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Jerusalem News-748
Date 25th March 2008, 18th Adar-2 5768
1. Sloppy soldiers more violent against Palestinians
2. Horrific Arab Twist on an Ancient Blood Libel
3.Saddam had 223 pages of targets in Israel and wanted to assassinate Bush 41 in 1990
4. Zalman Shoval: ''American pressure'' a pretext  that does not exist.
5. A Coming Civil War in Israel?


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1. Sloppy soldiers more violent against Palestinians
Study: Sloppy soldiers more violent against Palestinians - length of tour
not factor

Dr. Aaron Lerner                   Date: 22 March, 2008

Correspondent Chagai Huberman reports in the 18 March edition of Makor
Rishon that a study by the Behavioral Studies Department of the IDF of over
a thousand soldiers who served in the West Bank found no correlation between
the length of duty and the propensity for a complaint to be made against
them for violence against Palestinians.

The study did find a strong correlation between the sloppiness of units (for
example gear missing/not guarded properly) and their propensity to get
complaints about violence against Palestinians.
Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)

2. Horrific Arab Twist on an Ancient Blood Libel
by Hana Levi Julian

3. Saddam had 223 pages of targets in Israel and wanted to assassinate Bush 41 in 1990
From: surfer11 <>

The US Defense Department has declassified documents captured during the American invasion of Iraq in 2003. The documents show that Saddam Hussein had a list of Israeli targets that was 223 pages long and planned to assassinate then President George H.W. Bush three months before Saddam invaded Kuwait. He also planned to use chemical weapons against Israel. You know, the ones the moonbats say he didn't have.
Saddam Hussein's intelligence service collected information on dozens of sites in Israel, including airports, other transportation centers, as well as scientific and religious centers that were thought to be potential targets for attacks. Among the sources providing intelligence to Saddam's regime was Force 17, the security force of Yasser Arafat, which planned and carried out from its Ramallah headquarters attacks against Israeli targets.

This information emerged following the release of documents captured during the American invasion in 2003 and made available as part of a West Point program to evaluate the lessons of the war in Iraq.

4.  Zalman Shoval: ''American pressure'' a pretext  that does not exist.
21:27  Former Israeli ambassador to the United States, Zalman Shoval, said that the Olmert government is hiding behind the pretext of ''American pressure'' that does not exist.  (Guysen.International.News)

5. A Coming Civil War in Israel?
Brit-Am Note: The article below is NOT what Brit-Am likes to publish and usually we refrain from such matters. It does not reach the Brit-Am standard. Nevertheless we are posting it since it has some potentail importance.
It should be stressed however that the quotations below are NOT typical and could give a misleading impression. Most Israeli left-wingers are not like that. Despite the above qualification the types quoted do exist. In the Holocaust the Nazis used treacherous Jews to carry out much of their extermination policy against fellow Jews.
It should also be noted that the opinions expressed are not more horrific than those made by certain nationalist-media celebrities afflicted with the "Conspiracy" disease amongst the Jewish "right-wing".

MUST READ: Erev Rav express themselves candidly
Posted by: "Shield of David List Moderator"   magen_david_1948
Sun Mar 23, 2008 11:17 am (PDT)
An Israeli friend send me the following email. This clearly
demonstrates how vicious and anti-Jewish the secular, socialist
elite of Israel are. These are the same people who have
systematically destroyed the Jewish State of Israel and scapegoat
the religious Jews for all of the problems they, themselves, have

-------- Original Message -------- Subject:
Erev Rav express themselves candidly Date:
Sun, 23 Mar 2008 00:29:25 -0400 From:

Below are translated quotes (I did my best to translate from Hebrew) from well-known Israeli artists, journalists, authors, politicians, army generals and professors.

These are the leaders of the Erev Rav who exert tremendous influence on young impressionable minds in the school system and in the media, turning blank slates that could have been good Jews into vicious self-hating Jews who, in turn, perpetuate this state of affairs.

Of course, this situation cannot continue indefinitely --- the birthrate of religious Jews, thank G-d, is enormous, compared to secular Jews, and their becoming the majority is only a matter of time. The question is what will happen first --- the religious becoming a majority and reforming the media and educational systems, or the external enemies of Israel launching a war against the Jewish State that threatens its survival. The Talmud sages predict that Ishmael will conquer the land again and will rule it for 9 months, before the Messiah arrives. Imagine, being Jewish and living under Arab rule, even if it is only for 9 months. I shudder at the thought. Let's hope that just this once the Talmud sages were wrong...

On the Jewish People: "We are talking about a tribe whose genes were mixed with those of neighboring nations, due to rapes by Kosacks or voluntary assimilation. And still, they [the Jews] kept several rituals, some of them quite barbaric, such as circumcision."
(Winner of Israel's Lifetime Achievement Award [art], Yig'al Tomarkin, in an interview to the newspaper "Tel Aviv", 13 Feb 2004)

"If one or two settlers' children are killed, they say: 'We'll make four instead and everything will be fine.'"
(Tomarkin, Ibid.)

On religious Jews: "As far as I'm concerned, they are not Jews, they are idolaters."
(Tomarkin, Ibid.)

"The painters, the poets, all the "bleeding heart" artists do not educate. The real educators are Kahane [ZTK"L HY"D], Raful [Refa'el Eitan Z"L] and Gandi [Rehav'am Ze'evi Z"L]. My real contribution would be if I take a submachine gun instead of a pen or pencil and kill them."
(Tomarkin, "Hadashot", 28 Sep 1988)

"A settler donning a blue coat and an uzi, with spittle and food crumbs staining his wild beard. At his side, in the family minivan, his settler wife in the middle of a national-scale orgasm. Babies are dropping continuously from between her hips as she lectures passionately about the Right of the [Founding] Fathers [Avraham, Yitzhak, Ya'acov to the Land of Israel]. A vociferous and inarticulate idiot... if you are a moron you are a right-winger, and if you are a right-winger you are a moron. If you are a simpleton, ignoramus, hot-headed and cruel --- you are a right-winger..."
(Dan Tadmor, "Jerusalem" newspaper, 28 May 1993)

"It is impossible to stop fascism using rational arguments. You stop it only by force, and when there is willingness to risk civil war. When the moment of truth arrives we will have to confront forcefully the settlers in Ofra or Elon Moreh. Only he who is willing to overtake Ofra with tanks, can halt the fascistic current that is threatening to drown the Israeli democracy."
(Ze'ev Sternhall, "Davar", 15 April 1988)

"Only one weapon is missing today from the IDF's arsenal, and that is the Blessed Cannon that stood on the shore and fired on the ship "Altalena"... the people who operated it then had the brains to make the right decisions"
(Meir Sha'lev, "Yediot Ahronot", 19 Cheshvan, 6763)

"The Jews are a spirit possession that entered the flesh of the Gentiles"
(A. B. Yehoshua explaining in an interview to "Ma'ariv" on 26 Elul 6761 the origin of Nazism and Arab behavior)

"They (the settlers) need Ofra Moses' blood, they drink it."
(Dedi Tsuker in a lecture, the day after the murder of Ofra Moses [HY"D])

(On "Gush Emunim") "Messianic cult, insensitive and cruel, a band of armed gangsters, criminals against humanity, sadists, pogromists and murderers who emerged out of a dark recess of Judaism... from the cellars of bestiality and gluttony... in order to impose a bloodthirsty and insane ritual."
(Amos Oz, "In the name of life and peace", Yediot Ahronot, 8 Jun 1989)

"I see in armed settlers part of the forces of occupation, and in settlements [I see] fortresses that constitute a legitimate target for Palestinian resistance, and I don't consider the elimination of settlers as murder"
(quote from written material by Gid'on Spiru, "Ma'ariv", 25 Jan 1985)

"We, the woven skullcaps... soldiers in the army of the Lord of Hosts and the IDF... and the holiday of our freedom, this Festival of the Unleavened Bread we shall celebrate in holiness and addicting swaying of our bodies, and in our unleavened bread the blood of Palestinian youth."
(Yitzhak Laor, "Anthem to the Gush")

"On the day the command is given, the settlers will execute Knesset members and senior IDF officers"
(Binyamin Ben Eliezer, "Davar", 1 Jun 1989)

"There will be a bloodbath here. And there will be civil war, and justified hatreds will explode like volcanos to flower fields and the expanses of lost hopes..."
(Shoshi Natan, "Kibutz", 4 Jan 1989)

"The murderers past the Green Line, who settled in Judea and Samaria, have weapons. That is why I call on you to arm yourselves. Bear arms against them before they move you like leprous dogs into concentration camps... yes, bear arms."
([Prof.] Yeshayahu Leibowich, "Ha'Aretz", 27 Sep 1985)

"These are not my brothers, they are not ... and if one day there is war, and it WILL be --- this war will be a civil war... but if there will a war, and there will be, I will run there, beyond the lines that I haven't crossed in years, and I will mash their flesh vigorously to scatter them, and peace will be restored to the land. I will go out to battle to fight for my home, to fight just this once, truly, in a just war. There will be much bloodshed, this will be a long war, but also the last one. A war against them, the people who decided to destroy my home. A final battle, so that my daughters can live in peace, and so that I could look into their eyes and tell them that I have done everything I could to justify the unholiness of the land."
("The Kibbutz", 17 Aug 1995)

"A nationalistic and fascistic period, characterized by brutal populism... in the name of the eternity of the people and its divine purpose... the melting pot of mystic and aggressive nationalism, driven by its idea of a Chosen People at its center and territorial expansionism..."
(Shulamit Aloni on the Likud rule, "Politics", Oct 1987)

"Damn you Goldsteins!
On Sunday this week the
Kahanists emerged from their dark caves and poisoned the city air with their stenchy breath... near the scene of the carnage gathered the merchants in blood, the pimps of racism and hatred, who tried to translate every drop of blood and every injured organ into despicable political gain. I watched the deformed faces of the rabble, most of whom wore skullcaps. Hundreds of thousands of people are willing to fight Israeli fascism to the end, and Peres neglected their cultivation after Rabin's murder."
(Chaim Bar'am, "Jerusalem" gazette, 8 Mar 1996)

"The religious [Jews] politicize the army. The woven skullcaps to me are like swastikas on the sleeves of Nazi soldiers."
(General [Res.] Shlomo Gazit, Yediot Ahronot, 8 Mar 1998 p.12)

"We need to enter Me'ah Sheh'arim [Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem] with half-tracks and submachine guns and spray them"
(Arnon Yekutieli, Jerusalem city council member, "Erev Hadash", 22 Dec 1985)

"In Gush Emunim I saw a grave phenomenon, a cander in the body of Israeli democracy."
(Yitzhak Rabin, "Pinkas Sherut" [Memoirs], p.550)

"If the secular [Jews] want to continue to live here they have no choice but to start an intifada. Yes, I am ready to hurl the first rock"
(Yehonatan Gefen, "For whom the bell tolls", "Ma'ariv", 8 May 1998)

In Ma'ariv supplement (30 Apr 1993) was published an interview by Billy Moskuna Lerman with attorney Leah Tzemel, which ends in the following dialogue:
Tzemel: I was raised on the Holocaust. ...
Moskuna: At least say that you are against harming human life.
Tzemel: That would be incorrect because I am in favor of harming settlers.

"The Haredis [Ultra-Orthodox] are perceived as a faceless black body that spawns children and aspires to take over the State. Greedy leeches, strange and despised for their Exile clothes and customs. The arsenal of expressions used against them on secular Sabbath evenings, sounds occasionally as if it was copied from the Der Streimer, not to mention the way in which they are depicted in caricatures. The stomach turns... "We need to calculate not how many of them were killed but rather how many of them are still left", I was told after the attack in Jerusalem by a person, who is usually moral and wise. I am aware of the problematic nature of writing such a sentence that was uttered bemusedly during a living room conversation, where it is customary to enjoy freely such politically-incorrect exchanges. But, my secular brethren, let's be honest with ourselves and admit that this sentence is not uncommon, it is not extraordinary, and it passes by us without our ears ringing from pain."
(Sheli Yechimovich in an essay against the new anti-Semitism in Israel, published in "Globbs", quoted in the website "Shofar News")

"A ba'al Teshuva [Jew who is becoming religious] who says he found the light and for the first time in his life feels joy, is misled by the wicked.... many of those who joind the Nazi movement also felt elation and joy."
("Know your enemy, or: the borders of pluralism", from May issue of "Thesis", Tel-Aviv University student newspaper, edited by Lior Weitz, quoted in Ma'ariv on 3 May 2000)

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