural. In this verse [“UNSTABLE AS WATER, THOU SHALT NOT EXCEL”] is revealed a blessing [“Metok MeDevash” says that they will wipe out many peoples like a flood of waters]. As it was when Israel first entered the land [when Reuben preferred to inherit east of the Jordan rather than in the heart of the land itself] so too will it be in the time of the Messiah when Reuben will try and obtain some control, over the land and will not succeed.

S.3     We have seen that The Zohar says that Reuben will fight all over the world, i.e. participate in a world war. Reuben will also fight in the Holy Land and attempt some kind of permanent control over it and over Jerusalem. He will not succeed. His attempt is spoken of disparagingly as if his contribution and interference will not necessarily be positive ones. What actually will happen we do not know. Better people than we are have made mistakes in this direction. The simple meaning however of the passage does fit the French according to their national disposition and past history. The French were heavily involved in Lebanon. For a time they ruled over Syria. They have always been struggling to increase their influence in the Middle East anyway they can. This explains much of French policy in this area. The French assisted Israel when nobody else did. Later when the USA extended the hand of friendship to the Jewish State the French abandoned her. When the USA and Britain were arrayed against Sadam Hussein of Iraq and it looked like Sadam would be deposed then the French participated alongside the allies. Later when it became apparent that Sadam had survived and was still a power to be reckoned with France attempted to circumvent the Anglo-American embargo against Iraq in order to increase its own influence.
How things will turn out only time can tell but the scenario presented by the Zohar concerning Reuben does fit France as we know her.  The characteristics of Reuben as implied by the Zohar also fit the French. The Zohar emphasizes that Reuben along with the rest of the Ten Tribes has not yet returned.
Whatever you say about us, when all the sources concerning the Lost Ten Tribes are taken together and judged as a whole and when you take the most literal possible meaning of these sources into consideration and compare it with reality and historical fact then our solutions are the ones that fit ALL OF THE EVIDENCE more than any other proposals do.
It may be that the French will participate in an attempted internationalization of Jerusalem and this may be accompanied by an armed invasion by EU and other forces, or by the UN with American connivance??
JERUSALEM (Reuters) Tue Jul 22, 6:41 AM ET:
- Shimon Peres, the head of Israel's opposition Labor Party, has suggested resolving Israeli-Palestinian conflict over Jerusalem by putting its holy sites under U.N. stewardship, a spokesman said Tuesday. His plan calls for declaring a holy area of sites sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims in Jerusalem's old walled city as a "world capital," with the U.N. Secretary-General serving as mayor, Peres' spokesman Yoram Dori told Reuters. Israel claims Jerusalem as its capital, including the Arab eastern part captured in the 1967 Middle East War and annexed in a move that is not recognized internationally…Peres raised the idea in a meeting with visiting Russian diplomats-in-training when they asked how he envisaged a solution to conflicting Israeli-Palestinian claims to the city, Dori said. Israel has previously rejected proposals raised by the Vatican (news - web sites) to internationalize Jerusalem. Peres, a former prime minister and an architect of interim peace deals with the Palestinians, has not raised the proposal with Israeli or Palestinian leaders,  Dori said.
Israeli investigative reporter Barry Chamish (Save Israel, pp. 131): In March 1994, the newspaper Chadashot revealed a most remarkable secret of the Middle East "peace" process. A friend of Shimon Peres, the French intellectual Marek Halter, claimed in an interview that in May 1993, he delivered a letter from Peres to the Pope. Within, Peres promised to internationalize Jerusalem, granting the UN political control of the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Vatican hegemony of the holy sites within. The UN would give the PLO a capital within its new territory and East Jerusalem would become a kind of free trade zone of world diplomacy. Halter's claim was backed by the Italian newspaper La Stampa which added that Arafat was apprised of the agreement and it was included in the secret clauses of the Declaration Of Principles signed in Washington in September 1993.In March 1995, the Israeli radio station Arutz Sheva was leaked a cable from the Israeli Embassy in Rome to Peres's Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem confirming the handover of Jerusalem to the Vatican. This cable was printed on the front page of the radical leftwing Israeli newspaper, Haaretz two days later. A scandal erupted and numerous rabbis who had invited Peres for Passover services cancelled their invitations in protest of his treachery. Peres reacted by claiming that the cable was real but that someone had whited out the word, "not;" the cable really said that Israel would "not" hand Jerusalem over to the holy pontiff.
Shimon Peres was the architect of the French-Israeli rapport that once existed. He speaks French, spends quite a lot of time in France, and is highly respected by French leaders, and at one stage had a very status in French Establishment circles.